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Thomas Edward Brown commonly referred to as T. E. Brown, was a late-Victorian scholar, schoolmaster, poet, and theologian from the Isle of Man. These inspirational T E Brown Quotes will change your life. Retiring in 1892 to focus on writing, Brown died in 1897 (age 67), while again at the rostrum during a return visit to Clifton. It was Brown’s role in creating the verse, with scholarly use of language shaping a distinct regional poetic form.

Best T E Brown Quotes

  1. “I must be free… free to do what I like, say what I like, write what I like, within the limits prescribed for me by my own sense of what is seemly and fitting.” – T E Brown
  2. “A rich man’s joke is always funny.” – T E Brown
  3. “A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!” – T E Brown
  4. “As I pass it, I feel as if I saw a dear old mother, sweet in her weakness, trembling at the approach of her dissolution, but not appealing to me against the inevitable, rather endeavoring to reassure me by her patience, and pointing to a hopeful future.” – T E Brown
  5. “Every man should follow the bent of his nature in art and letters, always provided that he does not offend against the rules of morality and good taste.” – T E Brown
  6. “It is not my wish to lounge about the college and fatten on a fellowship all my days. I am always trying to look upon a college life as a medium, not an end.” – T E Brown
  7. “Literature is my calling to hold up the mirror to my countrymen comes natural to me, and in the open field of invention I am not without hopes of giving them pleasure.” – T E Brown
  8. “The best scheme of Phonetics is a stiff uncertain thing.” – T E Brown

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