65 Suspect Quotes On Success In Life

These suspect quotes will inspire you. Suspect to imagine (one) to be guilty or culpable on slight evidence or without proof or doubt the genuineness or truth of.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging suspect quotes, suspect sayings, and suspect proverbs.

Best Suspect Quotes

  1. “I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of Him.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  2. “One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.” ~ Takeru Kobayashi
  3. “Of course there is nothing that cannot be done incorrectly.” ~ Joy Williams
  4. “Suspicion often creates what it suspects.” ~ C. S. Lewis

  5. “We have come to discover what we suspect is a new political mindset emerging among a younger generation of political leaders socialized on Internet communications. Their politics are less about right versus left and more about centralized and authoritarian versus distributed and collaborative.” ~ Jeremy Rifkin
  6. “The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.” ~ Mark Twain
  7. “When a bride insists on telling her lover everything, I suspect she is looking for a father, not a husband.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle , Suspect quotes love
  8. “No enemy is so annoying as one who was a friend, or still is a friend,and there are many more of these than one would suspect.” ~ William Saroyan

  9. “Lady Placida smiled. “History seldom takes note of serendipity when it records events. And from what I have heard, I suspect an argument could be made that you very much did earn the title.” “Many women have earned titles, Your Grace. It doesn’t seem to have been a factor in whether or not they actually received them.” Lady Placida laughed. “True enough. But perhaps that is beginning to change.” She offered her hands. “It is a distinct pleasure to meet you, Steadholder.” ~ Jim Butcher
  10. “Those who trust others will find that not everyone is necessarily sincere, but they will be sincere themselves. Those who suspect others will find that not everyone is necessarily deceiving them, but they have already become deceivers themselves.” ~ Zicheng Hong
  11. “I kind of have an interest in all history. And I suspect it comes from being Irish – we like stories, we like telling stories, which makes a lot of us lean towards being writers or actors or directors.” ~ Colm Meaney
  12. “In England, it’s thought to be morally suspect to worry about what your surroundings look like.” ~ Howard Hodgkin

  13. “When I meet with any persons who write obscurely or converse confusedly, I am apt to suspect two things; first, that such persons do not understand themselves; and secondly, that they are not worthy of being understood by others.” ~ Charles Caleb Colton
  14. “The Supreme Court said nothing about silliness, but I suspect it may play more of a role than one might suppose. People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust… Probably the first slave ship, with Negroes lying in chains on its decks, seemed commonsensical to the owners who operated it and to the planters who patronized it. But such a vessel would not be in the realm of common sense today. The only sense that is common, in the long run, is the sense of change.” ~ E. B. White
  15. “I suspect that, though Craig indulges in a bit of wishful thinking, playing taps for various critical approaches still quite far from death’s door, he may well be correct that New Testament scholarship is more conservative than it once was. This has more than he admits to do with which denominations can afford to train the most students, hire more faculty, and send more members to the SBL.” ~ Robert M. Price
  16. “If a person doesn’t have the capacity that we all want that person to have, I suspect hope is in the far distant future, if at all.” ~ George W. Bush

  17. “Whoever is wise is apt to suspect and be diffident of himself, and upon that account is willing to “hearken unto counsel”; whereas the foolish man, being in proportion to his folly full of himself, and swallowed up in conceit, will seldom take any counsel but his own, and for that very reason, because it is his own.” ~ John Balguy
  18. “Like most people, Im fascinated by characters who are completely flawed personalities, riven by anguish and doubt, and are psychologically suspect.” ~ Chang-Rae Lee
  19. “And I never missed one concert. In 89 shows, I think I did one a bit suspect show. In the old days, I’d pull gigs left, right and center because I was too f – – up.” ~ Ozzy Osbourne
  20. “And that’s when you learned, your top fund-raiser was a murder suspect.” ~ Roy Payne

  21. “Anybody who is stupid enough often stumbles on an effect that could never be thought up by the most brilliant. I suspect that there is a thing which you might call the genius of stupidity.” ~ Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett
  22. “I can do more than anyone suspects. I pride myself on my versatility. It took 32 years of difficult parts, second leads, villains and juveniles. The Oscar changed the quality of the roles I was being offered.” ~ Louis Gossett, Jr.
  23. “The greatest human virtue bears no proportion to human vanity. We always think ourselves better than we are, and are generally desirous that others should think us still better than we think ourselves. To praise us for actions or dispositions which deserve praise is not to confer a benefit, but to pay a tribute. We have always pretensions to fame which, in our own hearts, we know to be disputable, and which we are desirous to strengthen by a new suffrage; we have always hopes which we suspect to be fallacious, and of which we eagerly snatch at every confirmation.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  24. “Assume the worst. About everybody. But don’t let this poisoned outlook affect your job performance. Let it all roll off your back. Ignore it. Be amused by what you see and suspect. Just because someone you work with is a miserable, treacherous, self-serving, capricious and corrupt asshole shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying their company, working with them or finding them entertaining.” ~ Anthony Bourdain , Don’t suspect quotes
  25. “There’s one thing I’ve always known: You can let people suspect anything else about you, but you must never let them suspect you of knowing what you’re doing.” ~ Kathleen Winsor

  26. “Heliotrope. To be sowed in the spring. A delicious flower, but I suspect it must be planted in boxes and kept in the house in the winter. The smell rewards the care.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
  27. “It is more rational to suspect knavery and folly than to discount, at a stroke, everything that past experience has taught me about the way things actually work” ~ David Hume
  28. “I was very young when I prepared those prints. I suspect the reason I couldn’t celebrate the floating world was that I couldn’t bring myself to believe in its worth. Young men are often guilt-ridden about pleasure, and I suppose I was no different. I suppose I thought that to pass away one’s time in such places, to spend one’s skills celebrating things so intangible and transient, I suppose I thought it all rather wasteful, all rather decadent. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of a world when one doubts its very validity” ~ Kazuo Ishiguro
  29. “I suspect it is for one’s self-interest that one looks at one’s surroundings and one’s self. This search is personally born and is indeed my reason and motive for making photographs. The camera is not merely a reflecting pool and the photographs are not exactly the mirror, mirror on the wall that speaks with a twisted tongue. Witness is borne and puzzles come together at the photographic moment which is very simple and complete. The mind-finger presses the release on the silly machine and it stops time and holds what its jaws can encompass and what the light will stain.” ~ Lee Friedlander
  30. “”The suspect had experienced a ballistic interlude earlier in the evening,” Miss Pao said, “regrettably not filmed, and relieved himself of excess velocity by means of an ablative technique.”” ~ Neal Stephenson

  31. “Since all the riches of this world
    Maybe gifts from the Devil and earthly kings,
    I should suspect that I worshipp’d the Devil
    If I thank’d my God for worldly things.” ~ William Blake
  32. “The public hardly suspects that their purchase of cosmetics, pet food, toothpaste, eggs and other common items have, in all likelihood, caused some form of animal suffering.” ~ Marianne Thieme
  33. “I suspect that dreams are an integral part of existence, with far more use for us than we’ve made of them…The fine line between the dream state and reality is at times, for me, quite grey.” ~ David Bowie
  34. “Guilt, on the contrary, like a base thief, suspects every eye that beholds him to be privy to his transgressions, and every tongue that mentions his name to be proclaiming them.” ~ Henry Fielding

  35. “I don’t think it’s possible for the Fed to end its easy-money policies in a trouble-free manner. Recent episodes in which Fed officials hinted at a shift toward higher interest rates have unleashed significant volatility in markets, so there is no reason to suspect that the actual process of boosting rates would be any different. I think that real pressure is going to occur not by the initiation by the Federal Reserve, but by the markets themselves.” ~ Alan Greenspan
  36. “Never put much confidence in such as put no confidence in others. A man prone to suspect evil is mostly looking in his neighbor for what he sees in himself. As to the pure all things are pure, even so to the impure all things are impure.” ~ Augustus Hare
  37. “They, who know no evil, will suspect none.” ~ Ben Jonson

  38. “I suspect that LaGuardia is an elaborate prank, and New York has a real airport nearby that only locals know about.” ~ Dave Barry
  39. “Allowing suspects to indefinitely linger in our cells is, in fact, detrimental to our national security goals. If a suspect is proven to be a terrorist, for the sake of the victims and deterring any future attacks, he or she must be brought to justice. America has done this with Timothy McVeigh and hundreds of other terrorists.” ~ John Garamendi
  40. “If Creation were a crime, would not God be the prime suspect?” ~ Robert Breault

  41. “Eventually you realize that your whole life up to now has been preparation, and you begin to suspect that the rest might be preparation, too.” ~ Robert Breault
  42. “Every couple needs glue to stay together. Like all marriages, I suspect, if you’re busy you don’t see it coming until you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. It’s a bit like going broke. It happens slowly and then very quickly.” ~ Anne Robinson
  43. “The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it’s the police officers.” ~ Christopher Dorner

  44. “We live in a vastly complex society which has been able to provide us with a multitude of material things, and this is good, but people are beginning to suspect we have paid a high spiritual price for our plenty.” ~ Euell Gibbons
  45. “When you are converted, you want to do what you didn’t want to do before, and you don’t want to do what you wanted to do before. There’s a change in the heart; there’s a cleaning up, a change in orientation, and holiness becomes attractive, instead of something you have to put up with to figure out what you can get away with. As long as young people are asking, ‘Can I get away with this?’ or ‘Can I get away with that?’ I wonder if they’re regenerate. If they’re asking, instead, ‘How can I grow in holiness?’ then I suspect they’ve begun to understand.” ~ D. A. Carson
  46. “The cold, mean ‘Sunset Boulevard’ – a beautiful title, though I suspect it was shot on another boulevard – is further proof of the resurgence of art in the Hollywood of super-craftsmen with insuperable taste.” ~ Manny Farber

  47. “I normally don’t love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they’re low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm.” ~ Gayle King , Usual suspect quotes
  48. “I don’t have any experience with film schools. I suspect that they’re useless, because I’ve had experience with drama schools, and have found them to be useless.” ~ David Mamet
  49. “True and false are attributes of speech not of things. And where speech is not, there is neither truth nor falsehood. Error there may be, as when we expect that which shall not be; or suspect what has not been: but in neither case can a man be charged with untruth.” ~ Thomas Hobbes
  50. “I must begin with a good body of facts and not from a principle (in which I always suspect some fallacy) and then as much deduction as you please.” ~ Charles Darwin

  51. “So often has my judgment deceived me in my life, that I always suspect it, right or wrong,–at least I am seldom hot upon cold subjects. For all this, I reverence truth as much as anybody; and if a man will but take me by the hand, and go quietly and search for itI’ll go to the world’s end with him:but I hate disputes.” ~ Laurence Sterne
  52. “Knowledge we have. Anyone who strives for it with particular intensity is suspect of striving against it.” ~ Franz Kafka
  53. “Babbitt as a book was planless; its end arrived apparently because its author had come to the end of the writing-pad, or rather, one might suspect from its length to the end of all writing-pads then on the market.” ~ Rebecca West
  54. “A string of reproaches against other people leads one to suspect the existence of a string of self-reproaches with the same content.” ~ Sigmund Freud

  55. “At six
    I lived in a graveyard full of dolls,
    avoiding myself,
    my body, the suspect
    in its grotesque house.” ~ Anne Sexton
  56. “Women hock their jewels and their husbands’ insurance policies to acquire an unaccustomed shade in hair or crêpe de chine. Why then is it that when anyone commits anything novel in the arts he should be always greeted by this same peevish howl of pain and surprise? One is led to suspect that the interest people show in these much talked of commodities, painting, music, and writing, cannot be very deep or very genuine when they so wince under an unexpected impact.” ~ John Dos Passos
  57. “Were a man, whom I know to be honest and opulent, and with whom I live in intimate friendship, to come into my house, where I am surrounded with my servants, I rest assured, that he is not to stab me before he leaves it, in order to rob me of my silver standish; and I no more suspect this event, than the falling of the house itself which is new, and solidly built and founded.–But he may have been seized with a sudden and unknown frenzy.–So may a sudden earthquake arise, and shake and tumble my house about my ears.” ~ David Hume
  58. “I do not suspect that Jefferson or Madison ever envisioned Congress honoring the 2,560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius or supporting the designation of National Pi Day.” ~ Eric Cantor

  59. “The young love and cherish people and places from which they receive the skills and the emotional support which enable them to make it in the world or to meet their basic human needs. The same people and places are often the first recipients of the frustration and anger–violence, vandalism, disrespect–of young people who are not making it well in the world. I suspect that this is the reason that personal and school property violence is increasing more rapidly than school burglary and dropout rates.” ~ James P. Comer
  60. “I also suspect that many workers in this field [molecular biology] and related fields have been strongly motivated by the desire, rarely actually expressed, to refute vitalism.” ~ Francis Crick
  61. “I say ‘Merry Christmas’ to people I don’t know, or to people I know are Christians. I say ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to people I know to be or suspect to be Jewish. And I don’t say ‘Happy Kwanzaa,’ because I think African Americans get enough insults all year round.” ~ Christopher Hitchens
  62. “Long may Louis de Broglie continue to inspire those who suspect that what is proved by impossibility proofs is lack of imagination.” ~ John Stewart Bell

  63. “Sade has a curious ability to render every aspect of sexuality suspect, so that we see how the chaste kiss of the sentimental lover differs only in degree from the vampirish love-bite that draws blood, we understand that a disinterested caress is only quantitatively different from a disinterested flogging.” ~ Angela Carter
  64. “We no longer live in a post-Christian society, we live in an anti-Christian society, one in which the Christian faith is dismissed or ridiculed and Christians are considered suspect and their motives and behavior berated.” ~ Josh McDowell
  65. “Language rarely lies. It can reveal the insincerity of a writer’s claims simply through a grating adjective or an inflated phrase. We come upon a frenzy of words and suspect it hides a paucity of feeling.” ~ Irving Howe

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