65 Supportive Quotes On Success In Life

These supportive quotes will inspire you. To be supportive is to give help or assistance, or to hold something or someone up.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging supportive quotes, supportive sayings, and supportive proverbs.

Best Supportive Quotes

  1. “It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.” ~ Fred Allen
  2. “I love my dad, although I’m definitely critical of him sometimes, like when his pants are too tight. But I love him so much and I try to be really supportive of him.” ~ Liv Tyler
  3. “Our lives are full of separations that shake us up, force us to attend to our emotional selves and to learn new ways of being in the world. Although many of our losses are painful, they encourage our gains. The lesson life is trying to teach us is that, regardless of the challenges and changes in the physical world, we will abide in peace by aligning ourselves with our inner changelessness. The power of God in us is more than equal to any moment-no matter what it brings. We live in a loving, supportive universe that is always saying yes to us.” ~ Susan L. Taylor , Supportive quotes life
  4. “Having an environment that is supportive is really important for success.” ~ Tory Burch

  5. “The ablest and most effective leaders do not hold to a single style; they may be highly supportive in personal relations when that is needed, yet capable of a quick, authoritative decision when the situation requires it.” ~ John W. Gardner
  6. “As artists and creative people, it’s such an important time to be expressive and be empowering and supportive of people. It is a time where I feel like everyone has to be together and say, “Hey, we’re all going to be okay. We just need to work together.”” ~ Bethany Cosentino
  7. “Surround yourself with supportive people. All the negative people, man you have to push them aside.” ~ Gabriel Iglesias
  8. “I think, the people around home are very supportive to us.” ~ Kate Middleton

  9. “Our true friends are those who are with us when the good things happen. They cheer us on and are pleased by our triumphs.” ~ Paulo Coelho
  10. “Anyone who works on a quilt, who devotes her time, energy, creativity, and passion to that art, learns to value the work of her hands. And as any quilter will tell you, a quilter’s quilting friends are some of the dearest, most generous, and most supportive people she knows.” ~ Jennifer Chiaverini , Supportive quotes for work
  11. “If you don’t have the gift of a loving supportive family, be that gift for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a relative, just someone you know who is alone or hurting over the holiday.” ~ Joel Osteen
  12. “Creating a warm, caring, supportive, encouraging environment is probably the most important thing you can do for your family.” ~ Stephen Covey

  13. “My life is proof that no matter what situation you’re in, as long as you have a supportive family, you can achieve anything.” ~ Michaela DePrince
  14. “My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark.” ~ Casey Affleck
  15. “Healing ourselves on the spiritual level involves developing a strong connection with our soul. We heal ourselves on the mental level as we become aware of our core beliefs, release those that limit us, and open to more supportive ideas and greater understanding. Emotional healing takes place as we learn to accept and experience the full range of our feelings. And we heal ourselves on the physical level when we learn to honor and care for our bodies, and for the physical world around us.” ~ Shakti Gawain
  16. “When you’re ambitious, it’s really hard to be supportive of other people. But it’s our job to try, even though one gets jealous.” ~ Squeak Carnwath

  17. “Even with all that – excellent treatment, wonderful family and friends, supportive work environment – I did not make my illness public until relatively late in life, and that’s because the stigma against mental illness is so powerful that I didn’t feel safe with people knowing. If you hear nothing else today, please hear this: There are not ‘schizophrenics’. There are people with schizophrenia, and these people may be your spouse, they may be your child, they may be your neighbor, they may be your friend, they may be your coworker.” ~ Elyn Saks , Supportive quotes for friends
  18. “There’s a culture war in this country. Americans in recent years, as you know, have become more secular. They don’t go to church as often. Bible reading, prayers in public are now frowned upon. And, of course, in addition to that, a lot of people have become much more supportive of LGBT rights. And in reaction to that, biblically conservative Americans feel that their faith is under assault.” ~ Tom Gjelten
  19. “I can help the next generation remember the lineage of great companies here and how to continue the tradition. The Valley has been very supportive of me. I should do my best to repay.” ~ Steve Jobs
  20. “A lot of artists have really been supportive over the years.” ~ Al Yankovic

  21. “My name is Kirby Rose, and I’m adopted. I don’t mean to make it sound like an AA confession, although sometimes that’s how people take it like it’s something they should be supportive about. I just mean that they are two basic facts about me.” ~ Emily Giffin
  22. “I think I’ve been brought up very well by both my parents. I am very cautious and I think I’m now fit for the world I’m in. They’re very much behind my modeling and very supportive.” ~ Lily Collins
  23. “It wasn’t like I was some expert on the meaning of being supportive. Was it being loyal even against your better judgment? Or, like Olivia, was it making your displeasure known from the start, even when someone didn’t want to hear it?” ~ Sarah Dessen
  24. “The path to solid, supportive, healthy relationships, self-respect, and a quality life starts with the usually painful decision to do the Right Thing.” ~ Laura Schlessinger

  25. “I’ve grown up seeing the pros and cons but I love it and I’ve always wanted to act. Throughout all the rejections at auditions, and especially when I finally did get something, both my parents have been so supportive and always told me it is all about passion and, if I was doing it because I love it, there’s no wrong choice.” ~ Lily Collins
  26. “It is amazing to me, now, how such wild imaginings and philosophies – inspired by a night charged with frights and calamities – made such perfectly good sense to Owen Meany and me, but good friends are nothing to each other if they are not supportive.” ~ John Irving
  27. “When I went out on tour as Bing Hitler I would hook up with Lenny and we’d get drunk together. He was always very supportive. He was a big star and a lot of what he said to me had power and impact. Apart from that, I just like him.” ~ Craig Ferguson , Supportive quotes for him
  28. “Being an entrepreneur is hard. Having supportive and caring investors helps.” ~ Fred Wilson

  29. “Yes, when they’re buying there are more buyers in the market and that’s supportive of the price. The more buyers you have, the firmer the price is going to be. When central banks were selling it was a headwind the market had to overcome. Now it’s a tailwind that central banks are joining the buyers.” ~ Peter Schiff
  30. “I’m fortunate to have an amazing, strong mother who is so supportive of everything me and my sisters did growing up – but she was someone who never forced us to go swim or to go do this or that. She helped us think about certain consequences when we needed to, but we made our own decisions. I think if I were forced to swim, I wouldn’t have stayed in the pool as long as I did.” ~ Michael Phelps
  31. “Yes, I did and a lot of my friends who are in the same program as I were very much supportive, and the most important thing they said to me is do not let this interfere with what you have to do in taking car of yourself. That was the most important thing.” ~ Naomi Campbell
  32. “I got a publishing deal with BMG, they were supportive, and some money to record demos” ~ Duncan Sheik

  33. “What I consider a good part for a woman and what some other Hollywood people think are good women’s parts are very different. I don’t’ want to play the supportive girlfriend who has nine scenes and just loves that man, maybe cheats on him in one scene but will always be there, and I mean – give me a break. You’ll be offered the “lead” in this new hot film with such-and-such A-list director, “a fabulous part” – a fabulous part? A fabulous part is a character with a soul, who starts here and goes to there, you know? There aren’t many of those.” ~ Laura Dern
  34. “I am extremely lucky that I have a husband who is so supportive. He’s not in the slightest bit jealous or worried about the things I do in certain scenes.” ~ Malin Akerman
  35. “My parents were hugely supportive like that. I was always the best – it’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? I was always the best at everything.” ~ Francesca Annis
  36. “My parents were very supportive of me and my artistic endeavors. My father and mother came to every school play I ever did.” ~ Jack Black

  37. “Hollywood has known this for quite a while: Cable is the place to go because they truly have a supportive network and they want to do things that cannot be seen on broadcast. That stimulates the writer-producer. Cable is king.” ~ Bryan Cranston
  38. “My kids make me laugh every day. And they’re so supportive. As I get older, they understand those things I worried about – the guilt of being gone – in a way that’s so healing for me, when they say, “Mom, we know you love what you do. We love to watch you do what you do.”” ~ Reese Witherspoon
  39. “This is life. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our hearts change. Things are always evolving. I hope we can be supportive of each other and try to really have each other’s backs, especially when we don’t know the whole story.” ~ Emma Stone
  40. “I grew up in a household without a lot of problems and they have been very supportive from day one” ~ Mario Lopez

  41. “It was not always easy because I was always an individual and found it difficult to be one of a group. One person who was very supportive was my father. My mother was great but my father really recognized my individuality and supported me in that” ~ Sharon Stone
  42. “My mother encouraged it so much. She was so supportive. Even if as a kid, I would do the dumbest trick, which now that I look back on some things, she would love it, she would say that’s amazing, or if I’d make the ugliest drawing, she would hang it up. She was amazing.” ~ David Blaine
  43. “I remember early in my career with Disney, which was a very strange time in the company – there were a couple of executives who were very supportive of me and kind of let me do my own thing.” ~ Tim Burton
  44. “I have really great, great parents, and they were very supportive of me.” ~ Justin Timberlake

  45. “I’m not saying anything one way or the other about the two ballot issues. I am not speaking about the particular ballot issues. Those are up to the people of Ohio. But I certainly support the efforts of the governor to reign in the scale of government. I am not terribly familiar with the two ballot initiatives. But I am certainly supportive of the Republican Party’s efforts here.” ~ Mitt Romney
  46. “As supportive as my hometown is, in my high school, there are people who would probably walk up to me and punch me in the face. There’s a select few that will never like me. They don’t like what I stand for. They don’t like somebody who stands for being sober, who stands for anything happy. They’re going to be negative no matter what.” ~ Taylor Swift
  47. “My parents were very supportive when I was growing up and have been all the way through.” ~ Lena Dunham
  48. “Michael Phelps is a good friend of mine, so I’m very supportive of him.” ~ Apolo Ohno

  49. “I’ve remained a supporter of the Obama administration, even at the height of my ordeal. There’s a lot that he could do differently, but so much of what he’s tried to do has been blocked by the Republican officeholders. I think that he could have been a much better president with more support. So, I’m still supportive of him.” ~ Shirley Sherrod
  50. “We met a couple months before the In the Land of Blood and Honey filming started. Angelina Jolie said, “Whatever you want, just ask for it.” So we sat down and talked about it. She was great from the beginning, saying that this is essentially a story of my kind, my experience, my war, my country. In a way, she was giving us blank check to fill in the emotional landscape and do our best, really. She was really supportive and kind and open and creative.” ~ Goran Kostic
  51. “The meaningful work and the meaningful relationships are, to me, comparable rewards. I think being on a mission to do something great is great, and to be on that mission with people who you have really meaningful relationships with not only provides both types of rewards, but it’s mutually supportive. Because you can have tough love, but there’s also the love part of that in terms of the caring for each other, and when you have the caring you can be tougher on each other. Some people describe it as an intellectual Navy Seals.” ~ Ray Dalio
  52. “My mother is the most supportive mother in the world, she’s magical.” ~ Vin Diesel

  53. “If you just try to make rational arguments about why people should care about Congo and how 5 million people have died, then people tend not to be receptive. But once you’ve created a connection of empathy, rational arguments can play a supportive role.” ~ Nicholas D. Kristof
  54. “I go home and don’t get treated any differently. People have known me all my life and are interested and very supportive but because they have known me forever I don’t get any diva treatment. My mum still tells me off if I haven’t loaded the dishwasher for her.” ~ Katherine Jenkins
  55. “The comedy community is fairly supportive of human beings in general. There are some things you can teach with comedy that people can’t learn by being hit over the head with facts. I think, as comedians, we’re trying to change the world. It’s slow but sure.” ~ Colin Mochrie
  56. “Studies show that children of divorced parents can have outcomes as positive as those coming from intact homes, provided the father remains financially supportive and active in his children’s lives.” ~ Larry Elder

  57. “I think we have to continue to protect women on social media, who are coming out in a world that can still be very harsh towards them so that they do not feel that they are alone. And of course, some of these attacks happen on social media, so we do need to provide a counter-narrative – a supportive narrative – so that the voices of those that are punitive towards women does not become the dominant voice.” ~ Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
  58. “When my parents realized that what I liked was fashion, they gave me good advice. I remember my father telling me that I should try to do an internship. They never said, “This is a world we don’t know; it might be something strange,” or “That is not serious,” or things like that. They always said, “Try. We’ll help you. We’ll send drawings to people if you want. We’ll write letters for you.” What I’m very thankful for is they never made me think that something was impossible. They were really, really supportive. They are still.” ~ Nicolas Ghesquiere
  59. “I do feel like L.A. has very supportive and collaborative energy. I felt that in New York too but also there’s so much space here! You can have a home studio. In New York, you had to rent a room to do a session or to practice. As a solo artist, it was a lot more expensive. Here there is that comfort in lifestyle a little bit more, being able to breathe a little bit more, and creatively flow, not having to stress about how to get our gear there in a cab and pay by the hour, it’s just a different vibe.” ~ Alex Winston
  60. “People have been so supportive of this career for so long, and they are still enjoying the music that I bring to them.” ~ Dionne Warwick

  61. “As a kid, I dreamt of becoming a writer. My most exciting pastime was reading novels; in fact, I would read anything I could find. I never thought I would pursue mathematics until my last year in high school. I grew up in a family with three siblings. My parents were always very supportive and encouraging. It was important for them that we have meaningful and satisfying professions, but they didn’t care as much about success and achievement.” ~ Maryam Mirzakhani
  62. “It is so powerful when we can leave behind our ordinary identities, no longer think of ourselves primarily as a conductor, or writer, or sales clerk, and go to a supportive environment to deeply immerse in meditation practice.” ~ Sharon Salzberg
  63. “My family background has always been very supportive. They’re going to be there for me no matter what.” ~ Mark Sanchez

  64. “When you’re offered a job to serve your country, you step back and assess. And once I spoke with President Trump and told him what I thought I needed to be successful – which was to be a Cabinet member; to be on the National Security Council, where I could be a part of the policy decisions; and to be able to say what I wanted to say – how do you not do that job? He was incredibly supportive. He’s continued to be. I love a good challenge, and this certainly has been that.” ~ Nikki Haley
  65. “We found that the most exciting environments, that treated people very well, are also tough as nails. There is no bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo…excellent companies provide two things simultaneously: tough environments and very supportive environments.” ~ Tom Peters

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