65 Best Superpower Quotes On Success In Life

These superpower quotes will inspire you. Superpower is excessive or superior power or a very powerful and influential nation.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging superpower quotes, superpower sayings, and superpower proverbs.

Famous Superpower Quotes

  1. “China is not a superpower, nor will she ever seek to be one… If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialist, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.” ~ Deng Xiaoping
  2. “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.” ~ Barack Obama
  3. “The world would be better off with multiple superpowers. When Communist USSR was a superpower, the world was better off.” ~ Janeane Garofalo
  4. “We’re a superpower with a third-world grid.” ~ Bill Richardson

  5. “War on terrorism defines the central preoccupation of the United States in the world today, and it does reflect in my view a rather narrow and extremist vision of foreign policy of the world’s first superpower, of a great democracy, with genuinely idealistic traditions.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
  6. “I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time.” ~ Jenny Mollen
  7. “Solitude is one of our great superpowers… Solitude is the key to being able to make effective decisions and then having the courage of convictions to stand behind those decisions.” ~ Susan Cain
  8. “HYPOTHESES: Evil is boring. Cynicism is idiotic. Fear is a bad habit. Despair is lazy. Joy is fascinating. Love is an act of heroic genius. Pleasure is our birthright. Receptivity is a superpower.” ~ Rob Brezsny
  9. “I support moving toward more clean, renewable energy as quickly as we can, because I think we [America] can be the 21st century clean energy superpower and create millions of new jobs and businesses.” ~ Hillary Clinton

  10. “A small nation can fight a superpower with determination and dedication.” ~ Velupillai Prabhakaran
  11. “If I could have a superpower, I would choose the ability to make people’s heart stop, if I just point at them.” ~ Damon Wayans, Jr.
  12. “Somebody once said, educate a woman and you will educate a family. I am saying, empower a woman to become an entrepreneur, and you will create an entire family of entrepreneurs. Woman entrepreneurship is the need of the nation right now. It’s the surest and quickest way to make India a superpower.” ~ Vishwas Mudgal , Woman superpower quotes
  13. “Even one billion Chinese do not a superpower make.” ~ John Lukacs
  14. “The world is now unipolar and contains o-nly o-ne superpower. Canada shares a continent with that superpower.” ~ Stephen Harper

  15. “Enthusiasm is my superpower. One might say that confidence yields the same result. I disagree. Confidence is about yourself, enthusiasm is about something else. Confidence is impressive, but enthusiasm is infectious. Confidence is serious, enthusiasm is fun.” ~ Tina Roth-Eisenberg
  16. “I believe it’s time that women truly owned their superpowers and used their beauty and strength to change the world around them.” ~ Janelle Monae
  17. “A shame really, because putting the right book in the right kid’s hands is kind of like giving that kid superpowers.” ~ Cecil Castellucci
  18. “We all have a suspicion and hope that we’ve just been part of something special, something that may eventually change our lives. That no one else knows this makes it seem like we are living with a secret that we would like to share, but can’t, sort of like having a superpower that’s not come online or being president elect. For the moment, our lives proceed as usual, but within a month, we think, everything will change. It’s a frustrating, if exciting, disconnect.” ~ Rob Lowe
  19. “Our country, the United States of America, may be the worlds largest economy and the worlds only superpower, but we stretch ourselves dangerously thin by taking on commitments like Iraq with only a motley band of allies to share the burden.” ~ John Spratt

  20. “I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.” ~ Banksy
  21. “Dissidents are not imprisoned as in the domains of the Kremlin, in the old days. They do not have their brains blown out by elite forces armed and trained by the reigning superpower, as happens in Washington’s domains – with no particular concern at home – an important fact, one of many that help us learn about ourselves, if we choose.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  22. “The world’s deteriorating ecology poses as great a danger to mankind today as did the nuclear standoff between the superpowers at the height of the Cold War.” ~ Mikhail Gorbachev
  23. “America is the only superpower. But our leadership is being tested in the Middle East, and some of the things that we have done in the Middle East are contributing to a potential explosion region-wide. And if that explosion gets out of hand, we may end up being bogged down for many years to come in a conflict that will be profoundly damaging to our capacity to exercise our power, to address the problems implicit in this global awakening, and we may face a world in which much of the world turns away from us, seeks its own equilibrium, but probably slides into a growing chaos.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
  24. “Never believe that technology alone will allow America to prevail as a superpower.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

  25. “I realized that influence was inextricably linked to impact — the more influence you had, the more impact you could create. . . . The ability to make things go viral felt like the closest that we could get to having a human superpower.” ~ Emerson Spartz
  26. “Why do we have to be a military superpower? Why can’t we be a humanitarian superpower?” ~ Howard Zinn
  27. “Am I crazy?” she asked. “I feel like I am sometimes.” “Maybe,” he said, rubbing her forehead. “But don’t worry about it. You need to be a little bit crazy. Crazy is the price you pay for having an imagination. It’s your superpower. Tapping into the dream. It’s a good thing not a bad thing.” ~ Ruth Ozeki
  28. “Yugoslavia was a kind of superpower. Great movies. Beautiful novels. Great rock-and-roll. We became a superpower in basketball. The problem is that people needed to identify more strongly with it after Tito and his awful, tricky way of leading the country.” ~ Emir Kusturica
  29. “I do not want India to be an economic superpower. I want India to be a happy country.” ~ J. R. D. Tata

  30. “The biggest superpower you can have is the ability to change your own life. It’s in your hands, and if you believe that you can get the power you want, you can do whatever you wish to do.” ~ Hrithik Roshan
  31. “It has always struck me as the world’s great fortune that the two great superpowers were the United States and the Soviet Union, who managed the Cold War with meticulous care in retrospect. Imagine the European diplomats of 1914 or 1938 armed with nuclear weapons. It is easy to believe they would not have been as cautious.” ~ George Friedman
  32. “The culture of death is imposed by economic and political interests, the arrogance of power, corruption. I blame the first world for having taken our riches for so many years. I am speaking of the superpowers that dominate the life of the world. More concretely, the World Bank, the IMF. Those that have caused and tolerated the death of our people, those responsible for the plundering of the third world. Silence is also part of repression.” ~ Rigoberta Menchu
  33. “The US is not a superpower. The US is a financially dependent country that foreign lenders can close down at will. Washington still hasn’t learned this. American hubris can lead the administration and Congress into a bailout solution that the rest of the world, which has to finance it, might not accept.” ~ Paul Craig Roberts
  34. “likes an extraordinary person or likes to think that they would be great with a superpower in an ordinary world.” ~ Samuel L. Jackson

  35. “The United States is only one superpower. Today they lead the world. Nobody has doubts about it. Militarily. They also lead economically but they’re getting weak. But they don’t lead morally and politically anymore. The world has no leadership. The United States was always the last resort and hope for all other nations. There was the hope, whenever something was going wrong, one could count on the United States. Today, we lost that hope.” ~ Lech Walesa
  36. “There’s no longer a superpower standoff. But there are real problems that divide countries around the world. And the UN is still the place where we can get together and try and discuss them.” ~ Shashi Tharoor
  37. “As long as the two nuclear superpowers maintain arsenals in the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads, there is no way they can with any consistency urge that other nations not be allowed to acquire theses weapons.” ~ Stansfield Turner
  38. “There is only one superpower now and it doesn’t know what to do with its status. As a result, we got Yugoslavia and Iraq, and the situation has only got worse.” ~ Mikhail Gorbachev
  39. “The tragedy of 9/11 galvanized the American superpower into action, leaving us in Europe divided in its wake.” ~ Douglas Hurd

  40. “The sheer violence of it, the howl of air raid sirens and the air-cutting fall of the missiles carried its own political message; not just to President Saddam but to the rest of the world. We are the superpower, those explosions said last night. This is how we do business.” ~ Robert Fisk
  41. “The decision to attack the entire nation [of Yugoslavia] has been counterproductive, and our destruction of civilian life has now become senseless and excessively brutal. … The United States’ insistence on the use of cluster bombs, designed to kill or maim humans, is condemned almost universally and brings discredit on our nation (as does our refusal to support a ban on land mines). Even for the world’s only superpower, the ends don’t always justify the means.” ~ Jimmy Carter
  42. “I believe technology should give us superpowers. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to think, analyze, and create with technology.” ~ Hilary Mason
  43. “The great unexplored frontier is complexity … I am convinced that the nations and people that master the new science of Complexity will become the economic, cultural, and political superpowers of the next century.” ~ Heinz Pagels
  44. “Britain is doing brilliant things around the world and that is why I described as a ‘superpower on development’.” ~ Andrew Mitchell

  45. “When I was developing the [TV Series “Daredevil”] idea, we were really doing something closer to what was in the comic book. By that, I mean in terms of civilians in the street knew that superpowers were an everyday matter of fact. When it finally ended up at Netflix, they really decided to land it in the Marvel Universe that exists in the cinematic universe. That changes the story entirely. It was no longer about the other, which is what that metaphor was. It’s really more about the character herself, which I love.” ~ Melissa Rosenberg
  46. “People [in US] are starting to rethink this idea of empire, this idea of the United States being this superpower, the hegemon, is not working, and we can’t afford it anymore.” ~ Peter Kuznick
  47. “Though Autism can be frightening and terribly demanding, it also comes with its vast share of superpowers that are unknown to the typical human.” ~ Andrea Suarez Paz
  48. “I recognize the United States is a superpower. It has various interests. It has to balance various things.” ~ Manmohan Singh
  49. “The only remaining superpower is international public opinion.” ~ Simon Anholt

  50. “Flying is like the ultimate superpower; it’s just, like, the coolest thing.” ~ Logan Henderson
  51. “The U.S. will lose its status as the superpower of the world financial system. The world will become multi-polar.” ~ Peer Steinbruck
  52. “It’s a special place, and I believe in the prominence of America, and having America be and continue to be an exceptional place, and making no apologies for America being a superpower.” ~ Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  53. “There is no doubt that the United States now feels that they are the only superpower in the world and they can do what they like.” ~ Nelson Mandela
  54. “Vampirism, for me, was a way to live in fantasy and have superpowers, but not just in a really perfect, happy, everything is great way. It’s superpowers with a cost. It’s having to be the villain, and what do you do about that.” ~ Stephenie Meyer

  55. “Americans have a healthy stupidity. That lack of sophistication is a secret superpower.” ~ Paul Budnitz
  56. “I love the message that Barack Obama said – that we want Donald Trump to succeed because we want America to succeed. I’m sort of following that. I think there’s been a lot of frustration for a lot of people, but at the end of the day we all want this country to survive and thrive and be the superpower that we know it is.” ~ Gayle King
  57. “Common sense told us that to preserve the peace, we’d have to become strong again after years of weakness and confusion. So, we rebuilt our defenses, and this New Year we toasted the new peacefulness around the globe. Not only have the superpowers actually begun to reduce their stockpiles of nuclear weapons…but the regional conflicts that rack the globe are also beginning to cease.” ~ Ronald Reagan
  58. “Peter Parker has superpowers, but he still has trouble making rent every month. I identify with that in a way that I don’t with, like, Superman, for instance. He’s just less interesting because he’s too perfect.” ~ Timothy Miller
  59. “They tried their best to find a place where I was isolated. But all the resources of a superpower cannot isolate the man who hears a voice of freedom, a voice I heard from the very chamber of my soul.” ~ Natan Sharansky

  60. “We haven’t been leading anybody. We’ve been acquiescing to a bunch of linguini-spined leftists all over the world, at the United Nations, in NATO, wherever it is. The people who don’t even pay for their own defense. The people that don’t even believe in guns and bullets to protect yourself are the people we have been acquiescing to. And they think this is called leadership. Leadership is sponsoring America’s decline. Leadership is administering America’s decline. Leadership is admitting that America’s superpower status was never deserved or warranted.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  61. “I let out a laugh that sounded more like the yip of a startled poodle. “Superp-powers? I wish. My powers aren’t winning me a slot on the Cartoon Network anytime soon… except as a comic relief. Ghost Whisperer Junior. Or Ghost Screamer, more like it. Tune in, every week, as Chloe Saunders runs screaming from yet another ghost looking for her help.” Okay, superpower might be pushing it.” ~ Kelley Armstrong
  62. “The left believes that we’re an unwarranted, undeserving superpower because we’re a racist, bigoted nation from our founding. So Obama presides over America’s decline and tells everybody “get used to it. This is the new norm.” The new norm is no full-time jobs. The new norm is government getting bigger. The new norm is you having no wage increases for 15 years. This is what the new norm is, as we entered the global marketplace. And the American people don’t want any part of that. That’s not America.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  63. “I don’t know how you persist in being so stubborn-” “It’s a superpower. I was bitten by a radioactive mule.” ~ Shannon Hale

  64. “To most people in the UK, indeed throughout Western Europe, space exploration is primarily perceived as ‘what NASA does’. This perception is – in many respects – a valid one. Superpower rivalry during the Cold War ramped up US and Soviet space efforts to a scale that Western Europe had no motive to match.” ~ Martin Rees
  65. “I must try and break through the cliches about Latin America. Superpowers and other outsiders have fought over us for centuries in ways that have nothing to do with our problems. In reality we are all alone.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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