65 Superhuman Quotes On Success In Life

These superhuman quotes will inspire you. Superhuman having or showing exceptional ability or powers.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging superhuman quotes, superhuman sayings, and superhuman proverbs.

Best Superhuman Quotes

  1. “To err is human; to admit it, superhuman.” ~ Doug Larson
  2. “When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill
  3. “The unconscious is not just evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good: not only dark but also light, not only bestial, semihuman, and demonic but superhuman, spiritual, and, in the classical sense of the word, “divine.”” ~ Carl Jung
  4. “I do not believe in immortality of the individual, and I consider ethics to be an exclusively human concern with no superhuman authority behind it.” ~ Albert Einstein
  5. “Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless it achieves results.” ~ Ernest Shackleton

  6. “Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.” ~ Vernor Vinge
  7. “I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.” ~ David Bowie
  8. “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” ~ David Bowie
  9. “When you don’t fit in, you become superhuman. You can feel everyone else’s eyes on you, stuck like Velcro. You can hear a whisper about you from a mile away. You can disappear, even when it looks like you’re still standing right there. You can scream, and nobody hears a sound. You become the mutant who fell into the vat of acid, the Joker who can’t remove his mask, the bionic man who’s missing all his limbs and none of his heart. You are the thing that used to be normal, but that was so long ago, you can’t even remember what it was like.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  10. “All signs of superhuman nature appear in man as illness or insanity.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. “It is human to search for the theory of everything and it is superhuman to find it.” ~ Kedar Joshi
  12. “To aspire to be superhuman is a most discreditable admission that you lack the guts, the wit, the moderating judgment to be successfully and consummately human.” ~ Aldous Huxley
  13. “All humans can do more than they think they can do. So I think we can all actually be more superhuman than we think we can.” ~ Eddie Izzard
  14. “You would think that a rock star being married to a super-model would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is.” ~ David Bowie
  15. “Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have.” ~ David Bowie

  16. “Slave camps under the flag of freedom, massacres justified by philanthropy or the taste of the superhuman, cripple judgment. On the day when crime puts on the apparel of innocence, through a curious reversal peculiar to our age, it is innocence that is called on to justify itself. The purpose of this essay is to accept and study that strange challenge.” ~ Albert Camus
  17. “Utopianism is probably a necessary social device for generating the superhuman efforts without which no major revolution is achieved.” ~ Eric Hobsbawm
  18. “People were buying milk, or filling their cars with petrol, or even posting letters. And what no one else knew was the appalling weight of the thing they were carrying inside. The superhuman effort it took sometimes to be normal, and a part of things that appeared both easy and everyday. The loneliness of that.” ~ Rachel Joyce
  19. “A revolutionary career does not lead to banquets and honorary titles, interesting research and professorial wages. It leads to misery, disgrace, ingratitude, prison and a voyage into the unknown, illuminated by only an almost superhuman belief.” ~ Max Horkheimer
  20. “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” ~ David Bowie

  21. “Every politically controlled educational system will inculcate the doctrine of state supremacy sooner or later. . . . Once that doctrine has been accepted, it becomes an almost superhuman task to break the stranglehold of the political power over the life of the citizen. It has had his body, property and mind in its clutches from infancy. An octopus would sooner release its prey. A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state.” ~ Isabel Paterson
  22. “How astonishingly does the chance of leaving the world improve a sense of its natural beauties upon us. Like poor Falstaff, although I do not ‘babble,’ I think of green fields; I muse with the greatest affection on every flower I have know from my infancy – their shapes and colours are as new to me as if I had just created them with superhuman fancy.” ~ John Keats
  23. “The Saints were not superhuman. They were people who loved God in their hearts, and who shared this joy with others.” ~ Pope Francis
  24. “Genius: the superhuman in man.” ~ Victor Hugo

  25. “When all the mysticism is stripped away, the people who comprise the government (the legislators, administrators, judges, and policemen), are guided by human interests, desires, beliefs, notions, and prejudices, just like other people. They have neither superhuman wisdom nor extraordinary virtue.” ~ Hans F. Sennholz
  26. “I always had a repulsive sort of need to be something more than human.” ~ David Bowie
  27. “It strikes me as unfair, and even in bad taste, to select a few of them for boundless admiration, attributing superhuman powers of mind and character to them. This has been my fate, and the contrast between the popular estimate of my powers and achievements and the reality is simply grotesque.” ~ Albert Einstein
  28. “Make the best of every moment. We’re not evolving. We’re not going anywhere.” ~ David Bowie
  29. “And sure enough, in seeking to become superhuman this foolhardy young man renders himself inhuman. The heart that he has locked away slowly shrivels and grows hair, symbolising his own descent to beasthood.” ~ J. K. Rowling

  30. “Evil is not something superhuman, it’s something less than human.” ~ Agatha Christie
  31. “A superhuman will is needed in order to write, and I am only a man.” ~ Gustave Flaubert
  32. “You do not have to be superhuman to do what you believe in.” ~ Debbi Fields
  33. “The idea of eternity lives in all of us. We thirst to live in a belief which raises our small personality to a higher coherence – a coherence which is human and yet superhuman, absolute and yet steadily growing and developing, ideal and yet real.” ~ Christian Lous Lange
  34. “Is it too much to ask that women be spared the daily struggle for superhuman beauty in order to offer it to the caresses of a subhumanly ugly mate?” ~ Germaine Greer

  35. “The mask can be a limitation, but you just deal with it. You do get superhuman strength and pumpkin bombs and all this other stuff to express yourself with.'” ~ Willem Dafoe
  36. “As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. How long? And what do I do with the time I’ve got left?” ~ David Bowie
  37. “Elves have this superhuman strength, yet they’re so graceful. Tolkien created them to be angelic spirits, but I also saw Legolas as something out of the Seven Samurai.” ~ Orlando Bloom
  38. “To not be modest about it, you’ll find that with only a couple of exceptions, most of the musicians that I’ve worked with have done their best work by far with me.” ~ David Bowie
  39. “I’m always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take what I am seriously.” ~ David Bowie

  40. “I’ve come to the realisation that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing half the time…” ~ David Bowie
  41. “I think Mick Jagger would be astounded and amazed if he realized that to many people he is not a sex symbol, but a mother image.” ~ David Bowie
  42. “I re-invented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman.” ~ David Bowie
  43. “There’s a terror in knowing what the world is about” ~ David Bowie
  44. “Easy was, like, spending time with Jennifer on set. Difficult stuff about character is, it was a little bit like just being the only one with no superhuman powers.” ~ Goran Visnjic

  45. “I’m not a prophet or a stone aged man, just a mortal with potential of a superman. I’m living on.” ~ David Bowie
  46. “There is only one real computer – the universe – whose hardware is made up of non-spatial states of consciousness and software is made up of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thoughts.” ~ Kedar Joshi
  47. “Idiots must stop claiming that atheism is a religion. Religion is defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power. And atheism is… precisely not that. Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position” ~ Bill Maher
  48. “Jesus, in fact, was typical of a certain kind of fanatical young idealist: at one moment holding forth, with tears in his eyes, about the need for universal love; at the next, furiously denouncing the morons, crooks and bigots who did not see eye to eye with him. It is very natural and very human behaviour. But it is not superhuman.” ~ Margaret E. Knight
  49. “To avoid the various foolish opinions to which mankind are prone, no superhuman genius is required. A few simple rules will keep you, not from all error, but from silly error.” ~ Bertrand Russell

  50. “The minute my child was born, I was reborn as a feminist. It’s so incredible what women can do… birthing naturally, as most women do around the globe, is a superhuman act. You leave behind the comforts of being human and plunge back into being an animal.” ~ Ani DiFranco
  51. “Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.” ~ Albert Camus
  52. “The only thing that really matters now is whether man can climb up to a higher moral level, to a higher plane of consciousness, in order to be equal to the superhuman powers which the fallen angels have played into his hands. But he can make no progress until he becomes very much better acquainted with his own nature.” ~ Carl Jung
  53. “So much of the violence in the movies is b.s. violence: A guy in the middle of a large city with 14 people lying on the ground that he’s just killed with his superhuman powers, and there’s not a cop to be found. Not a siren to be heard. No price to be paid. That’s not true, and I don’t like that sort of stuff.” ~ William H. Macy
  54. “For the skeptic there remains only one consolation: if there should be such a thing as superhuman law it is administered with subhuman inefficiency.” ~ Eric Ambler

  55. “The term ‘charisma’ will be applied to a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he is considered extraordinary and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. These are such as are not accessible to the ordinary person, but are regarded as of divine origin or as exemplary, and on the basis of them the individual concerned is treated as a ‘leader.” ~ Max Weber
  56. “In the mythus a superhuman intelligence uses the unconscious thoughts and dreams of men as its hieroglyphics to address men unborn.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  57. “The shaman has access to a superhuman dimension and a superhuman condition, and by being able to do that he affirms the potential for transcendence in all people. He is an exemplar, if you will.” ~ Terence McKenna
  58. “Evil is not any superhuman, but it is HUMAN.” ~ Agatha Christie
  59. “The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

  60. “Viewed systematically, religion can be differentiated from other culturally constituted institutions by virtue only of its reference to superhuman beings.” ~ Melford Spiro
  61. “With better vision, we sacrifice for students for whom that sacrifice will most likely pay off. I’m sorry to say this, but there are times when even superhuman effort will not save a child from his environment or himself. It’s not the job of the teacher to save a child’s soul; it is the teachers’ job to provide an opportunity for the child to save his own soul.” ~ Rafe Esquith
  62. “Is not every action of Hamlet induced by a fanatical impulse, which tells him that duty consists in revenge alone? And dose it need superhuman efforts to recognize that revenge never can be duty? I say again that Hamlet thinks much, but that he is by no means wise.” ~ Maurice Maeterlinck
  63. “I think Robert Plant is the quintessential frontman – just the way he moves. His voice is superhuman.” ~ Taylor Momsen

  64. “Sir Hiram Maxim is a genuine and typical example of the man of science, romantic, excitable, full of real but somewhat obvious poetry, a little hazy in logic and philosophy, but full of hearty enthusiasm and an honorable simplicity. He is, as he expresses it, “an old and trained engineer,” and is like all of the old and trained engineers I have happened to come across, a man who indemnifies himself for the superhuman or inhuman concentration required for physical science by a vague and dangerous romanticism about everything else.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  65. “Maybe love was no match for ice…but Piper had used it to wake a metal dragon. Mortals did superhuman feats in the name of love all the time. Mothers lifted cars to save their children. And Piper was more than just a mortal. She was a demigod. A hero. The ice melted on her blade. Her arm steamed under Khione’s grip. ‘Still underestimating me,’ Piper told the goddess. ‘You really need to work on that.” ~ Rick Riordan

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