Sugar Quotes : 65 Sugar Quotes On Success In Life

These Sugar quotes will inspire you. Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. Table sugar, granulated sugar, or regular sugar, refers to sucrose, a disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable and encouraging sugar quotes, sugar sayings, and sugar proverbs.

Inspirational Sugar Quotes

  1. “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” ~ John D. Rockefeller
  2. “Sugar is the next tobacco, without a doubt, and that industry should be scared. It should be taxed just like tobacco and anything else that can, frankly, destroy lives.” ~ Jamie Oliver
  3. “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” ~ Richard M. Sherman
  4. “If God hadn’t meant for us to eat sugar, he wouldn’t have invented dentists.” ~ Ralph Nader

  5. “Life is like a cup of tea, the sugar is all at the bottom!” ~ Julia Ward Howe
  6. “I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.” ~ Og Mandino
  7. “Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I’ll kill you twice.” ~ Jeffree Star , Sweet as sugar quotes
  8. “Every cookie is a sugar cookie. A cookie without sugar is a cracker.” ~ Gary Gulman
  9. “The world is made of sugar and dirt.” ~ Alfred Doblin

  10. “Sugar and caffeine. My willpower crumbled.” ~ Rick Riordan
  11. “I went to the bank and asked to borrow a cup of money. They said, ‘What for?’ I said, ‘I’m going to buy some sugar.'” ~ Steven Wright
  12. “Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine…” ~ Michael Moss
  13. “Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.” ~ Alexander Pushkin

  14. “America ships tons of sugar cookies to Denmark and Denmark ships tons of sugar cookies to America. Wouldn’t it be more efficient just to swap recipes?” ~ Michael Pollan
  15. “For honesty coupled to beauty, is to have honey a sauce to sugar.” ~ William Shakespeare
  16. “You can’t dump one cup of sugar into the ocean and expect to get syrup. If everybody sweetened her own cup of water, then things would begin to change.” ~ Florynce Kennedy
  17. “An overdose of praise is like 10 lumps of sugar in coffee; only a very few people can swallow it.” ~ Emily Post

  18. “A wise woman puts a grain of sugar into everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her.” ~ Helen Rowland , Sugar quotes for her
  19. “Want a Coke?” Abra asked. “Sugar solves lots of problems, that’s what I think.” ~ Stephen King
  20. “You have filled my tea with lumps of sugar, and though I asked most distinctly for bread and butter, you have given me cake. I am known for the gentleness of my disposition, and the extraordinary sweetness of my nature, but I warn you, Miss Cardew, you may go too far.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  21. “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  22. “I consume too much sugar. It’s a problem, I need to stop.” ~ Kevin Jonas

  23. “Health and appetite impart the sweetness to sugar, bread, and meat.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  24. “How come when you mix water and flour together you get glue…and then you add eggs and sugar and you get cake? Where does the glue go?” ~ Rita Rudner
  25. “The reason it’s called “Grape Nuts” is that it contains “dextrose,” which is also sometimes called “grape sugar,” and also because “Grape Nuts” is catchier, in terms of marketing, than “A Cross Between Gerbil Food and Gravel,” which is what it tastes like.” ~ Dave Barry
  26. “Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore.” ~ Cheryl Strayed

  27. “You can be up to your boobies in white satin, with gardenias in your hair and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation.” ~ Billie Holiday
  28. “The end of a novel, like the end of a children’s dinner party, must be made up of sweetmeats and sugar-plums.” ~ Anthony Trollope
  29. “Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are true superfoods. Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients – they are among the best foods you can eat.” ~ Joel Fuhrman , High on Sugar quotes
  30. “When my horse is running good, I don’t stop to give him sugar.” ~ William Faulkner

  31. “Roland could not understand why anyone would want cocaine or any other illegal drug, for that matter, in a world where such a powerful one as sugar was so plentiful and cheap.” ~ Stephen King
  32. “Usually I avoid sugar, but sugar is like the most deeply satisfying addictive thing ever.” ~ Rachel Zucker , Sugar quotes about addiction
  33. “The Glycemic Index is one the best tools for fat loss. It measures how quickly foods breakdown into sugar in your bloodstream.” ~ Al Sears
  34. “The great cry that rises from our manufacturing cities, louder than their furnace blast, is all in very deed for this, that we manufacture everything there except men; we blanch cotton, and strengthen steel, and refine sugar, and shape pottery; but to brighten, to strengthen, to refine, or to form a single living spirit, never enters into our estimate of advantages.” ~ John Ruskin
  35. “I need a little sugar in my bowl and a little hot dog in my roll.” ~ Bessie Smith

  36. “Our body craves what is in our bloodstream. Wheat, sugar, alcohol, coffee & de-vitalized foods are designed to be addictive!” ~ David Wolfe
  37. “Discretion is the salt, and fancy the sugar of life; the one preserves, the other sweetens it.” ~ Christian Nestell Bovee
  38. “Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else.” ~ Alan Sugar
  39. “Money is all right but once you have it you learn it’s not the be-all and end-all.” ~ Alan Sugar

  40. “There’s one white powder which is by far the most lethal known, it’s called sugar. . . . The Caribbean back in the 18th century was a soft drug producer: sugar, rum, tobacco, chocolate. And in order to do it, they had to enslave Africans.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  41. “You don’t have to get a job that makes others feel comfortable about what they perceive as your success. You don’t have to explain what your plan to do with your life. You don’t have to justify your education by demonstrating its financial rewards. You don’t have to maintain an impeccable credit score. Anyone who expects you to do any of those things has no sense of history of economics or science or the arts.” ~ Cheryl Strayed
  42. “I have principles and I am not going to be forced to compromise them.” ~ Alan Sugar

  43. “In most of the affluent populations I have considered, the prevalence of coronary disease is associated with the consumption of sugar. Since sugar consumption is only one of a number of indices of wealth, the same sort of association (to coronary disease) exists with fat consumption, cigarette smoking, cars.” ~ John Yudkin
  44. “Someone knocks at the door of an apartment to borrow salt or sugar, people run into each other in the elevator, and in this way become inscribed in the spectator’s memory.” ~ Krzysztof Kieslowski
  45. “Sugar-free ice pops are an invention of God. They hardly have any calories since they’re mostly water. I eat about 15 pops every two days.” ~ Gene Simmons
  46. “I was looking to show people I could act. I was looking for something that would take me away from the whole hunk riding off into the sunset thing that people wanted me to play after Brown Sugar.” ~ Boris Kodjoe
  47. “Risk is the salt and sugar of life.” ~ Freya Stark

  48. “The satisfactions/of agreement are/immediate as sugar–/a melting of the/granular, a syrup/that lingers, shared/not singular./Many prefer it.” ~ Kay Ryan
  49. “I quit eating red meat a long time ago. I’m a vegetarian, but not by a moral issue or any kind of stand. I still eat dairy. And I quit eating sugar about the same time I quit eating red meat, but I eat fruit.” ~ Dwight Yoakam
  50. “Drink it,” I told her. “It’s good for what ails you. Caffeine and sugar. I don’t drink it, so I ran over to your house and stole the expensive stuff in your freezer. It shouldn’t be that bad. Samuel told me to make it strong and pour sugar into it. It should taste sort of like bitter syrup.” She gave me a smile, then a bigger one, and plugged her nose before she drank it down in one gulp. “Next time,” she said in a hoarse voice, “I make the coffee.” ~ Patricia Briggs
  51. “I was of the “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, then wonder why life didn’t give you freaking sugar so you could drink the stuff” school of thought.” ~ Cate Tiernan
  52. “That’s what love is made of, snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails, sugar, spice, and everything nice.” ~ Smokey Robinson

  53. “Think of the actual physical elements that compose our bodies: we are 98 percent hydrogen and oxygen and carbon. That’s table sugar. You are made of the same stuff as table sugar. Just a couple of tiny differences here and there and look what happened to the sugar: it can stand upright and send tweets.” ~ Augusten Burroughs
  54. “The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.” ~ Clement Clarke Moore
  55. “With all of the holiday cheer in the air, it’s easy to overlook the ingredients in the foods. Ingredients such as salt, sugar, and fat – all of which leads to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and cancer.” ~ Lee Haney
  56. “The interesting thing is that, well, here’s what I think about songwriters and songs. Sometimes people sit down and say, “I gotta write a song today, I have a title” and all of that, and sometimes inspiration just happens, almost like “Sugar, Sugar” and a couple of the other songs. But basically, I just started playing the piano, and I’m not a great piano player.” ~ Andy Kim
  57. “Whoever you are, whatever you are, start with that, whether salt of the earth or only white sugar.” ~ Alice Walker

  58. “If there is a little sand in the sugar of home happiness, it really seems better to concentrate on the sweetness that remains than to carry around samples of the grit in envelopes of conversational confidence.” ~ William George Jordan
  59. “Even though sugar was very expensive, people consumed it till their teeth turned black, and if their teeth didn’t turn black naturally, they blackened them artificially to show how wealthy and marvelously self-indulgent they were.” ~ Bill Bryson
  60. “Eating a slice of white bread is like eating pure sugar.” ~ Barry Sears
  61. “You end up taking your sugar with your salt and your kicks with your kisses.” ~ Kami Garcia

  62. “One of the reasons we eat fast food is that we don’t have to cook fast food. We are out-sourcing cooking to corporations, they tend to cook with far too much salt, fat, and sugar.” ~ Michael Pollan
  63. “When I work, a lot of times I have to lose weight, and I do that, but in my regular life I was not eating right, and I was not getting enough exercise. But by the nature of my diet and that lifestyle – boom! The end result was high blood sugars that reach the levels where it becomes Type 2 diabetes. I share that with a gazillion other people.” ~ Tom Hanks
  64. “Comedy is like a very cakey, druggy sugar. You get hits of comedy, and it’s very, “More, give me more of that stuff,” because serotonin is being released in the brain. So it’s basically, everyone becomes serotonin junkies, and we are serotonin dealers. And that’s what being a comedian is about.” ~ Eddie Izzard
  65. “Widge can see the past.” Poppet says suddenly. “That’s why his stories are so good.” “The past is easier,” Widget says. “It’s already there.” “In the stars?” Bailey asks. “No.” Widget says. “On people. The past stays on you the way powdered sugar stays on fingers. Some people can get rid of it but it’s still there, the events and things that pushed you to where you are now.” ~ Erin Morgenstern

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