58 Stingy Quotes On Success In Life

These stingy quotes will inspire you. Stingy, not generous or liberal or unwilling to give or spend; ungenerous.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging stingy quotes, stingy sayings, and stingy proverbs.

Best Stingy Quotes

  1. “You can never have too much, butter.” ~ Julie Powell
  2. “Why are you stingy with yourselves? Why are you holding back? What are you saving for – for another time? There are no other times. There is only now. Right now.” ~ George Balanchine
  3. “Helping others entails learning how you are helped. In order to heal others, you must learn to heal yourself. Learning how to give to yourself is part of learning how to give to others. If you are stingy with yourself, you will be stingy with others. When you understand how everything is given to you, you will be able to give everything to others.” ~ Reb Anderson
  4. “You can never have too much money.” ~ Jess C Scott

  5. “You can never have too much sky.” ~ Sandra Cisneros
  6. “Feelings about money — saving and spending, holding back and letting go — start very early in our lives. Stingy people have often been forced to give when they were very, very young, when they weren’t ready. And generous people have often been really appreciated when they were very young.” ~ Fred Rogers
  7. “We . . . must try to live without causing unnecessary harm, not just to fellow humans but to all beings. We must try not to be stingy, or to exploit others. There will be enough pain in the world as it is.” ~ Gary Snyder
  8. “Husbands, recognize your wife’s intelligence and her ability to counsel with you as a real partner regarding family plans, family activities, and family budgeting. Don’t be stingy with your time or with your means. Give her the opportunity to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially as well as spiritually.” ~ Ezra Taft Benson
  9. “A man who is stingy with saffron is capable of seducing his own grandmother.” ~ Norman Douglas

  10. “Life is short and often stingy; feast the heart with what it craves, short of cruelty, and let the world wonder.” ~ Reynolds Price
  11. “Remembering that God is my source, we are in the spiritual position of having an unlimited bank account. Most of us never consider how powerful the creator really is. Instead, we draw limited amounts of the power available to us. We decide how powerful God is for us. We unconsciously set a limit on how much God can give us or help us. We are stingy with ourselves. And if we receive a gift beyond our imagining, we often send it back.” ~ Julia Cameron
  12. “Be generous to the poor orphans and those in need. The man to whom our Lord has been liberal ought not to be stingy. We shall one day find in Heaven as much rest and joy as we ourselves have dispensed in this life.” ~ Ignatius of Loyola
  13. “I do spend money. I like to spend money, on houses – on furnishing houses. And I love to give presents to people. It’s just in my nature to be that way. I always spent money I had. And I always spent what I made. I’m not stingy.” ~ Gloria Vanderbilt
  14. “I’m not stingy. I’m just afraid of being an easy mark. People wouldn’t have money long if they didn’t ask how much things cost.” ~ Doris Duke

  15. “Bears are made of the same dust as we, and they breathe the same winds and drink of the same waters. A bear’s days are warmed by the same sun, his dwellings are overdomed by the same blue sky, and his life turns and ebbs with heart pulsing like ours. He was poured from the same first fountain. And whether he, at last, goes to our stingy Heaven or not, he has terrestrial immortality. His life, not long, not short, knows no beginning, no ending. To him, life unstinted, unplanned, is above the accidents of time, and his years, markless and boundless, equal eternity.” ~ John Muir
  16. “Be stingy with your time and spend it in spaces that fill you up.” ~ Janet Mock
  17. “I don’t trust compliments. I’ve been getting them for years. Sometimes I deserve them, sometimes I didn’t. But generally, when people give you compliments there’s one of two things wrong with them. Either they’re false, or what’s worse is they’re sincere. They really mean the compliment. And then they’re offering you their loyalty. And I’m kind of a stingy… Well, I don’t necessarily want to give all that loyalty back. So either way, let’s skip the compliments.” ~ Norman Mailer
  18. “Don’t be stingy with your paint, it isn’t worth it.” ~ John French Sloan

  19. “Do not be deceived by the way men of bad faith misuse words and names … Things are set up as contraries that are not even in the same category. Listen to me: the opposite of radical is superficial, the opposite of liberal is stingy; the opposite of conservative is destructive. Thus I will describe myself as a radical conservative liberal, but certain of the tainted red fish will swear that there can be no such fish as that. Beware of those who use words to mean their opposites. At the same time have pity on them, for usually, this trick is their only stock in trade.” ~ R. A. Lafferty
  20. “Founders are usually very stingy with equity to employees and very generous with equity to investors. I think this is totally backwards.” ~ Sam Altman
  21. “I have begun in old age to understand…that we seldom if ever realize how generous we are to ourselves, and just how stingy with others.” ~ Saul Bellow
  22. “Be stingy with your money! Don’t splurge at the mall – and definitely don’t give it to your boyfriend!” ~ Kimora Lee Simmons

  23. “I’ve had it with all stingy-hearted sons of bitches. A heart is to be spent.” ~ Stephen Dunn
  24. “If the money is raised by taxation, then the burden will fall where it ought to fall, . . . and the rich and stingy will no longer be able to evade the duties of citizenship and of humanity.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
  25. “Here’s what I do believe very strongly: that once capitalism comes into existence, once it creates this mythology of a stingy nature, then that myth has to be exorcised. In other words, we have to get out of people’s heads the idea that without a market economy, without egotism, competition, rivalry and self-interest, without all the technological advances that [Karl] Marx imputed to capitalism, we have to eliminate the feeling that we would sink into some kind of barbarism.” ~ Murray Bookchin
  26. “Christianity taught the capacity, the element, to love the All-perfect without a stingy bargain for personal happiness. It taught that to love Him was happiness;–to love Him in others’ virtues.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  27. “My main concern is theater, and theater does not reflect or mirror society. It has been stingy and selfish, and it has to do better.” ~ Anna Deavere Smith
  28. “Are you a stingy breather? Well, don’t be. Be extravagant with you breathing and come fully alive.” ~ Ron Fletcher
  29. “I just think it’s silly to be stingy with compliments. If you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?” ~ Jill Scott
  30. “He could wear hats. He could wear an assortment of hats of different shapes and styles. Boater hats, cowboy hats, bowler hats. The list went on. Pork-pie hats, bucket hats, trillbies, and panamas. Top hats, straw hats, trapper hats. Wide brim narrow brim, stingy brim. He could wear a fez. Fezzes were cool. Hadn’t someone once said that fezzes were cool? He was pretty aur ether had. And they were. They were cool.” ~ Derek Landy
  31. “Three weeks hadn’t changed Cop Central. The coffee was still poisonous, the noise abominable, and the view out of her stingy window was still miserable. She was thrilled to be back.” ~ Nora Roberts

  32. “It is a wise thing to be polite; consequently, it is a stupid thing to be rude. To make enemies by unnecessary and willful incivility is just as insane a proceeding as to set your house on fire. For politeness is like a counter–an avowedly false coin, with which it is foolish to be stingy.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
  33. “To say nothing is out here is incorrect; to say the desert is stingy with everything except space and light, stone and earth is closer to the truth.” ~ William Least Heat-Moon
  34. “The motto of West African cooking is that if the food doesn’t set fire to the tablecloth the cook is being stingy with the pepper.” ~ Ben Aaronovitch

  35. “The opposite of liberal is stingy. The opposite of radical is superficial. The opposite of conservative is destructive. So I declare that I am a radical conservative liberal. Beware of men who use words to mean their opposites.” ~ R. A. Lafferty
  36. “The early church was strikingly different from the culture around it in this way – the pagan society was stingy with its money and promiscuous with its body. A pagan gave nobody their money and practically gave everybody their body. And the Christians came along and gave practically nobody their body and they gave practically everybody their money.” ~ Timothy Keller
  37. “A child’s kiss is magic. Why else would they be so stingy with them?” ~ Harvey Fierstein

  38. “Courtesy is the one coin you can never have too much of or be stingy with.” ~ John Wanamaker
  39. “I’m stingy and I’m proud of the reputation.” ~ Ingvar Kamprad
  40. “My parents took an interest in nothing, at home no books, no records. My mother and my father are the emblem of indifference, dryne”Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down & hope nothing hits you, Or stand as tall as you can, show it your teeth & say: “Dish it up, baby, and don’t be stingy with the jalapenos.” – must be female ;-)” ~ Grey Owlss and bad taste. My father is also terribly stingy, in life as well as in feelings: I have never seen him filling up the bathtub.” ~ Vincent Gallo
  41. “Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down & hope nothing hits you, Or stand as tall as you can, show it your teeth & say: “Dish it up, baby, and don’t be stingy with the jalapenos.” – must be female ;-)” ~ Grey Owl

  42. “It has long seemed ridiculous to me to suppose that the nature of things has been so poor and stingy that it provided souls only to such a trifling mass of bodies on our globe, like human bodies, when it could have given them to all, without interfering with its other ends.” ~ Gottfried Leibniz
  43. “Healing the self means committing ourselves to a wholehearted willingness to be what and how we are-beings frail and fragile, strong and passionate, neurotic and balanced, diseased and whole, partial and complete, stingy and generous, twisted and straight, storm-tossed and quiescent, bound and free.” ~ Paula Gunn Allen
  44. “It costs a lot to be authentic. And one can’t be stingy with these things because you are more authentic the more you resemble what you’ve dreamed of being.” ~ Pedro

  45. “In those moments where you’re not quite sure if the undead are really dead, dead, don’t get all stingy with your bullets. I mean, one more clean shot to the head, and this lady could have avoided becoming a human Happy Meal. Woulda… coulda… shoulda.” ~ Jesse Eisenberg
  46. “I couldn’t sustain myself if I skimped on food – I work 16-hour days, I need the energy, I can’t afford to be stingy on what I eat.” ~ Freema Agyeman
  47. “Do not make a stingy sandwich; pile the cold cuts high; so you should see salami coming through the rye.” ~ Allan Sherman
  48. “The United States is not stingy. We are the greatest contributor to international relief efforts in the world.” ~ Colin Powell

  49. “Vineyards and shining harvests, pastures, arbors,
    And all this our very utmost toil
    Can hardly care for, we wear down our strength
    Whether in oxen or in men, we dull
    The edges of our ploughshares, and in return
    Our fields turn mean and stingy, underfed,
    And so today the farmer shakes his head,
    More and more often sighing that his work,
    The labor of his hands has come to naught.” ~ Lucretius
  50. “During his fifteen years in Italy, Hannibal never had enough elephants to suit him. Most of the original group succumbed to the climate, and he was always begging Carthage for more, but the people at home were stingy. They would ask if he thought they were made of elephants and what had he done with the elephants they sent before.” ~ Will Cuppy
  51. “Think they work you too hard? Think of poor Ali Sard. He has to mow grass in his uncle’s backyard and its quick-growing grass and it grows as he mows it the faster he mows it the faster he grows it. And all that his stingy old uncle will pay for his shoving mower around the hay is piffulous pay of two dooklas a day. And Ali can’t live on such piffulous pay!” ~ Dr. Seuss
  52. “A precious liquid, a poison dearer than that of the Borgias – because it is made from our blood, our health, our sleep, and two-thirds of our love – we must be stingy with it.” ~ Charles Baudelaire

  53. “America’s critics can be heard everywhere. It is too much in love with money – worshipping the god of the marketplace, the golden calf. It has too much money, seven of the top 10 banks, eight of the top 10 companies, etc. It is too stingy, giving away less of its wealth than other countries. It is vulgar, a rich barbarian.” ~ Maurice Saatchi
  54. “The hats of all eras thrill me. People don’t wear them anymore. So when you see an outfit completed by a hat (that’s for men too) it’s thrilling. Especially if it’s a Cloche from the 20’s or a “Peter Pan” from the 30’s, a Homburg from the 50’s, or a Stingy Brim from the 60’s. It’s time stamping. Today everybody just wants to wear a baseball cap!” ~ Ruth E. Carter
  55. “It is not that God is stingy and must be coaxed, for He “giveth liberally and upbraideth not.” It is that we ourselves are so shallow and sinful that we need to tarry before Him until our restless natures can be stilled and the clamor of outside voices be deadened so that we can hear His voice. Such a state is not easily reached, and the men God uses have paid a price in wrestlings and prevailing prayer. But it is such men who rise from their knees confident of His power and go forth to speak with authority.” ~ Vance Havner
  56. “I do find the values in A Christmas Carol significant. It is important not to be mean and stingy and not to give up love for money.” ~ George Saunders

  57. “She gazed toward the marsh that grew thicker, deeper, greener with approaching summer. Mosquitoes whined in there, breeding in the dark water. Alligators slid through it, silent death. It was a place where snakes could slither and bogs could suck the shoe right off your foot. And it was a place, she thought, that went bright and beautiful with the twinkling of fireflies, where wildflowers thrived in the shade and the stingy light. Where an eagle could soar like a king. There was no beauty without risk. No life without it.” ~ Nora Roberts
  58. “When I’m a Duchess,” she said to herself (not in a very hopeful tone though), “I won’t have any pepper in my kitchen at all. Soup does very well without. Maybe it’s always pepper that makes people hot-tempered,” she went on, very much pleased at having found out a new kind of rule, “and vinegar that makes them sour—and camomile that makes them bitter—and—and barley-sugar and such things that make children sweet-tempered. I only wish people knew that; then they wouldn’t be so stingy about it, you know—” ~ Lewis Carroll

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