65 Spotlight Quotes On Success In Life

These spotlight quotes will inspire you. Spotlight, a projected spot of light used to illuminate brilliantly a person, object, or group on a stage or illuminate with a spotlight.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging spotlight quotes, spotlight sayings, and spotlight proverbs.

Best Spotlight Quotes

  1. “Stay true in the dark, and humble in the spotlight.” ~ Harold B. Lee
  2. “Some people are willing to betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight.” ~ Lauren Conrad
  3. “The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you.” ~ Marianne Williamson
  4. “How do you judge the brightness of a light when you’re the source? A spotlight can never see the shadows it casts.” ~ Neal Shusterman
  5. “You could be your own spotlight!” ~ Patrick Stump

  6. “So few people are truly themselves when they’re in the spotlight.” ~ Lucinda Williams
  7. “The spotlight will always be on me, but it’s something I’m learning to live with as the years go by.” ~ David Beckham
  8. “I liked being in the spotlight.” ~ Scott Caan
  9. “I know I’ll be under a spotlight, I know I’ll be under the microscope.” ~ Lisa Guerrero
  10. “At first you can stand the spotlight in your eyes. Then it blinds you. Others can see you, but you cannot see them.” ~ Charles Lindbergh

  11. “I felt extremely uncomfortable as the focal point, in the spotlight. I really like the behind the scenes role, because all my freedom is there.” ~ Brian Eno
  12. “The majority of people perform well in a crisis and when the spotlight is on them; it’s on the Sunday afternoons of this life, when nobody is looking, that the spirit falters.” ~ Alan Bennett
  13. “Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” ~ Sam Ewing
  14. “I dont care if youre Britney freakin Spears, nobody is going to steal my spotlight!” ~ Trish Stratus
  15. “Often the presence of mind and energy of a person remote from the spotlight decide the course of history for centuries to come.” ~ Stefan Zweig

  16. “The only difference is now more young black men are in the spotlight.” ~ Afeni Shakur
  17. “I’m facing upstage, with my back to the audience, and the spotlight comes up on my back as I start singing.” ~ Tom Wopat
  18. “I think [the spotlight] is a lonely place to be. Everybodys wanting something from you, pulling at you.” ~ Angie Everhart
  19. “In my circle of friends, I’ve always been loud and funny and talkative. But as soon as I step out of that circle, I get very quiet and introspective. I don’t want the spotlight on me.” ~ Rosie Perez
  20. “I ran spotlight. Swept up. Did box office. Ran the lighting board. But acting was the most fun.” ~ Tim Robbins

  21. “I try to be good at it, whatever part I’m playing – even in my daily life or when the spotlight hits me on the stage to perform – I gotta be alive every second in this world. With or without the applause!” ~ Dolly Parton , Stage spotlight quotes
  22. “You go on these Internet blogs and people say the meanest things. I’m a normal person. Just because I’m in the spotlight doesn’t mean I’m God’s gift to the world. I’m learning and making mistakes just like every other 17-year-old girl out there.” ~ Hayden Panettiere
  23. “The British tend to shy away from the spotlight. We don’t like being singled out in any way, and I think that is something which is important for me to learn to do.” ~ Damon Hill
  24. “The world awaits Beijing’s hosting of the 2008 Olympics, an occasion which will bring into the global spotlight the dramatic advances China is making in enhancing the quality of life for its people.” ~ Alexander Haig
  25. “I’m not shy in the spotlight. I might seem austere and even arrogant, but far from it, I’m actually shy.” ~ Riccardo Muti

  26. “I hate it when people pray on the screen. It’s not because I hate praying, but whenever I see an actor fold his hands and look up in the spotlight, I’m lost. There’s only one other thing in the movies I hate as much, and that’s sex. You just can’t get in bed or pray to God and convince me on the screen.” ~ Orson Welles
  27. “I always had the sense of being in the spotlight, being on stage, being looked at.” ~ Vincent Cassel
  28. “I don’t think Michael had to retire for us to get the spotlight, because when you win, it commands attention.” ~ Hakeem Olajuwon
  29. “I felt totally released from the need to make it as an actress. I had experienced complete fulfillment in something that had nothing to do with me being in the spotlight.” ~ Patricia Heaton
  30. “I don’t really live my life in the media spotlight. People don’t know that much really about me or what I think.” ~ Emmy Rossum

  31. “We’re all given a window of opportunity, I think all artists are, of any genre. A window when you’re truly relevant, the spotlight’s on you and people are watching what you do.” ~ Eric Church
  32. “What I’m concerned about is the views of many Democrats who know their states, who know how hard it is to win a general election. And it also will push whoever the nominee is into the spotlight. I’ve been vetted. There’s hardly anything you don’t know about me. And I think it’s fair to say that whoever is in that position, Senator Bernie Sanders or anyone else who might have run, will face the most withering onslaught.” ~ Hillary Clinton
  33. “As people get older and fall out of the spotlight, people’s memory of them changes.” ~ Seth Green
  34. “I’m kind of a low-key guy. The spotlight doesn’t suit me. I’m more of a side dish–cole slaw or French fries or a Wham! backup singer.” ~ Haruki Murakami
  35. “The first time I went out under the spotlight, I was proper freaked out.” ~ Katy B

  36. “In our society, the ideal self is bold, gregarious, and comfortable in the spotlight. We like to think that we value individuality, but mostly we admire the type of individual who’s comfortable “putting himself out there.”” ~ Susan Cain
  37. “This is what I signed up for. I’m not here going ‘Oh, they’re so mean to me, and it’s so hard for me.’ What I do for a living puts me in the spotlight. They pay me for it.” ~ Ali Larter
  38. “How little the public realizes what a girl must go through before she finally appears before the spotlight that is thrown upon the stage.” ~ Florenz Ziegfeld
  39. “I know from growing up in the spotlight, as it were, that the most important thing is your family.” ~ Kate Burton
  40. “I was never one to seek out the spotlight.” ~ Angela Cartwright

  41. “Dempsey himself said you only spend so much time in the spotlight before they change the bulb. He had a very clever way with words.” ~ Roger Kahn
  42. “Let’s pursue a walk with God so close that the spotlights of this world-be they for us or against us-are eclipsed by His enormous shadow cast on our path.” ~ Beth Moore
  43. “It’s amazing to impact people’s lives – it’s a cool thing to have the spotlight and be able to reassure people, to say, “It’s OK to be you.”” ~ Kelly Clarkson
  44. “Anybody in the spotlight can get lost in that if they are not careful.” ~ Lisa Marie Presley
  45. “One thing modeling taught me is that the spotlight can change everything.” ~ Liya Kebede

  46. “When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.” ~ Holly Goldberg Sloan
  47. “When you care about other people, it takes the spotlight off your own drama.” ~ Holly Goldberg Sloan
  48. “The whole concept of stage fright is fascinating. Actors get stage fright, but they wouldn’t be on the stage in the first place if they just succumbed to it. There’s this love/hate relationship with the spotlight.” ~ Robert Greene
  49. “I’m not one of those actors who needs the media spotlight all the time to feel gratified. I’m happy to do one project a year and take the rest of the year off as long as that project is special.” ~ Macaulay Culkin
  50. “I’ve made my peace with being in the spotlight, definitely.” ~ Miranda Otto

  51. “The reason so many of us are obsessed with becoming stars is because we are not yet starring in our own lives. The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you, it radiates from within you.” ~ Marianne Williamson
  52. “Stay out of the spotlight. It fades your suit.” ~ Lew Wasserman
  53. “I want before God that everything, every thought, attitude, action, motive, desire in my heart be pleasing to Him. I ask Him, ‘Keep the spotlight of your Spirit on me so there would be nothing impure or unholy in my life.’ That’s been my prayer for 50 years.” ~ Bill Bright
  54. “Out there in the spotlight, you’re a million miles away and every ounce of energy you try to give away as the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play.” ~ Jon English
  55. “Unfortunately, if you don’t want to be in the spotlight, get out of it.” ~ Lance Bass

  56. “Sometimes you forget how much you love someone until you realize their smile is like a spotlight shined on your heart.” ~ Cassia Leo
  57. “I have met Mariah before and she’s really cool and so funny. Everyone has been given the wrong impression of her, and maybe it is her doing. But you have to remember that celebrities are always in the spotlight and are sometimes forced to conduct themselves in a different way than they normally do. That’s how it is in the business. I have met artists who are real divas, but Mariah Carey is not one of them. She is a very sweet person, and what nobody sees off camera is the real person she is on the inside.” ~ Janet Jackson
  58. “I was never one to seek out the spotlight. I am kind of a private person, so I don’t miss that part of show business at all.” ~ Angela Cartwright
  59. “[On charity] I try to pick subjects that I can learn about and then focus on and then do as much as I can. If you have a tremendous amount of heat from the spotlight, then you’re able to shine a little bit more of your light in a different direction. It’s just deflecting. My dad calls it a celebrity credit card that you can cash in. I think if you’re in this position you should do it.” ~ George Clooney
  60. “Each player on this team whether he shines in the spotlight or eats dirt on the line must be an All-American.” ~ Omar N. Bradley

  61. “I think my mum was really very ahead of her time. She wore very little makeup. She really explored the way that she wore clothes in a very honest way. She wore a lot of vintage stuff and mixed it with bespoke men’s tailoring and things like that. That was a huge influence on me, seeing a woman in the spotlight carry herself in that kind of way. But mostly, for me, it was just that she was an incredibly honest and sort of natural person.” ~ Stella McCartney
  62. “My main motivation for staying in the spotlight at all is, I don’t want to just be known for being involved in ‘Playboy,’ or having been Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend – I hate that. I like to show I can do other things and take on other challenges. That’s my main motivation.” ~ Holly Madison
  63. “Where I once found it safer to stay in the background… I’ve stepped from the shadows into the spotlight.” ~ Salle Merrill Redfield

  64. “I wear sunglasses because of the glare of spotlights. I wear gloves because it is very cold.” ~ Vincent Tan
  65. “The economists who have put the spotlight on teacher quality are the ones who most misunderstand it.” ~ Andy Hargreaves

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