49 Spirit World Quotes On Success In Life

These spirit world quotes will inspire you. The spirit world, according to Spiritualism, is the world or realm inhabited by spirits, both good or evil of various spiritual manifestations.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging spirit world quotes, spirit world sayings, and spirit world proverbs.

Best Spirit World Quotes

  1. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix
  2. “Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” ~ Saint Francis de Sales
  3. “The spirit world speaks to us through the heart. The more we open our hearts and raise our own vibrations, the easier the connection.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann
  4. “I believe from my many experiences that the spirit world is more real, more solid, than this earth in which we live. In truth, ours is a world of illusion. All that seems so solid is yet just a mass: molecules locked together, forming an impression of solid matter that in fact is not solid at all.” ~ Rosemary Altea
  5. “I’m aware that people I have loved and have died and are in the spirit world looking after me.” ~ Princess Diana

  6. “Life does not end when we die. Death is a rebirth into a spirit world of light and love, a transition from the physical to the spiritual that is no more frightening or painful than passing between rooms through an open doorway. It is a joyful homecoming to our natural home, . . .” ~ Betty Eadie
  7. “The spirit world is able to get through to you easily when your mind is still and clear. Meditation is often referred to as ‘sitting in the silence.’ Whenever you want to reach Spirit from this side of life, start by sitting in the silence.” ~ James Van Praagh
  8. “The spirit-world around this world of sense
    Floats like an atmosphere, and everywhere
    Wafts through these earthly mists and vapours dense
    A vital breath of more ethereal air.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  9. “To see a world in a grain of sand
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.” ~ William Blake
  10. “What we take from the spirit world is only a reflection of what lies inside ourselves.” ~ Charles de Lint

  11. “Heaven and the spirit world are much more real, beautiful and lasting than the world which you can see with your natural eyes at this very moment.” ~ David Berg
  12. “When we get into the spirit world, and the veil is withdrawn, we shall then perhaps understand the whys and wherefores.” ~ Wilford Woodruff
  13. “In the course of our eternal existence, we spend infinitely more time in the spirit world on the other side than we spend in the human world on earth.” ~ Sylvia Browne
  14. “As Indigenous peoples, we know there is more to the world. We know spirits exist. We know as women, because we’re especially attuned to this kind of knowledge, that spirits exist and have a presence in our lives. Some of us are gifted and can communicate with the spirit world. Not everyone has that gift and can perceive the borders between the living and the dead and our society actively discourages us of exploring the knowledge of what many of us have already always known in our cultures.” ~ Sandra Cisneros
  15. “What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood?” ~ Beatrix Potter

  16. “The spirit world wants us to know there’s more to this life.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann
  17. “I have a spirit guide. His name is Gray Eagle. This is why some people think I am a really crazy person, but he is the one who helps me and guide me. So I’m talking to the spirit world all the time.” ~ Rosemary Altea
  18. “We go through transformations when we are dealing with this world (spirit world). Go out and find whatever makes your spirit at peace.” ~ Kofi Awoonor
  19. “There are paths and ruts in the spirit world as there are in the physical and mental world. One must take the tools of the spirit world and make one’s own path rather than exactly follow the paths of those who once were . . . You must not seek their path and their understanding, but you must seek your own. The ruts of the spirit are trying to follow others and it cannot be done.” ~ Tom Brown, Jr.
  20. “Art has always been and is in its very essence the boldest departure from nature. It is the bridge into the spirit world.” ~ Franz Marc

  21. “I usually meditate and I call my spirit allies – anyone in the spirit world that I’ve got connections with. Even in the spirit world you need connections!” ~ Sandra Cisneros
  22. “I will show you the path to the spirit world.” ~ Cao Cao
  23. “… certain people, such as shamans, witch doctors, practitioners of Eastern religions, New Age gurus or professors of the occult on university faculties are examples of the kind of people who may have much more extensive knowledge of the spirit world than most Christians have.” ~ C. Wagner
  24. “if there’s a spirit world why don’t the ghosts of dead artists get together and inhibit bad playwrights from tormenting first-nighters?” ~ Gertrude Atherton
  25. “To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower.” ~ William Blake

  26. “What exhibit buildings God will have! The historical exhibits, the scientific exhibits, the spiritual exhibits, to be able to see the marvelous wonders of the Spirit World!” ~ David Berg
  27. “God’s purpose in creation was to let us prove ourselves. The plan was explained to us in the spirit world before we were born. We were valiant enough there to qualify for the opportunity to choose against temptation here to prepare for eternal life, the greatest of all the gifts of God.” ~ Henry B. Eyring
  28. “When you hit a groove, it’s not you; it’s the spirit world. The spirits whisper the ideas in your brain and prod you along. They’re the ones that are really happy.” ~ Tommy Chong
  29. “I believe things happen that can’t be explained, but so many people seem intent on explaining them. Everyone has an answer for them. Either aliens or things from the spirit world.” ~ Harold Ramis
  30. “Awakening your spiritual side is really what artists do. When you hit a groove, it’s not you; it’s the spirit world.” ~ Tommy Chong

  31. “That is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most singular, and the most inexplicable that we may encounter.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
  32. “All I say is that I think it is damned unlikely that anything like a central cosmic will, a spirit world, or an eternal survival of personality exist. They are the most preposterous and unjustified of all the guesses which can be made about the universe, and I am not enough of a hair-splitter to pretend that I don’t regard them as arrant and negligible moonshine. In theory I am an agnostic, but pending the appearance of radical evidence I must be classed, practically and provisionally, as an atheist.” ~ H. P. Lovecraft
  33. “But I am dead certain–ba-dump-bump-ching–that I’m the first guy to lead an army of spirits in an assault from the spirit-world side…and had them start off screaming, “BOO!” ~ Jim Butcher
  34. “I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense…” ~ Beatrix Potter
  35. “I’ve decided to retreat to the spirit world where I feel appreciated and understood.” ~ Dov Davidoff

  36. “Don’t wait for the muse. As I’ve said, he’s a hardheaded guy who’s not susceptible to a lot of creative fluttering. This isn’t the Ouija board or the spirit-world we’re talking about here, but just another job like laying pipe or driving long-haul trucks. Your job is to make sure the muse knows where you’re going to be every day from nine ’til noon. or seven ’til three. If he does know, I assure you that sooner or later he’ll start showing up.” ~ Stephen King
  37. “I shall not cease learning while I live, nor when I arrive in the spirit-world… and when I again receive my body, I shall …still continue my researches” ~ Brigham Young
  38. “Beauty is composed of many things and never stands alone. It is part of horizons, blue in the distance, great primeval silences, knowledge of all things of the earth. It embodies the hopes and dreams of those who have gone before, including the spirit world; it is so fragile it can be destroyed by a sound or thought. It may be infinitesimally small or encompass the universe itself. It comes in a swift conception wherever nature has not been disturbed.” ~ Sigurd F. Olson
  39. “I will be patient, kind, faithful and true
    To a man who loves music a man who loves art
    Respect’s the spirit world and thinks with his heart” ~ India.Arie
  40. “The spirit world doesn’t admit to communicating with me, so it’s fairly even.” ~ Howard Nemerov

  41. “I have a very open mind. I believe that there’s a spirit world. I believe that there’s a lot of stuff out there that we don’t know about, don’t want to understand, and sometimes we don’t want to understand it.” ~ Anthony Head
  42. “Crisis or transition of any kind reminds us of what matters most. In the routine of life, we often take our families-our parents and children and siblings-for granted. But in times of danger and need and change, there is no question that what we care about most is our families! It will be even more so when we leave this life and enter into the spirit world. Surely the first people we will seek to find there will be father, mother, spouse, children, and siblings.” ~ M. Russell Ballard
  43. “Ive never been a big believer in ghosts or the spirit world, and for me, that was part of the point of the movie, … What the Ghostbusters represented was the triumph of human courage and human ingenuity. People create their own monsters. Our fears come from within us, not outside.” ~ Harold Ramis
  44. “Regular temple attendance is one of the simplest ways you can bless those who are waiting in the spirit world. If you live near a temple, partake of the opportunity to go often and regularly.” ~ David B. Haight
  45. “I have a really big interest in the spirit world: spooks and the things we can’t necessarily see but feel.” ~ Matana Roberts

  46. “I want to thank you, especially those people who are agnostic or atheist. I don’t mean any offense by the things I said of the spirit world. Thank you for allowing me to speak about the spiritual, because I can’t talk about my life or writing without mentioning that.” ~ Sandra Cisneros
  47. “In Western classical music the idea of holiness, purity, perfection, and total beauty is expressed through clarity of sound – a bell-like sound. Obviously, that has its own place, and it’s a beautiful way of doing it. But I don’t think I am the first to point out that in Africa, the more buzzing the sound is, the more it indicates the other world – the spirit world.” ~ Justin Adams
  48. “Monkey Beach is a moody, powerful novel full of memorable characters. Reading it was like entering a pool of emerald water to discover a haunted world shivering with loss and love, regret and sorrow, where the spirit world is as real as the human. I was sucked into it with the very first sentence and when I left, it was with a feeling of immense reluctance.” ~ Anita Rau Badami
  49. “The great Initiates in the spirit world have vast and imposing plans for the musical future. What is this plan? It is to use music as an occult medium through which to develop altered states of consciousness, psychic abilities, and contact with the spirit world. Music in the future is to be used to bring people into yet closer touch with the devils; they will be enabled to partake of the beneficial influence of these beings while attending concerts at which by the appropriate type of sound they have been invoked.” ~ John Todd

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