65 Best Short Life Quotes On Success In Life

These Short Life quotes will inspire you.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging short life quotes, short life sayings, and short life proverbs.

Inspirational Short Life Quotes

  1. “The only thing that matters the most is your happiness.”
  2. “One has to get out of the crowd to make his own identity.”
  3. “Life is like math, sometimes simple and sometimes complicated.”
  4. “The face may lie to you, but the eyes are always true.”

  5. “The worst day of my life is when I feel like I’m tired.”
  6. “Life is not for loving others, you must know to love yourself.”
  7. “The worst nightmare I’ve seen is to give up on the things I need.”
  8. “It is good to be childish as long as the situation is under control.”

  9. “You do not need a blood relationship to trust and love others.”
  10. “The end of my love with life is not the end of my life with love.”
  11. “Not everyone is born a writer, status and passion make people writers.”
  12. “With money, you can buy puppets, not humans who have feelings.”

  13. “Being loyal to a partner is one of the best feelings ever.”
  14. “We always remember the lesson taught by the situation.”
  15. “Never forget, you received support from priceless to be valuable.”
  16. “If you can change your thoughts then your world can change.”

  17. “Do not change the person, change their way of thinking.”
  18. “Find your inspiration. This is what makes life so easy and amazing.” , Short life quotes to live by
  19. “Take your life seriously, joking with your life is not very funny.”
  20. “I know that you love adventure so God has made you human.”

  21. “Revenge never makes you happy, it hurts others and makes you bad.”
  22. “Imagine as much as you can, it will help you do something unique.”
  23. “Do not forget that your roots are more important when growing.”
  24. “Before giving suggestions to others, first try to be in their shoes.”

  25. “It does not matter how much you are living, just live well.”
  26. “Those who can smile in trouble, they overcome the problems easily.”
  27. “To change your current situation, first change your way of thinking.”
  28. “If you hate my true self, hate me because I cannot act for your love.”
  29. “I am very bad at acting so what you are seeing is real.”

  30. “Your life is your choice, do not regret your own decisions.”
  31. “You always have a chance to correct the things you are regretting.”
  32. “Correct your regrets in this life and live with happiness.” , Short life quotes on regrets
  33. “If someone hurts you, it does not mean that everyone will hurt you.”
  34. “Never punish people for a mistake they have never committed.”

  35. “Thank you to all the people in my life for making it beautiful.”
  36. Relationships are made by heart, business is made by mind.”
  37. “Your life has value until you transform into another person.”
  38. “Life is not what we see on TV, it is what we see or face every day.”
  39. “Challenge yourself every day, it will help you improve from yesterday.”

  40. “By challenging yourself you can know what you are capable of.”
  41. “Successful are those who can come out of their comfort zone.”
  42. “To create your unique identity, you have to leave your comfort zone.”
  43. “Be the person for whom people can wait, be special to everyone.”
  44. “I am not special to everyone but I am special to those who know me.”

  45. “Your comfort zone will never let you be special and unique.”
  46. “Learn new things but never give up the things you are good at.”
  47. “Do not let others thinking dominate your way of living.”
  48. “If you are satisfying everyone then you are definitely not human.”

  49. “If you are able to make everyone happy then you are definitely alone.” , Short life quotes on happy
  50. “In your journey of life, you may not find what you want but you may find something better. Remember, Columbus was not on the journey to discover America. “
  51. “Waiting for death is not the real purpose of living our lives. “
  52. “Living is not just staying alive. It’s about giving meaning to life.”
  53. “Don’t be the pirate searching for treasures. Your life is the most precious treasure you could have. “

  54. “Plan your life like it’s a weekend!”
  55. “There was a moment in life where I learned every right decision taken by me is not necessarily right for others.”
  56. “Life is like a fortune cookie, there is a message hidden inside.”
  57. “Living inside four walls is not life if you are not being productive.”

  58. ”If you ever feel life is unfair, look at the unprivileged to understand the fairness of life!”
  59. “Patience is crucial to handle the hardship in life.”
  60. ”Hate is the culprit in the destruction of many lives.”
  61. “As time aged, thoughts of humans were rusted.”
  62. “Without challenges life is tasteless.”

  63. “If you fear to accept changes in life then you see no progress in your personality.”
  64. “There will not be any positive impact in life if you let others down.”
  65. “For a better life, one must have a positive perception of everything.”

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