65 Self Destruction Quotes On Success In Life

These self destruction quotes will inspire you. Self-destruction is the destruction of oneself or behavior that causes serious harm to oneself.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging self destruction quotes, self destruction sayings, and self destruction proverbs.

Best Self Destruction Quotes

  1. “There are seeds of self-destruction in all of us that will bear only unhappiness if allowed to grow.” ~ Dorothea Brande
  2. “Self-conceit may lead to self destruction.” ~ Aesop
  3. “I wonder whats wrong with me. Sometimes I just keep wanting to go deeper and deeper into the world of self destruction. Like as if I want to see myself fail completely and disappear.” ~ Daul Kim
  4. “Maybe self-improvement isn’t the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

  5. “Well, love is insanity. The ancient Greeks knew that. It is the taking over of a rational and lucid mind by delusion and self-destruction. You lose yourself, you have no power over yourself, you can’t even think straight.” ~ Marilyn French
  6. “Self-destruction is the effect of cowardice in the highest extreme.” ~ Daniel Defoe
  7. “Often,our immediate reaction to a sudden crisis help us save ourselves. Our response to gradual crises that creep up upon us, on the other hand,may be so adaptive as to ultimately lead to self-destruction.” ~ Amish Tripathi
  8. “Guilt is really the reverse side of the coin of pride. Guilt aims at self-destruction, and pride aims at the destruction of others.” ~ Bill W.

  9. “Survival of the fittest can take us only so far; competition and aggression have brought us to the brink of self-destruction. What is needed now is survival of the wisest. You can participate in this shift by expanding your own awareness.” ~ Deepak Chopra
  10. “The price of dishonesty is self-destruction.” ~ Rita Mae Brown
  11. “Frustration, discouragement, and depression mean you are working against yourself.” ~ Jaggi Vasudev
  12. “Your troubles may point you to death and destruction, but God’s Word points you to life.” ~ T. B. Joshua

  13. “Many have dreamed up republics and principalities that have never in truth been known to exist; the gulf between how one should live and how one does live is so wide that a man who neglects what is actually done for what should be done learns the way to self-destruction rather than self-preservation.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
  14. “The human body is not a thing or substance, given, but a continuous creation. The human body is an energy system which is never a complete structure; never static; is in perpetual inner self-construction and self-destruction; we destroy in order to make it new.” ~ Norman O. Brown , Human self destruction quotes
  15. “Great self-destruction follows upon unfounded fear.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
  16. “We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

  17. “Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction.” ~ Brad Pitt
  18. “My default is self-destruction, and anything on top of that is a bloody lot of work.” ~ Gillian Anderson
  19. “There’s something very romantic about self-destruction and sabotaging your life, and taking a hammer to it.” ~ Gerard Way
  20. “In rock stardom there’s an absolute economic upside to self-destruction.” ~ Courtney Love

  21. “. . . nothing could be more grotesquely unjust than a code of morals, reinforced by laws, which relieves men from responsibility for irregular sexual acts, and for the same acts drives women to abortion, infanticide, prostitution, and self-destruction.” ~ Suzanne La Follette
  22. “I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan, and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man.” ~ Kool Moe Dee
  23. “When you don’t work together you can’t emerge as a force. It becomes what some call a “lonely struggle” and individual self-destruction.” ~ Haile Gerima
  24. “When the ego dominates in organizations, even spiritual organizations, there is usually a big drama or upheaval of some kind, and self-destruction begins.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

  25. “When we don’t put the brakes on our self-absorption, we have nothing stopping us from total self-destruction. We become the fruits of our actions.” ~ Zeena Schreck
  26. “In the past, destruction of your neighbor might have been considered a victory, but today we are all interdependent. We live in a global economy; we face problems like climate change that affect us all. The 7 billion human beings alive today belong to one human family. In the context that others’ interests are in our interest and our interest is in their interest, the use of force is self-destructive.” ~ Dalai Lama
  27. “A Separation Sociology produces a Separation Pathology, pathological behaviors of self-destruction, engaged in individually and collectively, and producing suffering, conflict, violence, and death by our own hands.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch , Self destruction quotes behavior
  28. “Did I help you toward a fate you didn’t want, Alaska, or did I just assist in your willful self-destruction?” ~ John Green

  29. “The soul journey inward is when we are invited to cast aside beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us and release all tendencies toward victimhood, stagnation, passivity, and self-destruction that keep us disempowered or cause frustration and suffering to ourselves and others. This is no easy task and one in which we can use all the divine support possible to help us on our way. It is a time to pray.” ~ Sonia Choquette
  30. “God undertook the most dramatic rescue operation in cosmic history. He determined to save the human race from self-destruction, and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to salvage and redeem them. The work of man’s redemption was accomplished at the cross.” ~ Billy Graham
  31. “We all know that the theater and every play that comes to Broadway have within themselves, like the human being, the seed of self-destruction and the certainty of death. The thing is to see how long the theater, the play, and the human being can last in spite of themselves.” ~ James Thurber
  32. “Humanity was drawn to turmoil and self-destruction as inevitably as the earth was drawn to complete its annual revolution of the sun.” ~ Dean Koontz

  33. “I’ve always turned my anger inwards towards self-destruction.” ~ Mackenzie Phillips
  34. “For the sake of my children and grandchildren, I hope that the human talent for self-destruction can be successfully controlled, or at least channeled into productive forms, but I doubt it. I think we are moving into extremely volatile and dangerous times, as modern electronic technologies give mankind almost unlimited powers to play with its own psychopathology as a game.” ~ J. G. Ballard
  35. “The drive to be useful is encoded in our genes. But when we gather in very large numbers, as in the modern nation-state, we seem capable of levels of folly and self-destruction to be found nowhere else in all of nature. But if we keep at it and keep alive, we are in for one surprise after another. We can build structures for human society never seen before, thoughts never heard before, music never heard before.” ~ Lewis Thomas
  36. “Self destroyer, wreck your health, destroy friends, destroy yourself. The time device of self-destruction, lies, confusion, start eruption.” ~ Ray Davies

  37. “In one degree or another, we all struggle with selfishness. Since it is so common, why worry about selfishness anyway? Because selfishness is really self-destruction in slow motion.” ~ Neal A. Maxwell
  38. “I want to be the apostle of self-destruction. I want my book to affect man’s reason, his emotions, his nerves, his whole animal nature. I should like my book to make people turn pale with horror as they read it, to affect them like a drug, like a terrifying dream, to drive them mad, to make them curse and hate me but still to read me.” ~ Leonid Andreyev
  39. “He believed that all people existed behind varying layers of armor which, like the archaeological layers of earth itself, reflected the historical events and turbulence of a lifetime. An individual’s armor that had been developed to resist pain and rejection might also block a capacity for pleasure and achievement, and feelings too deeply trapped might be released only by acts of self-destruction or harm to others. Reich was convinced that sexual deprivation and frustration motivated much of the world’s chaos and warfare.” ~ Gay Talese , Self destruction quotes pain
  40. “Revenge can only be found on the road to self-destruction.” ~ Wayne Gerard Trotman

  41. “The dissolution of society bids fair to become the termination of a career of which property is the end and aim, because such a career contains the elements of self-destruction. Democracy in government, brotherhood in society, equality in rights and privileges, and universal education, foreshadow the next higher plane of society to which experience, intelligence and knowledge are steadily tending.” ~ Lewis Henry Morgan
  42. “When attempted self-destruction does not cure a man of life, it cures him of voluntary death.” ~ Honore de Balzac
  43. “I don’t know if it’s entirely fair to blame [Dennis Wilson] early death and complete self-destruction on his involvement with Charles Manson, but it was certainly a factor. It affected him psychologically and emotionally.” ~ Karina Longworth
  44. “I’m an experimental artist in a field that doesn’t celebrate experimentation. It celebrates self-destruction, which I guess you could say is a creative endeavor.” ~ Billy Corgan

  45. “One of the greatest evils is the foolishness of a good man. For the giving man to withhold helping someone in order to first assure personal fortification is not selfish, but to elude needless self-destruction; martyrdom is only practical when the thought is to die, else a good man faces the consequence of digging a hole from which he cannot escape, and truly helps no one in the long run.” ~ Mike Norton
  46. “I think that Poe is so resonant because he represents that part of us that is in misery or sorrowful or wants to explore the darkness. He wrote a great story called ‘The Imp of the Perverse’ about the instinct towards self-destruction. Poe is the godfather of Goth literature and that whole movement.” ~ John Cusack
  47. “If you want to save the snow leopard or the giant Redwoods, or the Okavango Delta, or the Amazon, or the atmosphere, or the Earth, or those you love, or yourself, or the human race, this is the only path that can achieve that-so the truth is the sooner you support and adopt this path of transformation through understanding the better. The choice is self-destruction or self-discovery.” ~ Jeremy Griffith
  48. “Sense (for a particular art, science, human being, and so forth) is divided spirit; self-restraint is consequently the result of self-creation and self-destruction.” ~ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

  49. “We are hurtling towards self-destruction at an alarming rate thanks chiefly to an advertising and propaganda system that goads people from infancy towards apathy, isolation, passivity, helplessness, and separation.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  50. “It is very easy to see the allure of alcohol to dull the pain and the temptation to punish myself for something that is not my fault. But the sobering truth is that if I step onto the path of self-destruction, I know I will never come back.” ~ Bill Jenkins
  51. “Nuclear man is the man who realizes that his creative powers hold the potential for self-destruction. He sees that in this nuclear age vast new industrial complexes enable man to produce in one hour that which he labored over for years in the past, but he also realizes that these same industries have disturbed the ecological balance and, through air and noise pollution, have contaminated his own milieu.” ~ Henri Nouwen
  52. “All parents want their offspring to be exemplars of virtue and achievement and happiness. But most of all, we want desperately for you to be safe – safe from disease and violence and self-destruction.” ~ Estelle Ramey

  53. “The naive is what is or appears to be natural, individual, or classical to the point of irony or to the point of continuous alternation of self-creation and self-destruction. If it is only instinct, then it is childlike, childish, or silly; if it is only intention, it becomes an affectation.” ~ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
  54. “I became evil for no reason. I had no motive for my wickedness except wickedness itself. It was foul, and I loved it. I loved the self-destruction, I loved my fall, not the object for which I had fallen but my fall itself. My depraved soul leaped down from your firmament to ruin. I was seeking not to gain anything by shameful means, but shame for its own sake.” ~ Saint Augustine
  55. “The two greatest enemies of the individual in the modern world are communism and psychiatry. Each wages a relentless war against that which makes a person an individual: communism against the ownership of property, psychiatry against the ownership of the self (mind and body). Communists criminalize the autonomous use of capital and labor and harshly punish those who “traffic” in the black market, especially in foreign currencies. Psychiatrists criminalize the autonomous use of the self, and harshly punish those who “traffic” in self-abuse, especially in self-medication and self-destruction.” ~ Thomas Szasz
  56. “Heroism–that is the disposition of a man who aspires to a goal compared to which he himself is wholly insignificant. Heroism is the goodwill to self-destruction.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  57. “You cannot have a boundary-less existence, because your neighbor has his own boundaries, and who is going to give you the ethics between the two boundaries? If there is no objective moral law, relativism will take hold, and relativism ultimately will lead to self-destruction.” ~ Ravi Zacharias
  58. “The world came so close to self-destruction during my lifetime. I was serving in the American Army, in the Pacific, at the time they bombed Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, and I felt there something like a foretaste of the end of the world.” ~ Gore Vidal
  59. “I claim that every woman in this century and in our culture sphere who has ventured into male-dominated institutions – ‘literature’ and ‘aesthetics’ are such institutions – must have experienced the desire for self-destruction.” ~ Christa Wolf
  60. “In our age, self-indulgence and self-destruction, rather than self-sacrifice, are the foundations for new heroic myths.” ~ Dean Koontz

  61. “Sometimes the best offense was avoiding self-destruction.” ~ Brandon Mull
  62. “Thus another friendship was dashed on the cruel rocks amid the storm of my self-destruction.” ~ Russell Brand
  63. “Procrastination is the seed of self destruction.” ~ Matthew Burton

  64. “Even if we are spared destruction by war, our lives will have to change if we want to save life from self-destruction.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  65. “We often think that “bad” relationships are motivating by self-loathing or a wish for self-destruction, but I think that loving people who hurt us is more tied to a profound and earnest wish to soothe ourselves and recover from older hurts. And I’ve also found that having empathy for that urge is the best way to move through it, and beyond it.” ~ Melissa Febos

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