65 Self Deprecating Quotes On Success In Life

These self deprecating quotes will inspire you. Self-deprecating is tending or serving to disparage or undervalue oneself.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging self deprecating quotes, self deprecating sayings, and self deprecating proverbs.

Best Self Deprecating Quotes

  1. “I like smart, funny, self-deprecating men.” ~ Jules Asner
  2. “When I read the pilot for Married with Children, it just reminded me of my Uncle Joe… just a self-deprecating kind of guy. He’d come home from work, and the wife would maybe say I ran over the dog this morning in the driveway. And he would say Fine, what’s for dinner?” ~ Ed O’Neill
  3. “I have a high self-opinion – I don’t need to hide that. I don’t need to be self-deprecating.” ~ Adam Levine
  4. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” ~ C. S. Lewis

  5. “Happy belated birthday, Cat,” he said, giving me a self-deprecating smile. “Aren’t you glad Juan picked the place and not me? We would have had lattes and hors d’oeuvres instead of liquor and G-strings. Anyone get you a gin yet?” ~ Jeaniene Frost
  6. “My philosophy is, it’s always very rewarding when you can make an audience laugh. I don’t mind making fun of myself. I like self-deprecating comedy. But I’d like you to laugh with me occasionally, too.” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  7. “A conglomerate heap of trash, that’s what I am. But it burns with a high flame.” ~ Ray Bradbury
  8. “I’m a Larry David fan, right? And it seems to me that Jewish history from the Talmud on has been a self-deprecating, self-critical kind of humor.” ~ Peter Eisenman

  9. “Leonard Cohen can give you “Leonard Cohen” – the self-deprecating wit, the slow, considered speech, the perfectly-honed anecdote – Tom Waits is far more comfortable giving a journalist “Tom Waits” the character, whose conversation is really a series of strange tales, learned or ad-libbed.” ~ Sylvie Simmons
  10. “I do a lot of public speaking and presentations and I’ll always start with a self-deprecating joke to make everybody feel comfortable with my size because there can be hang-ups and anxieties.” ~ Warwick Davis
  11. “I’m not saying this just to be self-deprecating, but I have always taken delight in playing people who are oblivious because I do think I have giant, giant blind spots. It’s a very comfortable place to be.” ~ Ty Burrell
  12. “Brummies run themselves down, they’re very self-deprecating. Whereas Yorkshire people certainly aren’t.” ~ Jonathan Meades

  13. “Democrats, if they’re smart and they’re not brain-dead, are doing two things right now. They’re having self-deprecating humor written for them. There was no humor in Cleveland. And they are not making this a Donald Trump.” ~ Mark Shields
  14. “You can’t embarrass Joss Whedon, he’s got no pride! He fully admits it. ‘Oh, it’s me. I’m little and goofy.’ You can’t wound his pride. He’s too self-deprecating.” ~ Nathan Fillion
  15. “The people I grew up around who I really liked were quick on the draw. It always just wowed me. And my mum would make weird funny comments. I can see in myself her self-deprecating, hippie humor. I can’t take myself too seriously.” ~ Drew Barrymore
  16. “I have never been an ambitious person, and my participation in this industry is a fluke, but only male writers can afford to be coy and self-deprecating.” ~ Diablo Cody

  17. “Sam laughed, a funny, self-deprecating laugh. “You did read a lot. And spent too much time just inside the kitchen window, where I couldn’t see you very well.” “And not enough time mostly naked in front of my bedroom window?” I teased. Sam turned bright red. “That,” he said, “is so not the point of this conversation.” ~ Maggie Stiefvater
  18. “Gillard is as likable as Rudd is charmless. She is self-deprecating; he is ludicrously vainglorious. She is a mistress of understatement; he is a ranter.” ~ Germaine Greer
  19. “We decided that humility was defined not by self-deprecating behavior or attitudes but by the esteem with which you regard others… Generally, you can be humble only if you feel really good about yourself – and you want to help those around you feel really good about themselves, too.” ~ Clayton Christensen
  20. “I think at its best the American sense of humor is the same as the British sense of humor at its best, which is to be wry and ironic and self-deprecating.” ~ Simon Pegg

  21. “I love the sad songs with their maudlin, self-deprecating, almost funny lyrics. As an Englishman, they make a lot of sense.” ~ Teddy Thompson
  22. “I was once na├»ve enough to ask the late Duke of Devonshire why he liked the town of Eastbourne. He replied with a self-deprecating shrug that one of the things he liked was that he owned it.” ~ A. N. Wilson
  23. “I wish I could be as thin as Jessica Simpson. I think she looks gorgeous! I have had Jessica on my show several times, and I can tell you that girl is genuine and funny with a great self-deprecating sense of humor.” ~ Rachael Ray
  24. “Self-deprecating or arrogant, it’s all selfish. Hard as it is, life’s better when you spend more time on the rest of the world” ~ Patrick Stump

  25. “I like girls who are self-deprecating. I like girls who make fun of themselves. If you can’t poke fun at yourself, what are you? I just want someone with a good soul. That’s about it. The rest I’m really flexible on.” ~ Chris Evans
  26. “It really is easy to forget the unpleasant if we simply refuse to recall it. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank. Let the others fade away. And your confidence, that feeling of being on top of the world, will zoom up-ward. You take a big step forward toward conquering your fear when you refuse to remember negative, self-deprecating thoughts.” ~ David J. Schwartz
  27. “Humans also tend to find community to be pleasurable, and within the boundaries of community relationships, words – often ironic and self-deprecating – are always spoken that take on other meanings when uttered by others.” ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates
  28. “The most important, overriding arc of my career has been that I would never be self-deprecating.” ~ Sandra Bernhard

  29. “I don’t say I’m not magnetic to try and sound self-deprecating. I’m just not. Though I actually love people. I would like to meet more people. I know no one.” ~ Kristen Stewart
  30. “Well, I’m quite a self-deprecating person.” ~ PJ Harvey
  31. “I get that racism exists, but it’s not a catalyst for my content. I don’t need to talk about race to have material. My style of comedy is more self-deprecating. I think that makes me more relatable. When you deal with ‘topics’ – race, white versus black – you’re not separating from the pack. You’re doing what everybody else is doing.” ~ Kevin Hart
  32. “Humility is not self-deprecating, rather it is the quiet internal confidence allowing you to accept things as they are, especially yourself; that epiphany opens the way to personal greatness.” ~ Casar Jacobson

  33. “I’m not trying to be modest of self-deprecating or in any way trying to do that.” ~ Jon Stewart
  34. “My biggest influence is someone I really don’t know at all: Tina Fey. Smart, funny, beautiful, self-deprecating, also a mom and a wife.” ~ Laura Benanti
  35. “The dominant type of humor in the ’60s was essentially defensive and self-deprecating, using humor as a shield.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  36. “Before you can be all deprecating it’s helpful to be self-deprecating.” ~ Jeff Ross

  37. “You have to maintain who you are as a person and stay true to yourself – that’s my biggest moral as a human being, as well as a very self-deprecating sense of humor.” ~ Josh Hutcherson
  38. “You learn to laugh at yourself and you also lean on comedy as a crutch to kind of take the edge off because comedians often are self-deprecating and they cross lines that they shouldn’t. Stuff like that brings a smile to my face every once in a while when needed.” ~ John Cena
  39. “His wry sense of humor and his stalwart courage were an inspiring example to so many. His ability to laugh at Life’s idiosyncrasies and himself in a self-deprecating way taught that most valuable of lessons: ‘to be of good cheer, no matter what life threw at you, and ever to find the hope that dwells in every human heart’.” ~ John McLeod
  40. “Early on when I started talking about my weight, it was self-deprecating; everything was a joke.” ~ Gabriel Iglesias

  41. “You know when you tell a self-deprecating story at a dinner party, everyone’s laughing along with you? But then when someone else repeats that same story at another dinner party you feel they’re all laughing at you?” ~ Toby Young
  42. “I fell into writing, I suppose, being one of those awful children who wrote verses. I went to a convent in New York-the Blessed Sacrament… I was fired from there, finally, for a lot of things, among them my insistence that the Immaculate Conception was spontaneous combustion.” ~ Dorothy Parker
  43. “I think that Americans find the Australian humour and the energy of Australians very refreshing – we are quite self-deprecating, we’re light-hearted and can have a laugh.” ~ Teresa Palmer
  44. “I’ve always been a fan of a Johnny Carson because he was so great with an audience and not afraid of self-deprecating humor.” ~ Vince Vaughn

  45. “I have found over the years that the most important way of getting people to relax is self-deprecating humor.” ~ Robert Reich
  46. “I have not taken my good looks seriously from the beginning. When I would be teased by my friends about my looks, I would just make a self-deprecating remark and let it pass.” ~ Arjun Rampal
  47. “An interesting difference between African-American humor and Jewish humor, in it’s kind of basic or maybe most austere type form is, African-American humor, some of it comes out of playing the dozens in which you insult the other person or insult the other person’s mother, and so much of Jewish humor is like, you’re insulting yourself. It’s totally self-deprecating.” ~ Terry Gross
  48. “I am a little klutzy and self-deprecating. I fit in with the rest of the losers.” ~ Kirstie Alley

  49. “Some of my friends and family have tried to challenge me to do jokes that aren’t as self-deprecating, where I genuinely express my own opinion in my own voice.” ~ Maria Bamford
  50. “I am incredibly self-deprecating. It stems from self-doubt.” ~ Charlie Cox
  51. “I think women have a hard time not apologizing their way into negotiations. We tend to back in to these conversations in a self-deprecating and ultimately self-defeating way.” ~ Mika Brzezinski
  52. “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” ~ Oscar Wilde

  53. “When I teach the formal curriculum, I have the chance to think about it ahead of time. I can rehearse it. I can illustrate it with self-deprecating humor and humble-sounding personal disclosure. I can try to make it comes out just right.” ~ John Ortberg
  54. “I’ve always at least tried to be self-deprecating when I say anything about myself. As long as you set the bar low, it will keep people from putting you on a pedestal, so they can’t knock you off.” ~ Megan Fox

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