29 Scoreboard Quotes On Success In Life

These scoreboard quotes will inspire you. Scoreboard, a large board on which the score in a game or match is displayed.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging scoreboard quotes, scoreboard sayings, and scoreboard proverbs.

Best Scoreboard Quotes

  1. “Money is a scoreboard where you can rank how you’re doing against other people.” ~ Mark Cuban
  2. “Being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It’s not about winning. It’s about you and your relationship with yourself, your family and your friends. Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is you did everything you could. There wasn’t one more thing you could’ve done. Can you live in that moment as best you can, with clear eyes, and love in your heart, with joy in your heart? If you can do that gentleman – you’re perfect!” ~ Billy Bob Thornton
  3. “Then after I saw the scoreboard that we were tied, I was really happy, because I really wanted to win.” ~ Carly Patterson
  4. “Games are won by players who focus on the playing field — not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard.” ~ Warren Buffett

  5. “If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.” ~ Warren Buffett
  6. “Sometimes I need to look at the scoreboard to figure out whether I’m batting hundred-plus or whether I am on zero.” ~ Sachin Tendulkar
  7. “As teachers and coaches, we must remember that when mere winning is our only goal, we are doomed to disappointment and failure. But when our goal is to try to win, when our focus is on preparation and sacrifice and effort instead of on numbers on a scoreboard then we will never lose.” ~ Mike Krzyzewski
  8. “Yelling doesn’t win ball games. It doesn’t put any points on the scoreboard. And I don’t think words win ball games all the time. Players do. Preparation does.” ~ Jerry Tarkanian

  9. “The scoreboard said I lost today, but what the scoreboard doesn’t say is what it is I have found. Over the last 21 years, I have found loyalty. You have pulled for me on the court and also in life. I found inspiration. You have willed me to succeed, sometimes even in my lowest moments, and I’ve found generosity. You have given me your shoulders to stand on to reach for my dreams, dreams I could never have reached without you.” ~ Andre Agassi
  10. “You don’t get a trophy after halftime. We don’t look at the scoreboard until the end of the game.” ~ Chip Kelly
  11. “The scoreboard can’t make you a loser. If you walk off the field with your head up, you don’t lose. You don’t hang your head for nobody. People in the stands think you’re the greatest or the worst – their opinion doesn’t make a difference. The only opinion that makes any difference is your own opinion of yourself.” ~ Dan Marino
  12. “Usually a championship team is built on a strong defense. That is something you can bring to every game. A great attack is always going to be inconsistent – at least on the scoreboard – that’s the nature of the game.” ~ Anson Dorrance

  13. “I’m 0 for 3 with marriage – the scoreboard doesn’t lie, never has. So what we all have is a marriage of the heart. To sully or contaminate or radically disrespect this union with a shameful contract is something that I will leave to the amateurs and the Bible grippers.” ~ Charlie Sheen
  14. “Tennis is a very objective sport in the sense that the scoreboard doesn’t lie.” ~ Andre Agassi
  15. “In investing, just as in baseball, to put runs on the scoreboard, one must watch the playing field, not the scoreboard.” ~ Warren Buffett
  16. “An advantage to volleyball is that you have a scoreboard to tell how you have done as a team. The thing is, in life there is no scoreboard, at least not one that you can see.” ~ John Kessel

  17. “The FUTURE of this world has long been DECLARED; the final outcome between GOOD and evil is already KNOWN. There is absolutely no question as to who WINS because the VICTORY has already been posted on the SCOREBOARD. The only really strange thing is all of this is that we are still down here on the FIELD trying to decide which TEAM’S JERSEY we want to wear!” ~ Jeffrey R. Holland
  18. “Since 1946, the Cubs have had two problems: They put too few runs on the scoreboard and the other guys put too many. So what is the new management improving? The scoreboard.” ~ George Will
  19. “I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all about fear- fear that your kid won’t come out on top, be a success. Forcing him into these brutal encounters will a) make a dame sure he is a success, and b) all you to see evidence of that success with the added bonus of a cheering crowd. This means that sports are supported with an almost desperate enthusiasm. The football team gets catered dinners before a fame. Honor Society is lucky if it gets a cupcake. Academic success-forget it. That requires too much imagination. There’s no scoreboard.” ~ Deb Caletti
  20. “You are worth so much more than points on a scoreboard or wins vs. losses. The best athletes I know are also some of the best people I’ve ever met.” ~ Jimmy Moody

  21. “There ought to be some other means of reckoning quality in this the best and loveliest of games; the scoreboard is an ass.” ~ Neville Cardus
  22. “We all stared at the scoreboard in stunned silence. Only Carter was able to get anything out. “That,” he told Robert exuberantly, “is how a bird in the hand gets up before the early worm.” “That doesn’t make any sense,” said Roger. Carter pointed at the scoreboard. “Neither does that, but there you have it.” ~ Richelle Mead
  23. “Whenever I get a chance, I’m trying to take the extra base and make them make a play on me. I’m not going to stop looking for the extra base unless the scoreboard tells me.” ~ Curtis Granderson
  24. “If on-base percentage is so important, then why don’t they put it up on the scoreboard?” ~ Jeff Francoeur

  25. “Do you really expect me to fall apart every time another woman throws herself at you? Because, if that’s so, I’ll be a nervous wreck before the honeymoon’s over. Although, if they do it in front of me…” He went still. “Did you just propose to me?” She bristled. “Do you have a problem with that?” The scoreboard lit up, and he gave the world a high five. “God, I love you.” ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  26. “Politics is still the No. 1 sport in town and the scoreboard shows the U.S. attorney’s office leading.” ~ Bill Kurtis
  27. “It really doesn’t matter honestly to look at the scoreboard where it’s 20 runs and 2 wickets down or 200 runs, 2 wickets down, because… if you’re positive inside it really doesn’t matter. It just requires different planning sometimes.” ~ Sachin Tendulkar
  28. “There were times last year when people looked at the scoreboard and thought my batting average was the temperature.” ~ Buck Martinez

  29. “But baseball was different… You stood and waited and tried to still your mind. When your moment came, you had to be ready, because if you f****d up, everyone would know whose fault it was. What other sport not only kept a stat as cruel as the error but posted it on the scoreboard for everyone to see? … You could only try so hard not to try too hard before you were right back around to trying too hard. And trying hard, as everyone told him, was wrong, all wrong.” ~ Chad Harbach

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