37 Rediscover Quotes On Success In Life

These rediscover quotes will inspire you. Rediscover, to discover (something lost or forgotten) again.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging rediscover quotes, rediscover sayings, and rediscover proverbs.

Best Rediscover Quotes

  1. “Brazil has rediscovered itself, and this rediscovery is being expressed in its people’s enthusiasm and their desire to mobilize to face the huge problems that lie ahead of us.” ~ Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
  2. “Any loss of identity prompts people to seek reassurance and rediscovery of themselves by testing, and even by violence. Today, the electric revolution, the wired planet, and the information environment involve everybody in everybody to the point of individual extinction.” ~ Marshall McLuhan
  3. “Disco is a major influence in the world of fashion. It is a dynamic factor in contemporary advertising. It is a message from every consumer that there has been a rediscovery of America’s greatest by-product: fun.” ~ Neil Bogart
  4. “Healing is the rediscovery of who we are and who we have always been.” ~ Joan Z. Borysenko

  5. “If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover these precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  6. “Your relationship is not supposed to be perfect all the time, your business is not supposed to do well all the time, your souffl├ęs are not supposed to raise perfectly all the time. Everything is designed to go wrong so that you can gain the skills of rediscovering your tracks, even in difficult or frightening circumstances. Especially in difficult and frightening circumstances.” ~ Martha Beck
  7. “Five minutes in an old book quickly reveals that most of what is being sold today as new insights into human behavior is merely the rediscovery of knowledge we have had for centuries.” ~ Roy H. Williams
  8. “I knew I could not cope with the future unless I was able to rediscover the past.” ~ Gene Tierney

  9. “We live in a supermarket of ideas, faiths, practices, theories, ideologies, and much else besides. Never in human history have there been so many movements and ideas struggling to attract our attention. Added to this, the Western world is swamped by material goods and the Western mind is dominated by the goal of material success. In all this confusion, Zen stands out as a voice of sanity. It represents a different way of seeing the world, one based upon the rediscovery of who we really are and have always been, through revealing to us our true nature.” ~ David Fontana
  10. “A man’s work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.” ~ Albert Camus
  11. “Our task is not to rediscover nature but to remake it.” ~ Raoul Vaneigem
  12. “Every generation rediscovers and re-evaluates the meaning of infancy and childhood.” ~ Arnold Gesell

  13. “If we want to find safe alternatives to obstetrics, we must rediscover midwifery. To rediscover midwifery is the same as giving back childbirth to women. And imagine the future if surgical teams were at the service of the midwives and the women instead of controlling them.” ~ Michel Odent
  14. “There’s a paradox in rereading. You read the first time for rediscovery: an encounter with the confirming emotions. But you reread for discovery: you go to the known to figure out the workings of the unknown, the why of the familiar how.” ~ Cynthia Ozick
  15. “The clown has great importance as part of the search for what is laughable and ridiculous in man. We should put the emphasis on the rediscovery of our own individual clown, the one that has grown-up within us and which society does not allow us to express.” ~ Jacques Lecoq
  16. “We must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation.” ~ Ivan Illich

  17. “We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.” ~ Barbara De Angelis
  18. “The rediscovery of the value of one’s own Baptism is at the root of every Christian’s missionary commitment because as we see in the Gospel, those who allow themselves to be fascinated by Christ cannot fail to witness to the joy of following in his footsteps… We understand ever more that it is precisely in virtue of Baptism that we possess a co-natural missionary vocation.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI
  19. “I start with no preconceived idea – discovery excites me to focus – then rediscovery through the lens – final form of presentation seen on ground glass, the finished print previsioned completely in every detail of texture, movement, proportion, before exposure – the shutter’s release automatically and finally fixes my conception, allowing no after manipulation – the ultimate end, the print, is but a duplication of all that I saw and felt through my camera.” ~ Edward Weston
  20. “Literature … is the rediscovery of childhood.” ~ Georges Bataille

  21. “The basic change in the landscape since my salad days started with the defensive rediscovery of history and politics by all the theoretically-oriented academics in the late seventies and eighties.” ~ Paul Fry
  22. “Rediscovery in the library may be a more difficult and uncertain process than the first discovery in the laboratory.” ~ John William Strutt
  23. “If we are to negotiate the coming years safely, we may need a new kind of leadership. To put it more precisely, we need the rediscovery of an ancient kind of leadership that has rarely been given the prominence it deserves. I mean the leader as teacher.” ~ Jonathan Sacks
  24. “Every generation deals with the breaking down of its tradition, and I think that they rediscovered the film.” ~ Norman Jewison

  25. “To entertain at home is both a relief and a rediscovery – of rooms and settings, of your favorite things, and particularly of your own tastes and ideas.” ~ Martha Stewart
  26. “For the past eighty years I have started each day in the same manner. It is not a mechanical routine, but something essential to my daily life. I go to the piano, and play two preludes and fugues of Bach. I cannot think of doing otherwise. It is a sort of benediction on the house. But that is not its only meaning for me. It is a rediscovery of the world of which I have the joy of being a part. It fills me with awareness of the wonder of life, with a feeling of the incredible marvel of being a human being.” ~ Pablo Casals
  27. “The message that underlies healing is simple yet radical: We are already whole…. Underneath our fears and worries, unaffected by the many layers of our conditioning and actions, is a peaceful core. The work of healing is peeling away the barriers of fear that keep us unaware of our true nature of love, peace, and rich interconnection with the web of life. Healing is the rediscovery of who we are and who we have always been.” ~ Bill Vaughan
  28. “Disco is a major influence in the world of fashion.” ~ Neil Bogart

  29. “It is only in the shadows, when some fresh wave, truly original, truly creative, breaks upon the shore, that there will be a rediscovery of the West.” ~ Jacques Barzun
  30. “Each individual Christian and each new age of the Church has to make this rediscovery, this return to the source of Christian life.” ~ Thomas Merton
  31. “I think that what’s happened is that there’s been a rediscovery of some good old-school films and a realization that there’s always a place for them. We don’t have to outgrow them with the new technology and we can do them with it and we can do them without it. We shouldn’t always have the demands made on us to do it.” ~ Robert Englund
  32. “The New York Times credited me with the rediscovery and revival of red velvet cake. I consider this as one of my great life achievements.” ~ Robert Harling

  33. “When, as President Joseph F. Smith said, we “catch a spark from the awakened memories of the immortal soul, “let us be quietly grateful. When of great truths we can say “I know,” that powerful spiritual witness may also carry with it the sense of our having known before. With rediscovery, we are really saying “I know – again!”” ~ Neal A. Maxwell
  34. “Perhaps the rediscovery of our humanity, and the potential of the human spirit which we have read about in legends of older civilizations, or in accounts of solitary mystics, or in tales of science fiction writers – perhaps this will constitute the true revolution of the future. The new frontier lies not beyond the planets but within each one of us.” ~ Pierre Trudeau
  35. “The Christian life has been nothing more and nothing less than a daily dependence on and a rediscovery of God’s grace.” ~ Tullian Tchividjian
  36. “Be nice to the whites, they need you to rediscover their humanity.” ~ Desmond Tutu

  37. “She’s been a smack addict, she’s had big success in Europe in the ’70s, and she’s lost everything. She’s been rediscovered in the ’80s, and as we meet her she’s just about to sign a new recording contract.” ~ Neil Tennant

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