65 Recording Studio Quotes On Success In Life

These recording studio quotes will inspire you. A recording studio is a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words, and other sounds.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging recording studio quotes, recording studio sayings, and recording studio proverbs.

Best Recording Studio Quotes

  1. “I knew that I could be more creative onstage, to state my own case and deliver my own interpretation of the role much more aggressively than in the recording studio.” ~ Kiri Te Kanawa
  2. “You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8.” ~ Anne Hathaway
  3. “Normally, you go into the recording studio, make a record and then take it on the road and you think… wow… I could have done THIS to it, or something.” ~ Brian Setzer
  4. “I like being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music.” ~ Grace Slick

  5. “Well, especially now I come to realize – and then – I would do my schooling which was three hours with a tutor and right after that I would go to the recording studio and record, and I’d record for hours and hours until it’s time to go to sleep.” ~ Michael Jackson
  6. “I always wanted to be a full-time musician. Every television job I had was a means to buy a grand piano, or to put in a recording studio, or something like that.” ~ John Tesh
  7. “I got out of high school, bought a recording studio and started operating it as an engineer and a producer.” ~ T Bone Burnett
  8. “I started a recording studio. I started producing people and doing remixes.” ~ James Iha

  9. “I am such a gearhead. In my recording studio, I personally engineer and edit everything on computers.” ~ Tommy Lee
  10. “My old man was a musician – that’s what he did for a living. And like most fathers, occasionally he’d let me visit where he worked. So I started going to his recording studio, and I really dug it.” ~ Dimebag Darrell
  11. “If you had a sign above every studio door saying ‘This Studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.” ~ Brian Eno
  12. “You’re at your best when you don’t know what you’re doing.” ~ Paul Stanley

  13. “Every project is different. When I’m working on my albums, I’ve worked with different producers and they’ve all had different personalities. The recording studio sets the vibe, and that changes as well.” ~ Diego Boneta
  14. “One day, I just decided I’m ready to go. So I went down with my guitar and sat on the front steps of Sam Phillips recording studio.” ~ Johnny Cash
  15. “It doesn’t take a lot to get me motivated. I’m a studio rat. When I was in high school and I would walk into a recording studio, it felt like this magical place, this temple, this womb that I could escape into.” ~ Lenny Kravitz
  16. “When you don’t know what you’re doing, fake it.” ~ Jill Shalvis

  17. “If you are recording, you are recording. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a demo or a temporary vocal. The drama around even sitting in the car and singing into a tape recorder that’s as big as your hand – waiting until it’s very quiet, doing your thing, and then playing it back and hoping you like it – is the same basic anatomy as when you’re in the recording studio, really. Sometimes it’s better that way because some of the pressure is off and you can pretend it’s throwaway.” ~ Tom Waits
  18. “Somehow, magically, I’ve become an electronic musician, and I have a recording studio that looks like the bridge of the Enterprise.” ~ Moby
  19. “Recording studios are filled with technology. They are set in their ways. And to update them means you’d have to change them back. That would be my idea of upgrading. And this will never happen. As far as I know, recording studios are booked all the time. So obviously people like all the improvements. The more technically advanced they are, the more in demand they become.” ~ Bob Dylan
  20. “I don’t have a formal home recording studio, but I can record tracks on my computer upstairs in my office.” ~ Huey Lewis

  21. “The dream world of sleep and the dream world of music are not far apart. I often catch glimpses of one as I pass through a door to the other, like encountering a neighbor in the hallway going into the apartment next to one’s own. In the recording studio, I would often lie down to nap and wake up with harmony parts fully formed in my mind, ready to be recorded. I think of music as dreaming in sound.” ~ Linda Ronstadt , Music recording studio quotes
  22. “Taking a song and bringing it to life in a professional recording studio can be an intimidating process at first; I know it certainly was for me. So to be able to offer support and guidance to an emerging singer-songwriter is a huge honor. I look forward to playing a role in such an exciting time of someone’s songwriting career.” ~ Colbie Caillat
  23. “I sing all the time but I’d never gotten what it felt like to be in the recording studio, so it was definitely a learning process.” ~ Corbin Bleu
  24. “I’m portable. I carry a laptop and a little recording studio on my back.” ~ Abbie Cornish

  25. “When the polar ice caps melt, my recording studio will rise up like an ark, and I’ll float off into the drowned world like a character from a J.G. Ballard novel.” ~ Thomas Dolby
  26. “I was extremely fortunate to live around the corner from a recording studio and to be chosen to have a paper route to make enough money to pay for the music lessons. I was one of the chosen few to have a job and to walk through the curtain at Stax Records was just an amazing thing for me to do at age 14.” ~ Booker T. Jones
  27. “I have such memories; I keep thinking about all the people I worked with. I was in the recording studio and I was talking to one of the engineers who is 24 and they don’t know these people. They just absolutely don’t know the people and it just tickles me. I don’t feel like I’ve grown up.” ~ Diana Ross
  28. “For me, it’s all about being in a tiny room with little windows. It’s almost like you have to be in a prison.” ~ Madonna Ciccone

  29. “The corporations have taken over. Even in the recording studio. Actually, the corporate companies have taken over American life most everywhere. Go coast to coast and you will see people wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same food. Everything is processed.” ~ Bob Dylan
  30. “The modern recording studio, with its well-trained engineers, 24-track machines and shiny new recording consoles, encourages the artist to get involved with sound. And there have always been artists who could make the equipment serve their needs in a highly personal way – I would single out the Beatles, Phil Spector, the Beach Boys and Thom Bell.” ~ Jon Landau
  31. “And for me the only way to live life is to grab the bull by the horns and call up recording studios and set dates to go in recording studios. To try and accomplish something.” ~ John Frusciante
  32. “I bought a Dutch barge and turned it into a recording studio. My plan was to go to Paris and record rolling down the Seine.” ~ Pete Townshend

  33. “I could never work in a recording studio where you have this lovely view and a beach and the waves are crashing. For me, it’s all about being in a tiny room with little windows. It’s almost like you have to be in a prison. And you can create beauty when you’re in that sort of deprived environment, which is a re-creation of your formative years.” ~ Madonna Ciccone
  34. “For me, reggae music and its aesthetic are touchstones in both simple and complex ways. Reggae’s capacity to be a folk music that is created in a wholly modern context of the recording studio (and sometimes that is the sole performance space) is riddled with the kinds of contradictory impulses that we have come to expect from the post-modern. I revel in this, for it gives me, shall I say, permission.” ~ Kwame Dawes
  35. “When we came along there was only Decca, Philips and EMI who could really produce a record for you. You had to go through the whole bureaucracy to get into the recording studio. You were in such a humble position, you didn’t have more than 12 hours to make a whole album, which is what we did in the early days.” ~ John Lennon
  36. “A lot of people think that I grew up in recording studios and knew the whole process, but that was never the case.” ~ Julian Lennon

  37. “I now have a home recording studio, which I can operate entirely on my own, as well as a portable version of the same which allows me to record anywhere I like and simply swap out the hard drives for use in the home studio.” ~ Clint Black
  38. “I really love something about being around the recording studios – you know, like, those days in the ’80s they’d be, like, in the studio ’til 4, 5, 6 in the morning working on these songs.” ~ Mark Ronson
  39. “When I go in to the recording studio, I already know almost exactly what I am going to do, but when I go to set, it is really a wildcard. I have no idea what is going to happen.” ~ Joshua Rush
  40. “Pressure is something you feel when you do not know what you are doing.” ~ Chuck Noll

  41. “In my opinion, there’s this new phenomenon where guys used to talk about cars a lot in the past. But, more and more it’s becoming them talking about recording studios.” ~ Fred Armisen
  42. “The jazz guitarist Peter Sprague calls his home recording studio SpragueLand, but sometimes it seems that the moniker better captures the way he has turned the entire southland into his own musical playground. Sprague is a highly versatile musician who draws on the wellsprings of jazz and Brazilian music as primary influences.” ~ Andrew S. Gilbert
  43. “I don’t think of myself as a great improver. A lot of times there’s long periods of silence when everyone in the recording studio is looking at their watch and waiting for me to say something. And I’m searching desperately in my brain for anything before something dribbles out.” ~ Jack Black
  44. “Brian Eno taught us how to use the Recording Studio as an instrument.” ~ Jerry Harrison

  45. “There was mass hysteria in the Chess Recording Studio when I did the “Shapes of Things” solo … they weren’t expecting it, and it was just some weird mist coming from the East out of an amp.” ~ Jeff Beck
  46. “PW spent time with Sigel in a New York recording studio shortly before he went away on his federal gun possession charge. He paged through a book of promotional photos of himself, one of which was shot shortly after 911. It featured him holding a copy of the Bible upright in one palm while the Koran rose from the other the Twin Towers. Some of the record company people, they wouldn’t let me put this out, … They said it would be too controversial. But this picture is saying ‘Look, they can stand together. Don’t have to be no fight.'” ~ Beanie Sigel
  47. “Out of the closets and into the museums, libraries, architectural monuments, concert halls, bookstores, recording studios and film studios of the world. Everything belongs to the inspired and dedicated thief…. Words, colors, light, sounds, stone, wood, bronze belong to the living artist. They belong to anyone who can use them. Loot the Louvre! A bas l’originalité, the sterile and assertive ego that imprisons us as it creates. Vive le vol-pure, shameless, total. We are not responsible. Steal anything in sight.” ~ William S. Burroughs
  48. “Wherever I am on location, I can usually, even in the weirdest little places, find a recording studio.” ~ Judy Greer

  49. “I’d like to drill in a little more detail into one aspect of cutting which is particularly close to me and that’s dialogue editing. It is a vital part of editing especially in animated film, but in the end it is usually completely transparent to the audience. The vocal performances are reported for over several years and the actors are very rarely in recording studios together. That’s why the editor has got to all these different performances and edit them together to create the illusion of spontaneity and real action.” ~ Lee Unkrich
  50. “I played in front of every conceivable audience you could face: an all-black audience, all-white, firemen’s fairs, policemen’s balls, in front of supermarkets, bar mitzvahs, weddings, drive-in theaters. I’d seen it all before I ever walked into a recording studio.” ~ Bruce Springsteen
  51. “That’s what so great about making movies. It’s that you get to do stuff you never would be able to do in real life. You get to go to a recording studio, you get to go to Navy ships and fly all over the world for press. And it’s just a great job.” ~ DJ Qualls
  52. “My job of being a musician in a recording studio has nothing to do with being a musician being on tour performing.” ~ Moby

  53. “Two weeks after having Bandit I was in a recording studio. I hadnt yet really fully understood what being a dad was and, man, I was exhausted. But she is 17 months now. Shes running, shes been running for a long time. Shes inspired me a great deal for the record. She even goes Wow Daddy! when I play to her.” ~ Gerard Way
  54. “I think it’s great that people now have access to Pro Tools and other recording software at home. I’ve never understood how anyone could be comfortable in a recording studio” ~ Michael Dumontier
  55. “I’m no diva but I can be annoying in a recording studio. Of course I try to be a diva in terms of confidence of performance and owning a song but I’ve never behaved like one in terms of the negative connotations of the word.” ~ Nicole Scherzinger
  56. “Jordan Ruddes does [have a home studio], but it’s all self-contained. I’ll be the only guy with a fully built recording studio. So they’ll have to come to me.” ~ John Petrucci

  57. “The only recording studio was in Motown – it was called Tamla/Motown at that time and we used to audition there because Smokey Robinson was at that studio and Berry Gordy was the president. I remember asking Smokey to listen to my group and he did. For the first couple of years we were just singing background. We used to back up Marvin Gaye; Mary Wells was there then, Marv Johnson, the Marvelettes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Junior Walker and the All-Stars.” ~ Diana Ross
  58. “I was in the recording studio when Pink was recording for a part of the gay rights anthem. It was just amazing to watch her perform. She’s just such an incredible singer. She so funny, and so smart, yet she’s doing it for this silly, silly song.” ~ Judd Apatow
  59. “I think from age 13, 14, 15, I thought, yes, this rich studio produced music is the future, but it can’t be the future to go run away into the recording studio. How can we take that kind of complexity and richness and make it possible for people to touch it and play it live. That’s what hyperinstruments are.” ~ Tod Machover
  60. “I don’t feel [the] excitement you have when you first walk into a recording studio. It now feels like a tool.” ~ Jonathan Meiburg

  61. “I couldn’t choose between all of those things! I looooove acting and dancing on Shake It Up, and I am currently in the recording studio working on my music. And one of my dreams is to walk down the runway during fashion week!” ~ Zendaya
  62. “I write songs simply because I get a kick out of making them exist. I’m also sort of addicted to the recording studio, and making albums is my idea of fun.” ~ Wooden Wand
  63. “I don’t like recording studios – except my own,

    which is just a little room above the garage.” ~ Keith Jarrett

  64. “One of my earliest memories is being inside the recording studio and I see the shadow of a figure that looks an awful lot like Walt Disney. Then the door opened and Mr. Disney walked in and said, ‘Hi Clint.’ I won’t ever forget that.” ~ Clint Howard
  65. “We take fabulousness for granted sometimes. We forget what hard work it is. Indeed, when you consider the grueling hours your average celebrity puts in on the movie set and in the recording studio, when you think of them returning to their mansions so dead tired their drivers have to help them out of the car, well, it just makes you want to cry.” ~ Leonard Pitts

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