5 Recidivism Quotes On Success In Life

These Recidivism quotes will inspire you. Recidivism, the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Recidivism quotes, Recidivism sayings, and Recidivism proverbs.

Best Recidivism Quotes

  1. “Studies have shown that inmate participation in education, vocational and job training, prison work skills development, drug abuse, mental health and other treatment programs, all reduce recidivism, significantly.” ~ Bobby Scott
  2. “There are over 500,000 registered sex offenders across the country, and statistics have shown that the recidivism rate for those criminals is high.” ~ Jim Sensenbrenner
  3. “I do a number of things working on human rights issues, prison recidivism rates, and then I also push and have worked a lot on the social issues of rebuilding the family.” ~ Sam Brownback
  4. “I don’t think anybody’s ever notified that they were sentenced to an extra two years because their recidivism score had been high, or notified that this beat cop happened to be in their neighborhood checking people’s pockets for pot because of a predictive policing algorithm. That’s just not how it works.” ~ Cathy O’Neil
  5. “With recidivism algorithms, for example, I worry about racist outcomes. With personality tests [for hiring], I worry about filtering out people with mental health problems from jobs. And with a teacher value-added model algorithm [used in New York City to score teachers], I worry literally that it’s not meaningful. That it’s almost a random number generator.” ~ Cathy O’Neil

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