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These poor people quotes will inspire you. Poor people, having little money or belongings or lacking something.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging poor people quotes, poor people sayings, and poor people proverbs.

Best Poor People Quotes

  1. “I wanted to catch the problem of consumption, waste, poor people eating what we throw away, which is a big subject. But I didn’t want to become a sociologue, an ethnographe, a serious thinker. I thought I should be free, even in a documentary which has a very serious subject.” ~ Agnes Varda”Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game to not lose.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  2. “A society which has poor people on its streets is a failed society!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
  3. “The greatest discrimination in the world now is against poor people.” ~ Jimmy Carter
  4. “…poor people are just as human as anyone else. They have just as much potential as anyone.” ~ Muhammad Yunus

  5. “I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn’t touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God.” ~ Mother Teresa
  6. “I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money.” ~ Mother Teresa
  7. “Poor people always lose in struggles.” ~ Michael Servetus
  8. “I know the struggles of poor people, and have always kept that with me.” ~ Dolly Parton

  9. “I will continue to find ways to help poor people find a job, get a job, and learn someday to own the job.” ~ Newt Gingrich
  10. “If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.” ~ John Steinbeck
  11. “Poor people are gross and they ‘smell bad” ~ Jesse Eisenberg
  12. “We need a better strategy for poor people…because what we’re doing isn’t working.” ~ Mick Cornett

  13. “Rich people are excellent receivers. Poor people are poor receivers.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  14. “The honest poor can sometimes forget poverty. The honest rich can never forget it.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  15. “In a sane, civil, intelligent and moral society, you don’t blame poor people for being poor.” ~ Andrew Young
  16. “If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” ~ Chris Rock

  17. “Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last 50 years and they’re still poor.” ~ Charles Barkley
  18. “Poor people choose now. Rich people choose balance.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  19. “Poor people of all colors are getting poorer and our communities are getting more toxic. There is a misconception that to grow our economy we will have to do business as usual, because cleaning up the environment, mitigating climate change is just too costly. Well, I say the business of poverty is just too expensive a bill for humanity to pay any longer.” ~ Majora Carter , Poor people quotes poverty
  20. “If poor people want food stamps, they should become massive corporations.” ~ Stephen Colbert

  21. “People don’t like other poor people, and rather than blame the people that make you all poor, you blame each other.” ~ John Lydon
  22. “You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  23. “When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil, if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom today this poor people are plundered and exposed.” ~ Adolf Hitler
  24. “Rich people are poor people with money.” ~ George Orwell

  25. “The United States of America is the richest country in the world; yet we’re the worst at taking care of poor people.” ~ Unita Blackwell
  26. “I believe in the Democratic party, and their philosophy and what they stand for – for the poor people.” ~ Dikembe Mutombo
  27. “Crime is for poor people. You don’t need to rob the bank if you own it.” ~ Josh Lieb
  28. “Do you hate poor people or do you just hate poor people with jobs?” ~ Rand Paul

  29. “You know the funny thing, I don’t get along with rich people. I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people.” ~ Donald Trump
  30. “Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  31. “Jesus refers to the poor over and over again. There are 2,000 verses of Scripture that call upon us to respond to the needs of the poor. And yet, I find that when Christians talked about values in this last election that was not on the agenda, that was not a concern. If you were to get the voter guide of the Christian Coalition, that does not rate. They talk more about tax cuts for people who are wealthy than they do about helping poor people who are in desperate straits.” ~ Tony Campolo
  32. “Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well.” ~ T. Harv Eker

  33. “Poor people put a low value on themselves and their efforts.” ~ Daymond John
  34. “Simply put, unsustainable debt is helping to keep too many poor countries and poor people in poverty.” ~ William J. Clinton
  35. “A thought crossed his mind: How do you make poor people feel wealthy when wages are stagnant? You give them cheap loans.” ~ Michael Lewis
  36. “There are no automatic links between poverty and terrorism. Among millions of poor people in the world, only a few turn to terrorism.” ~ Gijs de Vries
  37. “I think drugs affect poor people and people of color more than anyone.” ~ Al Sharpton

  38. “Poor people want to be poor; if they just worked harder they could have more.” ~ Anthony B Pinn
  39. “When you love poor people THAT MUCH, when you love ‘working people’ THAT MUCH, that makes you the freest man/woman in the country.” – Cornel West in explaining that Obama is A fulfillment of MLK’s dream not THE fulfillment of MLK’s dream” ~ Cornel West
  40. “Beer, of course, is actually a depressant, but poor people will never stop hoping otherwise.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut
  41. “Poverty must have many satisfactions, else there would not be so many poor people.” ~ Don Herold

  42. “I recognize now that the conditions that Indians are living in are the conditions that poor people everywhere are living in.” ~ Sherman Alexie
  43. “Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  44. “If poor people can vote, one of the main things they vote for is to redistribute money to themselves.” ~ Scott Aaronson
  45. “Foreign aid goes from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.” ~ Rand Paul
  46. “Civil rights leaders are involved in helping poor people. That’s what I’ve been doing all my life.” ~ Andrew Young

  47. “When you start paying people to be poor, you wind up with an awful lot of poor people.” ~ Milton Friedman
  48. “I wanted to catch the problem of consumption, waste, poor people eating what we throw away, which is a big subject. But I didn’t want to become a sociologue, an ethnographe, a serious thinker. I thought I should be free, even in a documentary which has a very serious subject.” ~ Agnes Varda
  49. “Drug companies spend more on advertising and marketing than on research, more on research on lifestyle drugs than on life saving drugs, and almost nothing on diseases that affect developing countries only. This is not surprising. Poor people cannot afford drugs, and drug companies make investments that yield the highest returns.” ~ Joseph Stiglitz
  50. “If we want to give poor people soap we must set out deliberately to give them luxuries. If we will not make them rich enough to be clean, then empathically we must do what we did with the saints. We must reverence them for being dirty.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  51. “Poor people choose to play the role of the victim.” ~ T. Harv Eker

  52. “One day as Father and I were returning from our walk we found the Grote Markt cordoned off by a double ring of police and soldiers. A truck was parked in front of the fish mart; into the back were climbing men, women, and children, all wearing the yellow star. . . . “Father! Those poor people!” I cried. . . . “Those poor people,” Father echoed. But to my surprise I saw that he was looking at the solders now forming into ranks to march away. “I pity the poor Germans, Corrie. They have touched the apple of God’s eye.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom
  53. “Without out suffering, our work would just be social work, very good and helpful, but it would not be the work of Jesus Christ, not part of the Redemption. All the desolation of the poor people, not only their material poverty, but their spiritual destitution, must be redeemed. And we must share it, for only by being one with them can we redeem them by bringing God into their lives and bringing them to God.” ~ Mother Teresa
  54. “I believe poor people are good people, except the ones that are mean . . .” ~ Fannie Flagg

  55. “We are working towards a shared vision of the future for health among all the world’s people. A vision future in which we develop new ways of working together at global and national level. A vision which has poor people and poor communities at its centre. And a vision which focuses action on the causes and consequences of the health conditions that create and perpetuate poverty.” ~ Gro Harlem Brundtland
  56. “Poor people have big TV’s. Rich people have big libraries.” ~ Jim Rohn
  57. “Do you want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? Both! Do you want a focus on business or have fun and play? Both! Do you want money or meaning in your life? Both! Do you want to earn a fortune or do the work you love? Both! Poor people always choose one, rich people choose both.” ~ T. Harv Eker
  58. “Only poor people are weird. Rich people are eccentric.” ~ Ilona Andrews

  59. “All that proves is that most of the world is too poor to build bowling alleys, golf courses, tennis courts and baseball fields. There’s hundreds of millions of poor people out there who still ain’t got indoor plumbing, but that don’t mean there’s something great about an outhouse. Soccer is boring. I’ve never seen a more boring sport.” ~ Mike Royko
  60. “I still remember how upset I was in the aftermath of President Obama’s election, where people in Republican leadership didn’t say that, “Hey, I want to focus on the issues and values of our country,” but, “My number one goal is to see that Barack Obama is not a two term president.” That to me is outrageous. I would never do that. My number one goal is to fight to protect poor people, ethnic and religious minorities, working class folks.” ~ Cory Booker
  61. “The pleasures of the imagination are as it were only drawings and models which are played with by poor people who cannot afford the real thing.” ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
  62. “Of the 22 industrialized nations of the world, we’re dead last in per capita giving to poor people.” ~ Tony Campolo

  63. “I went to see Chris Rock on Saturday night here in Atlanta, and he made a statement in his comedy. He said, look, when you’re the big person, when you’re the rich person, poor people can say stuff about you, but it’s downright wrong and brutal for rich people to beat up on poor people. He said people who are larger can lampoon people who are skinnier, but not the opposite.” ~ Michael Eric Dyson
  64. “Dependency arguments often come from elites – either aid agencies or governments – and say something about attitudes to poor people.” ~ Paul Harvey
  65. “I don’t think anyone sets out to malign poor people but certainly that’s what we do through organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.” ~ Bob Geldof

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