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These poor man quotes will inspire you. Poor man, a man with no money.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging poor man quotes, poor man sayings, and poor man proverbs.

Best Poor Man Quotes

  1. “Hunger makes a thief of any man.” ~ Pearl S. Buck
  2. “If you’ve got a billion dollars and you’re ungrateful, you’re a poor man. If you have very little but you’re grateful for what you have, you’re truly rich.” ~ Tony Robbins
  3. “Rich men have dreams. Poor men die to make them come true.” ~ Glen Cook
  4. “To a man with an empty stomach food is God” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  5. “I am a poor man, but I have this consolation: I am poor by accident, not by design.” ~ Josh Billings
  6. “A poor man is not the one without a cent. A poor man is the one without a dream.” ~ Henry Ford
  7. “The surest way to remain poor is to be an honest man.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

  8. “Hope is the poor man’s bread.” ~ George Herbert
  9. “Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and a king ain’t satisfied until he rules everything.” ~ Bruce Springsteen
  10. “Pride in the case of a rich man is bad, but pride in the case of a poor man is worse.” ~ Abu Bakr

  11. “Education is a capital to the poor man, and an interest to the rich man.” ~ Horace Mann
  12. “Money is one of the greatest instruments of freedom ever invented by man. It is money which in existing society opens an astounding range of choice to the poor man, a range greater than that which not many generations ago was open to the wealthy” ~ Friedrich August von Hayek
  13. “Money nowadays is money; money brings office; money gains friends; everywhere the poor man is down.
    [Lat., In pretio pretium nunc est; dat census honores,
    Census amicitias; pauper ubique jacet.]” ~ Ovid
  14. “I am a poor man and of little worth, who is laboring in that art that God has given me in order to extend my life as long as possible.” ~ Michelangelo
  15. “To live like a poor man is only fun when you are rich.” ~ Peter Ustinov

  16. “It is the poor man who’ll ever count his flock.” ~ Ovid
  17. “A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.” ~ W. C. Fields
  18. “A poor man with nothing in his belly needs hope, illusion, more than bread.” ~ Georges Bernanos

  19. “Care of the poor is incumbent on society as a whole.” ~ Baruch Spinoza
  20. “I’m for the poor man – all poor men, black and white, they all gotta have a chance. They gotta have a home, a job, and a decent education for their children. ‘Every man a king’ – that’s my slogan.” ~ Huey Long
  21. “I’d seen my father. He was a poor man, and I watched him do astonishing things.” ~ Sidney Poitier

  22. “A poor man fear for money works against him.” ~ Matthew Ashimolowo
  23. “Sons or fathers, poor men or rich men, sacred or secular: all are homosexual in their worship of everything phallic.” ~ Phyllis Chesler
  24. “Even a poor man can receive honors.” ~ Sophocles
  25. “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  26. “Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

  27. “Almost every desire a poor man has is a punishable offense.” ~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine
  28. “And many a poor man that has roved Loved and thought himself beloved From a glad kindness cannot take his eyes.” ~ William Butler Yeats
  29. “Do not let the bread of the hungry mildew in your larder! Do not let moths eat the poor man’s cloak. Do not store the shoes of the barefoot. Do not hoard the money of the needy. Things you possess in too great abundance belong to the poor and not to you. You are the thief who steals from God if you are able to help your neighbor and refuse to do it.” ~ Christine de Pizan
  30. “Ability is a poor man’s wealth.” ~ John Wooden

  31. “I’d rather see you poor men’s wives, if you were happy, beloved, contented, than queen’s on thrones, without self-respect and peace.” ~ Louisa May Alcott
  32. “It may at first appear strange, but I believe it is true, that I cannot by means of money raise a poor man and enable him to live much better than he did before, without proportionably depressing others in the same class.” ~ Thomas Malthus
  33. “Politeness. Now there’s a poor man’s virtue if ever there was one. What’s so admirable about inoffensiveness, I should like to know. After all, it’s easily achieved. One needs no particular talent to be polite. On the contrary, being nice is what’s left when you’ve failed at everything else. People with ambition don’t give a damn what other people think about them.” ~ Diane Setterfield
  34. “My father was a poor man, very poor in a British colonial possession where class and race were very important.” ~ Sidney Poitier

  35. “He is the rich man in whom the people are rich, and he is the poor man in whom the people are poor; and how to give access to the masterpieces of art and nature, is the problem of civilization.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  36. “The Swaraj of my dream is the poor man’s Swaraj.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  37. “The difference between a rich man and a poor man is this–the former eats when he pleases, and the latter when he can get it.” ~ Walter Raleigh
  38. “The poor man commands respect; the beggar must always excite anger.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

  39. “Nowadays nothing but money counts: a fortune brings honors, friendships, the poor man everywhere lies low.” ~ Ovid
  40. “He is a poor man who can only measure his wealth in dollars.” ~ Woodrow M. Kroll
  41. “Of course it’s the apparently tranquil periods that deceive us. Though our instruments or our senses or our wits may not be able to see the processes that are leading toward these clusters of events, they’re happening. The star, the wheel, the butterfly—all are in a subtle state of unrest, waiting for the moment when some invisible mechanism signals that the time has come. Then the star explodes; the wheel makes poor men rich; the butterfly mates and dies.” ~ Clive Barker
  42. “Pale Death beats equally at the poor man’s gate and at the palaces of kings.” ~ Horace

  43. “I know that a man who shows me his wealth is like the beggar who shows me his poverty; they are both looking for alms from me, the rich man for the alms of my envy, the poor man for the alms of my guilt.” ~ Ben Hecht
  44. “Poor man. Poor mankind.” ~ William Faulkner
  45. “The poor man wants many things; the covetous man, all.” ~ Herman Melville
  46. “Only poor men get hanged.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  47. “The more humanity owes the poor man, the more society denies him.” ~ Henri Rousseau

  48. “I must confess that I am interested in leisure in the same way that a poor man is interested in money.” ~ Prince Philip
  49. “Remember that you are an actor in a drama of such sort as the Author chooses: if short, then in a short one; if long, then in a long one. If it be His pleasure that you should enact a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, or a private citizen, see that you act it well. For this is your business, to act well the given part. But to choose it belongs to Another.” ~ Epictetus
  50. “In every age its (liberty’s) progress has been beset by its natural enemies, by ignorance and superstition, by lust of conquest and by love of ease, by the strong man’s craving for power, and the poor man’s craving for food” ~ Lord Acton
  51. “Help, master, help! here’s a fish hangs in the net, like a poor man’s right in the law; ’twill hardly come out.” ~ William Shakespeare
  52. “Your men are brave men, And you have won. I can live with that, Earl of Bronze a poor man would I be if I could not.” ~ David Gemmell
  53. “Hazard not your wealth on a poor man’s advice.” ~ Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena

  54. “You’ve got that eternal idiotic idea that if anarchy came it would come from the poor.  Why should it?  The poor have been rebels, but they have never been anarchists; they have more interest than any one else in there being some decent government.  The poor man really has a stake in the country. The rich man hasn’t; he can go away to New Guinea in a yacht. The poor have sometimes been objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.  Aristocrats were always anarchists, as you can see from the barons’ wars.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  55. “The eighth commandment reads, “Thou shalt not steal.” It does not read, “Thou shalt not steal from the rich man.” It does not read, “Thou shalt not steal from the poor man.” It reads simply and plainly, “Thou shalt not steal.”” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  56. “Bring a lawsuit against a man who can pay; the poor man’s acts are not worth the expense” ~ Ovid

  57. “England was merry England, when Old Christmas brought his sports again. ‘Twas Christmas broach’d the mightiest ale; ‘Twas Christmas told the merriest tale; A Christmas gambol oft could cheer The poor man’s heart through half the year.” ~ Walter Scott
  58. “Let the poor man mind his tongue” ~ Ovid
  59. “If I knew a miser, who gave up every kind of comfortable living, all the pleasure of doing good to others, all the esteem of his fellow-citizens, and the joys of benevolent friendship, for the sake of accumulating wealth. Poor man, said I, you pay too much for your whistle.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  60. “It’s something I’ve always kicked around, not doing the eBook but the Rich Man, Poor Man thing.” ~ Adam Carolla
  61. “I trust no rich man who is officiously kind to a poor man.” ~ Plautus

  62. “Hope is a flatterer, but the most upright of all parasites; for she frequents the poor man’s hut, as well as the palace of his superior.” ~ William Shenstone
  63. “He that pines with hunger is in little care how others shall be fed. The poor man is seldom studious to make his grandson rich.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  64. “Terror is the poor man’s war, war is the rich man’s terror. Ultimately, all wars will end either in annihilation or at the negotiating table. (#) A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but can’t afford an air force.” ~ William Blum
  65. “In all conditions of life a poor man is a near neighbor to an honest one, and a rich man is as little removed from a knave.” ~ Jean de la Bruyere

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