65 Plus Quotes On Success In Life

These plus quotes will inspire you. Plus, with the addition of or an advantage.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging plus quotes, plus sayings, and plus proverbs.

Best Plus Quotes

  1. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. “If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut” ~ Albert Einstein
  3. “You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization.” ~ Denis Waitley
  4. “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  5. “Il y a dans les hommes plus de choses a’   admirer que de choses a’   me  priser. There are more things to admire in people than to despise.” ~ Albert Camus
  6. “In effort Happiness idleness life pleasure superstition support trouble work The superstition that all our hours of work are a minus quantity in the happiness of life, and all the hours of idleness are plus ones, is a most ludicrous and pernicious doctrine, and its greatest support comes from our not taking sufficient trouble, not making a real effort, to make work as near pleasure as it can be.” ~ Arthur Balfour
  7. “Whatever goal, man has reached is due to his originality plus his brutality” ~ Adolf Hitler
  8. “Man minus the Machine is a slave; Man plus the Machine is a freeman.” ~ Henry Ford

  9. “I believe we accomplished a lot of good things while I was in office. We maintained a very good working relationship with both Republicans and Democrats during my tenure. Consequently, we had a very high batting average in dealing with Congress on some very controversial issues. Plus, we kept our nation at peace,
    we obeyed the law, and we told the truth.” ~ Jimmy Carter
  10. “Art must take reality by surprise. It takes those moments which are for us merely a moment, plus a moment, plus another moment, and arbitrarily transforms them into a special series of moments held together by a major emotion.” ~ Francoise Sagan
  11. “I call my wife and talk to my children four or five times a day. I’ve surrounded myself with great people and friends, plus I’m always willing to make amends.” ~ Richard Patrick
  12. “Imagination plus innovation equals realization.” ~ Denis Waitley

  13. “I would not dream of taking on Tobey Maguire. Plus, he’s a talented and nice guy, and I have nothing but nice things to say about him.” ~ Neil Patrick Harris
  14. “Every man gravitates to where he belongs in life, just as surely as water seeks and finds its level. His position is measured precisely by the quality and quantity of the service he renders, plus the mental attitude with which he relates himself to other people.” ~ Andrew Carnegie
  15. “The wise teacher knows that 55 minutes of work plus 5 minutes laughter are worth twice as much as 60 minutes of unvaried work.” ~ Gilbert Highet
  16. “Satire is tragedy plus time.” ~ Lenny Bruce

  17. “(On winning the 800 meters in front of the home fans) I was really excited to come back here. Of course you are always a little nervous because you never know how the race is going to unfold, plus it is the first one of the season as well. I was really excited to come out and perform today. I give special thanks to Mario Sategna and The University of Texas for all of their support.” ~ Leonel Manzano
  18. “In my 90-plus years, I have lived a multitude of lives.” ~ Norman Lear

  19. “The success of the ’86 movie with Brandon Lee demanded some kind of continuation. Plus, I had always contemplated a modern version.” ~ David Carradine
  20. “Treasurys, as low as yields are, are higher than they are in most other developed countries. A foreign investor picks up a yield spread in Treasurys versus their own sovereigns, plus the fact that if the dollar is going to continue rallying – and I think it will because it’s a safe haven – then they get a currency translation gain as well.” ~ Gary Shilling
  21. “An American in London…cannot but be impressed and charmed by the city. The momumentality of Washington, the thriving business of New York, the antique intimacy of Boston, plus a certain spacious and open feeling reminiscent of Denver and San Francisco-all these he finds combined for his pleasure.” ~ John Updike
  22. “Real wealth is ideas plus energy.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

  23. “I think the foundation at Berkshire [Buffett’s stake in Berkshirewill pass to the Buffett Foundation upon his death] will be a plus because there will be a continuation of the culture. We’d still take in fine businesses run by people who love them.” ~ Charlie Munger
  24. “People should be allowed to express their opinion. But, Americans need to know I’ll be making up my mind based upon the latest intelligence and how best to protect our own country, plus our friends and allies.” ~ George W. Bush
  25. “The more baseball the better. It is a healthful sport and develops team play and initiative, plus an independent attitude.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
  26. “One line plus one line results in many meanings.” ~ Josef Albers

  27. “Next year, I hope there will be even more parties, lots of holidays and just having a good time, really. Plus wing-walking, air shows and learning to fly, as they are all things I want to do. I won’t be restricted by age.” ~ Carol Vorderman
  28. “To know the piano is to know the universe. To master the piano is to master the universe. The spectrum of piano sound acts as a prism through which all musical and non-musical sounds may be filtered. The grunts of sheep, the braying of mules, the popping of champagne corks, the sighs of unrequited love, not to mention the full lexicon of sounds available to all other instruments-including whistles, scrapes, bleatings, caresses, thuds, hoots, plus sweet and sour pluckings-fall within the sovereignty of this most bare and dissembling chameleon.” ~ Russell Sherman
  29. “Rather than seeing ourselves as insignificant specks in the immensity of the cosmos, we can consider that immensity an indicator of our worth. It seems the Creator invested a great deal-a universe of 50 billion trillion stars, plus a hundred times more matter, all fine-tuned to mind-boggling precision-for us. If not for the strength and abundance of evidence in support of that notion, it would seem the height of arrogance. Humility demands that we take a deeper and wider look at that evidence.” ~ Hugh Ross
  30. “Qui plussait, plus se tait. French, you know. The more a man knows, the less he talks.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

  31. “The succession of cheerful, period musicals I made, plus Oscar Levant’s widely publicized remark about my virginity, contributed to what has been called my “image”, which is a word that baffles me. There never was any intent on my part either in my acting or in my private life to create any such thing as an image.” ~ Doris Day
  32. “The abuse of political power is not as important as the loss of lives. Plus there is a process for curing the abuse of institutions.” ~ Babatunde Fashola
  33. “Police officers today are a protected class, one no politician wants to oppose. Law enforcement interests may occasionally come up short on budgetary issues, but legislatures rarely if ever pass new laws to hold police more accountable, to restrict their powers, or to make them more transparent. In short, police today embody all of the threats the Founders feared were posed by standing armies, plus a few additional ones they couldn’t have anticipated.” ~ Radley Balko
  34. “If money is the only plus, I will always say no. But, if there’s more, than I’m down.” ~ Shannyn Sossamon

  35. “When I was little, my mom told me that if I lied, the devil would visit me in my sleep. To this day, if I tell even the smallest lie, I have bad dreams. Plus, I’m no good at it.” ~ Shannen Doherty
  36. “I’ve got things I have to do in fiction to sort of register my existence, before I kick the bucket, but it will never be my living and I know it. Plus it never moved fast enough for me and lacked cut and thrust. I need to be in the real show.” ~ William Monahan
  37. “I got to ninth grade and there was wrestling, and I went, ‘Wait a minute, this is fun.’ Basically, it was a chance for a small kid like me to get a chance to wail on another small kid. I went, ‘I love this.’ The discipline of it was great. Plus, I really started to be good at it.” ~ Robin Williams
  38. “Success is based on imagination plus ambition and the will to work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

  39. “The serious is the most difficult branch of dancing, it requires a close study, and cannot be duly appreciated but by connoisseurs and men of a refined and pure taste. She who excels in it deserves the highest applause. A correct execution of an adagio is the ne plus ultra of our art; I look on it as the touchstone of the dancer.” ~ Carlo Blasis , Ultra plus quotes
  40. “Patience et longueur de temps Font plus que force ni que rage. Patience and longevity Are worth more than force and rage.” ~ Jean de La Fontaine
  41. “Plus, humor ws a good way to hide the pain. And if that didn’t work, there was always Plan B. Run aaway. Over and over.” ~ Rick Riordan
  42. “I do all the work so it’s only right that I should get the most money. Plus I am the most handsome.” ~ Noel Gallagher

  43. “(A)ny time you buy weapons, or build an army, you begin to look for an excuse to use them. Plus, you pose more of a threat to others.” ~ Cinda Williams Chima
  44. “No worries, Atticus. I will snarf surreptitiously. And I should get bacon, because my adverb was two syllables longer than yours, plus a bonus for alliteration.” I grinned. “It’s a deal. You’re the best hound ever.” ~ Kevin Hearne
  45. “Crying adds something: crying is you, plus tears. But the feeling Colin had was some horrible opposite of crying. It was you, minus something. He kept thinking about one word – forever – and felt the burning ache just beneath his rib cage.” ~ John Green
  46. “I’m learning more and more that love plus attachment equals pain.” ~ Lisa Bonet

  47. “A person’s life story is equal to what they have plus what they want most in the world, minus what they’re actually willing to sacrifice for it.” ~ Craig Clevenger
  48. “Me? I had no dreams. No longings. Dreams only set you up for disappointment. Plus, you had to have a life to have dreams of a better life.” ~ Julie Anne Peters
  49. “Sometimes I think there’s someone up there just sitting around thinking of ways to make me look like a complete moron. Seriously, I bet there’s an angel—or, more likely, a demon—assigned just to me. And every day it gets up and asks itself what it can do to ruin my life. Well, today it got an A plus.” ~ Michael Thomas Ford
  50. “My mathematics is simple: one plus one = one.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic

  51. “Cutting HBCUs was unconscionable. Implementing new regulations on Parent Plus loans, which cost HBCUs 28,000 students, was hostile. At the same time, it is important to note that, except for his first two years, which were a missed opportunity, President [Barack] Obama faced rabid opposition from the Republicans.” ~ Julianne Malveaux
  52. “Numbers still gave Astrid pleasure. That was the great thing about numbers: it required no faith to believe that two plus two equaled four. And math never, ever condemned you for your thoughts and desires.” ~ Michael Grant
  53. “Kyle had to give her credit; it took skill—plus no heart and a serious abuse of the English language— to break up with someone in fewer than 140 characters.” ~ Julie James
  54. “Nancy’s got a guardian angel. Seven feet plus of muscle and mayhem that goes by the name of Marv.” ~ Frank Miller

  55. “This was good, except that now I had two crazed, burning zombies standing between me and the exit, plus another one that wasn’t on fire. I had not thought this plan through at all.” ~ Amanda Hocking
  56. “Impossible. I merely brought the essentials. Clothes, my favorite boots, face cream, makeup, a few books to read, a couple cans of caviar, lingerie, and my coffeepot. Plus a few other things a girl like me just can’t live without but can’t mention in mixed company because it would be indelicate. You know, because they’re sexual.” – at “lingerie,” Hector and Dallas had stood a little straighter. At “sexual,” they’d moaned. Jaxon punched them both in the back of the head.” ~ Gena Showalter
  57. “Plus he was naturally lucky at cards. As Mam had always said, lucky at cards, or lucky at life. One or the other. Not both.” ~ Cinda Williams Chima
  58. “Space plus whatever you feel equals more whatever you feel, marvelous for happiness, God save you otherwise.” ~ Bernard Malamud

  59. “I was never really certain why he scared the bejesus out of me. Nothing scared me growing up. I’ve been playing with dead people since the day I was born, so it’s good thing, yet the Big Bad scared me. Which brings me to the reason I called.” “Which was to give me nightmares for the rest of my life?” “Oh, no, that’s just a plus. Why was I so scared of him?” “Hon, for one thing he was this powerful, massive, black smokelike being.” “So, you’re saying I’m a racist?” ~ Darynda Jones
  60. “My goal is to try to weaponize the American people, try to weaponize the conservative movement, try to weaponize the underground conservative Hollywood movement, to weaponize as many people in the center-right country to try to rectify a generation-plus long problem that has been absolute media bias, absolute media used by the Democratic Party as a tool to defeat conservatives.” ~ Andrew Breitbart
  61. “Part of [Japanese companies] growing and expanding around the world is … going to help the Japanese keep their lifestyles [despite Japan’s] demographics, as a declining population, and [to] make it more conducive to women to go to work, I think, is a plus.” ~ Jamie Dimon
  62. “A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money. Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something brussel sprouts never do.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke

  63. “In terms of what Hillary Clinton, who’s running for president, thinks about Catholics and the value more broadly of having a faith background, I can tell you she views at it as a plus, just as she views her own Methodism as a plus.” ~ Tim Kaine
  64. “Donald Trump is the first candidate ever to run for president in the last 40-plus years who has not released his tax returns, so everything he says about charity or anything else, we can’t prove it.” ~ Hillary Clinton
  65. “He was the class clown, the court jester, because he’d learn early that if you cracked jokes and pretended you weren’t scared, you usually didn’t get beat up. Even the baddest gangster kids would tolerate you, keep you around for laughs. Plus, humor was a good way to hide the pain” ~ Rick Riordan

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