65 Best Pisces Quotes On Success In Life

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Below you will find a collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging Pisces quotes, Pisces sayings, and Pisces proverbs.

Inspirational Pisces Quotes

  1. “Being in love with a Pisces is an experience in mystery and enchantment, a joy forever. “~Susan Miller
  2. “Because they are so sensitive, Pisces are like a sponge — they soak up everything around them. They are a product of their environment.”~Maria Shaw
  3. “Pisces can be passionate one moment and cool the next, for no apparent reason. The people who love Pisces must learn to accept this. ”~Margarete Beim
  4. “But a Pisces will always appreciate the inner person rather than the outer behavior.”~Debbie Frank

  5. “A Pisces woman knows exactly what is going on. There’s not a man around who could pull the wool over her eyes for very long.”~American AstroAnalysts Institute, Leo
  6. “I find being a Pisces a bit of a rollercoaster sometimes! I can talk myself right in and right out of any decision, any subject, any time!!”~ Mary English
  7. “A Pisces will give you golden advice.”~ Anonymous
  8. “I am a Pisces. I moody person. I am an indecisive person I am an ambitious person. I am a very curious person.”~A K Hota

  9. “I am a Pisces, and I am a storyteller. This means that I feel emotions intensely: both my own and those in my stories.”~Hilary Thompson
  10. “People born under Pisces are creative, highly sensitive to their surroundings, and have telepathic perception.”~Ruth Aharoni
  11. “Pisces are easy going and resilient, love entertaining, and welcome strangers with open arms.”~Peter Balin
  12. “Pisces expresses as accepting, believing, caring, changeable, compassionate, dependent, dreamy, emotional, faithful, gullible, impressionable, intuitive, loving, mystical, psychic, religious, spiritual, trusting, understanding, and willing to sacrifice.”~Gene F. Collins
  13. “To attract a Pisces woman, a man must be a bit dapper but very tasteful.”~Jenni Kosarin

  14. “If you are patient and kind, you can keep a Pisces woman happy for a lifetime.”
  15. “A Pisces man is a dreamer, and if it were up to him, he’d like to get away to some private island on a regular basis.”~Sylvia Friedman
  16. “If you love a Pisces man he’s the ultimate romantic. His vulnerability is his most enchanting quality, second only to his ability to honestly confess to you that he’s a real softie when it comes down to it.”~ Anonymous
  17. ”Pisces is attuned to tranquility in its own way. The Fish searches for calm waters that soothe its sensitive emotional nature.”~Bernie Ashman, SignMates
  18. ”Pisces are reserved in their manners and are liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter.”~Saket Shah

  19. ”The twelfth house, where Pisces resides, is the place where the mystical meets the mind. Some say that Pisces, in the last house, is a sign that encompasses a little bit of every sign that came before it.”~ Stacey Wolf
  20. “Your best companions are those born in Pisces, Libra, and Virgo.”~ Bhakti Seva

Summary: Pisces is the twelfth and final astrological sign in the Zodiac. It is a negative, mutable sign. It spans 330° to 360° of celestial longitude.

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