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These Pete Rose quotes will inspire you. Peter Edward Rose Sr. also known by his nickname “Charlie Hustle”, is an American former professional baseball player and manager. During and after his playing career, he served as the manager of the Reds.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Pete Rose quotes, Pete Rose sayings, and Pete Rose proverbs.

Best Pete Rose Quotes

  1. “You’d be surprised how many shortcomings can be overcome by hustle.” ~ Pete Rose
  2. “If you have someone equal in ability to me I will beat him every time because I will try harder.” ~ Pete Rose
  3. “Every time I step up to the plate, I expect to get a hit. If I don’t expect to get a hit, I have no right to step into the batter’s box in the first place.” ~ Pete Rose
  4. “You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be – in baseball and in life.” ~ Pete Rose

  5. “Practice the game the way you’re going to play the game. Practice hard and play hard. Run hard and above all else, hustle every moment you’re on the field where you are practicing or playing in a game.” ~ Pete Rose , Pete Rose quotes about hustle
  6. “Whoever said “It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game” is full of it! Winning makes all the difference in the world. Winning is fun. Losing is not. Losing sucks.” ~ Pete Rose
  7. “Creating success is tough. But keeping it is tougher. You have to keep producing, you can’t ever stop.” ~ Pete Rose
  8. “People say I don’t have great tools. They say that I can’t throw like Ellis Valentine or run like Tim Raines or hit with power like Mike Schmidt. Who can? I make up for it in other ways, by putting out a little bit more. That’s my theory, to go through life hustling. In the big leagues, hustle usually means being in the right place at the right time. It means backing up a base. It means backing up your teammate. It means taking that headfirst slide. It means doing everything you can do to win a baseball game.” ~ Pete Rose , Pete Rose quotes about life
  9. “Jay Z got Cano a big raise, but he got him an extra 30-day vacation – and it’s called October.” ~ Pete Rose

  10. “If I had been busted for drugs instead of gambling, I’d still be managing the Reds and baseball would be paying for my rehab.” ~ Pete Rose
  11. “If somebody is gracious enough to give me a second chance, I won’t need a third.” ~ Pete Rose
  12. “Once you accept defeat, it becomes ease to lose. If defeat comes, face it and take it, but don’t accept it.” ~ Pete Rose
  13. “I’m just like everybody else. I have two arms, two legs and four-thousand hits.” ~ Pete Rose
  14. “You know what God told the Cubs? Don’t do anything until I come back.” ~ Pete Rose

  15. “Concentration is that ability to not think about anything.” ~ Pete Rose
  16. “I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  17. “When you play this game twenty years, go to bat ten-thousand times, and get three-thousand hits, do you know what that means? You’ve gone zero for seven-thousand.” ~ Pete Rose
  18. “Somebody’s gotta win and somebody’s gotta lose and I believe in letting the other guy lose.” ~ Pete Rose

  19. “It’s easy to practice something that you are good at, and that is what most people do. Wat’s tough is to go ot and to work hard on the things that you don’t do very well.” ~ Pete Rose
  20. “I don’t like to be compared to Joe Jackson. because Joe Jackson, I think, took money to throw World Series games. Well, I know I bet on my own team to win. There’s pretty much a big difference there, but both of us were wrong.” ~ Pete Rose
  21. “It’s a round ball and a round bat, and you got to hit it square.” ~ Pete Rose
  22. “The thing I would like most to leave behind is to be remembered for trying hard.” ~ Pete Rose

  23. “I made mistakes. I can’t whine about it. I’m the one that messed up and I’m paying the consequences. However, if I am given a second chance, I won’t need a third chance. And to be honest with you, I picked the wrong vice. I should have picked alcohol. I should have picked drugs or I should have picked up beating up my wife or girlfriend because if you do those three, you get a second chance. They haven’t given too many gamblers second chances in the world of baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  24. “Unfortunately, gambling and winning don’t often go hand-in-hand.” ~ Pete Rose
  25. “See the ball; hit the ball.” ~ Pete Rose
  26. “A hitter’s impatience is the pitcher’s biggest advantage.” ~ Pete Rose

  27. “I’d be willing to bet you, if I was a betting man, that I have never bet on baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  28. “Some players you pat their butts, some players you kick their butts, some players you leave alone.” ~ Pete Rose
  29. “My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.” ~ Pete Rose
  30. “Baseball is a universal language. Catch the ball, throw the ball, hit the ball.” ~ Pete Rose
  31. “I was born on the day Lincoln was shot and the Titanic sank.” ~ Pete Rose

  32. “When you step into the batter’s box, have nothing on your mind except baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  33. “I always say, the only time you gotta worry about getting booed is when you’re wearing a white uniform. And I’ve never been booed wearing a white uniform.” ~ Pete Rose
  34. “Hitting. That’s what I enjoy most. Realistically, it’s probably the hardest thing to do in all of sport. Think about it. You’ve got a round ball, a round bat, and the object is to hit it square.” ~ Pete Rose
  35. “The manager of a team is like a stagecoach, he can’t move unless he has the horses.” ~ Pete Rose

  36. “I don’t smoke. Smoking will hurt you when you try to run out a triple.” ~ Pete Rose
  37. “There is an old saying that money can’t buy happiness. If it could, I would buy myself four hits every game.” ~ Pete Rose
  38. “I’ve got a 15-year old son and a 10-year old daughter, and if they were going to do one of the following things: be an alcoholic; be a drug offender; beat their wife or husband; or gamble. I hope they would gamble.” ~ Pete Rose
  39. “I’m not bad (his speed). I’m no Joe Morgan, but I’m pretty good for a white guy.” ~ Pete Rose

  40. “The only book I ever read cover to cover was The Pete Rose Story. I read half of The Lou Gehrig Story and then made a book report on it for four straight years.” ~ Pete Rose
  41. “Doctors tell me I have the body of a thirty year old. I know I have the brain of a fifteen year old. If you’ve got both, you can play baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  42. “If I had admitted my guilt, it would have been the same as putting my head on the chopping block – lifetime ban. Death penalty. I spent my entire life on the baseball fields of America, and I was not going to give up my profession without first seeing some hard evidence … right or wrong, the punishment didn’t fit the crime, so I denied the crime.” ~ Pete Rose
  43. “Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal.” ~ Pete Rose

  44. “With the money I’m making, I should be playing two positions.” ~ Pete Rose
  45. “If you screw up and do something, don’t lie about it; come clean.” ~ Pete Rose
  46. “If baseball wants to get you, they’ve got enough resources and enough investigators that they’ll find a way to get you.” ~ Pete Rose
  47. “Don Gullett’s the only guy who can throw a baseball through a car wash and not get the ball wet.” ~ Pete Rose

  48. “Sliding headfirst is the safest way to get to the next base, I think, and the fastest. You don’t lose your momentum, and there’s one more important reason I slide headfirst, it gets my picture in the paper.” ~ Pete Rose
  49. “The team that wins two-thirds of its one run games usually wins the pennant.” ~ Pete Rose
  50. “No one ever asked what was my relationship with Bart Giamatti. We used to talk about baseball a lot as a player and a commissioner, just talk about the game, what could we do to help the game, where’s the game going, he was pretty good.” ~ Pete Rose
  51. “The only way I can’t hit .300 is if there’s something physically wrong with me.” ~ Pete Rose

  52. “I can’t remember, I wish I could remember the first time I bet on baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  53. “I’d be willing to bet you, if I were a betting man, that I have never bet on baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  54. “I played with 11 Hall of Famers and played against 52 Hall of Famers, and I don’t know any of them linked to steroids.” ~ Pete Rose
  55. “It doesn’t take much to get me up for baseball. Once the National Anthem plays, I get chills. I even know the words to it now.” ~ Pete Rose

  56. “Am I still in uniform? Then I ain’t retired.” ~ Pete Rose
  57. “I came to Vegas because I work 20 days a month here; I couldn’t live anywhere else.” ~ Pete Rose
  58. “The greatest competitor was Bob Gibson. He worked so fast out there and he always had the hood up. He always wanted to close his own deal. He never talked to you because he was battling so hard. I sure as hell don’t miss batting against him, but I miss him in the game.” ~ Pete Rose
  59. “Baseball is an individual game, but it should never be a personal game.” ~ Pete Rose

  60. “I’ve never looked forward to a birthday like I’m looking forward to my new daughter’s birthday, because two days after that is when I can apply for reinstatement.” ~ Pete Rose
  61. “When I get the record, all it will make me is the player with the most hits. I’m also the player with the most at bats and the most outs. I never said I was a greater player than (Ty) Cobb.” ~ Pete Rose
  62. “I’m no different from anybody else with two arms, two legs, and forty-two hundred hits.” ~ Pete Rose
  63. “He (Eric Davis) gets power from his bat speed…..it’s like he has cork in his arms.” ~ Pete Rose

  64. “I admitted I bet on baseball, but I wasn’t suspended from baseball for betting on baseball.” ~ Pete Rose
  65. “I think that the most important thing to me is fans. Without the viewers, without the fans, we have nothing. So I think the fans are awfully important.” ~ Pete Rose

Pete Rose won three World Series, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, and the Rookie of the Year Award.

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