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These pet quotes will inspire you. Pet a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure; or denoting a thing that one devotes special attention to or feels particularly strongly about.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging pet quotes, pet sayings, and pet proverbs.

Best Pet Quotes

  1. “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.” ~ Mark Twain
  2. “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein
  3. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras
  4. “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanuel Kant

  5. “The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn’t been fully recognized. They keep millions of people sane.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  6. “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ~ Martin Buber
  7. “If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” ~ James Herriot
  8. “Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans.” ~ Robert Wagner

  9. “The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.” ~ Robert Breault
  10. “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” ~ Andy Rooney
  11. “Pets require feeding, training, affection, and exercise, but in return, they offer unconditional love and companionship.” ~ Jeanne Phillips , Pet quotes about unconditional love
  12. “It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked.” ~ Haile Selassie

  13. “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” ~ Johnny Depp
  14. “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France
  15. “Lots of people talk to animals… Not very many listen, though… That’s the problem.” ~ Benjamin Hoff
  16. “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” ~ Jean Cocteau

  17. “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” ~ Albert Schweitzer
  18. “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” ~ George Eliot
  19. “It is difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat. It is a philosophical animal… one that does not place its affections thoughtlessly.” ~ Theophile Gautier , Pet quotes cat
  20. “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull

  21. “Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you’re never friendless ever if you have a dog.” ~ Douglas Malloch
  22. “When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.” ~ Edward Abbey
  23. “Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.” ~ Dave Barry
  24. “The dog is the god of frolic.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  25. “Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.” ~ William S. Burroughs
  26. “I really liked the snake that breaks out of the cage in the beginning of the movie. I saw it in real life, and it was really cool. Really big and fat. The owls are cool as well, but you can’t really pet them.” ~ Tom Felton
  27. “I got a pet monkey called Charlie Chan.” ~ Jimi Hendrix
  28. “It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young.” ~ Konrad Lorenz
  29. “Environmentalists hate sprawl – except when it comes to the size of their expansive pet legislation on Capitol Hill.” ~ Michelle Malkin

  30. “I used to have this little mouse. I buy birds from the pet store and I let them go.” ~ Ziggy Marley
  31. “Dogs never bite me. Just humans.” ~ Marilyn Monroe
  32. “Maybe humans are just the pet alligators that God flushed down the toilet.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk
  33. “I’d say the best is when I was in Africa, I saw a hippo in a house. Someone had a pet hippo. And they’re meant to be one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, and they had one that was sort of just wandering in and out of their house, just sort of roaming about.” ~ Karl Pilkington
  34. “When a guy tells me I’m cute, it’s not something desirable. Cute is more like what you want your pet to be.” ~ Natalie Portman

  35. “The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.” ~ Jules Renard
  36. “It doesn’t work if the bad guys kill his mother’s uncle’s friend’s neighbor’s pet dog. You’ve got to make the stakes high.” ~ Steven Seagal
  37. “Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  38. “Every dog must have his day.” ~ Jonathan Swift

  39. “Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals ‘love’ them. But those who respect their natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them more.” ~ Edwin Way Teale
  40. “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.” ~ Leo Tolstoy
  41. “I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn’t…The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.” ~ Mark Twain
  42. “A canter is the cure for all evil.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

  43. “We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.” ~ Anna Sewell
  44. “Whoever said you can’t buy Happiness forgot little puppies.” ~ Gene Hill
  45. “You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets.” ~ Nora Ephron
  46. “Man is a dog’s idea of what God should be.” ~ Holbrook Jackson
  47. “Dogs are miracles with paws.” ~ Sark

  48. “My most treasured possessions are not things; they are only things, my friends, family and animals are what counts.” ~ John the Apostle
  49. “Things that upset a terrier may pass virtually unnoticed by a Great Dane.” ~ Smiley Blanton
  50. “Here, Gentlemen, a dog teaches us a lesson in humanity.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
  51. “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” ~ Kinky Friedman

  52. “Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other.” ~ Robert Benchley
  53. “What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield
  54. “A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.” ~ Billy Graham
  55. “Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.” ~ Oliver Herford

  56. “No one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish.” ~ Kin Hubbard
  57. “No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.” ~ Fran Lebowitz
  58. “I kind of imagine myself at eighty, a cat lady.” ~ Juliette Lewis
  59. “I know at last what distinguishes man from animals; financial worries.” ~ Romain Rolland

  60. “Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday.” ~ Thornton Wilder
  61. “I live alone, with cats, books, pictures, fresh vegetables to cook, the garden, the hens to feed.” ~ Jeanette Winterson
  62. “The animals of the planet are in desperate peril… Without free animal life, I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.” ~ Alice Walker
  63. “I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand.” ~ Robert Breault

  64. “I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?” ~ Walter Scott
  65. “If a dog jumps into your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.” ~ Alfred North Whitehead

Pet any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately.

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