65 Patron Quotes On Success In Life

These Patron quotes will inspire you. Patron, a person who gives money and support to an artist, organization, etc. or a customer, especially a regular one, of a store, restaurant, or theater.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Patron quotes, Patron sayings, and Patron proverbs.

Best Patron Quotes

  1. “There mark what ills the scholar’s life assail, toil, envy, want, and patron.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  2. “Deign on the passing world to turn thine eyes, And pause a while from learning to be wise. There mark what ills the scholar’s life assail,- Toil, envy, want, the patron, and the jail.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  3. “No man esteems anything that comes to him by chance; but when it is governed by reason, it brings credit both to the giver and receiver; whereas those favors are in some sort scandalous that make a man ashamed of his patron.” ~ Seneca the Younger
  4. “Society is produced by our wants, and government by wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher.” ~ Thomas Paine
  5. “Throughout history, ideas need patrons.” ~ Matt Kibbe

  6. “Let’s get on our knees and pray. I don’t know to whom. Is there a patron saint of ballistics gel?” ~ Adam Savage
  7. “I would rather have as my patron a host of anonymous citizens digging into their own pockets for the price of a book or a magazine than a small body of enlightened and responsible men administering public funds. I would rather chance my personal vision of truth striking home here and there in the chaos of publication that exists than attempt to filter it through a few sets of official, honorably public-spirited scruples.” ~ John Updike
  8. “William Bennett is my patron saint, one of them. Redd Foxx is another.” ~ Kinky Friedman
  9. “The truth is, the more kind and liberal a man is, the more generous will be the patronage bestowed upon him.” ~ P. T. Barnum
  10. “I want to be like the patron saint of reality.” ~ Fiona Apple

  11. “We have to recognize that the world is not something sculptured and finished, which we as perceivers walk through like patrons in a museum; the world is something we make through the act of perception.” ~ Terence McKenna
  12. “If a patron buys from an artist who needs money (needs money to buy tools, time, food), the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates.” ~ Ezra Pound
  13. “I’m regarded as the patron saint of manicurists.” ~ Tippi Hedren
  14. “Movies are my religion and God is my patron. I’m lucky enough to be in the position where I don’t make movies to pay for my pool. When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  15. “Is not a patron one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and, when he has reached ground, encumbers him with help?” ~ Samuel Johnson

  16. “When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  17. “Clairvoyant, n.: A person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron – namely, that he is a blockhead.” ~ Ambrose Bierce
  18. “We would never call inexplicable little insights hunches, for fear of drawing the universe’s attention. But they happened, and you knew you had been in the proximity of one that had come through if you saw a detective kiss his or her fingers and touch his or her chest where a pendant to Warsha, patron saint of inexplicable inspirations, would, theoretically, hang.” ~ China Mieville
  19. “Deign on the passing world to turn thine eyes, And pause awhile from letters, to be wise.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  20. “Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business.” ~ P. T. Barnum

  21. “In medieval times, artists had patrons that supported them and this is a similar thing, … We’re basically saying, ‘Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this'” ~ Steve Young
  22. “I really wish people – maybe it’s naive – wish people had priorities and were willing to be artistic patrons.” ~ Harold Prince
  23. “France is the only nation in which astoundingly small numbers of civilized patrons reside.” ~ Gustave Courbet
  24. “Patron: One who countenances, supports or protects. Commonly a wretch who supports with insolence, and is repaid in flattery.” ~ Samuel Johnson
  25. “He is a Patron who looks down, / With careless eyes on men who drown; / But if they chance to reach the land, / Encumbers them with helping hand” ~ Henry Austin Dobson

  26. “Bill Gates has become the patron saint of philanthropy and the poster child of rebirth, and from what I can tell, rightly so.” ~ John Battelle
  27. “The Patriot Act allows Federal agents to look at public and university library patron circulation records, books checked out, magazines consulted, all subject to government scrutiny. There used to be a time in this country when we were worried whether our young people knew how to read. Now some in our government are more worried that government agents be able to find out what people are reading.” ~ Dennis Kucinich
  28. “Ergo, it is not St. George who is the patron saint of England, but Set of the Hyksos. In general terms whenever the code term “red” is used in the Old Testament, it denotes the Hyksos dynasty. Connected to the Order of the Garter, is the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, formed in 1818. Aditionally, legend has it that the senior members of the Merovingian dynasty of France (founders of the Knights Templar) had birthmarks in the shape of a red cross.” ~ Michael Tsarion
  29. “It is because artists do not practise, patrons do not patronize, crowds do not assemble to reverently worship the great work of Doing Nothing, that the world has lost its philosophy and even failed to invent a new religion.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  30. “Each lost day has its patron saint!” ~ Bret Harte

  31. “It is no accident that I mention our American friends, as they are always influencing our relations with our neighbors either directly or behind the scenes. Sometimes you don’t even know who to talk to – the governments of certain countries or directly to their American patrons.” ~ Vladimir Putin
  32. “There are nine hundred and ninety-nine patrons of virtue to one virtuous man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  33. “[It] is impossible for us to establish a living vital connection with the masses unless we will work for them, through them and in their midst, not as their patrons but as their servants.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  34. “If I had to spend equal time doing paintings, and equal time going to galleries and doing art business, and equal time making music, and equal time going to record companies, or to the publicist or to the lawyer, forget it. It would take four times as long to do all that stuff. Unless Ihad a patron. That’s why Leonardo da Vinci was successful. He had the Medicis, right?” ~ Debbie Harry
  35. “The public man needs but one patron, namely, the lucky moment.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

  36. “The astrologers and historians write that the ascendant as of Oxford is Capricornus, whose lord is Saturn, a religious planet, and patron of religious men.” ~ John Aubrey
  37. “I make the majority of my money from Patron, but my passion is with Paul Mitchell: I spend 85 per cent of my time on it.” ~ John Paul DeJoria
  38. “I wanted to do my part to help preserve that golden age of travel… I step aboard The Patron Tequila Express railcar, and I go back in time to the days when a long journey was something fun and very special.” ~ John Paul DeJoria
  39. “People were talking while I was playing, so I got up and left the stage. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not really very patient with patrons rapping during the show. And the people were all nice and quiet when I cam back.” ~ Bruce Hornsby
  40. “Tennyson seems to be the patron saint of the wishy washies, which is perhaps why I admire him so much, not only as a poet, but as a man.” ~ A. N. Wilson

  41. “When you’re kept by a patron you don’t have to duke it out in the media marketplace for dollars and for readers. In some ways that’s a blessing because it takes a lot of pressure off you.” ~ David Talbot
  42. “And may that Being who is supreme over all, the Patron of order, the Fountain of justice, and the Protector, in all ages of the world, of virtuous liberty, continue His blessing upon this nation and its government, and give it all possible success and duration, consistent with the ends of His providence.” ~ John Quincy Adams
  43. “The more especially, as in my juvenile frankness, I took some credit to myself for being so confidential and felt that I was quite the patron of my two respectful entertainers.” ~ Charles Dickens
  44. “As polishing expresses the vein in marble, and grain in wood, so music brings out what of heroic lurks anywhere. The hero is the sole patron of music.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  45. “Right now in Oregon anybody can open a saloon, and hire people to come in and have sex in front of their patrons.” ~ Bill O’Reilly

  46. “I feel like the traditional patron system meant that you would kiss the ass of one rich person and then hide all of the financial goings-on of your work, and you could pretend you were pure.” ~ Molly Crabapple
  47. “I am confident that for the foreseeable future (barring some catastrophic event affecting economic, energy, electrical, and communications systems), many subpopulations that use information intensively (e.g., students, academics, library patrons, white collar workers) will be using some sort of portal information appliance.” ~ Tom Peters
  48. “I think the sheer attrition of American global domination will create circumstances in which the Chinese will be tempted to reach out for more influence, including in regions in which we have special interests, such as the Middle East, from which they already obtain a great deal of their energy. And that region will be seeking some new superpower patron.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
  49. “Let’s take Adam Smith, the patron-saint of capitalism, what did he think? He thought the main human instinct was sympathy. In fact, take a look at the word “invisible hand.” Which, of course, you learned about, or you think you’ve learned about. Take a look at the actual way in which he used the phrase. There is almost no relation to what is claimed.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  50. “I’m down with the whole patron thing. Bring back the Medicis. Maybe, I’m not just a lefty, but a royalist.” ~ Jill Sobule

  51. “What happens when we examine the claims made for Western liberalism as a universalizing ideology of tolerance, human dignity, equality, and compassion is the fact that the patron saint of modern liberalism, John Stuart Mill, thought that barbarian peoples like the Indians were unfit for self-rule.” ~ Pankaj Mishra
  52. “I’m almost mentally incapable of drawing a distinction between art I make for the masses, or my clients, and that I make for myself. It all flows from what gets me off, ultimately. It’s my viewpoint, and I don’t particularly care if it gets seen by gallery patrons, magazine readers, internet audiences, or my friends, as long as it gets seen.” ~ Clayton James Cubitt
  53. “Noah was this sort of patron saint in my life. When I finished Pi and I started to think about what was next, I was like, “Wow, it’s interesting that no one has done a film of one of the greatest stories ever told.” Even if you’re not a Jew, a Muslim, or a Christian, you likely have a flood story in your culture.” ~ Darren Aronofsky
  54. “How did scientists get money in the past? They were either lucky and independently wealthy, like Darwin, or they had patrons, like Galileo. Universities or governments have become patrons only in the last few generations. Many of the great scientists of the past were in debt to their patrons in the same sense that modern scientists are influenced by what their granting agencies want.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould
  55. “When St Genesius, the patron saint of actors, refused to act in a Roman play that ridiculed Christianity, the legend goes, the producers executed him. It reminds some people of Broadway today.” ~ Samuel G. Freedman

  56. “Through the media, we’ve establishes this standard of what every human being should look up to: somebody who always looks right; who always has the right light on their face; never has bags under their eyes; never says anything inappropriate. Somebody who always somehow turns out perfect. I hate the fact that celebrities are supposedly a higher class of human being. That’s the way I felt growing up, and that’s the way I think a lot of people feel. So now that I’m in this position, I want to change things. I want to be like the patron saint of reality.” ~ Fiona Apple
  57. “The university is one of various funding structures by which people who want to do theoretical work stay alive, the same way that people go to grad school, not because they think it’s going to change the world but because there’s no patron system anymore, and they need some scaffolding of support while they’re trying to figure out how they can proceed in their lives. I think that’s utterly legit. A lot of our better theorists and thinkers, that’s what the university is for them.” ~ Joshua Clover
  58. “On this day, millions of people…throughout the world will gather to commemorate the life of Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. From his days as a slave in Ireland to his work as missionary years later, St. Patrick demonstrated a courage, commitment, and faith that won the hearts and minds of the Irish people. St. Patrick’s Day also serves as a time for people of Irish descent from all traditions and religions to honor their native land and shared heritage. Their devotion to family, faith, and community has strengthened our country’s character.” ~ George W. Bush
  59. “…Dean Mohamet, a Muslim landowner from Patna who had followed his British patron to Ireland. There he soon eloped with, and later marries, Jean Daly, from a leading Anglo-Irish family…. In 1807 Dean Mohamet moved to London where he opened the country’s first Indian owned curry restaurant, Dean Mohamet’s Hindoostanee Coffee House :…He finally decamped to Brighton where he opened what can only be described as Britain’s first oriental massage parlour and became “Shampooing Surgeon to Kings George IV and William IV. “” ~ William Dalrymple
  60. “I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint.” ~ Peter Shaffer

  61. “Literary men are being employed to praise a big business man personally, as men used to praise a king. They not only find political reasons for the commercial schemes that they have done for some time past they also find moral defences for the commercial schemers… I do resent the whole age of patronage being revived under such absurd patrons; and all poets becoming court poets, under kings that have taken no oath.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
  62. “Human paint, produce films and videos; they dance, dream and make music; they engage in political action, exchange goods, perform rituals, build houses start wars, act in plays, try to please patrons- and so on… They contain patterns, press the practitioners to “conform” and in this way mold their thought, their perception, their actions, and their discriminative abilities.” ~ Paul Feyerabend
  63. “A successful restaurant makes everything in it, including the patrons, seem a little better than they are.” ~ Mason Cooley

  64. “If we have the kinds of confirmation that we need, we will once again work with the international community and the organization charged with monitoring compliance by the Syrian government, and we will reach out to patrons of Assad like Russia to put a stop to it.” ~ Barack Obama
  65. “No wonder the tulip is the patron flower of Holland. Looking at it one almost smells fresh paint laid on in generous brilliance: doors, blinds, whole houses, canal boats, pails, farm wagons – all painted in greens, blues, reds, pinks, yellows.” ~ Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

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