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Best Over It Quotes

  1. “There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre
  2. “The lamps are burning and the starry sky is over it all.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh
  3. “You should always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise, they won’t come to yours.” ~ Yogi Berra
  4. “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” ~ Yogi Berra

  5. “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” ~ Yogi Berra
  6. “It’s like deja-vu, all over again.” ~ Yogi Berra
  7. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ~ Nelson Mandela
  8. “Get mad, then get over it.” ~ Colin Powell

  9. “Another Black Label motto. That’s what I think life is. It’s just another bridge to cross. You ask no questions. Whatever work it is you gotta do, you gotta go over it, under it, through it, around it, to do it.” ~ Zakk Wylde
  10. “Old pain doesn’t completely die. Time may soothe it, stoke over it until it looks like it has healed, but it never dies properly. It stays with you, it lives in the cracks of your soul, waiting for moments when you feel true pain” ~ Dorothy Koomson
  11. “Before this war is over,’ [Walter] said – or something said through his lips – ‘every man and woman and child in Canada will feel it – you, Mary, will feel it – feel it to your heart’s core. You will weep tears of blood over it. The Piper has come – and he will pipe until every corner of the world has heard his awful and irresistible music. It will be years before the dance of death is over – years, Mary. And in those years millions of hearts will break.” ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery
  12. “It is no disgrace to start all over; it is usually an opportunity.” ~ George Madison Adams

  13. “There’s no cure for getting depressed. There’s no cure for self-loathing or periods of it. But figure out enough about it so that when it happens, you can get over it and keep moving and just accomplish more.” ~ Conan O’Brien
  14. “The town kept its secrets, and the Marsten House brooded over it like a ruined king.” ~ Stephen King
  15. “… in the relentless and meaningless manner, one searches for something in a nightmare, coming on doors that won’t open or drawers that won’t shut, struggling over and over against the same meaningless thing, not knowing why the effort seems so desperate, why the sudden sight of a chair with a shawl thrown over it inspires the mind with horror.” ~ Anne Rice
  16. “If you’re shy, get the hell over it: You’re slamming the door in your own face.” ~ Kimora Lee Simmons

  17. “She was wearing a purple T-shirt, with a skinny black dress over it that made you remember how much of a girl she was, and trashed black boots that made you forget.” ~ Kami Garcia
  18. “We need energy, commitment, and courage not to run from our life nor to cover it over with any philosophy—material or spiritual.” ~ Jack Kornfield
  19. “You want a bit of life before it’s all over. It takes all the guilt away.” ~ Brenda De Banzie
  20. “I went to the University of Arizona. I stopped because I went there for two years and I felt like I experienced college or whatever. I’m over it. I like Hollywood better.” ~ Nicole Richie

  21. “I played softball and basketball growing up. I really wanted to play football but both parents said no. I was mad for a second, then got over it. Now, just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I can play basketball. I was waaaaay better at swinging a bat.” ~ Jordin Sparks
  22. “At some of the darkest moments in my life, some people I thought of as friends deserted me-some because they cared about me and it hurt them to see me in pain; others because I reminded them of their own vulnerability, and that was more than they could handle. But real friends overcame their discomfort and came to sit with me. If they had not words to make me feel better, they sat in silence (much better than saying, “You’ll get over it,” or “It’s not so bad; others have it worse”) and I loved them for it.” ~ Harold S. Kushner
  23. “Why don’t you be together with me? If you can’t say it out now, then you just answer by selecting…
    1st, if you say YES, we will get married right away
    2nd, if you say NO, I will use every possible way to make you say YES and get married right away
    3rd, if you say you need time to consider, I will give you one day to think over it and then get married
    So you just choose, is it YES or NO? No, it’s either 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Marry or not marry?” ~ Park Shin-yang
  24. “He had an eternity to play that ball… but he took too long over it.” ~ Martin Tyler

  25. “We should distinguish at this point between “government” and “state” … A government is the consensual organization by which we adjudicate disputes, defend our rights, and provide for certain common needs … A state on the other hand, is a coercive organization asserting or enjoying a monopoly over the use of physical force in some geographic area and exercising power over its subjects.” ~ David Boaz
  26. “Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem & 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it & crush it!” ~ Tony Robbins
  27. “I believe God was in Christ, not will be, perhaps, maybe if we’re good boys and girls, it’s over, it’s done, we are one people, race is a violation, nations are a violation.” ~ Will Davis Campbell
  28. “Yes it’s her husband. She hasn’t got over it. Died thirty years ago.” ~ John Cleese

  29. “I am responsible for what I see. I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt. I could see peace instead of THIS. The past is over it can touch me not. This instant is the only time there is. Today I will judge nothing that occurs. I am not the victim of the world I see. I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. I am determined to see things differently. I am never upset for the reason I think. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. All that I give I give to myself.” ~ Hugh Prather
  30. “When it’s over, it’s over is part of football’s greatest appeal to me. When a game ends, win or lose, it’s time to prepare for the next one.” ~ Tony Dungy
  31. “All the time. A few months ago I came really close to losing it, I was getting really paranoid. And then I started a new job, things fixed themselves. I can’t turn my back on the situation and ignore it. If tomorrow I say: “Okay, I’ve had enough, we’re stopping everything” it won’t change anything. Might as well try to accept it and stay zen as I have no control over it.” ~ Robert Pattinson
  32. “Your nafs (soul/desires) is your first battlefield. If you are victorious over it, then you will find the other battlefields easier.” ~ Hassan al-Banna

  33. “It is absurd to think that the only way to tell if a poem is lasting is to wait and see if it lasts. The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken an immortal wound-that he will never get over it.” ~ Robert Frost
  34. “Writer’s block is a natural affliction. Writers who have never experienced it have something wrong with them. It means there isn’t enough friction-that they aren’t making enough of an effort to reconcile the contradictions of life. All you get is sweet monotonous flow. Writer’s block is nothing to commit suicide over. It simply indicates some imbalance between your experience and your art, and I think that’s constructive.” ~ Stanley Kunitz
  35. “There’s some people on the pitch… they think it’s all over… it is now!” ~ Kenneth Wolstenholme
  36. “I don’t want to be skinny. I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement but I don’t beat myself up over it.” ~ Mindy Kaling

  37. “The discipline of economics has yet to get over its childish passion for mathematics and for purely theoretical and often highly ideological speculation, at the expense of historical research and collaboration with the other social sciences.” ~ Thomas Piketty
  38. “If U.S. national sovereignty continues, it is only as a state that Puerto Rico will have permanent 10th Amendment powers over its non-federal affairs, as well as voting power in Congress.” ~ Dick Thornburgh
  39. “You might not see climate change as an immediate threat to your job, your community, or your families,” Kerry said. “But let me tell you, it is.” He continued, “climate change is directly related to the potential of greater conflict and greater instability. I’m telling you that there are people in parts of the world – in Africa today, they fight each other over water. They kill each over it. And if glaciers are melting and there’s less water available and more people, that is a challenge we have to face.” ~ John F. Kerry
  40. “You don’t get over it because ‘it’ is the person you loved.” ~ Jeanette Winterson

  41. “Your machinery is beautiful. Your society people have apologized to me for the envious ridicule with which your newspapers have referred to me. Your newspapers are comic but never amusing. Your Water Tower is a castellated monstrosity with pepperboxes stuck all over it. I am amazed that any people could so abuse Gothic art and make a structure not like a water tower but like a tower of a medieval castle. It should be torn down. It is a shame to spend so much money on buildings with such an unsatisfactory result. Your city looks positively dreary.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  42. “Like a shadow that does not permit us to jump over it, but moves with us to maintain its proper distance, pollution is nature’s answer to culture. When we have learned to recycle pollution into potent information, we will have passed over completely into the new cultural ecology.” ~ William Irwin Thompson
  43. “The moods of a river change from hour to hour and day to day. It can be still and serene as a glassy mirror, reflecting the clouds that pass over it and the trees on its banks. Or, when a light breeze springs up, the surface of the river may be broken into little diamond lights reflecting the distant sun.” ~ Ernie Lyons
  44. “When it’s all over, it’s not who you were … it’s whether you made a difference.” ~ Bob Dole

  45. “Not the least of the problems in clarifying one’s consciousness is developing the stoic determination to criticize one’s own softness or sentimentality toward oneself. Ego, self-solicitous about its own tenderness, is the ultimate policeman over its own false consciousness, dementedly uprooting every healthy seedling of insight into the truth. As Kierkegaard remarked, most people are subjective toward themselves and objective toward all others, but the real trick and task of life is to learn to be just the very opposite.” ~ Kenny Smith
  46. “Still we did not expect to be without rubs and difficulties; and we have had them. First the detention of Western posts: then the coalition of Pilnitz, outlawing our commerce with France, and the British enforcement of the outlawry. In your day French depredations; in mine English, and the Berlin and Milan decrees: now the English orders of council, and the piracies they authorize. When these shall be over, it will the impressment of our seamen, or something else; and so we have gone on, and so we shall go on, puzzled and prospering beyond example in the history of man.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
  47. “By reading keep in a state of excited igorance, like a blind man in a house afire; flounder around, immensely but unintelligently interested; don’t know how I got in and can’t find the way out, but I’m having a booming time all to myself.Don’t know what a Schelgesetzentwurf is, but I keep as excited over it and as worried about it as if it were my own child. I simply live on the Sch.; it is my daily bread. I wouldn’t have the question settled for anything in the world.” ~ Mark Twain
  48. Once you’ve raced, you never forget it…and you never get over it.” ~ Richard Childress”

  49. If I had lost a leg, I would tell them, instead of a boy, no one would ever ask me if I was ‘over it’. They would ask me how I was doing learning to walk without my leg. I was learning to walk and to breathe and to live without Wade. And what I was learning is that it was never going to be the life I had before.” ~ Elizabeth Edwards
  50. “I put myself in a position of authority where if I get judged, I get scrutinized. So if I get caught slipping, than I have to reap the repercussions of it. That is the game I’m in and people will judge you, you just have to get over it.” ~ Damon Dash
  51. “There’s a whole list of things I would probably change about myself. For example, I’m always trying to lose fifteen pounds. But I never need to be skinny. I don’t want to be skinny. I’m constantly in a state of self-improvement but I don’t beat myself up over it.” ~ Mindy Kaling
  52. “I have nice ears. I have no lobes, which was disappointing for a while, but I’ve gotten over it and learned to love them. Being lobeless isn’t the end of the world” ~ Natalie Portman

  53. “There’s always going to be a separate version of you that people will create, and you have no control over it.” ~ Rebecca Hall
  54. “If someone puts you in front of a 30m high wall, tells you to get over it, and then comes back two years later and you’re still there, you’ve made no progress. You should find another wall.” ~ David Belle
  55. “My wife says that stage acting is like being on a tightrope with no net, and being in the movies, there is a net – because you stop and go over it again. It’s very technical and mechanical. On stage you’re on your own.” ~ Eli Wallach
  56. “Take a chance on faith – not religion, but faith. Not hope, but faith. I don’t believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire. Faith leaps over it.” ~ Jim Carrey

  57. “If people say Jeet Kune Do is different from this or from that, then let the name of Jeet Kune Do be wiped out, for that is what it is, just a name. Please don’t fuss over it.” ~ Bruce Lee
  58. “When Reinhold Messner returned from the first solo climb of Everest, he was severely dehydrated, and utterly exhausted; he fell down most of the last part of the descent, and collapsed on the Rongbuk glacier, and he was crawling over it on hands and knees when the woman who was his entire support team reached him; and he looked up at her out of a delirium, and said, “Where are all my friends?” ~ Kim Stanley
  59. “I love doing voice-over. It’s one of my favorite things.” ~ Mae Whitman
  60. “November is usually such a disagreeable month as if the year had suddenly found out she was growing old and  could do nothing but weep and fret over it.” ~ Anne Shirley

  61. “I wanted to write a play about double nature … one that wouldn’t be symbolic or metaphorical or any of that stuff. I just wanted to give a taste of what it feels like to be two-sided. It’s a real thing, double nature. I think we’re split in a much more devastating way than psychology can ever reveal. It’s not so cute. Not some little thing we can get over. It’s something we’ve got to live with” ~ Sam Shepard
  62. “I didn’t want to go down any scarier path of low self-esteem than I was already on the track for. So during my second year of college I was like, ‘I’m over it! I have to go see what this other thing called life is about!” ~ Anna Chlumsky
  63. “Normally you can’t hear you’re own voice because you’re talking over it.” ~ Karl Pilkington

  64. “We once believed we were auteurs but we weren’t. We had no idea, really. Film is over. It’s sad nobody is really exploring it. But what to do? And anyway, with mobile phones and everything, everyone is now an auteur.” ~ Jean-Luc Godard
  65. “This Game is not over, it is just beginning.” ~ Triple H

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