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These NYPD quotes will inspire you. The New York City Police Department (NYPD), officially the City of New York Police Department, is the primary law enforcement agency within the City of New York, United States.

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Famous NYPD Quotes

  1. “The NYPD has too urgent a mission and too few officers for us to waste time and resources on broad, unfocused surveillance. We have a responsibility to protect New Yorkers from violent crime or another terrorist attack – and we uphold the law in doing so.” Raymond Kelly
  2. “In a perfect world, you would be able to hold onto everyone. But It’s not realistic. The changes with NYPD have been progressive and have taken the show to new levels.” Dennis Franz
  3. “The NYPD has taken steps to engage marginalized communities and attempts to bridge gaps between these neighborhoods and those sworn to protect and serve them.” Letitia James
  4. “After 4 years on NYPD Blue, it has been nice to have the summer off and spend time with family and friends. There are a few projects I am interested in and plan to be working this fall.” Mark-Paul Gosselaar

  5. “The NYPD, they’re the finest in the world.” Kimberly Guilfoyle
  6. “At the NYPD, a judge doesn’t need to sign off on opening up an investigation into a mosque as a terrorism organization. The oversight is internal.” Matt Apuzzo
  7. “Shaming is powerful and useful. I’m living in New York, and my instinct is that, after the Black Lives Matter protests, which were organized on social media, the chance of there being another Eric Garner, choked to death in New York by an NYPD officer, has diminished.” Jon Ronson
  8. “The NYPD is just a branch of corruption connected to a giant, corrupt tree called the United States government.” Prodigy

  9. “I would like to find, or I would like a part to come to me that is like the part that Dennis Franz was fortunate to be able to play on ‘NYPD Blue,’ a sort of similar-looking actor to me, a generic, bald white guy who you would often think of as playing the authority figure. But he was the disgruntled middle-man. That would be a fun character.” J. K. Simmons
  10. “Even though shows like NYPD Blue are soaps in my opinion, but they’re individualized to an extent that you can still follow what’s going on if you miss a week.” William Devane
  11. “Working on ‘NYPD Blue’ and ’24’, those two series, I did full runs on those. It’s great work, but everything has to align. The producers have to want you; the network has to want you; there has to be great writing, and it’s not as easy as it may appear to the outsiders to make all those things align.” Ricky Schroder
  12. “I used to audition for ‘NYPD Blue’ quite a bit, so I had this stock New York detective character that I would bring in for all their auditions.” Mark Valley

  13. “I’d always thought that ‘NYPD Blue’ really would open those doors. While I think it created a much broader template for cable, I don’t think it really did that much for network television.” Steven Bochco
  14. “New Yorkers must be able to trust the men and women of the NYPD. They must come forward to report crimes. And they must come forward as witnesses.” Eric Schneiderman
  15. “We’re a country that allowed waterboarding and indefinite detention, and we’re a country where the NYPD Intelligence Division has police files on what Muslims think of the State of the Union address.” Matt Apuzzo
  16. “We interviewed many, many men and women from the NYPD and the NYPD Intelligence Division, specifically, and they’re really good, dedicated people who want to keep the city safe.” Matt Apuzzo

  17. “For me, being a part of the ASPCA is a great way to tie in my love for animals and my love for New York City. Whether it’s fighting puppy mills or working with the NYPD to prosecute people who abuse animals or breaking up fight rings, it’s an incredible part of my city life.” Georgina Bloomberg
  18. “When I was a staff writer on ‘NYPD Blue,’ it was truly my job to hear David Milch’s voice for that show and to deliver episodes that embodied that voice.” Theresa Rebeck
  19. “If you have a problem, the NYPD is the greatest police force in the world.” John Layfield

  20. “I did a lot of ‘NYPD Blues’ and ‘Law & Orders’ and a couple of other ones that were shot in New York earlier in my career.” Frank Vincent
  21. “Dan Donovan was the district attorney at one point who could not indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who choked Eric Garner on video, for the whole country to watch, for the whole world to watch. And he actually, immediately after that, won a seat in Congress. He beat a Democrat to get into Congress.” Linda Sarsour
  22. “It’s clear that the NYPD has prioritized creating a force as diverse as the vibrant city it protects.” Letitia James

The NYPD is the largest and one of the oldest police departments in the United States.

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