40 Motivational Normani Kordei Quotes For Success In Life

Normani Kordei Hamilton (born May 31, 1996) is an American singer and dancer. She auditioned as a solo act for the American television series The X Factor in 2012, after which she became a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony. While in Fifth Harmony, Normani competed in Dancing with the Stars (2017) and released the song “Love Lies” (2018), a duet with Khalid. These Normani Kordei quotes will inspire you in life.

Best Normani Kordei Quotes

  1. “Society tends to pin women against each other, but we need to treat each other with kindness and complement one another instead. Because women’s voices are the strongest when they’re together.” – Normani Kordei
  2. “I think there’s a contrast between being vulnerable and, you know, ‘Girl Power!’ I think it’s important to have that balance because you don’t have to be strong all the time.” – Normani Kordei
  3. “You can’t allow someone’s hate to dictate your life.” – Normani Kordei, Normani Kordei Quotes on life
  4. “It’s impossible for five people to have the exact same ambitions all around.” – Normani Kordei
  5. “Honestly, you cannot go wrong with being yourself.” – Normani Kordei
  6. “I could never repay my parents for always pushing me and believing in me as much as they did.” – Normani Kordei
  7. “When I get on stage, Beyonce is my alter ego. The way that she’s Beyonce in real life and then Sasha Fierce on stage, I’m Normani in real life, and then I pretend to be Beyonce on stage. I just love that she’s constantly reinventing herself but stays true to who she is as a person – and she wears so many hats in her life.” – Normani Kordei
  8. “It’s really important to look at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation. Tell yourself you’re beautiful every single day. Even if you’re not feeling that great in an outfit, but you like how your hair looks, focus on that.” – Normani Kordei
  9. “I have so much in me that people don’t even know, and I can’t wait to offer it to them.” – Normani Kordei
  10. “The only person holding you back is you.” – Normani Kordei

  11. “There’s always room for growth. I feel like I’ll never get to the point where I’m 100 percent happy with where I am with my career.” – Normani Kordei
  12. “I was inspired by Solange’s album, ‘A Seat At The Table,’ from the moment that I heard it. She has clearly taken the time to create a unique body of work and emote through her music from a true place. Normani Kordei
  13. “It’s all about believing in yourself and knowing your worth and being optimistic and really just loving yourself for who you are.” – Normani Kordei
  14. “What I normally do before going on stage is pray – normally we do a group prayer with the crew or whoever is around, like our security guard, our tour manager and whoever else is back there and wants to pray with us.” – Normani Kordei
  15. “I hate the fact that people can judge based on something that isn’t fully given to them. Like, this isn’t the full product.” – Normani Kordei
  16. “For me, beauty really does come from within, and that may sound cliche, but it’s true.” – Normani Kordei
  17. “Knowing that you’re not alone really does make all the difference in the world.” – Normani Kordei

  18. “I think it’s all about people loving each other and having compassion, accepting one another and educating themselves.” – Normani Kordei
  19. “I grew up dancing, so that was always my first dream. But I also have a passion for acting. I would love to step inside of a character and be somebody that I’m not, because I feel like it just gives me an outlet to express myself without being me.” – Normani Kordei
  20. “It is a great day anytime I can bring a smile to a girl or boy, knowing that I am helping to inspire them to always dream big.” – Normani Kordei
  21. “Dancing is more than just moving body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your deepest inner thoughts.” – Normani Kordei
  22. “My mom was actually diagnosed with breast cancer when I was five.” – Normani Kordei
  23. “It’s important to stand up to all forms of bullying, and it’s even more important for those who are around you to be just as courageous and stand with you!” – Normani Kordei
  24. “No one has the right to make where you go or what you do uncomfortable.” – Normani Kordei
  25. “My mom is my hero, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her.” – Normani Kordei

  26. “Cancer has touched my life and the lives of those I love, and now I’m ready to help all that I can in the fight.” – Normani Kordei
  27. “I started off in dance. That was actually my first passion, which introduced me to music, which people don’t really know.” – Normani Kordei
  28. “If we always stay true to ourselves, people will always see that.” – Normani Kordei
  29. “I think that it’s just about balance, keeping myself centered, and being happy and healthy.” – Normani Kordei
  30. “I know you can do anything you put your mind to and the exterior doesn’t matter.” – Normani Kordei
  31. “One thing I look forward to is seeing new places and new people.” – Normani Kordei
  32. “Unfortunately, there is a lot of abuse and negativity online.” – Normani Kordei
  33. “I put my all into performing so people can walk away knowing a bit more about me and feel the passion in my story.” – Normani Kordei
  34. “We performed at the VMAs, which is crazy because we grew up watching that show and all of our inspirations and idols were there.” – Normani Kordei
  35. “Together, we can put an end to the hate and promote only positivity and love.” – Normani Kordei

  36. “People think that celebrities are this untouchable thing, and they forget that we’re people with emotions and feelings. They don’t realize that it affects us when they comment on pictures on Instagram or Twitter, saying mean things, just as it would affect anybody.” – Normani Kordei
  37. “When I dance, I escape the present and become one with my soul.” – Normani Kordei
  38. “Any relationship has its strengths and weakness.” – Normani Kordei
  39. “I used to be really nervous to perform in front of people. I would cry.” – Normani Kordei
  40. “Confidence does not come easy, that’s for sure.” – Normani Kordei

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