65 Niece Quotes On Success In Life

These niece quotes will inspire you. Niece, the daughter of one’s brother or sister or of the brother or sister of one’s spouse.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging niece quotes, niece sayings, and niece proverbs.

Best Niece Quotes

  1. “To be on television and have my nieces and nephews see me, and seeing them wear my shirt to the games and be proud, it’s so sweet. Sometimes it feels like it’s just a dream.” ~ Sue Wicks
  2. “I knew that my niece was working nearby with some bank, so my wife rang up the mother and the mother called back to say that she just called up to say she was alright.” ~ Lee Kuan Yew
  3. “I have two new nephews and a new niece this year, so I have plenty of kids that I can spend time with.” ~ Anjelica Huston
  4. “I have 14 nieces and nephews.” ~ Aaron Paul

  5. “There are many ways to be a mother. I have a lot of young actors I mentor, and my nieces and my nephews need a lot of love.” ~ Kim Cattrall
  6. “I have a 92 year old father whose doing beautifully who lives in Chicago and a sister and a nephew and a niece and I love coming back and try to do so fairly often.” ~ Bob Balaban
  7. “But, the truth is and we can argue about whether this is right or not as long as we want to, but the fact is that women really do spend more time with their families. Until I can find a man who can tell me the dates of all of his nieces and nephews’ birthdays and get presents out to them regularly, I’m going to stay by that statement.” ~ Cokie Roberts , Niece quotes birthday
  8. “You can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” ~ Larry Flynt

  9. “I’m not all that big on rides. I sort of like bumper cars but I don’t really go to Disneyland all that much unless if have nieces and nephews or people to take.” ~ Anjelica Huston
  10. “My family truly believes they are better cooks than I am. They see me as Giada, not as a celebrity chef. To them I’m just me – their granddaughter, niece, etc., and they’re older and wiser. I like that because it keeps you grounded.” ~ Giada De Laurentiis
  11. “I never get recognised here in London, which I like. Once a year, someone comes up to me and asks if I am ‘so-and-so’s niece’ because they think they recognise me from somewhere. I like that.” ~ Carey Mulligan
  12. “When we step on the battlefield, I will be The First Boots On and the Last Boots Off.” ~ Hal Moore

  13. “Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes to Jail!’ Which, I have to tell you, of everything that I’ve ever done in my career, that’s the only thing that’s perked up the ears of my nieces and nephews. That is it, that’s done it for them. That made me a bona fide star in their eyes!” ~ Viola Davis
  14. “Most everything I do revolves around tae kwon do. That said, I like to be a typical girl and go shopping. I have three nieces and nephews that I like to hang out with. I’m also finishing my last semester at the University of Houston, where I’m majoring in childhood education.” ~ Diana Lopez
  15. “It’s really important to me that my niece and nephews can come and see my show, as can my grandad and nan. I love spending time with my family, and music has always bonded us.” ~ Jessie J
  16. “I was the one who taught my sister and my niece how to walk in high heels.” ~ John Barrowman

  17. “I’m the age where we didn’t have television as kids. So when I saw my nieces and nephews watching Howdy Doody, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, and so forth, I thought the world had gone mad.” ~ Jack Nicholson
  18. “I would not be a good mother. I mean, I love being an aunt to my niece and nephew. And I used to want to, like, adopt 10 kids – because I had friends who were adopted, and I thought that was the coolest thing, to be chosen. But again, my job is too selfish.” ~ Kelly Clarkson , Niece quotes from aunt
  19. “I like to hang out with my friends, go to the theatre, watch DVDs, read, play with my niece.” ~ Michelle Ryan
  20. “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

  21. “I’m in the middle of just trying to impress my nieces, who think I work for the bus company because they saw a picture of me on a bus. I did an independent movie with Mark Pellington (I Melt with You), and then tried to impress my nieces again, by starring opposite Miley Cyrus (in So Undercover). So, basically I’m just trying to get some respect from my family.” ~ Jeremy Piven
  22. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have a niece like you
    Because you are always so dear
    You are so dear no matter the year
    But all throughout each day of the year
    There could hardly be a town in the South of England where you
    could throw a brick without hitting the niece of a bishop.” ~ George Orwell
  23. “Why should I marry? One marries to have children, but I already have children! My nieces and nephews are my children.” ~ Salman Khan
  24. “Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.” ~ Epictetus

  25. “My support group – my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brothers-in-law, my immediate nieces and nephews, my immediate family like Aunt Donna – I know I can trust them. Most of the other people…they never called me before, they never said “I love you” before, they never wanted to take a picture with me at family reunions. It’s like, don’t do it now…You win the lottery and all of a sudden everybody’s your best friend.” ~ Carrie Underwood
  26. “I have two lovely parents who support everything I do, two siblings, and three beautiful nieces. My house is always filled with laughter and fun!” ~ Ariel Winter
  27. “Love is when there is no denying “it”… that magical, elusive feeling that really seizes us and takes us from the inside. To me, it’s in the corners of my niece’s little smile, or when I see my mother is calling me from Australia, or when I hear my husband’s footsteps in our hallway. It’s in the mundane and in the epic.” ~ Stephanie Ellis
  28. “I have a 6-year-old niece who doesn’t look like the majority of girls on the covers of magazines. I hope that by the time she’s 16, the world will have changed.” ~ Prabal Gurung

  29. “Cruel children, crying babies,
    All grow up as geese and gabies,
    Hated, as their age increases,
    By their nephews and their nieces.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
  30. “When I hit my 20s, I struggled to make it. I got married at 19, and my daughter, Je’Niece, was born a year later. I worked blue collar jobs during the day and comedy clubs at night, and I was earning about $25 a year doing stand-up.” ~ Bernie Mac
  31. “I like to service the full audience of America, so I try to do things that are just real artistic, like when they don’t have the most money, but it’s a great piece of work. Then, there are big, fun comedies and big animated movies for kids. I want to do things for my nieces and nephews. Ultimately, we’re trying to deliver something entertaining to an audience. As long as it can entertain the audience, and it makes me or my niece and nephew laugh or cry, then I think it’s good.” ~ Queen Latifah
  32. “Talk not of the river or lake To those who have looked on the sea.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  33. “Why couldn’t I be more like other girls my age? Take Mrs. Brown’s niece. She spent every waking hour sizing up this beau or that, stitching tea towels and petticoats and putting aside a little each month for a set of Spode Buttercup dishes.” ~ Kirby Larson
  34. “When she lives at his palace, the maiden niece of a bishop can pass for a respectable woman because, if she has a love affair, she is obliged to hoodwink her uncle.” ~ Honore de Balzac
  35. “I’m from a big family. I’ve got 10 nieces and nephews.” ~ Cheryl Cole

  36. “None of my sisters are in the movies, nor are my nieces going to be. That’s how Dutt ‘sahab,’ my dad, brought up the girls in the family, and I am just carrying his thought forward.” ~ Sanjay Dutt
  37. “The biggest challenge in my life is getting all these kids raised. I’ve helped with nieces, stepchildren and my own son, so the biggest challenge is making sure the kids are raised and finding enough quality time with them.” ~ Reba McEntire
  38. “public work brings a vicarious but assured sense of immortality. We may be poor, weak, timid, in debt to our landlady, bullied by our nieces, stiff in the joints, shortsighted and distressed; we shall perish, but the cause endures; the cause is great.” ~ Winifred Holtby
  39. “I’ve got loads of nieces and nephews.” ~ Karl Pilkington

  40. “I dont have children, but I have 17 nieces and nephews, and they more than make up for anything that I can do. I have a stepdaughter, and I adore her to pieces, and I think about adoption. There are so many kids at different ages and stages that need families.” ~ Lauren Velez
  41. I’m cute – and God I hate that. Because that’s not cool. I’m like your niece, and nobody wants to date their niece. It’s the chubby cheeks. The whole reason people voted for me on American Idol is because I’m an everyday, normal girl.” ~ Kelly Clarkson
  42. “My lord…I can explain-,” Louis-Cesare began, looking less than certain that he could do anything of the kind. Radu held up a hand. “I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why my niece is naked and tied to her bed. I am also equally certain that I do not wish to hear it”.” ~ Karen Chance
  43. “I don’t want children cursing. I’m very strict on my nieces and my little brother. They have to listen to clean versions of music. Even my music.” ~ Nicki Minaj

  44. “I enjoy going out by myself… always have, always will. I don’t have security guards, and, for the most part, I enjoy meeting new people. I see myself as a regular guy who likes playing video games with his nieces and nephews and poker with his family. I don’t have an art collection or take exotic vacations. I enjoy being at home.” ~ Vince Vaughn
  45. “What a mystery blood was — how did a tiny gesture, a tome of voice, endure through generations like the harder verities of flesh? He had seen it again and again, watching his nieces and nephews grow, and accepted without thought the ehoes of parent and grandparent that appeared for brief moments. the shadow of a face looking back through the years — that vanished again into the face that was now.” ~ Diana Gabaldon
  46. “I choose parts because I don’t want to be embarrassed when the movie comes out. What if my friends were to see the movie? What if my niece or nephew wandered into the theater and saw the movie? I don’t want to be too ashamed of it.” ~ Wallace Shawn
  47. “I love spending time with my dog, my niece and my family. I’m very family-oriented.” ~ Lil’ Kim

  48. “My nieces and my nephews think the only thing that I do is ‘Ice Age.’ That’s fine with me because pretty soon they’ll grow up enough to realize that I suck or that my time has passed, whichever it might be.” ~ Denis Leary
  49. “Tori’s my legal name. My niece and nephews, they all call me Aunt Ellen, because I went by my middle name years ago, before I turned 18.” ~ Tori Amos
  50. “Oh Senor” said the niece. “Your grace should send them to be burned (books), just like all the rest, because it’s very likely that my dear uncle, having been cured of the chivalric disease, will read these and want to become a shepherd and wander through the woods and meadows singing and playing and, what would be even worse, become a poet, and that, they say, is an incurable and contagious disease.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes
  51. “I had lunch the other day with my niece, Emma, and she said, ‘You’re so smart, Aunt Julia.’ And I wanted to say, ‘I’m not smart – I’m 41! You’re 17!'” ~ Julia Roberts

  52. “You ever think about having kids?” “All the time.I´d love to have a houseful. Then one of my nieces or nephews turns Exorsist on me and spews the most discusting things imaginable out both ends — things that make the demon snot feel like a bubble bath. That usually cures me of that stupidity for at least a day or two.” (Sam & Dev)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  53. “You only had to choose which me to talk to, for, you know, we all change our manners, depending on who has come to chat. One doesn’t behave at all the same way to a grandfather as to a bosom friend, to a professor as to a curious niece.” ~ Catherynne M. Valente
  54. “I will kill him.” “Erra’s eyebrows rose. “You’d have to go through me first.” I shrugged. “I have to do something for a warm-up.” She laughed softly. “That’s the spirit. I do think you might be my favorite niece.” ~ Ilona Andrews
  55. “No offense, but if you want to be with my niece, you should think about getting a haircut. My mother is very conservative.” “No offense taken,” John said mildly.” ~ Meg Cabot

  56. “Cleanliness’, chuckled Sir Benjamin, noting his great niece’s delighted smile as her eyes rested upon him, ‘comes next to godliness, eh, Maria?” ~ Elizabeth Goudge
  57. “Redd’s face contorted with a sudden realization. “How could I have been so stupid?” The Cat was trying to decide if this was a rhetorical question when she roared, “It’s a construct!” With a dismiissive swing of Redd’s arm, Alyss and her army began to shimmer, the billon points of engery that formed them monentarily visible before exploding apart into nothing. Redd scoped the queendom with her imagination’s eye. “Where are you, Alyss? Where is my dear little niece?” ~ Frank Beddor
  58. “Marcus: Cherry? Jillian: My ten-year-old niece. Marcus: She’s named after a piece of fruit? Jillian nodded. Jillian: So is her twin sister, Apple. Marcus: You’re kidding me. Jillian: Unfortunately, I’m serious. Their father is fond of fruit pies and thought it would be cute. Marcus: And their mother didn’t protest? Jillian: She thinks Steven’s cute, so she gives him whatever he wants.” ~ Gena Showalter
  59. “I have thoroughly compromised your niece,” Alex declared. “Will you plase insist that she marry me?” Caroline didn’t bat an eyelash. “This”, she announced, “is most peculiar.” ~ Julia Quinn

  60. “Ask me a question about paparazzi, and I get so heated. And I feel so bad for young kids of celebrities. My nieces and nephews get yelled at, and I’m like, ‘You are yelling at a 2-year-old.'” ~ Kendall Jenner
  61. “Wafah Dufour bin Laden, niece of Osama bin Laden has signed a contract to star in a reality show… called Skating with the Nieces of Terrorists.” ~ Tina Fey
  62. “I’m not a fan of Star Wars. That is not for me. That is for my nephews and nieces. I don’t get it.” ~ William Friedkin
  63. “To have your niece die in your arms is the greatest gift from god.” ~ Celine Dion

  64. “I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role, because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.” ~ Jessie J

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