65 Nice Guy Quotes On Success In Life

These nice guy quotes will inspire you. Nice guy, a man who treats people kindly.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging nice guy quotes, nice guy sayings, and nice guy proverbs.

Best Nice Guy Quotes

  1. “I guess maybe there is two sides of me – the nice guy and then the beast within.” Keith Thurman
  2. “I would like to think that I’m a gentleman and a nice guy.” Logic
  3. “I’m a really nice guy when you meet me, and that surprises a lot of people. I’m not that eccentric in real life – and certainly not that disrespectful. In my own time, I like to just chill out with friends and not get in people’s faces.” KSI
  4. “At home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.” Muhammad Ali

  5. “Jesus isn’t lettin’ you off the hook. The Scriptures don’t let you off the hook so easily… When people say, you know, ‘Good teacher’, ‘Prophet’, ‘Really nice guy’ … this is not how Jesus thought of Himself.” Bono
  6. “I met Bill Clinton; he’s a very nice guy. Yeah, Bill Clinton’s cool.” Ed Sheeran
  7. “When people say, you know, ‘Good teacher,’ ‘Prophet,’ ‘Really nice guy’… this is not how Jesus thought of Himself. So you’re left with a challenge in that, which is either Jesus was who he said he was or a complete and utter nut case. You have to make a choice on that.” Bono
  8. “All girls hit that phase where they like the bad boy. I grew out of that really young and I have a wonderful guy in my life who’s not a bad boy at all. I like the satiric, consistent nice guy.” Kristen Bell

  9. “My job is to provide the atmosphere and assistance to the contestants to get them to perform at their very best. And if I’m successful doing that, I will be perceived as a nice guy, and the audience will think of me as being a bit of a star.” Alex Trebek
  10. “I would give Fernando Torres a contract for life – not just as a player but as an example for everyone. He is a very nice guy, really close to the fans, and has inside him the values of Atletico Madrid.” Saul Niguez , Nice guy quotes life
  11. “Being a nice guy is detrimental to actors. When I first came to Hollywood, everyone was nice to me. Everyone thought I was a nice guy.” Jimmy Dean
  12. “I don’t have anything against Georges St-Pierre. I think he’s a great fighter. I think he’s a nice guy just like everybody else, and he’s a great role model. I would love to be that too if I was in that position.” Nick Diaz

  13. “I’ll tell ya, I’m a genuinely nice guy. I really am. A real nice guy. But I think I’m temperamental.” Lou Reed
  14. “I wanna be a nice guy.” David Guetta
  15. “I think working with Johnny Depp was very intimidating. It was my fault though. I mean he’s a total cool nice, nice guy, but I was just so, I don’t know, overpowered by his presence. Like he’s a very mystic person. He’s older so I never really warmed up around him. I was so stiff.” Franka Potente
  16. “Dating in Los Angeles can be hard, which makes it all the better when you meet a really nice guy.” Lauren Conrad

  17. “You’ve probably read in People that I’m a nice guy – but when the doctor first told me I had Parkinson’s, I wanted to kill him.” Michael J. Fox
  18. “Virtue is not photogenic. What is it to be a nice guy? To be nothing, that’s what. A big fat zero with a smile for everybody.” Kirk Douglas
  19. “I don’t understand moderation. I’m not the nice guy.” David Choe
  20. “I’m actually a really nice guy with a really big heart.” Perez Hilton

  21. “Simon Cowell seems like a very nice guy, but I think he’s a secondhand Mickie Most to be honest.” Peter Noone
  22. “If Romney would go ideological in explaining Obama, it would help. We gotta stop the, ‘He’s a nice guy’ stuff. Nice guys don’t do what Obama is doing. Nice guys don’t say and do and act the way Obama is saying, doing, and acting.” Rush Limbaugh
  23. “I cannot lie: as good as it feels to get my deserved props, the best part of reading social media after I meet folks is reading, ‘Mike was a nice guy.'” Killer Mike
  24. “I was playing this role on ‘Ugly Betty,’ the sweetest, nicest guy. He was a fun character to play, but I was in a Latin soap opera – where are you gonna go with a nice guy in a Latin soap opera?” Ralph Macchio

  25. “People have all these preconceptions about me. Whereas if you look at the roles, Henry Hill was the nicest guy in ‘Goodfellas!’ I was a nice guy too in the comedy ‘Heartbreakers.’ And I was a really sweet father to Johnny Depp in ‘Blow!'” Ray Liotta
  26. “I never did say that you can’t be a nice guy and win. I said that if I was playing third base and my mother rounded third with the winning run, I’d trip her up.” Leo Durocher
  27. “Tobey’s a mellow, cool guy. He’s just a good guy. I know that’s not the answer you want, and I don’t mean that as the political thing to say, but he’s a nice guy.” Neil Patrick Harris
  28. “I think the average guy thinks they’re pro-woman, just because they think they’re a nice guy and someone has told them that they’re awesome. But the truth is far from it.” Junot Diaz

  29. “I am a nice guy. I love having a good time. I love cooking. I love hanging out with my friends.” Tim Kennedy
  30. “Most of us, I suspect, prefer our teachers to be of the Nice Guy variety.” Ken Wilber
  31. “Women are smarter by basic instinct and by what we have to do to multitask at home and at work. My mother did that 50 years ago, but it wasn’t called multitasking or stress back then. She had a job, two kids and the meals to make with no cook or maid. My father would come home every day and expect lunch. He was a nice guy, but he was clueless!” Mireille Guiliano
  32. “Sonnen always appeared as the nice guy, consoling his fighters, while my scenes were all of me with ugly face. It was biased.” Wanderlei Silva

  33. “I always play these bad guys, and I’m really a nice guy.” F. Murray Abraham
  34. “Johnny Rotten. He’s a big fan of mine. I used to see him out in the audience in England and he’d stand up and holler. He’s funny. Smart too, and a nice guy. Don’t think he’s a jerk because he isn’t.” Captain Beefheart
  35. “Nixon probably was a nice guy.” Bill Ayers
  36. “It’s difficult to gauge that. With a bad guy you just know you’re bad. To play a nice guy is harder – unless you are a very nice person like me of course.” James D’arcy

  37. “Neymar is a nice guy. Everybody knows his quality.” Gabriel Jesus
  38. “I was the guy who was friends with everybody. Yes, I had my core group of friends, but I wasn’t part of a clique that excluded people. I hope they thought I was a nice guy. I tried to be just friendly and outgoing. I was class president. I’m supposed to run my class reunion in 2013.” Austin Stowell
  39. “I found during my time covering the NHL that the enforcers were some of the most accessible guys and the most low-key guys. I think that’s somewhat of a natural thing. I don’t know if that’s because it’s the big guy that everybody fears, and then you’re sort of surprised and taken by the fact that he’s actually a nice guy.” John Branch
  40. “If I were to die today, I would be nervous about what people would say at my funeral. I would be happy if they said things like, ‘He was a nice guy’ or, ‘He was occasionally decent’ or, ‘Mike wasn’t as bad as a lot of people.'” Mike Yaconelli

  41. “I like to think I’m a nice guy and have a good heart, and I’m a loyal person.” Nick Viall
  42. “I’m a nice guy. And I like to enjoy life, and be around people I love.” Zack Steffen
  43. “I have been to anger management twice. After the first session the lady was like, ‘Baby, you don’t seem that angry at all. You seem like a really nice guy.'” Kid Rock
  44. “To survive in a lot of male-dominated situations – the police, the military, what have you – you put on a bit of the crass, blowhard thing, because you just can’t survive being the nice guy in those environments.” Dean Norris

  45. “I’m innocent. I’ve done nothing. I’m a nice guy.” Coolio
  46. “I’m from New York, I’m 53, I have my moments when I’m a nice guy, and more frequently I have my moments where I’m a middle-aged aggravated person. For years I was always the nice guy, so in life I had to pretend to be the nice guy.” John Schneider
  47. “It’s much nicer to be known as Mr. Nice Guy than Mr. Nasty Guy. But you’ve got to have lines – and when you hit the line, that’s the end of the story, nice guy or not.” Nicky Oppenheimer
  48. “Prior to ‘The Karate Kid’, I did commercials – Kool-Aid, Pepsi, milk – and I had always been cast as the all-American nice guy.” William Zabka

  49. “Some people have questioned whether or not I can play a nice guy. Sometimes you can’t win for losing.” Michael Chiklis
  50. “I have a life coach out with me on tour, a very nice guy from L.A. He just prepares me for each day.” Ronnie Wood
  51. “No one wants to work with a difficult star. I want to be the nice guy.” Ram Kapoor
  52. “Most people, when they think of an insult, they keep it to themselves. But you wouldn’t believe the things people say on my Twitter feed, and I’m a nice guy. Imagine if I was a jerk.” Jeff Ross

  53. “I just want a nice guy who loves me and who I love.” Lady Colin Campbell
  54. “I respect Demetrious Johnson. I respect him as a human being. He always acts like a professional, he’s a nice guy, but that still doesn’t mean that I can’t say that he’s scared to fight me.” T.J. Dillashaw
  55. “I went to watch Coldplay in Florida and saw Chris Martin before they went on. He sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ before the chorus of ‘Yellow’ kicked in. That was so strange because he’s an inspiration for me. I think he’s so good, he’s sick… he’s a really nice guy too.” Harry Styles
  56. “People would be shocked to know… that despite the nature of my TV character, I am actually a nice guy.” James Lafferty

  57. “Before it was revealed that my character on ‘Lost’ had a troubled history, a fan came up to me and said, ‘Wow, you’re a really nice guy.’ To me, that was a compliment, having played a very villainous guy.” Nestor Carbonell
  58. “Americans are big boys. You can talk them into almost anything. Just sit with them for half an hour over a bottle of whiskey and be a nice guy.” Nguyen Cao Ky
  59. “Stacy had this more fluid style. You meet him, he’s just such a nice guy. Tony’s an awesome guy too, but back then, he was a real aggressive kid and they were in such a different place. Stacy was so sensitive and at the same time so competitive when it came to his skating.” John Robinson
  60. “And now comes Pete Martell in Twin Peaks and he’s just a nice guy.” Jack Nance

  61. “I think it would have been a lot better for him to say, I did it and I’m sorry, McGwire was never one to show a lot of emotion on the field, not a player who sought attention and craved to be thought of as a nice guy.” Fay Vincent
  62. “You know, OJ was a really nice guy, and he knew his lines. He was nice to everybody on the set. He got to be a better actor, I thought, with every movie.” David Zucker
  63. “I used to spend most of my time straining to be a nice guy so people would like me.” Elia Kazan

  64. “If it was just me and Elvis one on one, which only happened once or twice in the times that I did see him, it was a really comfortable. He was a cool guy. Easy laugh, nice guy.” Mac Davis
  65. “The president may be a nice guy, but he’s just over his head.” Mitt Romney

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