65 Newness Quotes On Success In Life

These newness quotes will inspire you. Newness freshness, novelty, originality, or the quality of being new or original.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging newness quotes, newness sayings, and newness proverbs.

Best Newness Quotes

  1. “That which is the wonder of one age is the commonplace of the next.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
  2. “When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.” ~ Prince Philip
  3. “When we are alone on a starlit night when by chance we see the migrating birds in autumn descending on a grove of junipers to rest and eat; when we see children in a moment when they are really children when we know love in our own hearts; or when, like the Japanese poet, Basho, we hear an old frog land in a quiet pond with a solitary splash – at such times the awakening, the turning inside out of all values, the “newness,” the emptiness and the purity of vision that make themselves evident, all these provide a glimpse of the cosmic dance.” ~ Thomas Merton
  4. “To overestimate the originality of one’s thoughts is perhaps a less serious defect than being unaware of their newness. There is a more pronounced lack of sensitivity in underestimating (ourselves and others) than in overestimating.” ~ Eric Hoffer

  5. “Don’t ever believe that you are going to be peaceful-life is not like that. When you are changing all the time, you’ve got to continue to keep adjusting to change, which means that you are going to be constantly facing new obstacles. That’s the joy of living. And once you are involved in the process of becoming, there is no stopping. You’re doomed! You’re gone! But what a fantastic journey! Every day is new. Every flower is new. Every face is new. Everything in the world is new, every morning of your life. Stop seeing it as a drag!” ~ Leo Buscaglia
  6. “Change is not always progress… A fever of newness has everywhere been confused with the spirit of progress.” ~ Henry Ford
  7. “As children, our imaginations are vibrant, and our hearts are open… Everything amazes us, and we think anything is possible. We continuously experience life with a sense of newness and unbridled curiosity.” ~ Yehuda Berg
  8. “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” ~ Andre Gide

  9. “When we dare to doubt what we are told and take a fresh look at what’s going on, we are in for lots of pleasant and fascinating and useful surprises. A new and more satisfying way of life begins to open up, just by noticing what we see.” ~ Douglas Harding
  10. “What makes a specific quality or quantity of innovation retain its intense newness over the years?” ~ Brian Ferneyhough
  11. “True education is a kind of never-ending story — a matter of continual beginnings, of habitual fresh starts, of persistent newness.” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
  12. “The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they’re always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.” ~ Norman Rockwell

  13. “Americans have been conditioned to respect newness, whatever it costs them.” ~ John Updike
  14. “The beauty of facing life unprepared is tremendous. Then life has a newness, a youth; then life has a flow and freshness. Then life has so many surprises. And when life has so many surprises, boredom never settles in you.” ~ Rajneesh
  15. “Newness hath an evanescent beauty.” ~ Heinrich Heine
  16. “Poetry is one of the destinies of speech… One would say that the poetic image, in its newness, opens a future to language.” ~ Gaston Bachelard

  17. “I give myself the green light to move forward, and to joyously embrace the new.” ~ Louise Hay
  18. “When love and compassion fills your heart, you find newness in every moment, and life becomes a celebration.” ~ Mata Amritanandamayi
  19. “Change is in the air, as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging. Consciously release what needs to be released, and welcome with a full embrace the newness you’ve prayed for and so richly deserve.” ~ Marianne Williamson
  20. “Letting go of our suffering is the hardest work we will ever do. It is also the most fruitful. To heal means to meet ourselves in a new way — in the newness of each moment where all is possible and nothing is limited to the old.” ~ Stephen Levine

  21. “There is in us an instinct for newness, for renewal, for a liberation of creative power. We seek to awaken in ourselves a force which really changes our lives from within. And yet the same instinct tells us that this change is a recovery of that which is deepest, most original, most personal in ourselves. To be born again is not to become somebody else, but to become ourselves.” ~ Thomas Merton
  22. “Newness inspires me. New opportunities. New places. New experiences. Learning new things, new skills. New roles!” ~ Annie Wersching
  23. “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  24. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  25. “We are in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us…How glorious a conversion, so complete and wholesome it is, scarce memory enough of old bondage days left as a standpoint to view it from! In this newness of life, we seem to have been so always” ~ John Muir
  26. “At almost every step in life we meet with young men from whom we anticipate wonderful things, but of whom, after careful inquiry, we never hear another word. Life certain chintzes, calicoes, and ginghams, they show finely on their first newness, but cannot stand the sun and rain, and assume a very sober aspect after washing day.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
  27. “It is my assumption that growth in faith is the root of all spiritual growth and is prior to all disciplines of works. True spirituality is not a superhuman religiosity; it is simply true humanity released from bondage to sin and renewed by the Holy Spirit. This is given to us as we grasp by faith the full content of Christ’s redemptive work: freedom from the guilt and power of sin, and newness of life through the indwelling and outpouring of his Spirit.” ~ Richard Lovelace
  28. “The greatest success in life is to feel I’m something for someone; the feeling of falling in love, the newness of love.” ~ Dennis Wilson

  29. “from one minute to the next the present is merely an honorary past. It must be filled unceasingly anew to disassemble the curse it carries within itself; that is why Americans like speed, alcohol, thriller films, and any sensational news: the demand for new things, and ever newer things, is feverish since nowhere will they rest.” ~ Simone de Beauvoir
  30. “Each moment life is new and you have to respond from your inner newness, you have to be available to the new as the new. And you have to respond, not out of your knowledge, but out of your present awareness. Only then life works, otherwise, life stops working. If your life is not working, remember, it is the ego that is hindering, the mechanical has encroached upon the organic. To be free from the mechanical is to be in God because it is to be in the organic unity of existence.” ~ Rajneesh
  31. “The jealous man is so preoccupied with what he hasn’t got that he fails to appreciate the value of what he has got. He loses the ability to feel glad because the sun is shining. He doesn’t see the wonder and the newness of the beginning of spring.” ~ William Ralph Inge , Newness quotes feeling
  32. “We are, in this country, more open to new ideas. But we are also, it seems to me, more inclined to hail the new as absolute truth – until the next new comes along.” ~ Paula Fox

  33. “What the world, social and political, concrete and mental, really needs is not new things, but the old things made new.” ~ Ethel M. Dell
  34. “When held up to the windowpane, What fixed my baby stare? The glory of the glittering rain, And newness everywhere.” ~ Alfred Austin
  35. “Some say the antique syndrome surfaced to offset the newness of the land, the homes, and the settlers. Some say the interest was initiated by a desire to return to the roots of yesterday. I contend the entire movement to acquire antiques was born out of sheer respect of things that lasted longer than fifteen minutes.” ~ Erma Bombeck
  36. “I live in the constant newness of aspiration. Whatever I think, I ignore. Whatever I feel, I don’t trust. Yet I listen to my thoughts and follow my feelings.” ~ Frederick Lenz

  37. “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” ~ Rajneesh
  38. “I think the poet is the last person who is still speaking the truth when no one else dares to. I think the poet is the first person to begin the shaping and visioning of the new forms and the new consciousness when no one else has begun to sense it; I think these are two of the most essential human functions.” ~ Diane di Prima
  39. “Wherefore give all diligence to the Spirit’s motion and leadings, what it moves against, and what it leads to; for now, will God make all things new: A new creation, new heavens, and new earth, and new heart and mind, and a new law, a new man to walk therein with his Maker with cheerfulness, and the old bonds are broken by the Spirit’s leading, and to serve in newness of spirit.” ~ James Nayler
  40. “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…'” ~ Isaac Asimov

  41. “The work of the Spirit is the bringing to be of the vision of God….the capacitating of persons to ‘see visions’ and ‘dream dreams’. …. The birth of the Church is the beginning of the End. ….. The Kingdom of God as the miracle of ocular newness when ‘the blind see’ makes its impact on history in the creation of a visionary community. [[The tongues were]] the language of the world to come… Therefore in this birth of the Church, the risen and ascended Lord takes to himself a Body on earth with eyes opened by the Spirit to see the future.” ~ Gabriel Fackre
  42. “Failure is built into creativity… the creative act involves this element of ‘newness’ and ‘experimentalism,’ then one must expect and accept the possibility of failure.” ~ Saul Bass
  43. “True education is a kind of never-ending story . . .” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
  44. “We have the right, and the obligation, to tell old stories in our own ways, because they are our stories.” ~ Neil Gaiman

  45. “The world is ancient, but it has not lost its newness.” ~ Wasif Ali Wasif
  46. “Let me begin now, this very night, to emulate Christ. Cast off forever will be the old self and with it defeat, despair, doubt, and disbelief. To a newness of life I come–a life of faith, hope courage, and joy. No task looms too large; no responsibility too heavy; no duty is a burden. All things become possible.” ~ Thomas S. Monson , Newness quotes life
  47. “The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out.” ~ B. H. Liddell Hart
  48. “We are blood-secured, delivered from the enemy’s power, and raised up into newness of life in God.” ~ David Wilkerson

  49. “It is only the surprise and newness of the thing which makes that misfortune terrible which by premeditation might be made easy to us. For that which some people make light by sufferance, others do by foresight.” ~ Seneca the Younger
  50. “The moral sense reappears today with the same morning newness that has been from of old the fountain of beauty and strength. You say there is no religion now. ‘Tis like saying in rainy weather, There is no sun, when at that moment we are witnessing one of its superlative effects.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  51. “Enron was becoming a virtual cult of creativity, often placing swagger over substance. New ideas were celebrated for their newness, for their potential; tried and true businesses like the pipelines were almost derided.” ~ Kurt Eichenwald
  52. “There’s always a sense of newness with acting, because every role, you come to every role fresh.” ~ Lupita Nyong’o

  53. “I love all this stuff. I look at all the gadgets that come out and I think, ‘Oh, this fix works for me. But the rest don’t.’ I’m not genuflecting in front of the God of Newness.” ~ Carl Honore
  54. “How does newness come into the world? How is it born? Of what fusions, translations, conjoinings is it made? How does it survive, extreme and dangerous as it is? What compromises, what deals, what betrayals of its secret nature must it make to stave off the wrecking crew, the exterminating angel, the guillotine? Is birth always a fall? Do angels have wings? Can men fly?” ~ Salman Rushdie
  55. “My generation was, in effect, the product of a social experiment. If we did not understand marital intimacy, it was because we had not seen it modelled. We lurched from relationship to relationship, dazzled by the newness of meaninglessness, relentless in our search for something even the most perceptive of us could not identify.” ~ Antonella Gambotto-Burke
  56. “You will love again, people say. Give it time. Me with time running out. Day after day of the everyday. What they call real life, made of eighth-inch gauge. Newness strutting around as if it were significant. Irony, neatness and rhyme pretending to be poetry. I want to go back to that time after Michiko’s death when I cried every day among the trees. To the real. To the magnitude of pain, of being that much alive.” ~ Jack Gilbert
  57. “You always have to be very aware that the audience is extremely ruthless in its demand for newness, novelty and freshness.” ~ Christopher Nolan

  58. “There are new gods growing in America, clinging to growing knots of belief: gods of credit card and freeway, of Internet and telephone, of radio and hospital and television, gods of plastic and of beeper and of neon. Proud gods, fat and foolish creatures, puffed up with their own newness and importance. “They are aware of us, they fear us, and they hate us,” said Odin. “You are fooling yourselves if you believe otherwise.” ~ Neil Gaiman
  59. “Newness only becomes mere evil in its totalitarian format, where all the tension between individual and society, that once gave rise to the category of the new, is dissipated. Today the appeal to newness, of no matter what kind, provided only that it is archaic enough, has become universal, the omnipresent medium of false mimesis. The decomposition of the subject is consummated in his self-abandonment to an ever-changing sameness.” ~ Theodor Adorno
  60. “When we are alone on a starlit night, when by chance we see the migrating birds in autumn descending on a grove of junipers to rest and eat; when we see children in a moment when they are really children.” ~ Thomas Merton

  61. “If dislocation is a permanent state, I want to try and explore the possibility of temporary impermanence. If dislocation is a tatty dress from the thrift store, perhaps the solution is not to cast it aside. If dislocation is a tatty dress, perhaps the only solution is to mend it, scent it and wear it until everything about it signifies newness, something close to the perpetual promise of a fresh start.” ~ Diriye Osman
  62. “A work of art rests its merits in traditional qualities. It may constitute a remarkable feat in craftsmanship; it may be a searching study of psychological states; it may be a nostalgic glance backward; it may be any one of an infinite number of concepts, none of which may have any possible bearing upon its degree of newness.” ~ Ben Shahn
  63. “There’s so much of a desire in the entertainment industry for newness, a desire to build somebody up and then treat them as old news within six months. I think you’d be naive if you didn’t try to hold on to your own way of doing things.” ~ Felicity Jones

  64. “When Lawrence first found a gentian, a big single blue one, I remember feeling as if he had a strange communion with it, as if the gentian yielded up its blueness, its very essence, to him. Everything he met had the newness of a creation just that moment come into being.” ~ Frieda Lawrence
  65. “What counts, I found, is not what you cover, but what you uncover. Covering subjects in a class can be a boring exercise, and students feel it. Uncovering the laws of physics and making them see through the equations, on the other hand, demonstrates the process of discovery, with all its newness and excitement, and students love being part of it.” ~ Walter Lewin

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