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  1. “The songs I was writing still had lyrics or sentiments that didn’t match what I was feeling. It was old, negative energy coming out of me still, but it needed to all get out so I could trash those songs and put them in the bin. And then I was able to let the new songs out.” ~ Damien Rice
  2. “One of the benefits of success with new songs is that some of the other songs will get a chance to see the light of day whereas they wouldn’t have before.” ~ Diane Warren
  3. “Would you like to go to a doctor who had taken his last medical course in 1948? You have to keep changing and keep learning so that you are constantly challenging yourself, adding a few new songs to your program every chance you get. If you don’t, the world will pass you by.” ~ Harvey Mackay
  4. “The only reason to write a new song is because you’re tired of the old ones.” ~ Miles Davis

  5. “I don’t know if there are artists out there who love their own records. I haven’t met any, and I’m kind of extreme in the other direction, but therein lies the impetus to keep working and keep making new songs and new records.” ~ Ani DiFranco
  6. “Because of acting I’ve gotten to travel and meet so many amazing people, and they inspire new songs.” ~ Emily Kinney
  7. “The only thing that’s a little tricky about it is sometimes people assume that if it’s a new song, it’s a reflection of what you’re feeling or going through now.” ~ Richard Marx
  8. “There’s only one reason why you write new songs: You get sick of the old songs. It’s not that I didn’t do anything during the time when I wrote no songs. I was creative, but in another way. I had ideas for songs and collected the ideas.” ~ Tom Waits

  9. “Any time I write a new song, I am jazzed about it for like 24 hours and then I am over it and want to write another one.” ~ Hunter Hayes
  10. “I like listening to Beyonce, and I like Jason Derulo. I love his new song ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home.'” ~ Jackie Evancho
  11. “I’ve been working hard on a new song, it’s titled “Frozen Piggy Pudding”. It’s about how the government is full of pigs who eat pudding all day. Oh look a frisbee, allo’ govna.” ~ Thom Yorke
  12. “We got a new song called ‘Ashes in Your Mouth,’ and it is NOT about a joint falling apart.” ~ Dave Mustaine

  13. “You must know the story of how the race of ancient days reached the stars, and how they bargained away all the wild half of themselves to do so, so that they no longer cared for the taste of the pale wind, no for love or lust, nor to make new songs nor to sing old ones, nor for any of the other animal things they believed they had brought with them out of the rain forests al the bottom of time–though in fact, so my uncle told me, those things brought them” ~ Gene Wolfe
  14. “I did a smaller gig with an acoustic guitar and a drum machine. In one song, something wrong happened with the drum machine. I tried to cover up the mistake by playing faster and improvising a new song but it became crazy, and I had to admit it was all a mess.” ~ Violante Placido
  15. “The focus of my playing is the groove, and every time I find a new rhythm, I find I can write a bunch of new songs. Learning how to dance, or drum, or to swing my body in a new way is the fundamental way I find a new riff. Because when you learn to swing your body in a new way, you begin to swing with your instrument differently.” ~ Stone Gossard
  16. “The soul of one who serves God always swims in joy, always keeps holiday, is always in her palace of jubilation, ever singing with fresh ardor and fresh pleasure a new song of joy and love.” ~ John of the Cross

  17. “When she awoke there was a melody in her head she could not identify or recall ever hearing before. ‘Perhaps I made it up,’ she thought. Then it came to her – the name of the song and all its lyrics just as she had heard it many times before. She sat on the edge of the bed thinking, ‘There aren’t any more new songs and I have sung all the ones there are. I have sung them all. I have sung all the songs there are.” ~ Toni Morrison
  18. “What needs to be discharged is the intolerable tenderness of the past, the past gone and grieved over and never made sense of. Music ransoms us from the past, declares an amnesty, brackets and sets aside the old puzzles. Sing a new song. Start a new life, get a girl, look into her shadowy eyes, smile.” ~ Walker Percy
  19. “…full of God’s thoughts, a place of peace and safety amid the most exalted grandeur and enthusiastic action, a new song, a place of beginnings abounding in first lessons of life, mountain building, eternal, invincible, unbreakable order; with sermons in stone, storms, trees, flowers, and animals brimful with humanity.” ~ John Muir
  20. “My dad is adorably optimistic, positive, pie-in-the-sky. He thinks every new song I write is my best. He sells T-shirts at my merchandise stands and hands out guitar picks to fans.” ~ Taylor Swift

  21. “”I’m a new song and you’re just a remix.”” ~ Lil Wayne
  22. “There is no God, but there is certainly a quality I call godliness. It comprises compassion, love, friendship, joy, creativity. It brings you new songs, it brings you new dances. It brings you the truth, and the immersion of you into the truth.” ~ Rajneesh
  23. “Creativity is secondary, meditation is basic and fundamental; everything should come out of your meditation. Then it will give you a beatitude, your being a new song, and it will help others to experience something of it. It will depend on their meditativeness.” ~ Rajneesh
  24. “Adversity in life does not rob your heart of beauty. It simply teaches it a new song to sing.” ~ Karen White

  25. “I tend to play covers when I’m gearing up for creating new song. Singing other people’s songs is a way that I get inspired.” ~ Scout Niblett
  26. “I’m really terrible at math, so I won’t even attempt to do ratios and percentages, but all I know is that there’s a lot of new songs that no-one has heard yet, and that there’s a lot of old songs that some very, very super hardcore fans have heard for sure – there are people that have been coming and seeing me play in bars in like 2002, and there are songs that those people heard.” ~ Regina Spektor
  27. “A lot of ideas get re-used and made part of new songs if the first version didn’t cut the mustard, and the stuff that gets left off usually contained the germ of something good but failed to reach a satisfactory state by the recording stage.” ~ Bent Saether
  28. “You become acutely aware, if you’re touring a lot, that you need new songs to invigorate the live show. And make it interesting for yourself, too.” ~ Bryan Ferry

  29. “I didn’t really feel any pressure when I’ve made records, I haven’t as yet anyway. I feel when I’m making a record that I’m so excited about making new songs that when I’m doing demos of new songs, as soon as I make one that’s really different I get really excited about the record, I don’t care about the last record anymore.” ~ Kelly Jones
  30. “My favourite thing about live shows is you can make up new songs on the spot. Never played before, never again. And that’s wonderful for me, because it frees me up to not have to worry about lyrics and stuff.” ~ Victoria Williams
  31. “All the new songs have been written since the re-issue of Diamond Day. With my first royalties I got a Mac and a little mixer and a keyboard, figured out the basics of a music program, and gradually started to write and record the songs and the arrangements.” ~ Vashti Bunyan
  32. “It takes me a lot of time, and it’s almost frustrating for the guys sometimes because they’re waiting for a new song. And I – it’s just so important for me to get the perfect, exact, right song.” ~ Cecile McLorin Salvant

  33. “I am responsible for what happened to me but if I was to stay there it is kind of a constant reminder and it is very easy…. You know the new song is called Mental…. I am not trying to hide from people that I have OCD, and I don’t think that I am a completely normal person.” ~ Shane Bunting
  34. “There’s a lot of griping and groaning about wanting to play half-baked new songs live, but you don’t want it to just end up on YouTube with like 74 thumbs down: “This is the worst!”” ~ Travis Morrison
  35. “It was more about getting together with other musicians and playing live. I needed to suss out a full set [for the Last Summer tour], and I didn’t want to play Fiery Furnaces material. So half of our set was new songs that we ended up recording for this album. And that made such a huge difference – going into the studio after playing a song for two years, knowing it inside-out and having sung it millions of times, and then recording it is a totally satisfying experience. You’re suddenly in this controlled environment and you can make it sound exactly as you’ve been imagining it.” ~ Eleanor Friedberger
  36. “Sometimes I’ll have a whole song done without having a beat – I’ll just rap on an instrumental tempo and recreate a whole new song just around the lyrics.” ~ Tyga

  37. “I used to have to come home and write and then record work tapes of those new songs. So now I can do it all on the road and that has been a huge difference that has happened in 2016. It is the only way for me to really balance. There is a lot of overhead, but it’s a big investment towards being a dad and a husband, which is ultimately my number one goal.” ~ Granger Smith
  38. “I got a new song called “The Plug” and the hook says “I’m the plug/I’m connected to everything you love.” ~ MC Hammer
  39. “I think sometimes I forget that I’m 25, and I can have fun, and be flirty, and be confident, but still be completely in control. All of my new songs are empowering, but at the same time they’re fun. I think that’s important for women. You don’t have to take yourself so seriously all the time.” ~ Jamie Lynn Spears
  40. “I think there’s a curiosity that can make you feel anxious as to what the world’s going to make of what you’re doing. It’s not necessarily what you’re going to get back in terms of record reviews or how people talk about your record, it’s getting on the road and playing the new songs live.” ~ Jeff Tweedy
  41. “Vocal arrangements are something I’m working a lot with for the new songs.” ~ Jens Lekman

  42. “Without an audience, all your dreams will not come true at all, because you need an audience to write new songs and continue to do music.” ~ Rokia Traore
  43. “But we’re still rehearsing and planning to make a new album next year. We have some really good new songs that we’ve already been playing on that last tour that we just finished.” ~ Stephen Malkmus
  44. “It’s the coolest feeling signing your record. And it’s great when people come to your shows and know the words to the new songs.” ~ Lights
  45. “DJ-ing itself is not just about playing songs. The art of DJ-ing is presenting new songs to the crowd that they haven’t heard before and creating a party vibe that’s different than just listening to anybody’s playlist. It’s the only way to truly be big and respected in your craft.” ~ TyDi
  46. “Playing two months or more in one city meant new songs all the time. If people paid their dimes to see and hear Sophie Tucker, they didn’t want to hear the same songs over and over or see the same clothes.” ~ Sophie Tucker

  47. “With MTV in the ’80s, you made your album but then you needed to use any money you made to create a video – instead of being able to use that money to pay for you and your band to live on while you wrote new songs. So MTV upped the ante of looking for one hit. Conceptual bands who didn’t have a hit were going to lose.” ~ Mark Mothersbaugh
  48. “I think very often producers are really trying to repeat things. When they hear something in the new songs that they recognize as being a bit like something that was a success on a previous record, they’re inclined to encourage that.” ~ Brian Eno
  49. “… For me it is essential, essential for the poet to have a new toast, new songs.” ~ Mahmoud Darwish
  50. “I despise hip hop. Loathe it. Eminem is an idiot and I find 50 Cent the most distasteful character I have ever crossed in my life. Eminem’s new song about his kid – isn’t it the most ridiculous piece of music you have ever heard in your life? I just don’t like the dragging women around on dog leads and all that stuff” ~ Noel Gallagher
  51. “Yeah, but on the U.S Tour we threw a new song into the set almost every night. Of course, you can’t do too many new songs every night as they’ve never heard it.” ~ Glenn Tipton

  52. “I think that video content is really important for artists these days. Not necessarily for MTV, but to really just get your name out there as a business card. Nowadays, when people want to hear a new song by an artist they immediately go to YouTube. Stream it.” ~ Matthew Mayfield
  53. “Actually, the funny thing is, after all these years, I’ve got all these new songs to learn for the show we’re doing at Joe’s Pub, so it’s kind of fun to get down and rehearse new things, and also rethink some of the older songs, how we’re going to do them.” ~ Lesley Gore
  54. “We had just played a sold-out show and it had been a fun night when we heard the news. It brought everything back to reality. He was a brilliant guy. He was an aerospace engineer and an entrepreneur. We were just starting to write new songs two weeks after he died. We were still grieving. So that was naturally a big subject matter for the album.” ~ Brendan Bayliss
  55. “Radio stations have constructed a narrow door[way], and that’s because they don’t understand how complex and paradoxical our snap judgments are. It’s hard to measure new songs.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell

  56. “Some sang too that Thror and Thrain would come back one day and gold would flow in rivers, through the mountain-gates, and all that land would be filled with new song and new laughter. But this pleasant legend did not much affect their daily business.” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
  57. “The big problem with songwriting for me is starting a new song. It’s the thing where all the anguish exists, not in the writing of the song, but the starting of the new song.” ~ Nick Cave
  58. “Greatest hits is easy because one has nothing to do – except that we both, Roger and I, felt that new songs should be there because I’ve been away for awhile.” ~ Tina Turner
  59. “I’m not against screens, or new songs, or innovation. I just don’t like the gimmicks. I want to know when worship is over that that leader’s sole purpose was to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

  60. “The process is always the same. I get an inspiration for a new song, I put it down on paper immediately so I won’t lose it. When I am ready to go to the studio with it, I play it a few times on the piano and edit, add, and type the lyrics and take it to the studio. Sometimes I don’t have anything on paper.” ~ Yoko Ono
  61. “God is always working to make His children aware of a dream that remains alive beneath the rubble of every shattered dream, a new dream that when realized will release a new song, sung with tears, till God wipes them away and we sing with nothing but joy in our hearts.” ~ Larry Crabb
  62. “I have no reason to sit home and write songs all day without going out and playing for the folks. And I have no reason to go play for the folks unless I’m writing new songs so they can sort of feed off one another. And I just try to do the best I can.” ~ Guy Clark
  63. “I do feel most at home playing live, but the feeling of getting into the studio to see the new songs take shape was really incredible.” ~ Jason Mraz

  64. “Good new songs are the backbone of the music industry. There isn’t an artist out there who could survive without hit songs.” ~ Kara DioGuardi
  65. “Lady Gaga will dominate the charts next year. She let me listen to a couple of new songs, she is a legend.” ~ Britney Spears

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