65 New Opportunity Quotes On Success In Life

These new opportunity quotes will inspire you. New opportunity, a favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging new opportunity quotes, new opportunity sayings, and new opportunity proverbs.

Best New Opportunity Quotes

  1. “Every day is a new opportunity to reach that goal.” ~ Rick Ross
  2. “Every day is a new opportunity to change your life and be who you want to be.” ~ Demi Lovato
  3. “I feel that things happen for a reason and open up new opportunities.” ~ Jil Sander
  4. “Every day is a new opportunity to work with what you have inside toward enlightenment.” ~ Pema Chodron

  5. “Never let failure discourage you. Every time you get to the base of a mountain (literal or metaphorical), you’re presented with a new opportunity to challenge yourself, to push your limits beyond what you thought possible, to learn from climbers on the trail ahead of you, and to take in some amazing views. Your performance on the mountain you climbed last week or last month or last year doesn’t matter – because it’s all about what you are doing right now.” ~ Alison Levine
  6. “Rather than getting nostalgic…embrace the new opportunities and challenges available to you now.” ~ Richard Branson
  7. “One way of opening ourselves up to new opportunities is to make conscious efforts to look differently at our ordinary situations.  Doing so allows a person to see the world as one rife with possibility and to take advantage of some of those possibilities if they seem worth pursuing.” ~ Ken Robinson
  8. “It has been a difficult road this year, but still I look at every day as a new opportunity.” ~ Michael Chang

  9. “The world is changing and there are new opportunities for those who are ready to join forces with those who are stronger and more experienced.” ~ Salvatore Maranzano
  10. “Who seeks, and will not take, when once ’tis offer’d, Shall never find it more.” ~ William Shakespeare
  11. “There is a time in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” ~ William Shakespeare
  12. “There is a tide in the affairs of men” ~ William Shakespeare

  13. “Every success creates new opportunities. So does every failure.” ~ Peter Drucker
  14. “Approach each new day as a new opportunity to be the person you aspire to be.” ~ Bill Courtney
  15. “Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New year will bring new opportunities.” ~ Michael Josephson
  16. “Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity that was at hand.” ~ Bruce Barton

  17. “Today is a new day. A New Opportunity to get better stronger faster smarter and closer to your goals and dreams. Take it.” ~ Joel Madden
  18. “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.” ~ Michael Dell
  19. “Closing the door to toxicity is the most effective way to make space for new opportunity.” ~ Amy Chan
  20. “Every time I see a certain room to grow, or a new opportunity to advance further, I go out and take it.” ~ Andrew Tan

  21. “One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli
  22. “As long as enthusiasm holds out, so will new opportunities.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale
  23. “Every day is a new opportunity to make your life a story worth telling.” ~ Jairek Robbins

  24. “The message from Wal-Mart today to the rest of the business community is there need not be any conflict between the environment and the economy. We will find the way not only to reconcile (those), but to find new profits and new opportunities as we do the right thing.” ~ Al Gore
  25. “The most important skill of the future will be the ability to learn and adapt. You need to be resourceful, keep your eyes open for advances coming out of nowhere, and embrace the new opportunities as they emerge. You need to be able to collaborate with others and build relationships. You need to be able to share ideas, inspire, and motivate.” ~ Vivek Wadhwa
  26. “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.” ~ Lisa Edelstein

  27. “In the old economy, it was all about having the answers. But in today’s dynamic, lean economy, it’s more about asking the right questions. A More Beautiful Question is about figuring out how to ask, and answer, the questions that can lead to new opportunities and growth.” ~ Eric Ries
  28. “I think we can compete with high-wage countries, and I believe we should. New jobs and clean energy, not only to fight climate change, which is a serious problem, but to create new opportunities and new businesses.” ~ Hillary Clinton , Jobs new opportunity quotes
  29. “The old world is quickly disappearing, and the new opportunities are opening up.” ~ Russell Simmons
  30. “To shift America (and the world) to a cleaner energy economy, millions of people will have to go to work in new industries. This necessary shift opens up tremendous new opportunities for work and wealth creation.” ~ Van Jones
  31. “Literature overtakes history, for literature gives you more than one life. It expands experience and opens new opportunities to readers.” ~ Carlos Fuentes

  32. “Well, as soon as [Donald Trump] travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.” ~ Donald Trump
  33. “As an entrepreneur at heart, I am excited to see so many new opportunities, and I am honoured to accept this opportunity to help shape the next stage of HTC’s development.” ~ Cher Wang
  34. “By channeling my inner heiress, I created a new opportunity for young heiresses.” ~ Paris Hilton
  35. “It is better to be early than too late in recognizing the passing of one era, the waning of old investment favorites and the advent of a new era affording new opportunities for the investor.” ~ Thomas Rowe Price, Jr.

  36. “Everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self. So by changing your home, you also change the possibilities in your own life. Removing the obstacles to the harmonious flow of energy in your living environment creates more harmony in your life and the space for wonderful new opportunities to come to you.” ~ Karen Kingston
  37. “No company has a permanent consumer franchise. No one has the only game in town. The never-ending cycle of destruction and change inherent in a capitalist economy always provides new opportunities for those with determination, goals and concentration.” ~ Harvey Mackay
  38. “I can’t stand being stagnant. Every day is a new opportunity to achieve something, even on a small scale.” ~ Benjamin Stone , Everyday new opportunity quotes
  39. “Each day is a new opportunity. I chose to make this day a great one.” ~ Louise Hay
  40. “The challenge we now face is to build on the record of the past, to continue accepting new responsibilities and seeking new opportunities to serve.” ~ Lady Bird Johnson

  41. “Every role presents a new opportunity for me to do something different and to explore something different.” ~ Paul Wesley
  42. “Write your future in pencil…Be prepared. Plan for the future. But also be ready to pivot if a new opportunity comes your way, or if you discover something that was not part of the master plan– makes your heart sing and your mind buzz with possibilities.” ~ Michele Norris
  43. “Purpose needs to be nurtured. It gains resolve when faced with adversity. The ability to overcome obstacles and challenges is daunting but when accomplished gives us a great feeling of achievement. At the same time we need to nurture purpose by exposing ourselves to new opportunities. We need to learn continuously and we need to teach what we learn to others. Such things like that, and many more, help shape and develop the sense of a leader’s purpose so that he or she can provide greater service to the organization.” ~ John Baldoni
  44. “Every moment presents a new opportunity and a new decision.” ~ Shakti Gawain

  45. “Be flexible be nuanced. It’s important to open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences and not be afraid to take risks.” ~ Sarah Lafleur
  46. “Each day is a new opportunity. Yesterday is over and done. Today is the first day of my future.” ~ Louise Hay
  47. “There are a lot of new opportunities that are poking their head up in my future. I’ve been very fortunate that way, but for right now, what I like is what I’m doing.” ~ Gavin MacLeod
  48. “Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you.” ~ Salma Hayek

  49. “Newness inspires me. New opportunities. New places. New experiences. Learning new things, new skills. New roles!” ~ Annie Wersching
  50. “I’m just focused on exploring new opportunities.” ~ Yuri Milner
  51. “I’m busier than ever and it’s led to new opportunities. But I’ve never worried about being rich or famous – for me, it’s all about the dancing.” ~ Anton du Beke
  52. “President Obama believes in a country where we invest in education, in roads and bridges, in science and in the future, so we can create new opportunities so the next kid can make it big, and the kid after that, and the kid after that. That’s what president Obama believes.” ~ Elizabeth Warren
  53. “The domestic war against “terrorists” [code for young protesters] provides new opportunities for major defense contractors and corporations who are becoming more a part of our domestic lives.” ~ Henry Giroux

  54. “In my view, the state should be active and work in cooperation with private businesses to spur growth that’s sustainable and inclusive. The policy process is about co-creating and co-shaping of markets, creating new opportunities for business investment – and negotiating a better deal for the public too.” ~ Mariana Mazzucato , Business new opportunity quotes
  55. “The fact that Trump’s refused to divest from his labyrinth of business holdings, the fact that he’s continuing to profit from his brand and indeed create all kinds of new opportunities to profit off the presidency is outrageous. The flip side is that he’s left out a lot of levers through which to pressure him. You know, the reason you want a president to divest from his business holdings is that foreign governments can try to exert pressure on him by becoming customers of these hotels and inflating the value of how much they’re willing to pay for a Trump brand.” ~ Naomi Klein
  56. “Football – it’s not fun when you lose. That’s a heartbreaking thing. But then there’s a new week, and a new opportunity and I definitely get happier and happier as that new opportunity approaches. So ‘win the next game,’ that’s my mindset.” ~ Jim Harbaugh
  57. “Just out here workin’ hard and doin’ what we do best: grind, hustle, and anything possible to create new opportunities.” ~ Pitbull
  58. “I try to focus on the present, what I’m doing now. I feel like the best design I can have is an awareness of where I’ve come from so that I don’t repeat myself. Luckily, my work provides me with a tremendous source of new opportunities.” ~ Demi Moore

  59. “Dalai Lama has made new opportunities for women that they never had in Tibet, introduced science into the monks’ curriculum and had Tibetan students in exile take their classes in English after the age of ten so that they will know more about the outside world. But one of the great things he’s done is to bring all the Tibetan groups together in exile, as perhaps they couldn’t have been when they weren’t in exile and they weren’t under such pressure.” ~ Pico Iyer
  60. “The biggest bursts of speciation that we know about in the history of the earth are soon after great cataclysms, like the extinction of the dinosaurs, which create new opportunities, and all sorts of new forms spring up… So, quite often, the reasons for creativity depend on accidents or disasters that prevent the normal habits being carried out.” ~ Rupert Sheldrake
  61. “If I could say something about Capricornia, and it came out in your previous report, there is no doubt that the end of the mining boom has led to an economic downturn in central Queensland, and that is why people in Capricornia, and elsewhere in central Queensland too, are so desperate for a government that will protect their jobs and create new opportunities for jobs in the future. And that is why [Malcolm] Turnbull government’s message of jobs and growth and its six point economic plan is so important to them.” ~ George Brandis
  62. “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” ~ Tim O’Reilly

  63. “Much of the attention on oceans has portrayed oceans as a villain. Warm water strengthened Hurricane Katrina that pounded Louisiana. Rising sea level will flood islands and coastal areas. Or, we’re talking about new opportunities like a new shipping lane in the Arctic because of melting sea ice. These may be the obvious problems, but they’re probably not the biggest ones.” ~ Mark Powell
  64. “France is delighted at this new opportunity to show the world … that when one has the will one can succeed in joining peoples who have been brought close by history.” ~ Francois Mitterrand
  65. “Netflix, Amazon, iTunes – whatever platforms emerge – we are looking at as having the same potential that home video had for the movie business. Which means there are entirely new opportunities to monetize our capital investment in content and do so in ways that work for distributors, for consumers, and for creators.” ~ Bob Iger

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