62 Nervous Breakdown Quotes On Success In Life

These nervous breakdown quotes will inspire you. Nervous breakdown, a stressful situation in which they’re temporarily unable to function normally in day-to-day life.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging nervous breakdown quotes, nervous breakdown sayings, and nervous breakdown proverbs.

Best Nervous Breakdown Quotes

  1. “There is an argument for believing that the entire process of writing a piece of fiction is simply a thinly-controlled and highly-internalized nervous breakdown designed, with a bit of luck, to produce something worthwhile at the end.” ~ David Hewson
  2. “The boarding-school experience in Paris was very hard, I didn’t put up with it very well. I was sick all the time, or in any case frail, on the edge of a nervous breakdown.” ~ Jacques Derrida
  3. “Once asked what action he would recommend if a person were to feel a nervous breakdown coming on: Lock up your house, go across the railroad tracks, and find someone in need and do something for him.” ~ Karl A. Menninger
  4. “Nervous breakdowns can be highly underrated methods of spiritual transformation.” ~ Marianne Williamson

  5. “Women’s struggle for equality worldwide is about more than equality between men and women. Our struggle is about reversing the trends of social, economic, political, and ecological crisis – a global nervous breakdown! Our struggle is about creating sustainable lives and attainable dreams.” ~ Bella Abzug
  6. “I had a nervous breakdown at 17 when my first love left me, and he was a typical bad boy, albeit a charismatic one, with a string of broken hearts trailing behind him.” ~ Caroline Leavitt
  7. “I’m doing good. I’ve had a slight nervous breakdown in the ’60s. I got through that. And I got through the ’70s. And I was in a doctor’s program during the ’80s and then I met Melinda and we’ve been together ever since. I’ve got a happy life.” ~ Brian Wilson
  8. “Coaching in the NBA is not easy. It’s like a nervous breakdown with a paycheck.” ~ Pat Williams

  9. “I believe what I call common-sense gun reform. Plus, a revolution in mental health, making sure that if people are having a nervous breakdown, or are suicidal, or homicidal, they get the care they need when they need it. I think the vast majority of the American people can support an agenda composed of those features.” ~ Bernie Sanders , Mental nervous breakdown quotes
  10. “When I was thirteen, I had a nervous breakdown, and I was put into this grown-up mental hospital with all these 50-, 60-year-old men and women. This big, Victorian mental house. There were like five boys in there, all my age, looked after by this woman who was 22 or 23. And it was like “Empire of the Sun” meets “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”-type of arrangement where you’ve got this young boy overcoming and becoming heroic in the face of this awful place.” ~ Duncan Roy
  11. “Everybody comes up with this term lucky-“Oh, she’s so lucky.” Even though I was lucky, I had a lot of struggle before that. I said I was going to give up everything at age 25 and get into event management because nothing was going for me. I used to have a lot of nervous breakdowns.” ~ Freida Pinto
  12. “Medically speaking, there is no such thing as a nervous breakdown. Which is very annoying to discover when you’re right in the middle of one.” ~ Marian Keyes

  13. “Everybody faces obstacles. And I looked to people who had been through many to succeed in life. Abraham Lincoln, born to a poor family, faced defeat through most of his life. Lost eight elections, failed two businesses, had a nervous breakdown, and still became president.” ~ Dave Winfield
  14. “I’m taking one thing at a time. With the children and launching my solo career it would drive me to a nervous breakdown if I tried to organise a wedding on top of that.” ~ Natasha Hamilton
  15. “The girls in California were probably prettier in a standard sense than the New York girls–blonder and in better health, I guess; but I still preferred the way the girls in New York looked–stranger and more neurotic (a girl always looked more beautiful and fragile when she was about to have a nervous breakdown).” ~ Andy Warhol
  16. “If you want to give the devil a nervous breakdown, just get up every day and see how much good you can do.” ~ Joyce Meyer

  17. “Most of you guys can’t see the potential in a nervous breakdown. A real collapse. There’s more chance of finding yourself in a major depression than there is in a bottle Prozac.” ~ Keith Ablow
  18. “Nobody gets a nervous breakdown or a heart attack from selling kerosene to gentle country folk from the back of a tanker in Somerset.” ~ Roald Dahl
  19. “The last thing we need is yet another makeup company. Even I have a nervous breakdown when I go through the department store makeup floor.” ~ Lauren Hutton
  20. “With a suit, even if you’re having a nervous breakdown, you still look like you’re in charge.” ~ Paul Feig

  21. “I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so isn’t much of a stretch.” ~ Emma Thompson
  22. “It’s unthinkable not to love – you’d have a severe nervous breakdown. Or you’d have to be Philip Larkin.” ~ Lawrence Durrell
  23. “A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it.” ~ Art Buchwald
  24. “A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.” ~ Earl Wilson

  25. “I’d have a nervous breakdown except that I’ve been through this too many times to be nervous.” ~ Peter McWilliams
  26. “Girls think they’re only allowed to wear dresses on formal occasions, but I like a woman who says, you know, I’m going over to see a boy who is having a nervous breakdown, a boy whose connection to the sense of sight itself is tenuous, and gosh dang it, I am going to wear a dress for him.” ~ John Green
  27. “Some logics get nervous breakdowns. Overloaded phone system behaves like frightened child. Mike did not have upsets, acquired sense of humor instead. Low one. If he were a man, you wouldn’t dare stoop over. His idea of thigh-slapper would be to dump you out of bed — or put itch powder in pressure suit.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein
  28. “I have been to hell and back. I had a very, very bad nervous breakdown.” ~ Andy Gibb

  29. “If you’re born in a cubicle and grow up in a corridor, and work in a cell, and vacation in a crowded sun-room, then coming up into the open with nothing but sky over you might just give you a nervous breakdown.” ~ Isaac Asimov
  30. “Even when I took the drugs I realized that this just wasn’t fun anymore. The drugs had become a part of my routine. Something to wake me up. Something to help me sleep. Something to calm my nerves. There was a time when I was able to wake up, go to sleep, and have fun without a pill or a line to help me function. These days it felt like I might have a nervous breakdown if I didn’t have them.” ~ Cherie Currie
  31. “If I had a nervous breakdown every time something awful happened in the world, I’d be crazier than a shithouse rat.” ~ John Green
  32. “There are so many rules about playwriting. I’d have a nervous breakdown if I followed them.” ~ Terrence McNally

  33. “I don’t think there’s any kind of preparation for sudden celebrity. I think you almost have this slight nervous breakdown when that kind of media attention happens. I mean, you’re doing the same kind of thing that you do all the time, only you have to make these weird adjustments. Like, you’re buying a slice of pizza and somebody’s outside photographing you which is weird – that’s not normal! It’s very uncomfortable.” ~ Scarlett Johansson
  34. “Even after several hospitalizations for alcohol and drug-related nervous breakdowns, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay defined sobriety as restricting her daily intake of liquor to a liter and a half of wine.” ~ Judith Thurman
  35. “A nervous breakdown waits around the corner for anyone who lets himself wallow in bitterness. Little by little, it takes over your whole being.” ~ Mariama Bâ
  36. “I’m a neurotic Jew who doesn’t want loans. I can’t even carry a balance on my credit card without having a nervous breakdown.” ~ Duff Goldman

  37. “Always remember that, nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a full-on nervous breakdown – you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit. You’d be amazed how easily and repeatedly you can confuse the two. Get a big biscuit tin.” ~ Caitlin Moran
  38. “I had low blood sugar, a chemical imbalance, plus the normal nervous breakdown everyone goes through from adolescence to adulthood.” ~ Mel Brooks
  39. “When you’re a first time director, you’re often considered what’s called a “deadly attachment” in the eyes of financiers, because they’re trusting you with a lot of money to bring something home, to get great performances, to not have a nervous breakdown in the process.” ~ John Krokidas
  40. “I’m f**king pathetic when it comes to being an entertainer. People come because they want to see me have a nervous breakdown.” ~ Mark Linkous

  41. “I’ve got a group who can’t play music, one bad comedian plus boyfriend, a nervous breakdown calling himself a magician, two coachloads of 70-year-old religious maniacs looking for a fight and a fancy-dress contest that nobody knew about.” ~ Alan Bleasdale
  42. “I don’t mean that creative people are somehow finer, or more sensitive, and thus have finer, more sensitive nervous breakdowns – you can save that horseshit for the Sylvia Plath worshipers. It’s just that creative people have creative breakdowns.” ~ Stephen King
  43. “I’ve never stolen anything. Well, that’s not entirely true. I once accidentally took a gift card from a store in a mall. I was carrying it around to show my mom because I thought it was funny, and I forgot to show it to her and left the store carrying it. I had a complete nervous breakdown, like, 20 minutes later and went back to the store in tears. So that’s where I stand in terms of my ability to steal something.” ~ Zoe Kazan
  44. “Not many people sleep with other men and when the other man leaves have a nervous breakdown.” ~ Andrew Sullivan

  45. “I think I realize why celebrities go crazy, do something stupid or have a nervous breakdown. Fortunately I have great people around me, but I see how that can happen.” ~ Carrie Underwood
  46. “There was an assumption that aerial bombing of civilians in World War II would cause fragile, working-class people to basically have nervous breakdowns and it would paralyze the state. That was the logic of aerial bombing. In fact, it doesn’t happen at all, but the logic behind aerial bombing has never stopped, even though it never demoralizes, terrorizes, or paralyzes a population.” ~ Rebecca Solnit
  47. “Peter Dinklage doesn’t care. He’s so cool so you can laugh at it. Most actors, if you laugh they’d just have a nervous breakdown. But he’s just, “Yeah, I know. I know.”” ~ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  48. “I was born with a nervous breakdown.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

  49. “Dear Isabelle, Alec is about to have a nervous breakdown. If you do not immediately desist planing my wedding to your brother, I will come back to Manhattan and blow up the Institute. I will turn Church into a man-eating beast who will rampage through the streets of Manhattan, stepping on mundanes. And I will make you fat. Love, Magnus” ~ Cassandra Clare
  50. “I hated Hollywood. It’s a town without pity. Only success counts. I know of no other place in the world where so many people suffer from nervous breakdowns,  where there are so many alcoholics, neurotics and so much unhappiness.” ~ Grace Kelly
  51. “One stifling summer afternoon last August, in the attic of a tiny stone house in Pennsylvania, I made a most interesting discovery: the shortest, cheapest method of inducing a nervous breakdown ever perfected. In this technique…, the subject is placed in a sharply sloping attic heated to 340 F and given a mothproof closet known as the Jiffy-Cloz to assemble.” ~ S. J. Perelman
  52. “I was certainly open for something being on the edge of a nervous breakdown, perplexed by my own sexuality. I was gay.” ~ Lionel Blue

  53. “I do think I go out of my way to be a very normal person and I just find it frustrating that people think that I’m some kind of weirdo reclusive that never comes out into the world. Y’know, I’m a very strong person and I think that’s why actually I find it really infuriating when I read, ‘She had a nervous breakdown’ or ‘She’s not very mentally stable, just a weak, frail little creature’.” ~ Kate Bush
  54. “If you say you’ve had a nervous breakdown or things aren’t right mentally, people run away from you. They think you’re from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ you know.” ~ Frank Bruno
  55. “The biggest trouble with success is that its formula is just about the same as that for a nervous breakdown.” ~ John Holmes
  56. “I was so devastated by the second divorce that I had a nervous breakdown.” ~ Jane Fonda

  57. “I’ve read a couple of things that I was sort of close to having a nervous breakdown. But I don’t think I was. I was very, very tired. It was a really difficult time.” ~ Kate Bush
  58. “One of the symptoms of approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important, and that to take a holiday would bring all kinds of disaster. If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his or her work important.” ~ Bertrand Russell
  59. “I understand why creative people like dark, but American audiences dont like dark. They like story. They do not respond to nervous breakdowns and unhappy episodes that lead nowhere. They like their characters to be a part of the action. They like strength, not weakness, a chance to work out any dilemma.” ~ Leslie Moonves
  60. “Sometimes traveling really intensely for a long time is like having a continuous nervous breakdown.” ~ Glen Hansard

  61. “I’ve read a couple of things that I was sort of close to having a nervous breakdown. But I don’t think I was. I was very, very tired. It was a really difficult time.” ~ Kate Bush
  62. “I’ve got a group who can’t play music, one bad comedian plus boyfriend, a nervous breakdown calling himself a magician, two coachloads of 70-year-old religious maniacs looking for a fight and a fancy-dress contest that nobody knew about.” ~ Alan Bleasdale

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