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These Neil Diamond quotes will inspire you. Neil Leslie Diamond is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and occasional actor.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Neil Diamond quotes, Neil Diamond sayings, and Neil Diamond proverbs.

Best Neil Diamond Quotes

  1. The lyrics aren’t simple, either. They’re extremely difficult because I’m trying to say complicated things in as few words as possible.” ~ Neil Diamond
  2. “Worse than bad reviews is to be ignored.” ~ Neil Diamond
  3. “Performing is the easiest part of what I do, and songwriting is the hardest.” ~ Neil Diamond
  4. “The truth always stays the same.” ~ Neil Diamond

  5. “I followed all life’s pleasures wherever they would lead, but someone I can treasure is all I really need.” ~ Neil Diamond
  6. “Songwriting is different from music, although I don’t deny now that it would be nice to have a little more background in music theory.” ~ Neil Diamond , Neil Diamond quotes music
  7. “When I first started, I worked with three chords in every bar, but I found that tied me down – I’m not a chord-change writer, I’m a songwriter.” ~ Neil Diamond
  8. “I thank the Lord for the night time.” ~ Neil Diamond

  9. “When love is unkind, it is not love anymore.” ~ Neil Diamond
  10. “Brooklyn is not the easiest place to grow up in, although I wouldn’t change that experience for anything.” ~ Neil Diamond
  11. “Don’t need to say please to no man for a happy tune.” ~ Neil Diamond
  12. “Touch a man who can’t walk up right, and that lame man, he’s gonna fly.” ~ Neil Diamond
  13. “Home’s the most excellent place of all.” ~ Neil Diamond

  14. “Nothing is sadder than love left unheard.” ~ Neil Diamond
  15. “The music is key. It has the power to transport you. I go from being a slightly insecure, shy kind of a person offstage, to this super-confident, motivated, entity onstage.” ~ Neil Diamond
  16. “Maybe tonight, maybe tonight by the fire all alone you and I. Nothing around but the sound of heart and your sighs.” ~ Neil Diamond
  17. “Love never doubts or suffers or cries. Love shows no fear, love tells no lies.” ~ Neil Diamond

  18. “You have to go out there and give a piece of yourself — your life, your soul. And you better give the audience everything you can — physically, emotionally, musically. Then maybe they’ll accept you and give you a standing ovation at the end.” ~ Neil Diamond
  19. “Love is still a simple act of faith, and a faithful heart is always worth the wait.” ~ Neil Diamond
  20. “Money talks, but it don’t sing and dance, and it don’t walk. And long as I can have you here with me, I’d much rather be, forever in blue jeans.” ~ Neil Diamond
  21. “The art of love is who you share it with.” ~ Neil Diamond

  22. “My voice is unadorned. I don’t try for perfection. I try to be honest and truthful and soulful with the voice I have. If I make mistakes in notes, or there are cracks in notes, I don’t fix them. That’s the way it is.” ~ Neil Diamond
  23. “When you’re on a merry-go-round, you miss a lot of the scenery.” ~ Neil Diamond
  24. ” “I think I need to be married. Having a wife and family makes some sense out of all that I do, because I can’t make any sense out of 20,000 adoring fans watching me for two hours.” ~ Neil Diamon
  25. “Songs are life in 80 words or less.” ~ Neil Diamond

  26. “All my songs are based on melody, which is retrieved from my Jewish heritage. Melody will always exist no matter what the rhythmic changes there are.” ~ Neil Diamond
  27. “Chelsea Morning is a great Joni Mitchell song and I guess I’m partial to her lyrics because they show me a slightly different perspective on life.” ~ Neil Diamond
  28. “I thought love was more or less a giving thing. Seems the more I gave, the less I got.” ~ Neil Diamond
  29. “Be…As a page that aches for a word

  30. Which speaks on a theme that is timeless” ~ Neil Diamond
  31. “Being lost is worth the being found.” ~ Neil Diamond
  32. “Songs are so all-encompassing; they’re the joys and sorrows and pacing of life.” ~ Neil Diamond
  33. “Acting is a specific discipline. Just because you can sing doesn’t mean you have the sensitivities of being an actor.” ~ Neil Diamond
  34. “When I am not writing, I’m dying.” ~ Neil Diamond

  35. “I guess I haven’t gotten over being lost, a wandering gypsy.” ~ Neil Diamond
  36. “I’ve finally found somebody who’s up to the task of being my wife, because I’m very … high maintenance.” ~ Neil Diamond
  37. “My writing is different. I think it’s better. I think it’s deeper. But, strangely enough, it covers a lot of the old ground. Maybe it says it in a more sophisticated way … but I [have written] about basically the same subjects over the years.” ~ Neil Diamond
  38. “Pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of husbands and wives.” ~ Neil Diamond

  39. “Because my musical training has been limited, I’ve never been restricted by what technical musicians might call a song.” ~ Neil Diamond
  40. “I used to go to my kids’ soccer games and I was the only parent who wasn’t screaming, because I’d have to do a show that night. It was hard. Moms and dads get more emotional at those soccer and Little League games than at a professional game.” ~ Neil Diamond
  41. “I’m trying to find the truth in myself. To play somebody else doesn’t interest me. It’s not the focus of my life. I can get through most scenes and do the acting part of it, and at best, I’m going to be mediocre.” ~ Neil Diamond
  42. “There’s a mystery to writing, and you don’t really know where most of it comes from.” ~ Neil Diamond

  43. “I get good vibes from people. There is a thread of DNA that runs from the days that I was a young teenager to these days. It feels good to go back there.” ~ Neil Diamond
  44. “My music is in young people’s lives because it’s so much a part of their parents’ lives.” ~ Neil Diamond
  45. “Over the years, you grow up, you mature and you see things in a different way, and it’s reflected in the writing.” ~ Neil Diamond
  46. “Money talks but it can’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.” ~ Neil Diamond

  47. “I’ve always thought of music as something which gives the words their flight and their wings and the music often comes first, although sometimes I’ll have a concept, a title idea, a lyric idea that I want to write and the lyric will come first.” ~ Neil Diamond
  48. “I couldn’t resist. I went over and joined in, and we just sang the song together, … They had no idea that I had written it, or who I was. I was just some weird guy who wanted to join in on the singing.” ~ Neil Diamond
  49. “If it can affect me, if it has meaning to me, if I feel I can do it well, I will do it and record it and thats why I recorded these songs.” ~ Neil Diamond
  50. “Melinda was mine ’til the time that I found her holding Jim, loving him.” ~ Neil Diamond

  51. “The main objective in any song, the songs that I write, has always been that it reflect the way I feel, that it touch me when I’m finished with it, that it moves me, that it can take me along with it and involve me in what its saying.” ~ Neil Diamond
  52. “I may have a little bit of a talent for music, but I’ve learnt to tap into my own self when I write. When I put the drill bit inside my heart, sometimes I come up with something light and frothy, sometimes with something deep and painful, but it’s great to connect with the audience.” ~ Neil Diamond
  53. “The man in between waits between the two, not hearing the lie and not seeing the true. Unknowing what is and denying what seems, and there he will sleep, the man in between.” ~ Neil Diamond
  54. “I still need practice in enjoying the fruits of success.” ~ Neil Diamond

  55. “I think that if I have one hope, 1 ambition, 1 aspiration for the next 4 or 5 years it would be that I can improve as a writer and just be able to say more of what I want to say throught the music.” ~ Neil Diamond
  56. “I got worries by the ton, getting cancer’s only one. Over taxed and alimonied, tired of eating fried baloney.” ~ Neil Diamond
  57. “I definitely don’t feel like I’m 71. I feel like I did when I was – between 30 and 40. The body ages. The mind doesn’t.” ~ Neil Diamond
  58. “I’m lucky. Hard work is the key, but luck plays a part.” ~ Neil Diamond

  59. “I’m throwing myself back in because I like being married. I don’t want to end this whole fabulous journey alone. I want someone by my side who I love and who loves me. I’ve finally found somebody who’s up to the task of being my wife, because I’m very high maintenance.” ~ Neil Diamond
  60. “Songwritng is what I do.” ~ Neil Diamond
  61. “Fencing made me feel for the first time like a winner.” ~ Neil Diamond
  62. “You’re alive, you might as well be glad.” ~ Neil Diamond

  63. “September morn Do you remember how we danced that night away Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play September morning still can make me feel this way.” ~ Neil Diamond
  64. “I have a lot of confidence, but little Self-Esteem. This has given me a tremendous creative spark because it forced me to keep proving myself.” ~ Neil Diamond
  65. “But you make me sing like a guitar humming . . .” ~ Neil Diamond

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  • joyce woods

    My Favorite Niel Diamond Quote is Home’s The Most Excellent Place Of All.

  • joyce woods

    If it was not for Niel Diamond and other singers and songwriters. us people who loves music would not have a relaxing confirm zone to go too, to relax or body , mine and soul. music make you feel so good inside, listen to every word, makes you just let everthing go. when your done you feel like a new person, i love good music.

    • Absolutely, music is like therapy. Keep Rocking!!!


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