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These music business quotes will inspire you. Music Business is a digital music service business, including streaming, downloading, radio, online live broadcasts, karaoke, and other music-related services across all screens and terminals, including mobile phones, personal computers, television, and other multi-media platforms.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging music business quotes, music business sayings, and music business proverbs.

Famous Music Business Quotes

  1. “The music business is motivated by money. Music is motivated by energy and feelings.” ~ Erykah Badu
  2. “The music business, and the travel that comes with it, is stressful, challenging, redundant, exhausting, exciting, and often very depressing.” ~ Mark Kozelek
  3. “My advice to anyone wanting to get into the music business, is always be ready to learn and remain humble.” ~ Rayvon Owen
  4. “Music is spiritual. The music business is not.” ~ Van Morrison

  5. “Music business is not for everyone. But if you have it in you, you have that passion, if you have that energy in you that you really want to make something creative and make something that’s going to impact the world, then go for it, do it and don’t let anybody tell you no.” ~ John Legend
  6. “Most artists, you know, you spend their entire lives learning how to play music and write songs, and they don’t really know how the music business works.” ~ Moby
  7. “The people who come out on top in music business have persistence. It is key! Fall down seven times; stand up eight. It takes a lot of courage and an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities.” ~ Wendy Starland
  8. “Independent artists and labels have always been the trendsetters in music and the music business.” ~ Shawn Fanning

  9. “The whole music business in the United States is based on numbers, based on unit sales and not on quality. It’s not based on beauty, it’s based on hype and it’s based on cocaine. It’s based on giving presents of large packages of dollars to play records on the air.” ~ Frank Zappa
  10. “We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on.” ~ Jon Bon Jovi
  11. “I wish there had been a music business 101 course I could have taken.” ~ Kurt Cobain
  12. “Music and the music business are two different things.” ~ Erykah Badu

  13. “Independent labels take nothing and make something out of it. Major labels buy that something, and try to make more out of it.” ~ Tom Silverman
  14. “That’s not easy to find in a corporate world, somebody who cares about music.” ~ Michael Penn
  15. “The music business is not a good place for people who don’t know things.” ~ Mary J. Blige
  16. “I’ve made hundreds of legendary records that people talk about that didn’t sell.” ~ Jerry Wexler

  17. “If the milk industry can make their product seem sexy and increase consumer demand, there must be hope for music.” ~ Gary Arnold
  18. “If this company is about anything, it’s about discipline and staying focused.” ~ Jimmy Iovine
  19. “Anybody that forms a group, writes songs and releases records and says they don’t care if people like them are complete liars.” ~ James Dean Bradfield
  20. “Just because it happened to you, doesn’t mean it’s interesting.” ~ Dennis Hopper

  21. “We’re the McDonalds of rock. Were always there to satisfy, and a billion served.” ~ Paul Stanley
  22. “The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  23. “I never had the feeling I ever had to make a dime doing anything.” ~ Rick Rubin
  24. “He took my music, but he gave me my name.” ~ Muddy Waters

  25. “Kitty Wells was the first and only Queen of Country Music, no matter what they call the rest of us. She was a great inspiration to me as well as every other female singer in the country music business. In addition to being a wonderful asset to country music, she was a wonderful woman. We will always remember her fondly.” ~ Dolly Parton
  26. “The way I see it, rock n’ roll is folk music.” ~ Robert Plant
  27. “I want to hear the word ‘cherish’ about 5 times.” ~ Clive Davis
  28. “Rock n’ roll is poison put to sound.” ~ Pablo Casals

  29. “In Los Angeles, they don’t want you to fail, they want you to die.” ~ David Geffen
  30. “I hate to say this, but at the time, (late 70’s) it was like the smart people liked punk and the dumb people liked Journey.” ~ Howie Klein
  31. “We live in an age of music for people who don’t like music. The record industry discovered some time ago that there aren’t that many people who actually like music. For a lot of people, music’s annoying, or at the very least they don’t need it. They discovered if they could sell music to a lot of those people, they could sell a lot more records.” ~ T Bone Burnett
  32. “Modern music is people who can’t think signing artists who can’t write songs to make records for people who can’t hear.” ~ Frank Zappa

  33. “Money had never been the main thing for me. It’s the legacy that was important.” ~ Berry Gordy
  34. “Going to radio with a rap record prior to going to the consumer is like having no foreplay with your girlfriend.” ~ Lyor Cohen
  35. “People don’t buy plastic and paper, they buy emotions.” ~ Scott Young
  36. “When you hear my records today hear a vanilla sounding artist with no black inflection, although I was trying to imitate what I heard.” ~ Pat Boone

  37. “Actually I don’t know if honesty is a strength or some kind of weakness.” ~ Ani DiFranco
  38. “It’s magazines like HITS that have to label things.” ~ Nina Gordon
  39. “That’s the shame about Miles Copeland; he’s evil, but he’s got a heart of gold.” ~ Dave Wakeling
  40. “To sustain hatred is a very difficult thing to do, year after year. It’s exhausting.” ~ Nick Cave

  41. “I’m a snake oil salesman as much as anyone else, but I try to keep something for myself.” ~ Freedy Johnston
  42. “You’ve gotta be business savvy really, or else you get the piss taken out of you.” ~ Melanie Brown
  43. “You go through stages where you wonder whether you are Christ, or just looking for him.” ~ David Bowie
  44. “I’m a survivor in a business that constantly rejects you.” ~ Dick Clark

  45. “I worked hard all my life as far as this music business. I dreamed of the day when I could go to New York and feel comfortable and they could come out here and be comfortable.” ~ Tupac Shakur
  46. “American music is something the rest of the world wants to listen to. Our job is to make sure they pay for it.” ~ Jason Michael Berman
  47. “Out of the ashes of the music business, comes the rebirth of the musician business.” ~ John Perry Barlow
  48. “I’ve learned the importance of loving what you do. I have also learned more patience due to the nature of the music business.” ~ Randy Travis

  49. “The music business, or what`s left of it, is obviously a very – it`s like a wild west now.” ~ Lars Ulrich
  50. “I’m meeting a lot of musicians and people in the music business, and am constantly trying to figure out what I want to do with music. We’ll see. I want to do everything.” ~ Tyler Posey
  51. “The music business would be much better, for the youth and the kids, if they start hiring employees that understand the kids.” ~ Suge Knight
  52. “I think the music business will eventually crush me, but I [smiles]… I’m ready.” ~ Elliott Smith

  53. “Don’t cheat yourself out of music. Music is one thing. The music business is another thing. Save enough of yourself to keep living anyway. Save enough joy in your heart to enjoy it. Let your reward be in the doing of it.” ~ Bill Withers
  54. “For the music business, social networking is brilliant. Just when you think it’s doom and gloom and you have to spend millions of pounds on marketing and this and that, you have this amazing thing now called fan power. The whole world is linked through a laptop. It’s amazing. And it’s free. I love it. It’s absolutely brilliant.” ~ Simon Cowell
  55. “Nowadays, with the state of the music business, for any artist, whether you’re up-and-coming or you’ve been in it for a while, you have to explore different revenues and different ways of expressing yourself.” ~ Mary J. Blige
  56. “The music business is one of a few places where everything you’ve heard about it seems entirely cliche, but it’s true.” ~ Patrick Stump

  57. “I don’t live in as much fear as I used to. I’m not afraid of the music business. Life is too damn short. I know what’s important, and the tasks are very clear.” ~ Kathy Mattea
  58. “I never thought of having platinum albums and winning awards. I just wanted to write songs and sing when I started out in the music business.” ~ Randy Travis
  59. “I wanted to be great. And I loved Nashville, so that made it easy. I loved the music business. It made it easy for me to stay and make a life here.” ~ Brandy Clark
  60. “The internet is a great thing but the worst thing that it brought to the music business was piracy and it’s made making stuff available really difficult.” ~ Scott Ian

  61. “I’m a binge writer. I work in the music business full-time, in artist management and developing songwriters and recording artists, and so juggling my job I carve out as much time as I can on the weekends.” ~ Ruta Sepetys
  62. “There’s so many people in the music business or even in general who will tell you that you can’t do this or that just because you haven’t already had success but I feel like anyone can do anything they put their mind to as long as they stay devoted and stay passionate.” ~ Jeremy Davis
  63. “I never even went to high school because I went straight from middle school into the music business. I don’t really know what it is supposed to be like.” ~ Cheyenne Kimball

  64. “The music business for me was never about buses and billboards you know, that was never the reason I got into the music business. The reason I wanted to get into the music business was because I genuinely, wholeheartedly love to sing. I love singing songs and telling stories and playing music, so that’s why I got into the music business.” ~ Johnny Reid
  65. “I have very much enjoyed being in the music business in different roles through five different decades.” ~ Peter Asher

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