51 Modern Culture Quotes On Success In Life

These modern culture quotes will inspire you. Modern culture refers to the shift in collective thought that took place with the rise in scientific advancements during the Renaissance.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging modern culture quotes, modern culture sayings, and modern culture proverbs.

Best Modern Culture Quotes

  1. “More than half of modern culture depends upon what one shouldn’t read.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  2. “Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” ~ Standing Bear
  3. “Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principle. In the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept the Lakota safe among them. And so close did some of the Lakotas come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue.” ~ Luther Standing Bear
  4. “We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills, and winding streams with tangled growth as wild. Earth was beautiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery.” ~ Luther Standing Bear
  5. “Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library.” ~ Luther Standing Bear

  6. “The old Lakota was wise. He knew that man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans too.” ~ Luther Standing Bear
  7. “Only to the white man was nature a ‘wilderness’.” ~ Luther Standing Bear
  8. “The old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” ~ Luther Standing Bear
  9. “Well, I am very happy that I was able to play a part in bringing music from the streets onto the radio and into modern culture, I worked very hard and always believed in the sounds I was creating.” ~ Ice T
  10. “Modern culture is a mighty force. It is either subservient to the gospel or else it is the deadliest enemy of the gospel” ~ John Gresham Machen

  11. “Modern culture is constantly growing more objective. Its tissues grow more and more out of impersonal energies, and absorb less and less the subjective entirety of the individual.” ~ Georg Simmel
  12. “Nietzsche is absolutely correct, even more correct today than when he wrote it in Thus Spake Zarathustra: I looked all about me for human beings but all I saw were fragments, deformed creatures with too much eye or too much ear. This is what the modern culture of specialized intellect-the kind of one-sidedness that banausic utilitarianism alone can value-works so hard to produce.” ~ Kenny Smith
  13. “Oh! it is absurd to have a hard-and-fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldn’t. More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn’t read.” ~ Oscar Wilde
  14. “By the respectable terms of the modern literary profession, novelists do not preach. And, in fact, there has probably not been a less respectable novelist among the irrefutably enduring writers of our time than Ayn Rand: philosopher queen of the best-seller lists in the forties and fifties, cult phenomenon and nationally declared threat to public morality in the sixties, guru to the Libertarians and to White House economic policy in the seventies, and a continuing exemplar or Wilde’s tragic observation that more than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn’t read.” ~ Claudia Roth
  15. “One needs solitude and quiet to think. The cacophony of modern culture is designed to make that impossible.” ~ Chris Hedges

  16. “In a post-modern culture we need an apologetic that is felt and seen because if post-moderns are not feeling it, they are not believing it.” ~ Ravi Zacharias
  17. “I think that one possible definition of our modern culture is that it is one in which nine-tenths of our intellectuals can’t read any poetry.” ~ Randall Jarrell
  18. “If diversity is a source of wonder, its opposite – the ubiquitous condensation to some blandly amorphous and singularly generic modern culture that takes for granted an impoverished environment – is a source of dismay. There is, indeed, a fire burning over the earth, taking with it plants and animals, cultures, languages, ancient skills and visionary wisdom. Quelling this flame, and re-inventing the poetry of diversity is perhaps the most important challenge of our times.” ~ Wade Davis
  19. “Having had that experience… I think, what modern culture wants to see is the relationship with the woman. I don’t think you can tell a story on film nowadays where the woman simply is there for the man when he decides to settle down” ~ Tom Selleck
  20. “The Church cannot be content to live in its stained-glass house and throw stones through the picture window of modern culture.” ~ Robert McAfee Brown

  21. “Manhattanism is the one urbanistic ideology that has fed, from its conception, on the splendors and miseries of the metropolitan condition—hyper-density—without once losing faith in it as the basis for a desirable modern culture. Manhattan’s architecture is a paradigm for the exploitation of congestion.” ~ Rem Koolhaas
  22. “The idea that we live in a post-modern culture is a myth. In fact a post-modern culture is an impossibility; it would be utterly unlivable. Nobody is a post-modernist when it comes to reading the labels on a medicine bottle versus a box of rat poison! You better believe that texts have objective meaning!” ~ William Lane Craig
  23. “Moreover, behind this vague tendency to treat religion as a side issue in modern life, there exists a strong body of opinion that is actively hostile to Christianity and that regards the destruction of positive religion as absolutely necessary to the advance of modern culture” ~ Christopher Dawson
  24. “The person senses what it feels like to be free from inhibitions. At the same time he feels connected and integrated – with his body and, through his body, with his environment. He has a sense of well-being and inner peace. He gains the knowledge that the life of the body resides in its involuntary aspect. […] Unfortunately these beautiful feelings do not always hold up under the stress of daily living in our modern culture. The pace, the pressure and the philosophy of our times are antithetical to life.” ~ Alexander Lowen
  25. “Professional footballers – those virile young stags of our modern culture – are near perpetual fountains of sputum.” ~ Frank Skinner

  26. “Even time is a concept. In reality we are always in the eternal present. The past is just a memory, the future just an image or thought. All our stories about past and future are only ideas, arising in the moment. Our modern culture is so tyrannized by goals, plans, and improvement schemes that we constantly live for the future. But as Aldous Huxley reminded us in his writings, “An idolatrous religion is one in which time is substituted for eternity…the idea of endless progress is the devil’s work, even today demanding human sacrifice on an enormous scale.” ~ Jack Kornfield
  27. “Modern culture appears to have adopted a strategy of tragedy. If we come here and say, I didn’t intend to cause global warning, it’s not part of my plan, then we realize it’s part of our defacto plan because it’s the thing that’s happening because we have no other plan.” ~ William McDonough
  28. “My first fundamental premise of our faith is that God is real and so are eternal truths and values not provable by current scientific methods. These ideas are inevitably linked. Like other believers, we proclaim the existence of the ultimate lawgiver, God our Eternal Father, and the existence of moral absolutes. We reject the moral relativism that is becoming the unofficial creed of much of modern culture.” ~ Dallin H. Oaks
  29. “What inspires me is the power of human potential… the human potential to evolve in our lives, and for profound healing. It’s always been there but it’s become somewhat obscure to us given the stressful, fast-paced modern culture in which we live. I’m also inspired by how miraculous some of the simplest and most natural aspects of life can be the greatest sources of healing and transformation.” ~ Brad Willis
  30. “As an artist and a songwriter myself, I like to feel connected to modern culture and watch how sounds change.” ~ John Feldmann

  31. “The romantics were reacting against a modern culture that divided individuals from themselves (through specialisation in the division of labor), from others (the competitive market place) and from nature, which had been reduced down to a machine through technology. The antidote to such division is unity and wholeness, which means feeling at home again in the world.” ~ Frederick C. Beiser
  32. “I wanted to write a book that showed how the subjectification of the “the murderer” has changed little in over a hundred years, and to argue that this “exceptional figure” serves a conservative function in modern culture that bears closer interrogation than it has commonly received.” ~ Richard Marshall
  33. “In post modern culture, people not only have their own views, they think they are entitled to their own facts.” ~ Peter Boghossian
  34. “Look, if you have a problem with distilling the Battle of Thermopylae down to freedom versus tyranny, you need to read Herodotus because he’s the one. It’s his fault, not modern culture’s fault. He did it.’ [Victor Davis Hanson] references a lot of things like that because he feels like the spirit of the book and of the movie [“300″] are very close to the Spartan aesthetic. That’s really kind of what he feels.”” ~ Zack Snyder
  35. “No one is saying you’re possessed by the devil anymore except the most ignorant of people in modern culture.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

  36. “In this post-modern culture in which we live – where people question absolute truth – stories are resistant to platitudes; they’re resistant to me making declarations of truth to them. A story can do that in kind of a Trojan-horse fashion.” ~ Max Lucado
  37. “Animism characterizes tribes very low in the scale of humanity, and thence ascends, deeply modified in its transmission, but from first to last preserving an unbroken continuity, into the midst of high modern culture.” ~ Edward Burnett Tylor
  38. “And to think of this great country in danger of being dominated by people ignorant enough to take a few ancient Babylonian legends as the canons of modern culture. Our scientific men are paying for their failure to speak out earlier. There is no use now talking evolution to these people. Their ears are stuffed with Genesis.” ~ Luther Burbank
  39. “Jesus tended to honor the losers of this world, not the winners. Our modern culture extravagantly rewards beauty, athletic skill, wealth, and artistic achievement, qualities which seemed to impress Jesus not at all.” ~ Philip Yancey
  40. “The first principle of modern cultures may be their connectedness. Culture is like wind and wind knows no boundary or center. Once there is a center, wind becomes a whirlwind.” ~ Mu Xin

  41. “While much of modern behavioral and social science treats individuals as autonomous agents, it is absolutely clear that the way we think and act is enormously influenced by the culture in which we live. It also is clear that the major elements of modern culture-science, technology, law, music, and religion-have evolved over time in a quite concrete sense of the term. Mesoudi makes these arguments very well and his book is a very good read.” ~ Richard R. Nelson
  42. “Becoming a walking, dancing, fire-breathing lifestyle dragon is not something you can pursue overnight! It takes years of studying, living, and understanding the modern culture!” ~ Theophilus London
  43. “Every new generation believes its own period to be absolutely superior intellectually – greater than all past cultures yet equal among its modern cultures.” ~ Criss Jami
  44. “The movement of abstract art… bears within itself at almost every point the mark of the changing material and psychological conditions surrounding modern culture.” ~ Meyer Schapiro

  45. “Is it our task to force the biblical doctrine of God to answer to modern culture, or (is it our task) to address modern culture with the biblical doctrine of God? If modern culture-or any culture-establishes the baseline for the doctrine of God, such a doctrine will certainly bear little resemblance to the God of the Bible.” ~ Albert Mohler
  46. “The art of reading is to skip judiciously. Whole libraries may be skipped in these days, when we have the results of them in our modern culture without going over the ground again.” ~ Philip Gilbert Hamerton
  47. “Modern culture is in so much trouble, where people don’t have a deep inner life, or any deep experience of their true self in God, who they were before anyone said anything about them, before they received their first medal or ego identification. That`s why suffering is so important, because suffering is when those little rewards are taken away from you.” ~ Richard Rohr
  48. “There is a tremendous problem in modern culture. We have become used to everything coming to us with tremendous speed and ease. It is a culture where discipline and patience is almost impossible to develop.” ~ Robert Greene
  49. “The history of modern culture is a history of popular entertainments evolving into art.” ~ Andrew Hoberek

  50. “Whether they are raised in indigenous or modern culture, there are two things that people crave: the full realization of their innate gifts, and to have these gifts approved, acknowledged, and confirmed. There are countless people in the West whose efforts are sadly wasted because they have no means of expressing their unique genius. In the psyches of such people there is an inner power and authority that fails to shine because the world around them is blind to it.” ~ Malidoma Patrice Some
  51. “Protestant Christianity, whether in its liberal or conservative garb, finds itself waking up each morning in bed with a deteriorating modern culture, between sheets with a raunchy sexual reductionism, despairing scientism, morally normless cultural relativism, and self-assertive individualism. We remain resident aliens, OF the world but not profoundly in it, dining at the banquet table of waning modernity without a whisper of table grace. We all wear biblical name tags (Joseph, David, and Sarah), but have forgotten what our Christian names mean.” ~ Thomas Oden

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