65 Mobile Quotes On Success In Life

These mobile quotes will inspire you. Mobile able to move or be moved freely or easily or relating to mobile phones, handheld computers, and similar technology.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging mobile quotes, mobile sayings, and mobile proverbs.

Best Mobile Quotes

  1. “You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it.” ~ Seymour Papert
  2. “Mobile communications and pervasive computing technologies, together with social contracts that were never possible before, are already beginning to change the way people meet, mate, work, war, buy, sell, govern and create.” ~ Howard Rheingold
  3. “Gamification is as important as social and mobile.*” ~ Bing Gordon
  4. “Before mobile phones, I used to call my parents from a phone box and reverse the charges.” ~ Tamara Ecclestone

  5. “There are dangers that globalization increases inequality. There are dangers that because capital is mobile and workers are not, if we are not providing them sufficient protection, that they can be left behind in this process. And that’s what we have to focus on.” ~ Barack Obama
  6. “If our brands are going to be in print and on mobile handsets and in video and events, we have to acknowledge that the playing fields are going to be different than a print-only product or a print product with extensions to it.” ~ Norman Pearlstine
  7. “A Masai warrior on a cellphone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile comm than President Reagan did 25 years ago.” ~ Peter Diamandis
  8. “We are on a planet of seven billion people, five billion mobile subscriptions.” ~ Paul Conneally
  9. “Roger Maris lost his hair the season he hit sixty-one, I still have all my hair, but when it’s over, I’m going home to Mobile and fish for a long time.” ~ Hank Aaron

  10. “The table was her stage. The mobile phone was the microphone. And the new moon was the spotlight. That kind of magic only Nana could make it happen.” ~ Ai Yazawa
  11. “Mobile is important, and coming faster than most people in this room realize.” ~ Matt Cutts
  12. “We try to ‘self-medicate’ ourselves against boredom with mobile phones in any given moment of free time.” ~ Alex Bogusky
  13. “Local commerce, without question, will be one of the fundamental use cases enabled by mobile devices over the next several years.” ~ Andrew Mason

  14. “I originally welcomed the mobile phone as it seemed to me that it would enable you to work from anywhere. On the mobile, who was to know if you were sitting on the branch of a tree or sitting in an office? But it instead had the opposite effect: instead of freeing us from the office, it allowed the office to take away our freedom.” ~ Tom Hodgkinson
  15. “My mobile phone battery runs out all the time because all the messages come straight to me.” ~ Ed Balls
  16. “I’d like to record somewhere really different. Rent a really big house and get a mobile in and set up in the dining room. Maybe New England; it’d be nice in September or October.” ~ Robert Smith
  17. “Apple has long been a leading innovator of mobile technology; I myself own an iPhone.” ~ Al Franken

  18. “I travel the world visiting global health programs as an ambassador for the global health organization, PSI, and sometimes the disconnect I see is truly striking: people can get cold Coca Cola, but far too infrequently malaria drugs; most own mobile phones, but don’t have equal access to pre-natal care.” ~ Mandy Moore
  19. “The biggest opportunity in 2013 is in Africa. It has seven out of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world. In Nigeria alone there are 100 million people with mobile phones. In total, 300 million Africans – five times the population of Britain – are in the middle class.” ~ David Miliband
  20. “An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is.” ~ Steve Jobs
  21. “The Mobile Web Initiative is important – information must be made seamlessly available on any device.” ~ Tim Berners-Lee
  22. “A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before.” ~ Jean-Francois Lyotard

  23. “I want to be buried with a mobile phone, just in case I’m not dead.” ~ Amanda Holden
  24. “If you look at the evolution of games from console to Internet to mobile, and look at social networking from Web to mobile, everything is fragmenting.” ~ Chris DeWolfe
  25. “It used to be that we imagined that our mobile phones would be for us to talk to each other. Now, our mobile phones are there to talk to us.” ~ Sherry Turkle
  26. “Historically, WordPress has been purely focused on the writing side. However, were thinking about mobile completely differently, and I think theres a big opportunity to take the community of creators that loves WordPress and deliver an audience to the amazing things theyre making.” ~ Matt Mullenweg
  27. “The mobile middle class gravitates to the cities where housing is affordable.” ~ Virginia Postrel

  28. “Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.” ~ Satya Nadella
  29. “Tomorrow, I’m going to a soup kitchen in Mobile. I think that will symbolize the insensitivity of this administration to human needs.” ~ Walter F. Mondale
  30. “Enterprising law-enforcement officers with a warrant can flick a distant switch and turn a standard mobile phone into a roving mic or eavesdrop on occupants of cars equipped with travel assistance systems.” ~ Jonathan Zittrain
  31. “The world is changing so quickly, with mobile stuff and different platforms emerging, that I think it’s more likely that the biggest competitor for Facebook is someone that we haven’t heard of. What that means for us is that we should just really stay focused on what we’re doing.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  32. “The uptake on mobile phones in Africa is phenomenal.” ~ Ethan Zuckerman

  33. “Human mobile devices that may come in handy and can be used anywhere include: prayer, meditation, a good attitude, compassion, kindness, humor, laughter,  patience, love and a smile. Customize to personal style and taste.” ~ Jody Watley
  34. “In the era of mobile phones and emails, you’re no more out of the loop in China than you are in Sydney.” ~ Tony Abbott
  35. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling. That’s a constant. What’s always in flux, especially in this noisy, mobile world, is how, when, and where the story gets told, and even who gets to tell all of it.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk
  36. “On mobile, what are the core apps? It’s basically messaging, mapping and review data.” ~ Jeremy Stoppelman
  37. “Yelp is in a very nice spot: local data, and especially review data, is one of the killer apps on mobile phones.” ~ Jeremy Stoppelman

  38. “At the global level, there are a growing number of city-based bike-sharing programs, that take advantage of mobile devices to reserve your bike, keep track of it, and collect data that helps to improve the service.” ~ Lisa Gansky
  39. “Our ever-present mobile devices provide the immediate and convenient information necessary to make sharing things truly irresistible.” ~ Lisa Gansky
  40. “The Mesh difference is that with GPS-enabled mobile Web devices and social networks, physical goods are now easily located in space and time.” ~ Lisa Gansky
  41. “The Mesh difference is that with GPS-enabled mobile Web devices and social networks, physical goods are now easily located in space and time.” ~ Lisa Gansky

  42. “Not everybody is talented for doing research. I think many women prefer to look for an easier job after their dissertations because it is very demanding. You have to be mobile. You have to move to different places for your post-doc training. And if you aren’t successful, it isn’t a very pleasant job, either.” ~ Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
  43. “Not everybody is talented for doing research. I think many women prefer to look for an easier job after their dissertations because it is very demanding. You have to be mobile. You have to move to different places for your post-doc training. And if you aren’t successful, it isn’t a very pleasant job, either.” ~ Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
  44. “Mobile communications have two functions: as a safety net, and as a marketing tool. I think it’d be foolish to not carry one for safety sake. Using one for marketing is an optional activity, and I’ve generally stayed away from extensively using one for this purpose because it’s a distraction.” ~ Andrew Skurka
  45. “I was playing in the juniors at Wimbledon I forgot to turn my mobile phone off. It was lying there in my bag and it rang in the middle of a match, and it was one of my friends from school saying, ‘Murray, you’re on the telly!’ I learnt from that. I now put my phone on silent.” ~ Andy Murray
  46. “Nothing is so discreet as a young face, for nothing is less mobile; it has the serenity, the surface smoothness, and the freshnessof a lake. There is no character in women’s faces before the age of thirty.” ~ Honore de Balzac

  47. “I always cheerfully say, “Well, you know, the species is adapting, and whatever it needs to do, it’ll do,” but I do think it’s maybe a little bit alarming. Everybody knows that one thing we really have to do is to be more wherever we are, more present, that’s just kind of a commonplace. And the whole mobile phone thing is completely 100% the opposite – to never be where you are because you can always be somewhere else; and yet it’s so fun and addictive.” ~ George Saunders
  48. “I think to be a rich and successful person in Roman society would be pretty fabulous. They had all of the comforts we want now – central heating, baths, medicine. If I could choose not to indulge in all the things they did I don’t agree with, then I could be perfectly comfortable without a mobile phone, computer or anything.” ~ Martin Shaw
  49. “The Eee Pad Transformer Prime is a category-defining product. Powered by Tegra 3, it launches us into a new era of mobile computing, in which quad-core performance and super energy-efficiency provide capabilities never available before. With Transformer Prime, ASUS has once again led the industry into the next generation.” ~ Jen-Hsun Huang
  50. “It’s annoying when you’ve got a guitar and you’re working on music and then you have to go and do the shopping or someone calls your mobile and you get distracted or you have to go out and do something. So it’s nice to just concentrate on it one hundred percent and give your all to it.” ~ Michael Kiwanuka
  51. “Mobile will probably disrupt much of what we know of web 2.0.” ~ Keith Teare

  52. “Today one can read the Gospel also on so many technological instruments. You can carry the whole Bible on your mobile phone, on your tablet. It is important to read the Word of God, by any means, but by reading the Word of God: Jesus speaks to us there! And welcome it with an open heart. Then the good seed will bear fruit!” ~ Pope Francis
  53. “The funding of mobile first companies will increase significantly.” ~ Keith Teare
  54. “In the great and deep qualities of mind, heart, and soul, there is no change. Homer and Solomon speak to the same nature in man that is reached by Shakespeare and Lincoln. but in the accidents, the surroundings, the change is vast. All things now are mobile–movable.” ~ Rutherford B. Hayes
  55. “In the last 10 years, children have been locked inside their rooms, glued to their PCs. … But now with mobile technology, we can actually take our children outside into the natural world with their technology.” ~ Shilo Shiv Suleman
  56. “If your business isn’t optimised for mobile, it might as well be invisible. Mobile isn’t going to be a medium. It’s going to be the medium.” ~ Edward Boches

  57. “I like to customize things. I customized the back of old Lincoln to be my mobile office. I had one of those little laptop desks like in a police car, and I had a cooler in there, so that was my mobile office.” ~ Matthew McConaughey
  58. “The incredible expansion of mobile technologies is another important factor that will both drive and support the deployment of workplace learning tools and systems in the areas of performance support, particularly, but also in areas such as expert location, crowdsourcing-based problem solving and others.” ~ Charles Jennings
  59. “One of the really fascinating areas is marketplaces that take advantage of mobile devices. Ridesharing is the obvious example, but that’s just the start of it, of selling goods and services with lightweight mobile apps.” ~ John Collison
  60. “Nothing in the world is as mobile as capital. It can move anywhere in the world instantaneously.” ~ Barney Frank
  61. “Everyone on the set has a mobile phone, and I found by pushing a few buttons, they could be programmed into different languages. I fixed Robbie’s Coltrane to speak in Turkish.” ~ Daniel Radcliffe

  62. “In Tunisia the Americans had to pay a stiff price for their experience, but it brought rich dividends. Even at that time, the American generals showed themselves to be very advanced in the tactical handling of their forces, although we had to wait until the Patton Army in France to see the most astonishing achievements in mobile warfare.” ~ Erwin Rommel
  63. “Bullying behaviour can be communicated via text, mobile phones, internet, social networking sites, forums. But we can’t limit it because these messages are then reinforced by television which glamorises yelling, swearing and vulgar behaviour as the way to walk the red carpet of acceptance.” ~ Louise Burfitt-Dons
  64. “The multinational corporation and international production reflect a world in which capital and technology have become increasingly mobile, while labor has remained relatively immobile.” ~ Robert Gilpin
  65. “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re in deep turd.” ~ Jen-Hsun Huang

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