65 Misplaced Quotes On Success In Life

These misplaced quotes will inspire you. Misplaced incorrectly positioned or temporarily lost.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging misplaced quotes, misplaced sayings, and misplaced proverbs.

Best Misplaced Quotes

  1. “Enthusiasm and misplaced belief can take you a long way.” ~ John Otway
  2. “When we are angry or depressed in our creativity, we have misplaced our power. We have allowed someone else to determine our worth, and then we are angry at being undervalued.” ~ Julia Margaret Cameron
  3. “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
  4. “As naturally as the ruled always took the morality imposed upon them more seriously than did the rulers themselves, the deceived masses are today captivated by the myth of success even more than the successful are. Immovably, they insist on the very ideology which enslaves them. The misplaced love of the common people for the wrong which is done to them is a greater force than the cunning of the authorities.” ~ Theodor Adorno
  5. “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.” ~ Norman L. Eisen

  6. “I felt like I’d been misplaced in the cosmos and I belonged in Maine.” ~ Terry Goodkind
  7. “In the euphoria after the Cold War, there was a misplaced notion that the UN could solve every problem anywhere.” ~ Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  8. “I’m a misplaced American, but don’t know where I was misplaced” ~ Ruby Wax
  9. “By cutting critical domestic programs such as education, health, environmental protection, and veterans’ services, this budget reveals misplaced priorities.” ~ Dan Lipinski
  10. “Do you trust me? The question is usually asked before an admission that such trust is misplaced.” ~ S.J. Watson

  11. “Bill is about moving forward on a long overdue provision to protect vulnerable paid farm workers in Alberta to the same degree that they are protected in every other province in the country, and we feel confident that once people see how the bill actually applies to the regular family farm, they will see that a lot of the concerns were perhaps misplaced. And it’s unfortunate that we created a situation that made people worry; that was not ever our intention.” ~ Rachel Notley
  12. “Sometimes your friends take you ten steps backwards for every step you take forward. Sometimes misplaced loyalty ruins your destiny.” ~ Keshia Chante , Misplaced quotes loyalty
  13. “Anyone who tries to improve the lives of animals invariably comes in for criticism from those who believe such efforts are misplaced in a world of suffering humanity.” ~ Jane Goodall
  14. “Hope sustains life, but misplaced hope prolongs recessions.” ~ James Grant

  15. “Stagefright and acting blocks are just unfocused or misplaced energy. Everything is possible if you know how and where to focus to invite inspiration…Inspiration is a sensation in the body. It can be invited upon your will and willingness to experience it taking you over.” ~ Marjo-Riikka Makela
  16. “Too much of what passes for design now is theater. It’s one thing to be eccentric- and by the way, most eccentrics tend to be rather well-educated people – and quite another to be a faddist, by which I mean someone who tries to conjure a totally foreign aesthetic in a misplaced environment.” ~ Albert Hadley
  17. “Life is a storeroom filled with boxes, some empty, some misplaced forever. We’re what remains, what we’ve grabbed hold of.” ~ Margaret Mazzantini
  18. “Perhaps the only misplaced curiosity is that which persists in trying to find out here, on this side of death, what lies beyond the grave.” ~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
  19. “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

  20. “I placed the Marines where the hardest work was to be accomplished, and I never once found my confidence in them misplaced.” ~ Winfield Scott
  21. “Should we grieve over a little misplaced charity, when an all-knowing, all-wise Being showers down every day his benefits on the unthankful and undeserving?” ~ Francis Atterbury
  22. “I am the very slave of circumstance And impulse borne away with every breath! Misplaced upon the throne misplaced in life. I know not what I could have been, but feel I am not what I should be let it end.” ~ Lord Byron
  23. “What matters is the way we Americans think about ourselves. We think about ourselves as incapable of committing crimes. Everything we do, we make a lot of errors, you know, you can’t help it. Mistakes all over the place, but out of naïveté or, you know, misplaced kindness or something like that.” ~ Noam Chomsky
  24. “The devil considers all misplaced trust as devil worship, for he hides himself in its shadows.” ~ Bill Johnson

  25. “When it comes to e-book playback devices and software, I have always thought that the emphasis on ergonomic concerns as a tipping point for the end-user population was misplaced.” ~ Tom Peters
  26. “Dr. [Martin Luther] King led a very historic march here in Washington, D.C. It was a march for jobs and freedom. It was a march to raise expectations that this country could live up to its ideals. I have watched this debate, this conversation [betwin Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] about bigotry, about racism, I find it all misplaced.” ~ Donna Brazile
  27. “One of the great dangers in political engagement is misplaced hope.” ~ Shane Claiborne
  28. “But there are times when thinking is misplaced, like when taking photographs. You cannot think your way to making photographs; you can photograph your way to clearer thinking.” ~ Bill Jay
  29. “What you hope for determines what you live for. What you hope for determines WHO you live for. Hope misplaced can devastate you.” ~ James MacDonald

  30. “A man of the best parts and greatest learning, if he does not know the world by his own experience and observation, will be very absurd, and consequently very unwelcome in company. He may say very good things; but they will be probably so ill-timed, misplaced, or improperly addressed, that he had much better hold his tongue.” ~ Lord Chesterfield
  31. “Because who can describe that look that triggers the memory of loved ones? Who can anticipate the frown, the smile, or the misplaced lock of hair that sends a swift, undeniable signal from the past? Who can ever estimate the power of association, which is always strongest in moments of love and in memories of death?” ~ John Irving
  32. “He [Mencken] was an autodidact, with all the misplaced confidence and all the astonishing gaps that characterize that breed. Not many of us would venture to write a book about democracy without ever having read de Tocqueville, nor embark on a translation of Nietzsche with only a sketchy knowledge of German.” ~ John Derbyshire
  33. “Let’s start with some of the reasons that the press holds its tongue and some of the things that you don’t know because of this. We’ll begin with squeamishness, prudishness, timidity and an overdeveloped fear of offending someone… So much for squeamishness and prudishness. There are many other reasons that we editors fail you in this pact you and we have. Let me name a few more: Orthodoxy, conventional thinking, a misplaced pleasure at being on the inside, incompetence and laziness.” ~ Geneva Overholser
  34. “You must have to want it so badly, if there is any way you can live without it, get out of it. Being an unsuccessful actor is like having a skin disease. Make sure your passion is not misplaced.” ~ Tom Sizemore

  35. “…even misplaced faith can help us gain knowledge. We try to be smart about where we put our faith and we adjust as we learn more.” ~ Brandon Mull
  36. “Once, in a dry season, I wrote in large letters across two pages of a notebook that innocence ends when one is stripped of the delusion that one likes oneself. Although now, some years later, I marvel that a mind on the outs with itself should have nonetheless made painstaking record of its every tremor, I recall with embarrassing clarity the flavor of those particular ashes. It was a matter of misplaced self-respect.” ~ Joan Didion
  37. “I got the idea for Netflix after my company was acquired. I had a big late fee for Apollo 13. It was six weeks late and I owed the video store $40. I had misplaced the cassette. It was all my fault.” ~ Reed Hastings
  38. “Most of the cruelty in the world is just misplaced energy.” ~ Zadie Smith

  39. “his planet came with a set of instructions, but we seem to have misplaced them. Important rules like don’t poison the water, soil, or air, don’t let the earth get overcrowded, and don’t touch the thermostat have been broken.” ~ Paul Hawken
  40. “I am living at the Villa Borghese. There is not a crumb of dirt anywhere, nor a chair misplaced. We are all alone here and we are dead.” ~ Henry Miller
  41. “After the dress rehearsal that afternoon, someone had misplaced the vial of poison, and for lack of better, Romeo would have to commit suicide by eating Tic Tacs.” ~ Anne Fortier
  42. “Insofar as he’d formed any opinion of her, it was that she suffered from misplaced gentility and the mistaken belief that etiquette meant good breeding. She mistook mannerisms for manners.” ~ Terry Pratchett

  43. “Then I celebrated my Wall of Books. I counted the volumes on my twenty-foot-long modernist bookshelf to make sure none had been misplaced or used as kindling by my subtenant. “You’re my sacred ones,” I told the books. “No one but me still cares about you. But I’m going to keep you with me forever. And one day I’ll make you important again.” I thought about that terrible calumny of the new generation: that books smell.” ~ Gary Shteyngart
  44. “Maybe, you just misplaced it, you know? It’s been there. But you just haven’t been looking in the right spot. Because lost means forever, it’s gone. But misplaced… that means it’s still around, somewhere. Just not where you thought.” ~ Sarah Dessen
  45. “Shaunee was digging in her purse like she’d misplaced a tube of one of MAC’s seasonal lipsticks that you buy and fall in love with AND THEN THEY DISCONTINUE IT BECAUSE THEY REALLY HATE US AND WANT US TO BE CRAZY.” ~ P. C. Cast
  46. “Ah? A small aversion to menial labor?” The doctor cocked an eyebrow. “Understandable, but misplaced. One should treasure those hum-drum tasks that keep the body occupied but leave the mind and heart unfettered.” ~ Tad Williams
  47. “Confidence is inspiring. Yet so often misplaced. (Robert Thornhill)” ~ David Baldacci

  48. “Men! She could not understand why so many women feared them. Hadn’t the gods made them with the most vurnerable part of their guts hanging right out of their bodies, like a misplaced bit of bowel? Kick them there and they curled up like snails. Caress them there and their brains melted.” ~ Stephen King
  49. “Get your hand off me,” I exclaimed, voice loud with misplaced anger as I yanked away from his grip. “I’m a professional, not some distraught girlfriend.” Well, I was that too, but I knew how to act at a crime scene.” ~ Kim Harrison , Misplaced quotes anger
  50. “Perhaps, as we say in America, I wanted to find myself. This is an interesting phrase, not current as far as I know in the language of any other people, which certainly does not mean what it says but betrays a nagging suspicion that something has been misplaced. I think now that if I had any intimation that the self I was going to find would turn out to be only the same self from which I had spent so much time in flight, I would have stayed at home.” ~ James A. Baldwin
  51. “Women are so strange in their influence that they tempt you to misplaced kindness.” ~ Thomas Hardy

  52. “She was heartily ashamed of her ignorance – a misplaced shame. Where people wish to attach, they should always be ignorant. To come with a well−informed mind is to come with an inability of administering to the vanity of others, which a sensible person would always wish to avoid. A woman especially, if she have the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can.” ~ Jane Austen
  53. “And that, I suppose, is what I’d been trying to tell my mother that day: that her faith in justice and rationality was misplaced, that we couldn’t overcome after all, that all the education and good intentions in the world couldn’t help you plug up the holes in the universe or give you the power to change its blind, mindless course.” ~ Barack Obama
  54. “It was pretty daunting. Normally, I never go to a gym, but before we started shooting, I thought I’d better. I reckoned I was in really good shape, and then I looked around and I was half the size of everyone else. A lot of these American actors have this – in my view – misplaced view that they have to look like Action Man. The trouble is, they all run the risk of being interchangeable.” ~ Damian Lewis
  55. “So in writing, there is always a right word, and every other than that is wrong. There is no beauty in words except in their collocation. The effect of a fanciful word misplaced, is like that of a horn of exquisite polish growing on a human head.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  56. “Hope founded upon a human being, a man-made philosophy or any institution is always misplaced… because these things are unreliable and fleeting.” ~ Charles Stanley

  57. “While still sixteen I am put in charge of a class of forty children who are two, three or four years younger than I. I fall in love with them. They are my possession, my mob whose forty minds, under my flashy and domineering control, are to become one, a mind unsullied by errors, unmarked by blots, contaminated by misplaced originalities outside the curriculum, and as full of facts as a pomegranate seed.” ~ Hal Porter
  58. “Fate is a misplaced retreat. Many people rationalize an unexplained event as fate and shrug their shoulders when it occurs. But that is not what fate is. The world operates as a series of circles that are invisible, for they extend to the upper air. Fate is where these circles cut to earth. Since we cannot see them, do not know their content, and have no sense of their width, it is impossible to predict when these cuts will slice into our reality. When this happens, we call it fate. Fate is not a chance event but one that is inevitable, we are simply blind to its nature and time.” ~ James Levine
  59. “Let us sit and mock the good housewife Fortune from her wheel, that her gifts may henceforth be bestowed equally, I would we could do so for her benefits are mightily misplaced and the bountiful blind girl doth most mistake in her gifts to women. ‘Tis true for those that she makes fair she scarce makes honest and those that she makes honest she makes very ill-favouredly. Nay, now thou goest from Fortunes office to Natures. Fortune reigns in gifts of the world, not in the lineaments of Nature.” ~ William Shakespeare
  60. “There are several ways to react to being lost. One is to panic: this was usually Valentina’s first impulse. Another is to abandon yourself to lostness, to allow the fact that you’ve misplaced yourself to change the way you experience the world.” ~ Audrey Niffenegger
  61. “The day misspent, the love misplaced, has inside it the seed of redemption. Nothing is exempt from resurrection.” ~ Kay Ryan

  62. “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
  63. “On any given day, something claims our attention. Anything at all, inconsequential things. A rosebud, a misplaced hat, that sweater we liked as a child, an old Gene Pitney record. A parade of trivia with no place to go. Things that bump around in our consciousness for two or three days then go back to wherever they came from… to darkness. We’ve got all these wells dug in our hearts. While above the wells, birds flit back and forth.” ~ Haruki Murakami
  64. “Television is altering the meaning of ‘being informed’ by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation. Disinformation does not mean false information. It means misleading information – misplaced, irrelevant, fragmented or superficial information – information that creates the illusion of knowing something, but which in fact leads one away from knowing.” ~ Neil Postman
  65. “As the surface of the seashore rocks were pitted by by the waves and gathered limpets that further disguised what lay beneath, so time made truth of what appeared to be. The days that passed, in becoming weeks, still did not disturb the surface an assumption had created. The weather of a beautiful summer continued with neither sign nor hint that credence had been misplaced. The single sandal found among the rocks became a sodden image of death; and as the keening on the pier at Kilauran traditionally marked distres brought by the sea, so did silence at Lahardane.” ~ William Trevor

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