36 Mesmerized Quotes On Success In Life

These mesmerized quotes will inspire you. Mesmerized, to hold the complete attention of or hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging mesmerized quotes, mesmerized sayings, and mesmerized proverbs.

Best Mesmerized Quotes

  1. “Dustin Hoffman was the greatest. He had so much information to give and he mesmerized me. He really feels for actors who are just starting out and remembers his early days like they were yesterday.” ~ Amy Weber
  2. “And I just remember, you know, breaking into tears and feeling so empty because, as long as Elvis was in the world, you always knew something was going and he always had something that kept everybody mesmerized.” ~ Jackie DeShannon
  3. “Have we fallen into a mesmerized state that makes us accept as inevitable that which is inferior or detrimental, as though having lost the will or the vision to demand that which is good?” ~ Rachel Carson
  4. “Writers and travelers are mesmerized alike by knowing of their destinations.” ~ Eudora Welty

  5. “I had never experienced anything like the response I got from people for Pirates of the Caribbean, where you meet a 75-year-old woman who had seen Pirates and somehow related to the character, and then five minutes later you meet a six-year-old who says, ‘Oh, you’re Captain Jack!’ What a rush. What a gift. That was the challenge with Wonka, too–to be, in a sense, like Bugs Bunny. I find it magical that a three-year-old can be mesmerized by Bugs, but so can a 40-year-old or an 80-year-old. It’s a great challenge to see if you can appeal to that huge an age range.” ~ Johnny Depp
  6. “It’s like irresistible poison: I’m mesmerized by the way it’s making me feel though it has the potential to crush my soul and I drink it down anyway.” ~ J.A. Redmerski
  7. “Michael Harris opens the doors and gently guides you into a magic world. Once inside, you can’t help but feel mesmerized, eager to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. And no wonder: a major thinker of our time is talking to you about math and so much more, like you’ve never heard before.” ~ Edward Frenkel
  8. “Of course, the greater one’s need, the greater one’s propensity to be mesmerized.” ~ Vikram Seth

  9. “Hitler … lacked the [inclination] for anything more than the occasional sensational display of emotion, in particular the great set-piece speech which mesmerized the mob and left him drained of … energy.” ~ John Keegan
  10. “Reading not only enlarges and challenges the mind; it also engages and exercises the brain. Today’s youth who sits mesmerized by a television screen is not going to be tomorrow’s leader. Television watching is passive. Reading is active.” ~ Richard M. Nixon
  11. “I very rarely read the responses to my Salon pieces, because (as you may have noticed) the trolls can be SO evil. So violent in their hostility to me and my work. OK, wait, wait, wait. That’s a lie. I do read the responses–and get mesmerized, like cobra hypnosis. But I laugh (mostly) at the trolls, and think about what tiny little weenies they must have. (They seem to be mostly men.) And then ALL these smart, funny people leap to my defense, which is medicine, and fills me with love and thankfulness.” ~ Anne Lamott , Mesmerized quotes love
  12. “We always had a central committee. They were mesmerized by Eldridge Cleaver.” ~ Huey Newton

  13. “[My brother] was older, and since the law of the west was fairly entrenched in our household, whoever was bigger got control of the television. I sat mesmerized, and horrified, through hundreds of gunfights and became emotionally involved with everyone in Bonanza and Gunsmoke.” ~ Elizabeth Crook
  14. “As a child, I saw this beautiful film, Dracula’s Daughter, and it was with Gloria Holden and was a sequel to the original Dracula. It was all about this beautiful daughter of Dracula who was an artist in London, and she felt drinking blood was a curse. It had beautiful, sensitive scenes in it, and that film mesmerized me. It established to me what vampires were—these elegant, tragic, sensitive people. I was really just going with that feeling when writing Interview With the Vampire. I didn’t do a lot of research.” ~ Anne Rice
  15. “Carol Burnett probably had the biggest influence on me as kid. Although I was very young and watched her a lot in reruns, I was mesmerized by the way she transformed, by her physical comedy and the rolling laughter from the live studio audience. I loved her most as Scarlett O’Hara and her well known Cleaning Lady character.” ~ Christine Lakin
  16. “To be supportive of myself, I have to go with what I want to do. I started acting and I was so mesmerized.” ~ Agyness Deyn

  17. “We made love. How pedestrian the words look-trite, worn, practically featureless with use-but how can one better describe that which happens when it happens? That creation? That magic blending? I might say we became figures in a mesmerized dance before the rocking talisman of the moon, starting slow, so slow… a pair of feathers drifting through clear liquid substance of sky… gradually accelerating, faster and faster and finally into photon existence of pure light… as my whole straining body burst like fluid electricity into hers.” ~ Ken Kesey
  18. “There’s a lot of people that I disagree with that I think I could have interesting conversations with. What I don’t want to get into is manufactured conflict. I would much rather talk to someone like Dr. Rhonda Patrick or Randall Carlson and be mesmerized by information. I guess in a way that’s selfish, or maybe not objective of me. The older (and hopefully wiser) I get the less interested I am in conflict. I don’t mind disagreeing with people in a civil way, but I definitely don’t want to go out of my way to have an argument unless it’s a really important subject.” ~ Joe Rogan
  19. “Since I was gay and loved disco music, it was kinda pre-programmed that my first experiences with house music and acid – which I first heard in the late 80s, mainly through Düsseldorf’s ruling clubs, Relaxx and Ratinger Hof – completely mesmerized me.” ~ Justus Kohncke
  20. “We have been brainwashed by school, indoctrinated by industrial propaganda, and mesmerized by the popular media into believing that compliance is not only safe but right and necessary.” ~ Seth

  21. “When I was in the 9th grade, on Halloween night, when you’re supposed to go and out and burn your city, my mom made me go to ‘Cirque du Soleil.’ I was kicking and screaming. This girl came out onstage, and I was instantly mesmerized. I dropped out of school and became obsessed with her. I saw the show, like, 70 times.” ~ Troy Garity
  22. “Back in the 1960s, I saw Peter, Paul and Mary. I was at that age, about 14, and I was mesmerized.” ~ Lucinda Williams
  23. “I’m mesmerized by the way his fingers move confidently along her skin, as though her body is his to reat and touch and tend to. She was mine before she was yours: The words are there, unexpectedly, surging from my throat to my tongue. I swallow them back.” ~ Lauren Oliver
  24. “He was sick with lust and mesmerized with regret” ~ Joseph Heller

  25. “Sitting next to her, Amy was wide-eyed, mesmerized at the sight of Jack heading over in all his seemingly pissed-off-once-again glory. “I changed my mind, Cam. If this was all a big setup and he’s coming over to strip for me, I think I can handle it. I definitely can handle it.” ~ Julie James
  26. “Harvey wasn’t interested in the clothes, it was the masks that mesmerized him. They were like snowflakes: no two alike. Some were made of wood and of plastic; some of straw and cloth and papier-mâché. Some were as bright as parrots, others as pale as parchment. Some were so grotesque he was certain they’d been carved by crazy people; others so perfect they looked like the death masks of angels. There were masks of clowns and foxes, masks like skulls decorated with real teeth, and one with carved flames instead of hair.” ~ Clive Barker
  27. “The bristling eyebrows shot up in mock surprise. Mesmerized. the boy watched them disappear under the hanging white thatch of hair. There, almost coyly, they remained just out of sight for a moment, before suddenly descending with a terrible finality and weight.” ~ Jonathan Stroud
  28. “he looked to her like an absurd twentieth-century Hamlet, an indecisive figure so mesmerized by onrushing tragedy that he was helpless to divert its course or alter it in any way.” ~ Stephen King

  29. “Black people are the magical faces at the bottom of society’s well. Even the poorest whites, those who must live their lives only a few levels above, gain their self-esteem by gazing down on us. Surely, they must know that their deliverance depends on letting down their ropes. Only by working together is escape possible. Over time, many reach out, but most simply watch, mesmerized into maintaining their unspoken commitment to keeping us where we are, at whatever cost to them or to us (Bell).” ~ Derrick Bell
  30. “No matter what album I’ve ever made or ever will work on, it’s me trying to achieve this feeling I had listening to music when I was 8 years old. Just being mesmerized by the production and the mystique and the stories.” ~ Jason Lytle
  31. “Most contemporary novelists, especially the American and the French, are too subjective, mesmerized by private demons; theyre enraptured by their navels and confined by a view that ends with their own toes.” ~ Truman Capote
  32. “I, like anybody whoever met Eric Wright, was mesmerized & inspired. Eric was more like a big brother to me, to all of us. I always think to myself, if there was no Ruthless, West Coast hip hop would not have been as big.” ~ Kokane

  33. “I used to love to see Willie Pep and Ray Robinson. To me, the epitome of a great athlete is a great boxer. I just love the rhythm of seeing a man dance, slip punches. I loved the dancers and boxers. I would see them and be mesmerized.” ~ Emanuel Steward
  34. “Coming to Haramara is like coming home. My body returns to the earth, my mind mesmerized by the rhythms of the ocean and my spirit flies in this magical place. Yoga is a way of life and Haramara Retreat is where we can re-educate ourselves to live in balance.” ~ Rodney Yee , Mesmerized quotes life
  35. “I’ve walked these streets, in a carnival of sights to see. All the cheap thrill seekers, the vendors & the dealers, they crowded around me. Have I been blind? Have I been lost, inside myself and my own mind? Hypnotized, mesmerized, by what my eyes have seen? I’ve walked these streets, in a spectacle of wealth & poverty. In the diamond market, the scarlet welcome carpet that they just rolled out for me.” ~ Natalie Merchant
  36. “I have always been fascinated by the life cycle, the way skin metamorphoses over time. I am mesmerized by skin and that’s why I’ve been attracted to the nude. I do think people show their soul when they are stripped down psychically. There is something wondrous that happens when we relate on that level – and I am interested in that depth.” ~ Joyce Tenneson

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