65 Merchant Quotes On Success In Life

These merchant quotes will inspire you. Merchant, a buyer, and seller of commodities for-profit or a person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying merchandise to a particular trade.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging merchant quotes, merchant sayings, and merchant proverbs.

Best Merchant Quotes

  1. “Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier.” ~ William Petty
  2. “With Bitcoin, every transaction is publicly verified, so many risks are eliminated, including chargeback fraud or ‘friendly fraud.’ This is when a customer purchases something online with a credit card; waits to receive the goods or service, then requests a chargeback refund. The bank then forcibly takes the funds out of the merchant’s account.” ~ Perianne
  3. “Boring There are very honest people who do not think that they have had a bargain unless they have cheated a merchant.” ~ Anatole France
  4. “For the merchant, even honesty is a financial speculation.” ~ Charles Baudelaire

  5. “A great merchant delivers both joy and profit. Then profit gets reinvested in more joy.” ~ Andy Dunn
  6. “Freud was the son of a Jewish merchant who had to move his whole family to Vienna because he couldn’t get work. He, as a boy, had to watch his father be mocked and abused on the street for being Jewish… You develop a thick skin and you develop a certain kind of wit to defend yourself.” ~ Viggo Mortensen
  7. “No man ever got very high by pulling other people down. The intelligent merchant does not knock his competitors. The sensible worker does not knock those who work with him. Don’t knock your friends. Don’t knock your enemies. Don’t knock yourself.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
  8. “I stand by ‘I’m not going to do ‘The Office’ again.’ That would be weird: all the same people sitting at the same desks at a paper merchant’s in Slough.” ~ Ricky Gervais
  9. “In military school, on day one you must memorize the mission of the Merchant Marine Academy.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

  10. “What prudent merchant will hazard his fortunes in any new branch of commerce when he knows not that his plans may be rendered unlawful before they can be executed?” ~ James Madison
  11. “Crypto today is a libertarian paradise. If you send your money to the wrong place, it’s gone. If you send it to a merchant and don’t receive the goods, you have no recourse. This is cash. Treat it as such.” ~ Gil Penchina
  12. “The British needlewoman follows blindly where the merchant leads.” ~ Ann Macbeth
  13. “You know, this idea of going around the world imposing democracy by growing a middle-class, a trading merchant class that is independent of your faith, is a good notion, but we’re all partially different – it’s no good imposing systems on people that it doesn’t suit.” ~ Damian Lewis
  14. “The man of science, the artist, the philosopher are attached to their nations as much as the day-laborer and the merchant.” ~ Julien Benda

  15. “They wouldn’t take me in the navy because of my glass eye. So I joined the merchant navy, who allowed monocular crew if you worked in the kitchens. You’re not wanted on deck or in the engine room with one eye, but you’re good to fire up the ovens and cook hundreds of chops.” ~ Peter Falk
  16. “A merchant who approaches business with the idea of serving the public well has nothing to fear from the competition.” ~ James Cash Penney
  17. “I do think hubris played a role here as well, the belief that the Lusitania was too big and too fast to ever be caught by any submarine, and that, in any case, no U-boat commander would think to attack the ship because to do so would violate the long-held rules governing naval warfare against merchant shipping.” ~ Erik Larson
  18. “BitPay is the leading payment processor for bitcoin. The company specialize in setting up merchant accounts to accept bitcoin payments.” ~ Perianne Boring

  19. “Was it proof of madness in the first corps of sea officers to have, at so critical a period, launched out on the ocean with only two armed merchant ships, two armed brigantines, and one armed sloop, to make war against such a power as Great Britain?” ~ John Paul Jones
  20. “As a child, I had no idea that I would end up in the film industry. My ambitions changed from wanting to join the army like my grandfather to taking up merchant navy as a career to running for India, and finally, investment banking while I was a student of economics honour. But during my college days, I began to get offers for modelling.” ~ Arjun Rampal
  21. “After school I went to work at a builders’ merchant in Stoke. After we finished on a Friday, it was down to the Duke of York for a drink with my mates and a game of darts. Unfortunately for them I had a natural talent and nobody could beat me.” ~ Adrian Lewis
  22. “There’s no better friend to any merchant than a fair competitor.” ~ James Cash Penney

  23. “Maybe I was born to be a merchant, maybe it was fate. I don’t know about that. But I know this for sure: I loved retail from the very beginning.” ~ Sam Walton
  24. “I do think one success of Northern Europe, which the United States came from, was its willingness to accept innovation in business practices like Adam Smith and the whole Enlightenment. It essentially made the merchant class free instead of controlled by the king and aristocracy. That was essential.” ~ James D. Watson
  25. “Stephen Merchant looks like a Muppet. I mean, he looks like Beaker.” ~ Ricky Gervais
  26. “Our strategy is to provide even more value to users and tie the Venmo community into the PayPal merchant marketplace so that they can use Venmo to buy things.” ~ Dan Schulman
  27. “Larry Merchant’s just a commentator. He don’t know nothing about boxing.” ~ Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

  28. “The great dream merchant Disney was a success because make-believe was what everyone seemed to need in a spiritually empty land.” ~ Arthur Erickson
  29. “I think the Merchant Ivory brand really means literate dialogue. I think it starts with that. When people say something, you know it has some sort of ripples to it.” ~ James Ivory
  30. “I enjoyed working with Stephen Merchant. He was wonderful. I’ve been such a big fan of his acting.” ~ Dwayne Johnson
  31. “We don’t think of ourselves as a regional investment bank. We think of ourselves as merchant bankers with clients all over the country.” ~ Warren Stephens

  32. “Were you a merchant, would you settle yourself in a rich or poor neighborhood? You would not be so blind as to locate yourself among persons who would not be able to purchase your goods. So with nations with whom we trade.” ~ John Tyler
  33. “But very unfortunately the merchant marine died away till even the majority of fishing done about the Cape is in the hands of the Portuguese who emigrated to the Cape some fifty years ago.” ~ Joseph C. Lincoln
  34. “My grandfather was a wealthy and respected merchant in Montclair, New Jersey, where I was born. But his estate was wiped out in the Great Depression, and as a result, I had what I consider the ideal upbringing: We were a proud family, good citizens, and we didn’t have a sou.” ~ John C. Bogle
  35. “The story of the merchant is told by the marketer. They need each other, and if they get along, it’s peanut butter and jelly. If they don’t, it’s oil and water.” ~ Andy Dunn
  36. “The thought in my mind was that I must be a good merchant. If I were a good merchant, the rest would probably take care of itself.” ~ James Cash Penney

  37. “We had not had time to establish ourselves as a double act before Ernie joined the Merchant Navy. I teamed up with the brother of the late Dave Morris.” ~ Eric Morecambe
  38. “We survived for hundreds of years under the old banking structure. You’d have clearing banks, then merchant banks doing the racy stuff, and then building societies where you’d join a waiting list for a mortgage. But then banks started buying stockbrokers, doing mortgages, and you ended up with these big banking groups doing everything.” ~ Theo Paphitis
  39. “Who do you call a civilian in a guerilla war? I mean, it might be a farmer by day or a merchant, a housewife, and by night the housewife may be helping to make landmines and booby traps and who knows.” ~ Tim O’Brien
  40. “Advertising is, actually, a simple phenomenon in terms of economics. It is merely a substitute for a personal sales force – an extension, if you will, of the merchant who cries aloud his wares.” ~ Rosser Reeves

  41. “I was a little concerned that a lot of people thought I wrote Merchant Ivory movies. I also thought if I was ever going to write something strange and difficult, that was the time.” ~ Kazuo Ishiguro
  42. “Well, I have an undergraduate degree, a couple of bachelor’s degrees, from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.” ~ Mark Kelly
  43. “Walt Disney was not a merchant of sadness.” ~ James MacArthur
  44. “I had hoped to go to law school, but the war started, and because of the strong feeling that I did not want to kill anybody, I joined the Merchant Marine when I graduated from Berkeley.” ~ Douglass North
  45. “Ismail Merchant was just the most seductive, passionate, outrageous, driven, genius of a man.” ~ Glenn Close

  46. “Well, actually, I had been working as a consultant to former companies of Enron, or predecessor companies of Enron and, so, I joined in 1990 to really start our wholesale merchant business.” ~ Jeffrey Skilling
  47. “A merchant is someone who figures out how to select, how to smell, how to identify, how to feel, how to time, how to buy, how to sell, and how to hopefully have two plus two equal six.” ~ Mickey Drexler
  48. “As many times as I’ve seen ‘The Merchant of Venice,’ I always take Shylock’s side. For all the hatred that guy is shown, he has a reason to hate in return. He’s treated cruelly. And it’s tragic that he learns to be intolerant because of what others do to him.” ~ John Irving
  49. “I consider a merchant someone who has a certain intuition and instinct, and – very important – knows how to run a business, knows the numbers.” ~ Mickey Drexler

  50. “After making my stage debut aged nine as Macduff’s small son in ‘Macbeth,’ I had played a number of parts, from ‘Twelfth Night’s Viola to ‘The Merchant Of Venice’s Portia’.” ~ Felicity Kendal
  51. “I worked with Ismail Merchant on ‘The Mystic Masseur,’ I did ‘Sakina’s Restaurant,’ I’ve done plays, I’ve been on Broadway, I’ve done movies, I’ve done TV… but nothing has had the pop culture penetrative impact as ‘The Daily Show’ has. It’s the nature of the beast.” ~ Aasif Mandvi
  52. “After a few drinks, my mom would recite her lines as Portia in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ from her high school play. But I first discovered Shakespeare properly when I was about five. I used to look for the most complicated books I could find and pretend to be reading them. I wanted people to think I was smart.” ~ Chris Adrian
  53. ”The Merchant of Venice’ is a straightforward, clear story, while ‘The Winter’s Tale,’ as a general rule, is hard to present because there is so much plot.” ~ Jesse L. Martin

  54. “We buy and sell goods. We buy low and sell higher – that’s what we all do to make a profit. But I consider a merchant someone who has a certain intuition and instinct, and – very important – knows how to run a business, knows the numbers.” ~ Mickey Drexler
  55. “The Merchant Marines fight piracy all over the world. We fight piracy in the Philippines, the east and west coast of Africa, and the east and west coast of South America. Richard Phillips It’s a dream come true as I await the release of my debut single ‘Krazy Konnection’ with Salim Merchant and then my debut album!” ~ Armaan Malik
  56. “It turns out that CVS is one of about 40 merchants in a consortium that formed in 2011 to develop their own mobile-phone-based payment system. The consortium, called the Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX, is in large part all about eliminating, or at least reducing, the fees banks charge retailers for swiping credit cards.” ~ Walt Mossberg
  57. “I haven’t read Ibsen, Shaw, Shakespeare – except ‘The Merchant of Venice’ in ninth grade. I’m not familiar with ‘Death of a Salesman.’ I haven’t read Tennessee Williams.” ~ August Wilson

  58. “The credit/debit card transaction system is antiquated, expensive, and inefficient. There are over nine steps to complete a transaction from the time a customer swipes their card to payment processing, settlement, and when the merchant finally gets paid. Every step along the way costs both the consumer and the vendor in additional fees.” ~ Perianne
  59. “Boring What we want to do to monetize Venmo is to add more and more capabilities. Anywhere you see a PayPal merchant, you can click on that button and actually use your Venmo account to check out at that merchant. Then we’ll monetize that transaction exactly the same way we monetize a PayPal transaction.” ~ Dan Schulman
  60. “I repurposed an old World War II merchant ship door into one of the best coffee tables you have ever seen. I have also made little cabinets and media centers.” ~ Thomas Middleditch
  61. “To kick off a merchant is to censor ideas and interfere with the free exchange of products at the core of commerce. When we kick off a merchant, we’re asserting our own moral code as the superior one. But who gets to define that moral code?” ~ Tobias Lutke
  62. “We have the flexibility to work with any potential merchant partner across the globe.” ~ Dan Schulman

  63. “I grew up with a posh English accent, and all my aunts sounded as if they came out of a Merchant Ivory movie.” ~ Kevin Kwan
  64. “I played Shylock in my school’s staging of ‘Merchant of Venice.” ~ Ayushmann Khurrana
  65. “I think Chris’ favorite role was in ‘Remains of the Day,’ which was the Merchant Ivory film that he shot not long before his accident, a couple years before. He loved working with Merchant Ivory.” ~ Dana Reeve

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