65 Mercedes Quotes On Success In Life

These Mercedes quotes will inspire you. Mercedes-Benz commonly referred to as Mercedes, is a German luxury automotive brand.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Mercedes quotes, Mercedes sayings, and Mercedes proverbs.

Best Mercedes Quotes

  1. “The older Mercedes is absolutely beautiful. It’s got that lovely purring feeling as the engine ticks over, which you just don’t get in a modern car.” ~ Sarah Alexander
  2. “Mercedes does beautiful work, absolutely.” ~ Sebastian Thrun
  3. “I spent my first paycheck on a vintage Mercedes.” ~ Jennifer Aniston
  4. “If you need me to tell you that if you serve God, you’ll get a Mercedes, you’re lost.” ~ Paul Washer

  5. “Success is not only one thing. It’s not only having a nice house in Beverly Hills and driving a nice Mercedes.” ~ Malik Bendjelloul
  6. “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” ~ Janis Joplin
  7. “You can’t develop a great car and sell it as an independent. You can develop a great car and make a deal with Mercedes.” ~ Eric Fellner
  8. “Mercedes for me is the strongest team.” ~ Felipe Massa

  9. “Red Bull is an energy drinks company operating a team in F1, of course it doesn’t sit particularly well when you are competing against iconic brands like Ferrari and Mercedes. We are happy to be perceived as a bit of a maverick.” ~ Christian Horner
  10. “I’ve driven Ferrari 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the Mclaren 570s and 540c, the Bentley GT3R, GT Speed and V8s, Mercedes AMG GTs, Lamborghini Huracan, and many others.” ~ Alex Hirschi
  11. “I bought a car, but not just any car; I bought a Volvo, which was the safest on the road at the time. It’s not any more, so I upgraded to the Mercedes.” ~ Holland Roden
  12. “I drive a Mercedes SLS, which is fun.” ~ Aaron Ramsey

  13. “I have a Mercedes. I wear a Rolex watch. I have no problem with the selling of things.” ~ Juergen Teller
  14. “Our target is to compete with Ferrari and Mercedes.” ~ Christian Horner
  15. “Somebody’s trying to sell you a Mercedes and he pulls up in a Civic with mustard stains on his shirt, dipping a pretzel in some cheese? Nobody wants to hear what you say unless you look like somebody.” ~ Riff Raff
  16. “You got to realise that when I was 20 years old, I had a house, a Mercedes, a Corvette and a million dollars in the bank before I could buy alcohol legally.” ~ Dr. Dre
  17. “My dad only ever talked about two things: bicycles and Mercedes.” ~ Raf Simons

  18. “In June 1972, I went with friends to see the Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Forum. After the concert, as we crossed through the parking lot, a guy in a brown Mercedes stopped in the middle of the street and got out. He came up to me and asked if I had ever modeled.” ~ Rene Russo
  19. “If you think about jeans or phones or television, we are used to new brands popping up right and left. But in the car industry, we grew up with Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, and Ford, and nobody can remember during his or her upbringing a new car brand coming to life.” ~ Henrik Fisker
  20. “I’ve got a Range Rover and a little Mercedes. I normally drive my Range Rover because I feel like a monster in it. Nobody messes with me.” ~ Emma Bunton
  21. “I have a Mercedes SL500 in white. I’m passionate about it.” ~ Maryse Mizanin

  22. “Apple’s market share is bigger than BMW’s or Mercedes’s or Porsche’s in the automotive market. What’s wrong with being BMW or Mercedes?” ~ Steve Jobs
  23. “Let me tell you, there’s nothing like pulling up to Fox Studios bumping Jeezy in your Mercedes.” ~ Lil Rel Howery
  24. “Mercedes and Ferrari fear Red Bull more than any other team because they know the potency and capability that we have.” ~ Christian Horner
  25. “I have a Lamborghini Diablo. I have Mercedes 600, a 500, a 300, a 190. I have a Ferrari Testarossa, a Porsche speedster.” ~ Ion Tiriac

  26. “Teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes are going to be very, very motivated to go for the titles.” ~ Sebastian Vettel
  27. “Sixty points is massive, especially when you are racing a Mercedes with another 70 horsepower.” ~ Christian Horner
  28. “Mercedes and Ferrari are working as one team these days. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which.” ~ Christian Horner
  29. “We want to be a works partner. Ferrari and Mercedes have their own works teams so where would you be in the pecking order if you’re a customer?” ~ Christian Horner
  30. “I enjoy trying to develop a car and Mercedes are one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.” ~ Lewis Hamilton

  31. ”Shabiha’ is a difficult word to translate into English. It comes from the word Syrians used to describe the luxury Mercedes favored by the Assad family’s operatives that the enforcers of the regime used to move money, smuggle weapons and intimidate opponents.” ~ Richard Engel
  32. “You know, I once leased a Mercedes because I got a good deal on it because of my first name. Mercedes Ruehl Jardine is the largest dealer of Mercedes in the world. They also sell cars for two or three Japanese makers.” ~ Ratan Tata
  33. “My favourite car I drove in the ‘shoot out’ at Silverstone was the 2016 Mercedes DTM car. I loved every moment in it, the downforce being particularly surprising.” ~ Lando Norris
  34. “When my mom, Mercedes, and her younger sister, Juanita, first came from Puerto Rico, they were the youngest in the family. They had to jump into a new community and really learn English, assimilate, and adapt – and I saw that. I grew up in that community.” ~ Kimberly Guilfoyle
  35. “When I raced with Mercedes, I thought I’d learn German. But my wife didn’t want to live in Germany.” ~ Juan Manuel Fangio

  36. “My friend is a former race car driver, so he races for Mercedes, and I root for him. I have a car that I love to race, I’ll take it to the track.” ~ Hill Harper
  37. “One of the key problems is that the Germans know what they do because everywhere they go there’s a ‘made in Germany’ label on it – they can feel proud of Volkswagens and Audis and Mercedes.” ~ Evan Davis
  38. “My big break came at 22 years old when I joined the Mercedes Benz touring championship team.” ~ Susie Wolff
  39. “I had to do something special coming in. I didn’t do it, so I had to do it in the playoff. Winning the Mercedes is awesome. Winning three times is a dream come true.” ~ Stuart Appleby

  40. “At the age of 19, I removed myself from society for almost four months, setting off years of manic episodes, including outrageous overspending. I bought several Mercedes because I thought I could. I had no money, but I rented a jet.” ~ Patty Duke
  41. “I have every single Ferrari that came out. I have all the Mercedes they came out with, all the Jaguars they came out with, all the Porsches they came out with.” ~ Ion Tiriac
  42. “Whether it’s with my engineers in the team, my home life, or my friends, I don’t like things to get complicated – and one good example would be the steering wheel in my Mercedes Formula 1 car.” ~ Lewis Hamilton
  43. “My husband is pretty particular about his cars. In his opinion, the Mercedes are the best of the best.” ~ Lauren Lee Smith

  44. “I have a nice car, a Mercedes. And then I have an old El Camino truck that I’m crazy about. I like to get in that truck and go up in the hills near where I live, in Vegas, and take my camera. That, to me, is Heaven, being out in nature, taking pictures of the wildlife.” ~ B. B. King
  45. “Good design should be available to everyone – and I do mean everyone. What I spent on the wheelchair I’m in could buy a small Mercedes. It’s not only unfair to me; it’s unfair to someone who’s indigent but has the same needs. My goal is to make all objects affordable.” ~ Michael Graves
  46. “Because I’m seen on ‘Oz’, a lot of the urban cats in the city are like, ‘Yo, I thought you’d be rolling in a Mercedes?’ And I’m just like, ‘Not at all!’ This is cable money. There is a big difference between that and a network. But still I can’t complain. It’s better than doing a 9 to 5 any day.” ~ Kirk Acevedo
  47. “I bought a brand-new Mercedes 190E and got a body kit put on in a garage in Swindon. That was a car I absolutely loved, it looked epic with the low skirts and everything.” ~ Chris Kamara

  48. “There are some parts of my life that are wonderful, and it’s amazing to get to go to cool events and award shows and things like that, but I think the outside perception is that your life just changes overnight and you wear Dolce and Gabanna suits and drive a Mercedes. But life’s just not like that.” ~ Taron Egerton
  49. “My father thought sport was something fun – he didn’t know it was a way to make money. Then I won a Mercedes at the world championships and I gave it to him. From the moment it arrived my father said: ‘Good, you can support not just yourself but me too’.” ~ Haile Gebrselassie
  50. “I used to have this Mercedes, a dark blue 450SLC, which was the most beautiful car. I’d like to have another unusual, beautiful car.” ~ Andrew Davies
  51. “Lucy Mercedes Martinez, my mother, was probably my first mentor. She really tried to take care of me in spite of myself, and in spite of her own struggles with alcohol. She was an immigrant who had never finished school. But she was also a Renaissance woman who read voraciously. She spoke several languages.” ~ Richard Carmona
  52. “I wear tweed jackets and button-down shirts. I am a 1955 graduate of Harvard University who drives a 1968 Mercedes.” ~ J. Anthony Lukas

  53. “We focused on getting popchips into the hands of tastemakers and influencers wherever they were, from the fashionistas at Mercedes Benz fashion week to the passengers on Virgin Airlines.” ~ Keith Belling
  54. “Targeted ads, I think, are useful because I don’t want to see all the crap. I’m not interested in buying a Mercedes Benz, but I am interested in buying a new MacBook Air. So if organizations like Facebook can actually make the ads more relevant to me, if they know what I am interested in, I have no problem with that.” ~ Rick Smolan
  55. “If I were to look in the United States or in Europe, in some of the garages, you would have a Bentley or two Bentleys or a high-end Mercedes, and you may find a Smart also in that same garage because that person thinks it’s a fun extra car to have. He may have four cars but also have a Smart because he thinks it is cute.” ~ Ratan Tata
  56. “I like Mercedes because my wife has been in two big accidents and emerged without a scratch, thanks to the safety of these cars.” ~ Nobu Matsuhisa

  57. “I had a day off, and I was walking down the street one day, and this Mercedes pulls up alongside me, and Alec Guinness leaned out and said, ‘What are you doing, Kenny?’ I said, ‘I’m just walking around,’ and he said, ‘Do you want to come and see an oasis with my wife and I?’ There was nothing arrogant or flash about him at all.” ~ Kenny Baker
  58. “It was hard to admit I had a problem when I still had money, property, prestige. How can I have a problem when I’m driving my new Mercedes, and it’s paid for, and I have a house at Malibu?” ~ Edd Byrnes
  59. “Once I got into driving those little Mercedes convertibles, I just absolutely loved it. They feel really – great crash safety ratings, mechanically they’re unbelievably sound, and I’ve been driving them ever since.” ~ Don Felder
  60. “The stock market is for people who live in Manhattan and summer in the Hamptons, for people who can afford fancy cars – a Mercedes, say.” ~ Owen King

  61. “I was driving across Georgia with a warlord and his bodyguards riding shotgun with their Kalashnikovs in a convoy of Mercedes and Land Rovers. The guy put on Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ on a cassette, which they played on loudspeakers as we raced across the mountains, and I remember thinking, ‘This sure beats respectable life in England.” ~ Simon Sebag Montefiore
  62. “The way some papers write about me, you’d think I was some kind of gold digger. The truth is, I’ve always earned my own money. Before I became a model in Europe, I even worked in a bakery store – for $1.50 an hour. It’s a big jump from a bakery store to driving a Mercedes in California, but I’m the same person inside.” ~ Brigitte Nielsen
  63. “Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ is not a conventional horror novel. No ghosts, no vampires, no prune-faced escapees of the graveyard.” ~ Owen King

  64. “You can play basketball and have a magic night and score 40 points with your teammates and win the game. There are favorites for the World Cup, but you can’t guarantee Germany, Spain, or Brazil will win, but here, everyone can guarantee that Mercedes or Ferrari will win the race, and this is very sad for the sport.” ~ Fernando Alonso
  65. “Finally, I’ve reached a place where if I’m working with an artist, they allow me to just do whatever I feel. Growing up, it was like, ‘We want another ‘Peaches and Cream.’ Then you realize… why would you want a 2001 Mercedes Benz when I’m making 2018 Benzes?” ~ Poo Bear

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