28 Median Quotes On Success In Life

These median quotes will inspire you. The median is the middle number in a sorted, ascending or descending, list of numbers and can be more descriptive of that data set than the average.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging median quotes, median sayings, and median proverbs.

Best Median Quotes

  1. “My main source for faith-based stuff is mostly the Bible, and a childhood with a much, much higher-than-median exposure to theological thought.” ~ Jim Butcher
  2. “Develop a respect and reverence for the principle of variation: the idea that the message ain’t in the mean, the mode or the median – it’s in the differences that occur throughout a population.” ~ Tom Peters
  3. “Man is at his furthest remove from the animal as a child, his intellect most human. With his fifteenth year and puberty he comes astep closer to the animal; with the sense of possessions of his thirties (the median line between laziness and greediness), still another step. In his sixtieth year of life he frequently loses his modesty as well, then the septuagenarian steps up to us as a completely unmasked beast: one need only look at the eyes and the teeth.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  4. “The median isn’t the message.” ~ Stephen Jay Gould

  5. “You can pay certain people more money and stuff but that’s just going to be a transfer from one group to another. The only way people’s wages are going to rise overall, or average median income is going to rise, is if you increase productivity.” ~ Charles Koch
  6. “Real median household incomes in the U.S. were basically the same in 1989 as in 2014. But we are also seeing similar challenges in the U.K. in the stagnation of real wages.” ~ Mariana Mazzucato
  7. “Since 1978 for the bottom half of the wealth distribution male median wages have actually gone down. And I think that’s a crucial reason. If you are a male worker, your median wage since 1979 has gone down.” ~ Tucker Carlson
  8. “Median wages of production workers, who comprise 80 percent of the workforce, haven’t risen in 30 years, adjusted for inflation.” ~ Robert Reich

  9. “This is a critical time in American history. [Donald’s Trump] strength is willingness to stand up to political conventions, take on Republican and Democrat leaders, and, in effect, do so in defense of the legitimate interest of people who make less than median income in America, is the key to victory.” ~ Jeff Sessions
  10. “The CEO announces that the purpose of the firm is to improve the lives of the customers and the lives of the firm’s stakeholders and the quality of the planet. The company will give fair compensation to all the stakeholders and the CEO will not earn more than 20 times the median income of his employees. He will want his employees to rate him, just as he also has to rate them.” ~ Philip Kotler
  11. “In many of our [online] courses, the median response time for a question on the question and answer forum was 22 minutes – which is not a level of service I have ever offered to my Stanford students.” ~ Daphne Koller
  12. “The desire for high status is never stronger than in situations where “ordinary” life fails to answer a median need for dignity and comfort.” ~ Alain de Botton

  13. “The time between Bachelor’s degree and a PhD, the median time is over 11 years. So then you’re still only on a tenure ladder, you’re not tenured. So it generally takes 6 to 8 years after that to get tenure. So that’s a very long period of what’s essentially apprenticeship, of insecurity.” ~ Louis Menand
  14. “The upshot is that to send its children to a school of even average quality, a family must outbid half of other similar families who are pursuing the same goal. And that’s become dramatically more expensive because of the growth in median house size, which was in turn caused by higher spending at the top.” ~ Bob Frank
  15. “I think politically there is less juice to be squeezed out of that orange in the Democratic side. I mean, my feeling is your median Democratic voter, they`re angry at the banks or they`re not psyched about companies that outsource and things like that.” ~ Chris Hayes
  16. “And wages – we’ll see the end of this decline we’re having. The median income in America is down 10% in just the last four years. That’s got to stop. We’ve got to start seeing rising wages and job growth.” ~ Mitt Romney

  17. “All the equity investors, in total, will surely bear a performance disadvantage per annum equal to the total croupiers’ costs they have jointly elected to bear. This is an inescapable fact of life. And it is also inescapable that exactly half of the investors will get a result below the median result after the croupiers’ take, which median result may well be somewhere between unexciting and lousy.” ~ Charlie Munger
  18. “If one sentence were to sum up the mechanism driving the Great Stagnation, it is this: Recent and current innovation is more geared to private goods than to public goods. That simple observation ties together the three major macroeconomic events of our time: growing income inequality, stagnant median income, and the financial crisis.” ~ Tyler Cowen
  19. “Once a price move exceeds its median historical age, any method you use to analyze the market, whether it be fundamental or technical, is likely to be far more accurate. For example, if a chartist interprets a particular pattern as a top formation, but the market is only up 10% from the last low, the odds are high that the projection will be incorrect. However, if the market is up 25% to 30%, then the same type of formation should be given a great deal more weight.” ~ Victor Sperandeo
  20. “The economy of the United States gross domestic product doubled from 1996 to 2015, doubled, more than, $8.8 trillion to $17.1 trillion. And the median household income went down.” ~ Mark Shields

  21. “The median family of four … paid $4,722 in federal taxes last year. That’s enough to pay for a new curtain for the secretary of commerce’s office, to bribe a farmer not to plant 38 acres with corn … seven weeks of salary for a Customs man assigned to save us from the terror of high-quality, low priced foreign TV sets, or the subsidy on 6,000 bushels of wheat to prop up the Soviet regime. Surely civilization would collapse without such essential services.” ~ Alan Bock
  22. “I rolled the second car that I ever owned, a Toyota 4 Runner. This was winter in Colorado, two weeks before the 2002 Olympic trials. I was driving in the outside lane, and my rear tire caught some black ice, and we totally turned sideways to the point where we were heading right toward the median.” ~ Apolo Ohno
  23. “Since 1994, unemployment rates are lower. Median household income is higher. A greater percentage of Americans are graduating from college. Home ownership rates are higher. And the violent crime rate has decreased.” ~ Cliff Stearns
  24. “There will be a debate on Firing Line between Buckley and Gore Vidal on the proposition: “This nation cannot survive as long as the income of 50 percent of the population is below the median.” Mr. Vidal will take the affirmative.” ~ M. Stanton Evans
  25. “Doctors can be replaced by software – 80% of them can. I’d much rather have a good machine learning system diagnose my disease than the median or average doctor.” ~ Vinod Khosla

  26. “Most Americans are on a downward escalator. Median wage in the United States, adjusted for inflation, keeps on dropping.” ~ Robert Reich
  27. “The median GPA and LSAT percentile for students of the country’s elite law schools were 3.8 and 98 respectively. At the time fewer than 20 black law students in the entire country met those standards.” ~ Lino Graglia
  28. “There is a small minority of well-educated people with relatively sensible views on economics, and an extremely tiny minority of economists with highly sensible views. Then there’s everybody else. … To win, a politician needs to please the median voter. It makes little difference if a few thousand economists think you a fool.” ~ Bryan Caplan

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