65 Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Success In Life

Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the social-networking website Facebook out of his college dorm room at Harvard University. Zuckerberg left college after his sophomore year to concentrate on the site, the user base of which has grown to more than two billion people, making Zuckerberg a billionaire many times over. The birth of Facebook was portrayed in the 2010 film The Social Network. These Mark Zuckerberg quotes will inspire you.

Best Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

  1. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  2. “Don’t discount yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Everyone has a unique perspective that they can bring to the world.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  3. “People developed planes first and then took care of flight safety. If people were focused on safety first, no one would ever have built a plane.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  4. “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  5. “If you don’t risk anything you risk everything” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  6. “If things aren’t breaking, then you’re not moving fast enough. People learn by making mistakes.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  7. “When you want to change things, you can’t please everyone. If you do please everyone, you aren’t making enough progress.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  8. “People think innovation is just having a good idea but a lot of it is just moving quickly and trying a lot of things.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  9. “If you actually do something you love it’s a lot easier and takes on a lot more purpose.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  10. “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  11. “Move fast, take risks, it’s okay to try big things you’re better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than having not done anything at all.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  12. “My number one piece of advice is: you should learn how to program.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  13. “Find that thing you are super passionate about.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  14. “If we want to have the biggest impact, the best way to do this is to make sure we always focus on solving the most important problems.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  15. “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  16. “The trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking away.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  17. “You grow more when you get more people’s perspective.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  18. “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  19. “My goal was never to just create a company. A lot of people misinterpret that as if I don’t care about revenue or profit or any of those things. But what not being just a company means to me is not being just that – building something that actually makes a really big change in the world.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  20. “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg Quotes
  21. “I would only hire someone to work directly for me if I was willing to work for that person.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  22. “The most important thing is to keep your team as small as possible.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  23. “I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  24. “Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  25. “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  26. “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today. I’m looking forward to shifting more of my media diet towards reading books.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  27. “In a world that’s changing so quickly, you’re guaranteed to fail if you don’t take any risks.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  28. “Simply put: we don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  29. “Building a mission and building a business go hand in hand.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  30. “Don’t discount yourself, no matter what you’re doing.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  31. “I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  32. “Almost any mistake you can make in running a company, I’ve probably made” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  33. “There is a huge need and a huge opportunity to get everyone in the world connected, to give everyone a voice, and to help transform society for the future. The scale of the technology and infrastructure that must be built is unprecedented, and we believe this is the most important problem we can focus on.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  34. “I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to leave some other commitment or worse I am rude and someone else has to support my stuff. I stopped coding for Facebook a while ago.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  35. “It is really important for us that people understand what the strategy is and that the real approach is to make everything social, not to build a vertical approach.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  36. “I generally think if you do good things for people in the world, that comes back and you benefit from it over time.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  37. “Young people are just smarter.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  38. “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  39. “I got my first computer in the 6th grade or so. As soon as I got it, I was interested in finding out how it worked and how the programs worked and then figuring out how to write programs at just deeper and deeper levels within the system.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  40. “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  41. “It is important for young entrepreneurs to be adequately self-aware to know what they do not know.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  42. “I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that’s always existed.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  43. “There’s a difference between being obsessed and being motivated.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  44. “The companies that work are the ones that people really care about and have a vision for the world so do something you like.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  45. “Companies face a handful of different risks, whether it is competitors or different market environments. But I think that people focus way too much on competitors and not enough on their own execution.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  46. “What Facebook stands for in the world is giving people a voice and spreading ideas and rationalism.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg , Mark Zuckerberg quotes on Facebook
  47. “I’d like to show an improved product rather than just talk about things we might do.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  48. “The Hacker Way is an approach to building that involves continuous improvement and iteration. Hackers believe that something can always be better and that nothing is ever complete.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  49. “Every application will be designed from the ground up to use real identity and friends.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  50. “The question I ask myself like almost every day is: ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’ Unless I feel like I’m working on the most important problem that I can help with, then I’m not going to feel good about how I’m spending my time. And that’s what this company is.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  51. “In a recent survive of Millennials around the world asking what most defines our identity, the most popular wasn’t nationality, ethnicity or religion. It was “citizen of the world.” That’s a big deal. Every generation expands the circle of people we consider one of us. And in our generation, that now includes the whole world. This is the struggle of our time. The forces of freedom, openness, and global community against the forces of authoritarianism, isolationism, and nationalism – forces for the flow of knowledge, trade, and immigration, against those who would slow them down.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  52. “Our mission is to make the world more open and connected. We do this by giving people the power to share whatever they want and be connected to whoever they want, no matter where they are.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  53. “I started the site when I was 19. I didn’t know much about business back then.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  54. All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  55. “People don’t care about what someone says about you in a movie–or even what you say, right? They care about what you build.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  56. “I think as a company if you can get two things right–having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and bringing in great people who can execute on the stuff–then you can do pretty well.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  57. “When I’m introspective about the last few years I think the biggest mistake that we made, as a company, is betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to native… because it just wasn’t there. And it’s not that HTML5 is bad. I’m actually, on long-term, really excited about it. One of the things that’s interesting is we actually have more people on a daily basis using mobile Web Facebook than we have using our iOS or Android apps combined. So mobile Web is a big thing for us.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  58. “Mobile is a lot closer to TV than it is to desktop.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  59. “At Facebook, we’re inspired by technologies that have revolutionized how people spread and consume information. We often talk about inventions like the printing press and the television – by simply making communication more efficient, they led to a complete transformation of many important parts of society. They gave more people a voice. They encouraged progress. They changed the way society was organized. They brought us closer together.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  60. “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  61. “There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are very analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don’t usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  62. “Virtual Reality is going to be an important technology. I am pretty confident about this.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  63. “[Facebook] is shaping a broader web. If you look back for the past five or seven years, the story about social networking has really been about getting people connected… But if you look forward for the next five years, I think that the story people are going to remember five years from now isn’t how this one site was built; it is how every single service that you use is now going to be better with your friends.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg , Mark Zuckerberg quotes on social networking
  64. “I know it sounds corny, but I’d love to improve people’s lives, especially socially… Making the world more open is not an overnight thing. It’s a ten-to-fifteen-year thing.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg
  65. “I think there’s confusion around what the point of social networks is. A lot of different companies characterized as social networks have different goals – some serve the function of business networking, some are media portals. What we’re trying to do is just make it really efficient for people to communicate, get information, and share information.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

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