65 Locker Room Quotes On Success In Life

These locker room quotes will inspire you. A changing room, locker room, dressing room (usually in sports, theater, or staff context), or changeroom (regional use) is a room or area designated for changing one’s clothes.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging locker room quotes, locker room sayings, and locker room proverbs.

Best Locker Room Quotes

  1. “You shouldn’t have any betting in the locker room at all, whether it’s baseball or it’s horses. You can’t beat the horses. You can’t beat any kind of gambling because they have the odds.” ~ George Steinbrenner
  2. “I don’t spend a lot of my time in the locker room. That’s my least favorite place in the world.” ~ Maria Sharapova
  3. “There used to be an old thing where every team had a heavy bag in their locker room for people to punch, but again, it was more about conditioning because if you hit a heavy bag for a minute, it feels like your arms are about to fall off.” ~ Steve Yzerman
  4. “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” ~ Vince Lombardi
  5. “No one knows what to say in the loser’s locker room.” ~ Muhammad Ali

  6. “Championships and great seasons are won in locker rooms.” ~ Tom Izzo
  7. “Notice who is in the locker room after you lose, not after you win.” ~ Angelo Dundee
  8. “I was very emotional. I cried when I got into the locker room. I didn’t want to show that stuff on the sideline.” ~ Dez Bryant
  9. “The most important thing regardless of my stats or anybody else’s stats is the win-loss record. In the locker room people are always telling me, you’re doing this and that. I don’t really pay that much attention so long as we have a ‘W’ in that column; that’s the kind of thing that makes me really happy. It blows all stats out of the water.” ~ Dhani Jones
  10. “By the time I get to the locker room, I’m done.” ~ Tom Osborne

  11. “In order to gain the respect of your players in the locker room, you can’t just perform on Saturday. You have to do it consistently during practices, meetings, and in the weight room.” ~ Junior Seau
  12. “I have no problem with anyone storming the court. But storm the court after the opposing team has gone to the locker room. Once the opposing team is out of the area, put them all (the fans) on the court.” ~ Billy Donovan
  13. “Matches are won and lost so many times in the locker room.” ~ Lleyton Hewitt
  14. “When people ask me what I miss most about the game, it’s being in the locker room and getting to know the guys. Back in those days, we had roommates. We had to talk basketball and that was a great way to understand the game itself and form those lasting relationships.” ~ Earl Monroe , Locker room quotes basketball
  15. “This is my sixth year now. I’ve never seen this many all-stars in the locker room at the same time.” ~ Adrian Wilson

  16. “Yogi saw three of his players in the locker room wearing Cone Head hats. Yogi said, Those guys make a pair.” ~ Yogi Berra
  17. “In the locker room I was getting impatient to get on the court, I had to warm up several times.” ~ Roger Federer
  18. “Washington is a city of locker-room boys, and all the old, outmoded notions apply: men and women are ushered to separate rooms after dinner, sex is dirty, and they are still serving onion-soup dip.” ~ Nora Ephron
  19. “Athletes are American princes and the locker room is their castle. Some of them behave in princely fashion, become legitimate heroes to us all. And some are jerks.” ~ Anna Quindlen
  20. “There’s a picture of the real Coach Gary Gaines in the book and he’s sitting in the locker room after a game, and he just looks so much like Billy Bob, that we went to him.” ~ Peter Berg

  21. “You fight, you try your best, but if you lose, you dont have to break five racquets and smash up the locker room. You can do those things, but when youve finished, nothings changed. Youve still lost. If something positive came from that, I probably would do it. But I see only negativity.” ~ Rafael Nadal
  22. “I’m not playing for anybody but the guys in this locker room.” ~ Aaron Rodgers
  23. “It never changes. Football is a game of repetition, mental and physical. You may try to articulate it a little different, but it’s the same thing: Get better players, make fewer mistakes, and drill the fundamentals into your players’ heads. The rest of it is a joke. Teams aren’t winning because of what they had for breakfast of what some coach said in the locker room.” ~ Barry Switzer , Locker room quotes football
  24. “All the guys in the locker room will give me a hard time and call me Robin Thicke or call me Justin Bieber.” ~ Chandler Parsons
  25. “The locker room talk is always that about who can beat who.” ~ Ray Lewis

  26. “The internet is like a gossipy girls’ locker room after school, isn’t it?” ~ Alex Kapranos
  27. “Man, Coach Brown, he’s so relaxed. We’ve seen that guy dancing this week at practice and he’s dancing in the locker room. It brings tears to guys’ eyes and brings happiness to everybody.” ~ Vince Young
  28. “Eternal boyhood is the dream of a depressing percentage of American males, and the locker room is the temple where they worship arrested development.” ~ Dave Barry
  29. “I’m not someone who goes around the locker room before a game trying to motivate my teammates. I don’t say a lot before the game. I don’t say a lot in general. It takes too much energy to do that.” ~ Mia Hamm
  30. “When you talk about locker room betting, we bet on everything… It’s no different than anyone else’s office pool. Money changes hands in the locker room; it’s whatever you want.” ~ Albert Belle

  31. “You walk into the locker room, and you see players with their ripping muscles and stomachs you could wash your clothes in.” ~ Jerry Coleman
  32. “When I bought the [WNBA] team, I saw that no one really cared about them. Like the locker facilities that these young women have to work in-they weren’t right. I want to give them the best locker room facilities and show them they’re valued-because if you show them value, they’re going to perform better. And this goes for all women, not just basketball players.” ~ Sheila Johnson
  33. “I’ve learned a lot about the process. I had no idea how the balls got from the officials locker room down on the field and so forth and so on and all of that. That’s not something I have ever thought or concerned myself about [on] game day. I’ve concerned myself with preparing and coaching the team.” ~ Bill Belichick
  34. “We [Cleveland Browns] are from the same segments of America that everyone else is from. We have the same diversity, the same mix, so we don’t run away from issues amongst each other, because we’re brothers and we have to build that bond because we’re always on the quest to be world champions. That’s always our quest, and if you don’t have that bond, it’s not going to happen. So I guess every locker room is different, but our locker room I think is more than fine.” ~ Andrew Hawkins
  35. “In the locker rooms, I’m always suggesting, “You need Berlei.” Because it’s the best brand for women and for me.” ~ Serena Williams

  36. “Honestly my style sense, I guess, started in high school when I was a volleyball player. That was just what I wore: leggings every single day with my sports bra so I didn’t have to change into it in the girls’ gym locker room and that’s kind of how it started.” ~ Gigi Hadid
  37. “When I was in seventh grade, I was caught stealing money from the visiting team’s locker room during a basketball game. So I was sent to The Brothers. That’s what they called this parochial school up in Goshen, New York. I was supposed to get closer supervision there and more “masculine influence,” whatever that means. But I was thrown out for telling a couple of really lame kids on the playground that I had heroin.” ~ George Carlin
  38. “I just read an article about how young American males feel uncomfortable appearing naked in front of each other in locker rooms. That was never the case when I was young. We were naked in the Army all the time. And neither actor in Call Me by Your Name appears fully naked. I think there might have been clauses in their contracts that ensured there would be no nudity. When I wrote the script, there was plenty of nudity. But the English just had none of the same squeamishness about it.” ~ James Ivory
  39. “Women have only had the vote for less than 100 years. Before that, we were wives and essentially kind of property. We grew up, and our parents wanted us to get married, so somebody else could look after us. And in the last few decades, it’s changed. We can now have families without men. But, unfortunately, the dialogue, the old boys club, the locker room talk, has mysteriously not changed at all.” ~ Kelly Oxford
  40. “I don’t think it is appropriate for male coaches and male teachers to have access to girls’ locker rooms and showers while the young girls are naked and exposed.” ~ Dan Forest

  41. “I just think to pose for the Body Issue is a good idea for people that are bigger-boned. If people can look at me, a guy that’s 325-plus, doing an issue like this, I’m pretty sure that they might have a little confidence. There will be critics, just like with everything else. I think a lot of people will get a laugh out of it, I’ll tell you that. I’m looking forward to what the locker room’s going to say. But at the end of the day, I’m perfectly fine with who I am as a person and what I have accomplished. It shows a lot of my personality.” ~ Vince Wilfork
  42. “Some teams have a nucleus to build around. The Falcons barely have an embryo. So if you see suspicious looking wires running from the locker room to Dimitroff’s office, and the general manager pushes down on the plunger as early as today, don’t feel the need to cover your eyes. You’ve already seen the worst.” ~ Jeff Schultz
  43. “In my experience, it’s only people who don’t play sport at a professional level who think that there is anything remotely erotic about a locker room.” ~ John Amaechi
  44. “It’s much easier when your team’s winning. When your team starts to lose, that’s where a lot of these quarterback controversies divide a locker room. The key, as a pro, is to be a pro.” ~ Kurt Warner
  45. “One player’s selfish attitude can poison a locker room and make it hard, if not impossible, to establish team work” ~ Dean Smith

  46. “Some sports teams hate each other in the locker room and that’s what makes them great.” ~ Ira Kaplan
  47. “One of the best things about being a Yankee is that you have guys like Whitey Ford, Phil Rizzuto, Ron Guidry and Reggie Jackson wandering around the locker room offering you advice.” ~ Derek Jeter
  48. “The locker room has to be right. We’ve got to be patient to build this team.” ~ Dwyane Wade
  49. “You walk in our locker room and you see Pau Gasol, you see Andrew Bynum, you see Kobe, you see Ron Artest … we have so many players that can play.” ~ Lamar Odom
  50. “I want to show that I can pitch well and get along with the guys in the locker room.'” ~ Justin Verlander

  51. “In wrestling, people just throw each other around, possibly actually bleed, and are still friends in the locker room afterwards. But there’s a real glee – a feeling goes up in the arena, especially on non-TV days. If it’s just people in a room and somebody starts to bleed, that’s very exciting.” ~ John Darnielle
  52. “I believe that the Lord has a plan for each of us that’s better than anything we can imagine, even if that plan isn’t obvious to us at every stage. He prepared me for this over a long period of time – in lower-profile locker rooms and the grocery store and in Europe, through all the personal tragedies and in spite of the people who doubted me along the way.” ~ Kurt Warner
  53. “The sign at the entrance to my gym locker room says, no cell phones please, cell phones are cameras. They are not. A camera is a Nikon or a Leica or Rolleiflex, and when you strike someone with one, they know they have been hit with something substantial.” ~ Danny Lyon
  54. “And if you’re a parent who thinks you’re okay because your kid doesn’t have a phone or iPod yet, and/or you’ve used all the parent controls to filter out explicit material, you’re not okay. The filters are tissue paper and your kid without a phone is on a school bus or in a locker room or at a public park with phone-equipped kids every day. And they’re like all kids in exploring – by whatever means available to them – exactly what their parents are treating as too embarrassing or taboo to talk about.” ~ Carolyn Hax
  55. “With that locker room I could sleep there after games.” ~ LeBron James

  56. “What I meant by that is, any time you have adversity, now you’ve got a chance to see all of these guys play every game the rest of the way like it’s a playoff game. What you want guys to do when there’s adversity is to play harder and play better, and that’s when you see what kind of guys you have in your locker room.” ~ Mike Shanahan
  57. “I kept hearing I’d be traded to San Francisco. Man I would love that. I even went so far as to go into the locker room singing ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’. Nobody laughed or said a word. I figured maybe I’d get my wish” ~ Terry Bradshaw
  58. “I’ve always said, just go ask my teammates if you want to know about me. Go ask the guys that I’ve played with. Don’t ask or get information about me from people who are not in the locker room or not around me all of the time. Then you’ll get legit answers.” ~ Allen Iverson
  59. “When (the Reds) won, we loved it because we ran into the locker room and touched all the bats and gloves and got some bubble gum and red pop. When they lost, we were upset because we didn’t get the bubble gum and red pop.” ~ Ken Griffey, Jr.
  60. “When the whistle blows, I’m completely exhausted, physically and mentally. I get in the locker room and I sit down and I just exhale. Finally, the danger is over.” ~ Tim Howard

  61. “As long as I could remember, since I was 5 years old, I watched the Stanley Cup. I stayed up, made a point of watching it presented, watched the celebration in the locker room, and always dreamed that maybe I’d get there.” ~ Steve Yzerman
  62. “I don’t know. Word around the girls’ locker room is that all of you are so hard up, you were cruising the senior center, trying to find a prom date.” – Nick” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  63. “Before turning pro, I would never have just left my skates sitting in the locker room unattended.” ~ Kristi Yamaguchi

  64. “It’s not my goal, definitely. I mean, I don’t think it’s something I can really achieve. Definitely, she’s a great champion – she has nine titles. But it’s nice to see her in the locker room, and she’s smiling and she’s happy for me. She’s really cheering for me. It’s nice to have someone like her.” ~ Petra Kvitova
  65. “I am not one to brag but to tell you the truth mang,
    I am funkier then a locker room after a hoop game.” ~ Mac Dre

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