65 Locked Up Quotes On Success In Life

These locked up quotes will inspire you.  Locked up, to become entangled or jammed; interlock.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging locked up quotes, locked up sayings, and locked up proverbs.

Best Locked Up Quotes

  1. “If I didn’t have my films as an outlet for all the different sides of me, I would probably be locked up.” ~ Angelina Jolie
  2. “I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.” ~ Virginia Woolf
  3. “None of you understand. I’m not locked up in here with YOU. You’re locked up in here with ME.” ~ Alan Moore
  4. “I am well protected Too locked up Inside myself To get free” ~ Henry Rollins

  5. “Most of us feel on some level like race horses chomping at the bit, pressing at the gate, hoping and praying for someone to open the door and let us run out. We feel so much pent up energy, so much locked up talent. We know in our hearts that we were born to do great things, and we have a deep-seated dread of wasting our lives. But the only person who can free us is ourselves. Most of us know that. We realize that the locked door is our own fear.” ~ Marianne Williamson
  6. “If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  7. “If a slave is unwilling to go with his new master, he is whipped, or locked up in jail, until he consents to go, and promises not to run away during the year.” ~ Harriet Ann Jacobs
  8. “Wine gives a man nothing… it only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.” ~ Samuel Johnson

  9. “I suspect the secret of personal attraction is locked up in our unique imperfections, flaws and frailties.” ~ Hugh Mackay
  10. “If you have never been tortured, or locked up and verbally threatened, you may find it hard to believe that anyone would confess to something he had not done. Intuition holds that the innocent do not make false confessions.” ~ David K. Shipler
  11. “When you’ve been locked up in a mental institution, people are going to ask questions. It was OK, because I didn’t have to act perfect all the time.” ~ Drew Barrymore
  12. “Everything you can imagine is real.” ~ Pablo Picasso

  13. “In spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody. The essential substance of every thought and feeling remains incommunicable, locked up in the impenetrable strong-room of the individual soul and body. Our life is a sentence of perpetual solitary confinement.” ~ Aldous Huxley , Feeling locked up quotes
  14. “I hadn’t learned yet that everybody’s locked up some way or other. That’s how life is we’re all imprisoned by something.” ~ James Frey
  15. “Soils could also be giving up their carbon stores: evidence emerged in 2005 that a vast expanse of western Siberia was undergoing an unprecedented thaw. The region, the largest frozen peat bog in the world, had begun to melt for the first time since it formed 11,000 years ago. Scientists believe the bog could begin to release billions of tonnes of methane locked up in the soils, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The World Meteorological Organisation recently reported the largest annual rise of methane levels in the atmosphere for a decade.” ~ David Adam
  16. “Genius, whether locked up in a cell or roaming at large, is always solitary.” ~ George Sand

  17. “It bothers me that the executive branch is taking the amazing position that just on the president’s say-so, any American citizen can be picked up, not just in Afghanistan, but at O’Hare Airport or on the streets of any city in this country, and locked up without access to a lawyer or court just because the government says he’s connected somehow with the Taliban or Al Qaeda. That’s not the American way. It’s not the constitutional way.” ~ Laurence Tribe
  18. “Extreme deep water drilling is not the preferred choice to meet our country’s energy needs, but your protests and lawsuits and lies about onshore and shallow water drilling have locked up safer areas. It’s catching up with you. The tragic, unprecedented deep water Gulf oil spill proves it.” ~ Sarah Palin
  19. “I’m going to fight for human rights, whether I do it silently behind the scenes or vocally so that I get locked up. I can’t just sit back; it’s not in my nature. I can’t sit back and blindly ignore it, and I won’t.” ~ Elton John
  20. “Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings.” ~ Marianne Williamson

  21. “We sometimes choose the most locked up, dark versions of the story, but what a good friend does is turn on the lights, open the window, and remind us that there are a whole lot of ways to tell the same story.” ~ Shauna Niequist
  22. “I know what you’re thinking,” Grandma said into the silence. “Do I have anymore bullets in this here gun? Well, with all the confusion, what with being locked up in a refrigerator, I plumb forgot what was in here to start with. But being that this is a 45 magnum, the most powerful handgun in existence, and it could blow your head clean off, you just got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky today? Well, do you, punk?” Christ,” Spiro whispered. “She thinks she’s f**king Clint Eastwood.” ~ Janet Evanovich
  23. “Oh! Polly thought. Why aren’t all girls locked up by law the year they turn fifteen? They do such stupid things!” ~ Diana Wynne Jones
  24. “Keeping your emotions all locked up is something that’s unfair to you. When you clearly know how you feel. You should say it.” ~ Taylor Swift

  25. “Yes, yes, mistress, I shall go and accomplish your task. Only—I was not only sent to kill the Leucrotta. There is a maiden in a tower—” At this the Witch spat, again rolling her marvelous eyes. “Those revolting creatures are always getting themselves locked up. If only they would stay that way.” ~ Catherynne M. Valente , Getting locked up quotes
  26. “The wind is knocked out of me; and when I look up, I see Nine spitting blood out. He’s grinning. “Are you crazy?” I ask. “You’re enjoying this?” “I’ve been locked up for over a year. This is the best day of my life!” ~ Pittacus Lore
  27. “Lovely chatting with you, darling, but I’ve got to run. Face it, you’re always more content when you’re chasing me than when you have me locked up. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.” ~ Chelsea Cain
  28. “She’s an old lady,” Barron says. “And she’s been locked up for years. Let her have some fun. She needs to blow off steam. Seduce old dudes. Lose money at canasta.” ~ Holly Black

  29. “Books fall open, you fall in, delighted where you’ve never been; hear voices not once heard before, reach world on world through door on door; find unexpected keys to things locked up beyond imaginings. What might you be, perhaps become, because one book is somewhere? Some wise delver into wisdom, wit, and wherewithal has written it. True books will venture, dare you out, whisper secrets, maybe shout across the gloom to you in need, who hanker for a book to read.” ~ David McCord
  30. “Some cleric putting a match to her. /Neither of them looks happy about it. /Once lit, she’ll burn like a book, /like a book that was ever finished, /like a locked-up library.” ~ Margaret Atwood
  31. “We know, deep down inside, it’s wrong! There’s nothing you can say to ever make it right! Killing is killing, no matter how you slice it! And the ones doing all the killing should be locked up, and be forced to watch the world transform from, This evil place they’ve created, To the wonderful place we should be creating!” ~ Ronald Richter
  32. “I can mingle with the stars and throw a party on Mars

    I am a prisoner, locked up behind Xanax bars” ~ Lil Wayne

  33. “I know you’re frustrated that he’s keeping you locked up like this, but don’t give him too bad a time when he gets back. He loves you more than you know. It terrifies him to be away from you.” ~ Stephenie Meyer
  34. “Everything we need to know is locked up in your head, under those pretty red curls.” Clary reached up to touch her hair protectively. “I dont think-” “So what are you going to do?” Simon asked sharply. “Cut her head open to get at it?” ~ Cassandra Clare
  35. “I’ve never been to jail. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never been locked up.” ~ Samuel L. Jackson
  36. “Many a man is saved from being a thief by finding everything locked up.” ~ E. W. Howe

  37. “We are turning into a nation of whimpering slaves to Fear—fear of war, fear of poverty, fear of random terrorism, fear of getting down-sized or fired because of the plunging economy, fear of getting evicted for bad debts or suddenly getting locked up in a military detention camp on vague charges of being a Terrorist sympathizer.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson
  38. “During the first day, curious at having outsiders among them, a long stream of inmates came over and talked with me. Remarkably, according to what they told me, nearly every inmate in the prison didn’t do it. Several thousand people had been locked up unjustly and, by an incredible coincidence, all in the same prison. On the other hand, they knew an awful lot about how to knife somebody.” ~ Alan Alda
  39. “I am not very good with relationships. With anyone. I can’t be locked up with anyone for too long.” ~ Anthony Hopkins
  40. “Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

  41. “The only other people who have had experiences similar to those of this man were locked up inside institutions for the criminally insane. The difference is, this guy gets business cards.” ~ Augusten Burroughs
  42. “The solitary and thoughtful stroller finds a singular intoxication in this universal communion. The man who loves to lose himself in a crowd enjoys feverish delights that the egoist locked up in himself as in a box, and the slothful man like a mollusk in his shell, will be eternally deprived of. He adopts as his own all the occupations, all the joys and all the sorrows that chance offers.” ~ Charles Baudelaire
  43. “Bad behaviour makes men more glamorous. Women get destroyed, thrown out of society and locked up in institutions.” ~ Marianne Faithfull
  44. “Maybe the older you grow and the less easy it is to put thought into action, maybe that’s why it gets all locked up in your head and becomes a burden.” ~ Truman Capote

  45. “I made a series of wrong decisions about moderately recent books, and I’ve sold the rights to studios for ridiculous amounts of money and the films have never been made. That’s the saddest thing of all, because they’re locked up and no-one else can make them.” ~ John le Carre
  46. “We are not trapped or locked up in these bones. No, no. We are free to change. And love changes us. And if we can love one another, we can break open the sky.” ~ Walter Mosley
  47. “And speaking of on board, she’d moved into John’s room properly. In his closet, her leathers and her muscles shirts were hanging next to his, and their shitkickers were lined up together, and all her knives and her guns and her little toys were now locked up in his fire proof cabinet. Their ammo was even stacked together. How frickin’ romantic.” ~ J.R. Ward
  48. “I, had an excellent instructor. One that you currently have locked up. If you want to talk about skills going to waste, then go look in your own jail.” ~ Richelle Mead

  49. “Naive conclusions to draw from man’s brutality! Because man is a brute, woman has to be locked up so that she will remain unharmed.” ~ Hedwig Dohm
  50. “It is reported here that the King of Prussia has gone mad and has been locked up. There would be nothing bad about that: at leastthat might of his would no longer be a menace, and you could breathe freely for a while. I much prefer madmen who are locked up to those who are not.” ~ Lord Chesterfield
  51. “Having visual impressions is, of course, necessary for seeing things, but it is not sufficient. What must be added is not anything sensible. And it is precisely this that unlocks the outer world for us; for without this non-sensible something, each of us would remain locked up in his inner world.” ~ Gottlob Frege
  52. “Depression, I’ve learned, is sometimes caused by anger that we keep locked up inside.” ~ Lynn Austin

  53. “Being locked up is one thing, but to have no concept of confinement, to be ignorant of its terms and never understand that struggle is useless – that’s what hell must be like.” ~ David Sedaris
  54. “I could not help being struck with the foolishness of that institution which treated me as if I were mere flesh and blood and bones, to be locked up.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
  55. “It is in this space of mastery over paradigms that people throw off addictions, live in constant joy, bring down empires, get locked up or burned at the stake or crucified or shot, and have impacts that last for millennia.” ~ Donella Meadows
  56. “All economists should be locked up until they admit that they don’t know what they’re talking about.” ~ Andy Rooney

  57. “Many receive a criticism and think it is fine; think they got their money’s worth; think well of the teacher for it, and then go on with their work just the same as before. That is the reason much of the wisdom of Plato is still locked up in the pages of Plato.” ~ Robert Henri
  58. “As a rule, from what I’ve observed, the American Captain of Industry doesn’t do anything out of business hours. When he has put the cat out and locked up the office for the night, he just relapses into a state of coma from which he emerges only to start being a Captain of Industry again.” ~ P. G. Wodehouse
  59. “Supposition all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes; For treason is but trusted like the fox, Who, ne’er so tame, so cherished and locked up, Will have a wild trick of his ancestors.” ~ William Shakespeare
  60. “We should not be confident in our ability to keep a super-intelligent genie locked up in its bottle forever.” ~ Nick Bostrom

  61. “Security can be found in renunciation of ownership over people, money, and real assets; to gain, keep or protect that which others need for periods of legitimate access. A lending library enables people to help themselves to information; a locked-up book collection is useful only to the person who owns it.” ~ Bill Mollison
  62. “I’ve had a pretty crazy life. It’s colorful … reliving some of those closets that I had shut, locked and thrown away the key intentionally because it was painful to revisit a lot of those places – especially the loss of my buddy Robbie Tooley, the divorce of my parents, some of the things I went through as a kid, a lot of that stuff was locked up for a reason – it was painful. But at the same time, there was some therapy in revisiting some of those spots.” ~ Billy Ray Cyrus
  63. “Then once you get people locked up, it’s an incredibly inhuman system.” ~ Jerry Brown

  64. “I would rather be free in my mind, and be locked up in a prison cell, than to be a coward and not be able to say what I want.” ~ Bobby Fischer
  65. “Hillary Clinton’s younger brother Tony is facing criticism for using the Clintons’ political connections to help his career. So on the down side, she has a sketchy brother named Tony. On the up side, she just locked up every vote in New Jersey.” ~ Jimmy Fallon

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