65 Local Government Quotes On Success In Life

These local government quotes will inspire you. Local government is a generic term for the lowest tiers of public administration within a particular sovereign state.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging local government quotes, local government sayings, and local government proverbs.

Best Local Government Quotes

  1. “Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too.” ~ Richard M. Nixon
  2. “What we need is not more Federal government, but better local government.” ~ Calvin Coolidge
  3. “Despite the enormous role that local government plays in our daily lives, the constitution makes not one mention of it.” ~ Anthony Albanese
  4. “I come back to what I had said earlier: the policies might be there but are people benefiting from the policies? You do find that in many instances, though the policies exist, they are not having the necessary impact. That is a particular challenge in local government, because that is where all the services get delivered.” ~ Thabo Mbeki
  5. “Government is best which is closest to the people. Yet that belief is betrayed by those State and local officials who engage in denying the right of citizens to vote. Their actions serve

    only to assure that their State governments and local governments shall be remote from the people, least representative of the people’s will and least responsive to the people’s wishes.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

  6. “[J]ust because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right.” ~ Barack Obama
  7. “We believed that growth through Local Government, and perhaps through some special machinery for bringing the wishes and influence of women of all classes to bear on Parliament, other than the Parliamentary vote, was the real line of progress.” ~ Mary Augusta Ward
  8. “However, the sovereignty of the states is constitutionally defined and recognized, while the powers of the local government in Puerto Rico are defined by, and subject to alteration under, federal statutory law.” ~ Dick Thornburgh
  9. “In some of the middle colonies the towns and counties were both active and had a relation with each other which was the forerunner of the present system of local government in the Western States.” ~ Albert Bushnell Hart
  10. “A majority in all parties do, I think, want to see local government recover its old vigour and independence.” ~ Ferdinand Mount

  11. “It’s time to start bringing the congregations down to City Hall and to ask the mayors, the city councils and the school boards, “What’s the plan? What’s the local government going to do for us?”” ~ Van Jones
  12. “As more and more women, men and young people raise their voices and become active in local government, and more local leaders take action for the safety of women and girls, change happens.” ~ Michelle Bachelet
  13. “The State governments possess inherent advantages, which will ever give them an influence and ascendancy over the National Government, and will for ever preclude the possibility of federal encroachments. That their liberties, indeed, can be subverted by the federal head, is repugnant to every rule of political calculation.” ~ Alexander Hamilton
  14. “Bosses are no more inevitable in state and local governments than dictators are in national governments. They will arise and prosper, nevertheless, if true believers of democracy – citizens devoted to the democratic ideals – do not constantly oppose them.” ~ Charles Edison
  15. “I happen to be one who believes very strongly that state and local governments have their proper roles.” ~ Don Nickles

  16. “Today government touches everything in America and harms almost everything it touches. Federal, state, and local governments together spend 42 out of every 100 dollars we earn. Those who do the taxing and spending have long since ceased to work for the people as a whole. Rather, they work for themselves and for their clients-the education industry, the welfare culture, public-employee unions, etc.” ~ Malcolm Wallop
  17. “Many in local government will ask why should only a few areas have the freedoms and benefits of Enterprise Zone status while the majority lose out?” ~ Andy Sawford
  18. “That is one of the reasons why we have raised this matter about the need to focus quite sharply on the function of local government, but also on the resourcing of local government. Because it may very well be that we say to local government, you have got to run an indigent policy.” ~ Thabo Mbeki
  19. “At one end of the spectrum are the terrorist gangs within our borders, and the terrorist states which finance and arm them. At the other are the hard left operating inside our system, conspiring to use union power and the apparatus of local government to break, defy and subvert the law.” ~ Margaret Thatcher
  20. “Stephen Harper is probably the most dangerous human being ever elevated to power in Canada.” ~ Farley Mowat

  21. “Every family in America knows they have to do a budget. Every small business in America knows they have to do a budget. Every local government, every state, knows they have to do a budget.” ~ John Boehner
  22. “The history of African-American repression in this country rose from government-sanctioned racism. Jim Crow laws were a product of bigoted state and local governments.” ~ Rand Paul
  23. “When justices seize authority from the other branches of the federal government, as well as state and local governments, under the rubric of judicial review, that’s tyranny.” ~ Mark Levin
  24. “I think that, you know, state and local governments play a critical role in the protection of this country and the protection of certain systems like our mass transit system. And we share information daily with our state and local officials. I think it’s one of the reasons that we are safer today and I have every confidence that, in developing its policies, that the New York transit authorities have considered the legal considerations they should be considering in making these kinds of decisions and in formulating this policy.” ~ Alberto Gonzales
  25. “As a former mayor, I know that local governments must have control over land use decisions.” ~ Elton Gallegly

  26. “You can say to this unemployed family, people are indigent, that they must pay for water and this and that and refuse removal and so on. They have no money. We may very well say that, but does the municipality have the capacity to do it? So, that’s why we said that we need to have a thorough look at the functioning of local government and that will include the financing. So that this poor person does indeed access that water.” ~ Thabo Mbeki
  27. “During the election in 1989, there was the first Soviet election with alternative candidates to local government. I myself arranged special training for them.” ~ Anatoly Chubais
  28. “It is hard to be enthusiastic about the economy’s prospects when house prices are falling: Households spend less, small business owners can’t use homes as collateral for loans and local governments are forced to cut jobs and programs as property-tax revenue disappears.” ~ Mark Zandi
  29. “Under the constitution, there was never meant to be a federal police force. Even an FBI limited only to investigations was not accepted until this century. Yet today, fueled by the federal government’s misdirected war on drugs, radical environmentalism, and the aggressive behavior of the nanny state, we have witnessed the massive buildup of a virtual army of armed regulators prowling the States where they have no legal authority. The sacrifice of individual responsibility and the concept of local government by the majority of American citizens has permitted the army of bureaucrats to thrive.” ~ Ron Paul
  30. “Congress seems to thrive on breaking promises and passing unfunded mandates down to local government. It’s really just a matter of priorities.” ~ Jared Polis

  31. “The simple index fund solution has been adopted as a cornerstone of investment strategy for many of the nation’s pension plans operated by our giant corporations and state and local governments. Indexing is also the predominant strategy for the largest of them all, the retirement plan for federal government employees, the Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). The plan has been a remarkable success, and now holds some $173 billion of assets for the benefit of our public servants and members of armed services.” ~ David F. Swensen
  32. “The seemingly omnipresent storm clouds hanging over the Constitution often make it hard to find a silver lining. Every day, the front page of The Drudge Report is littered with stories of government assaults on our civil liberties – from local government officials all the way up to the Oval Office.” ~ Bob Barr
  33. “At the local government level, policies must be championed to increase the number of instructional hours in our schools as well as make the process of admission easier in order to enroll and keep a higher number of students in class.” ~ Shaheen Mistri
  34. “While Congress can’t overturn the Supreme Court, we can provide carrots and sticks to prevent local governments from unfairly taking property from landowners.” ~ Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

  35. “State and local government, with financial support from the federal government, should offer a program to educate and train foster children for employment and provide them with financial assistance, as needed, until they reach age 21.” ~ Charles Bass
  36. “While I believe our Constitution allows for State and local governments to execute the power of eminent domain for those purposes that specifically serve the public good, condemning property solely to implement economic development plans is not serving the public good.” ~ Solomon Ortiz
  37. “There are 10,000 local governments in the state of New York. Ten thousand! Town, village, lighting district, water district, sewer district, a special district to count the other districts in case you missed a district.” ~ Andrew Cuomo
  38. “And I just think that we’re at a point in our economic life here in our state – and – and, candidly, across the country, where increased taxes is just the wrong way to go. The people of our state are not convinced that state government, county government, local government has done all they can with the money we already give them, rather than the money that we have…” ~ Chris Christie
  39. “We have been getting ready to recycle more e-waste by investing in infrastructure, providing grants to local government and working with industry.” ~ Jay Weatherill

  40. “It is a travesty, in my mind, for the state and local governments on the one hand to expect the Federal government to reimburse them for costs attributable to illegal immigrants, when on the other hand the State and local governments prohibit their own law enforcement and other officials from cooperating with the Immigration and Naturalization Service to locate or apprehend or expel illegal aliens.” ~ Alan K. Simpson
  41. “It is not certain that with this aid alone [possession of arms], they would not be able to shake off their yokes. But were the people to posses the additional advantages of local governments chosen by themselves, who could collect the national will, and direct the national force; and of officers appointed out of the militia, by these governments and attached both to them and to the militia, it may be affirmed with the greatest assurance, that the throne of every tyranny in Europe would be speedily overturned, in spite of the legions which surround it.” ~ James Madison
  42. “From the earliest colonial days [in America], local governments took responsibility for their poor. However, able-bodied men and women generally were not supported by the taxpayers unless they worked.” ~ Thomas G. West
  43. “The user of land should not be allowed to acquire rights of indefinite duration for single payments. For efficiency, for adequate revenue and for justice, every user of land should be required to make an annual payment to the local government equal to the current rental value of the land that he or she prevents others from using.” ~ Robert Solow
  44. “[M]ore Americans work for federal, state or local government than work in any form of manufacturing. We crossed that Rubicon about 10 years ago.” ~ Ann Coulter

  45. “In 2003, I introduced and passed The Tornado Shelters Act, which allows local governments to use Community Development Block Grant funds to construct storm shelters in manufactured housing communities.” ~ Spencer Bachus
  46. “People just want to hear some common sense… and I bring to bear the experience in local government and state government and national government – I was the first woman in history on the Senate Finance Committee – not to mention the diplomatic international experience.” ~ Carol Moseley Braun
  47. “Undocumented immigrants produced $1.58 billion in state revenues, which exceeded the $1.16 billion in state services they received. However, local governments bore the burden of $1.44 billion in uncompensated health care costs and local law enforcement costs not paid for by the state.” ~ Carole Keeton
  48. “I think it true that, you know, sometimes things start to change even before a government changes and, actually, I think you can begin to see even the Labour machine beginning to understand that it has become over-reliant on targets and processes, that local governments have been over-bossed and bullied.” ~ David Cameron
  49. “These children should be enrolled in Independent Living programs designed by state and local governments to prepare them to enter the workplace, or attend college, and successfully manage their lives.” ~ Charles Bass

  50. “Not a few organizations exist in our country which function poorly. Sometimes it happens that this or that local government or organ have to satisfy one or another of the many-sided and ever increasing demands of the working population of town and countryside.” ~ Joseph Stalin
  51. “Our company has only been active in Beijing and Shanghai, two very market-dominated cities. This was an advantage. Land is purchased here in public auctions, in a transparent way. When you do real estate development outside Beijing and Shanghai it is good to have “guanxi” – good relations within the local government.” ~ Zhang Xin
  52. “I’ve laid out my economic plans. I want to grow the economy. That’s why I have plans for jobs and raising incomes. I do want to go after bad actors on and off Wall Street, because I think companies that take money from federal, state, and local governments and then pick up and move should have to pay that back.” ~ Hillary Clinton
  53. “I think very highly of Expo and all is going well. We’ve seen big problems with [corruption] scandals [at local government level], but it is going forward, with the highest number of participants ever expected.” ~ Franca Sozzani
  54. “We do need the federal government to share information with us. We need local governments to increase supply. We need affordable places for people to live.” ~ Christy Clark

  55. “For sure I would prefer Trump had not withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. But the fight against climate change is really done at the local level – whether it’s cities, local governments or the private sector, corporate and individual. No matter what Trump says, nobody is going to go back and take the scrubber out or change back to polluting. The damage that Trump can do is if there are countries that are on the fence about whether they want to address the issue, this gives the naysayers, the doubters, those that don’t want to do anything, a little more ammunition.” ~ Michael Bloomberg
  56. “”Triennale in the City” is a scheme that is of priority for the sponsoring local government. For many local governments, revitalization is an important mission for the local community, and, therefore, the attitude to achieve this mission through the cultural and/or artistic activities should not be denied.” ~ Yasumasa Morimura , Importance of local government quotes
  57. “This is a derivative, if you will, of Cloward-Piven [theory]. “[Stephen] Lerner’s plan is to organize a mass, coordinated ‘strike’ on mortgage, student loan, and local government debt payments – thus bringing the banks to the edge of insolvency and forcing them to renegotiate the terms of the loans.” ~ Rush Limbaugh
  58. “In Memory of BPP Comrades Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, both assassinated by the US Government via the state and local government of Chicago, Illinois, December 4, 1969.” ~ Emory Douglas

  59. “You can have very big local government. By big, I mean very engaged government. Do you measure it in terms of the number of laws? Number of employees? You could make arguments for either one. I tend to think the axis of the size of government is the wrong concern. But I do think that situating power more locally is a legitimate approach.” ~ Zephyr Teachout
  60. “Some land surveyors delve into land development advocacy, working with local government on behalf of clients in order to facilitate progress on a project. Others stick to strictly surveying. The approach depends on the individual firm and the needs of the local area.” ~ Mark Mason
  61. “We are reorganizing how we work with state and local governments to make sure that we are not prioritizing families [for deportation], and you are gonna see, I think, a substantial change even as the case works its way through the courts.” ~ Barack Obama
  62. “The vicious cycle that is bringing down European states is not going to hit us [the USA], at least not for a while, at the level of the federal government. The same cannot be said of state and local governments.” ~ Michael Lewis
  63. “For the ANC to cry ‘sabotage’ the night before crucial local government elections shows just how desperate they are to disguise their incompetence and mismanagement.” ~ Helen Zille

  64. “There’s nothing more powerful than someone who has the disease who can be articulate and go in front of Congress or go to local government and say man, this is what’s happening, and it’s going to be you.” ~ David Hyde Pierce
  65. “Based on my experience as a prosecutor in Miami, illegal immigration is one of the most critical issues facing this country. As a prosecutor, I felt the burden of it. I think what’s important… is for the state and the federal government and for local governments to work together to do everything possible to control illegal immigration in a comprehensive way.” ~ Janet Reno

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