65 Liverpool Quotes On Success In Life

These Liverpool quotes will inspire you. Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in Merseyside, England.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Liverpool quotes, Liverpool sayings, and Liverpool proverbs.

Best Liverpool Quotes

  1. “A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.” ~ Bill Shankly
  2. “It’s to remind our lads who they’re playing for, and to remind the opposition who they’re playing against.
    (on the ‘This Anfield’ plaque)” ~ Bill Shankly
  3. “It will be the proudest moment of my life leading Liverpool out. I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a kid, kicking a ball against the wall in the street where I lived. What could be better than leading Liverpool out for the Champions League final? Only lifting the trophy. We need everyone, all 11 players who start and the subs, to be ready to give everything. We need that mentality, when everyone has to put everything on the line for Liverpool. That is what it will take to win. We have to make sure we don’t have any regrets at the final whistle.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  4. “The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they do not know the game.” ~ Bill Shankly
  5. “If you are first you are first. If you are second, you are nothing.” ~ Bill Shankly

  6. “FC Liverpool is the best club in the world.” ~ Jurgen Klopp
  7. “The first thing we did was to proclaim our Liverpoolness to the world, and say ‘It’s all right to come from Liverpool and talk like this’. Before, anybody from Liverpool who made it, like Ted Ray, Tommy Handley, Arthur Askey, had to lose their accent to get on the BBC.” ~ John Lennon
  8. “There are those who say maybe I should forget about football. Maybe I should forget about breathing.” ~ Gerard Houllier
  9. “Don’t worry, Alan. At least you’ll be able to play close to a great team.
    (to Alan Ball, who’d just signed for Everton)” ~ Bill Shankly
  10. “I believe a young player will run through a barbed wire fence for you. An older player looks for a hole in the fence.” ~ Brendan

  11. “At a football club, there’s a holy trinity – the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don’t come into it. They are only there to sign the checks.” ~ Bill Shankly.
  12. “If a player is not interfering with play or seeking to gain an advantage, then he should be.” ~ Bill Shankly
  13. “Of course I didn’t take my wife to see Rochdale as an anniversary present. It was her birthday and would I have got married during the football season? Anyway, it was Rochdale reserves.” ~ Bill Shankly
  14. “I want to build a team that’s invincible, so that they have to send a team from bloody Mars to beat us.” ~ Bill Shankly
  15. “When I’ve got nothing better to do, I look down the league table to see how Everton are getting along.” ~ Bill Shankly

  16. “Yes, Roger Hunt misses a few, but he gets in the right place to miss them.” ~ Bill Shankly
  17. “This city has two great teams – Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.” ~ Bill Shankly
  18. “I am still a Liverpool fan and will be forever, absolutely” ~ Xabi Alonso
  19. “I will leave no stone unturned in my quest – and that quest will be relentless – to try and get Liverpool back on the map again as a successful football club.” ~ Brendan Rodgers3
  20. “Liverpool will be the most profitable investment I’ve ever made.” ~ Tom Hicks

  21. “Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory, and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say ‘We’re Liverpool’.” ~ Bill Shankly
  22. “For someone to ask ‘Who did you play for’ and to be able to answer a single name ‘Liverpool’ that would be brilliant…I don’t think I’d ever leave” ~ Jamie Carragher
  23. “Have Liverpool done too much tinkering and tailoring with the system?” ~ Stan Collymore
  24. “Liverpool will think ‘we could have won this 2-2′” ~ Ron Atkinson
  25. “I will always fight for my life for Liverpool, and that will be on and off the field.” ~ Brendan Rodgers

  26. “They (Liverpool players) are passing the cup down the line like a new born baby. Although when they are back in the dressing room they will probably fill it with champagne, something you should never do to a baby.” ~ Alan Parry
  27. “I met The Beatles while we were playing in Germany. We’d seen them in Liverpool, but they were a nothing little band then, just putting it together. In fact, they weren’t really a band at all.” ~ Ringo Starr
  28. “My family is from Liverpool, so I have some of those vowel sounds, I’ve got the slack tone of someone from Birmingham, and then I was raised in Bedford, which is just north of London. So my accent, if it’s possible, makes even less sense to a Brit than to an American.” ~ John Oliver
  29. “Liverpool Football Club is the heartland of football folklore” ~ Brendan Rodgers
  30. “Liverpool is the pool of life, it makes to live.” ~ Carl Jung

  31. “The Thames is a wretched river after the Mersey and the ships are not like Liverpool ships and the docks are barren of beauty … it is a beastly hole after Liverpool; for Liverpool is the town of my heart and I would rather sail a mudflat there than command a clipper out of London” ~ John Masefield
  32. “It was a dream to arrive at Liverpool but I never wanted to just settle for what I had achieved. I wanted more.” ~ Luis Suarez
  33. “If you were in the Brondby dressing room right now, which of the Liverpool players would you be looking at?” ~ Ray Stubbs
  34. “We didn’t have a strong drug scene by any means. Originally, it was just purple hearts, amphetamines, speed or whatever you want to call it. When The Beatles went down south, they sometimes brought back cannabis and gradually the drug scene developed in Liverpool.” ~ Bob Wooler
  35. “My Dad was from Liverpool, and he picked it up in the army. He’d often come out with this stuff.” ~ Mike Myers

  36. “We first got marijuana from an older drummer with another group in Liverpool. We didn’t actually try it until after we’d been to Hamburg. I remember we smoked it in the band room in a gig in Southport and we all learnt to do the Twist that night, which was popular at the time. We were all seeing if we could do it. Everybody was saying, ‘This stuff isn’t doing anything.’ It was like that old joke where a party is going on and two hippies are up floating on the ceiling, and one is saying to the other, ‘This stuff doesn’t work, man.'” ~ George Harrison
  37. “We were a savage little lot, Liverpool kids, not pacifist or vegetarian or anything. But I feel I’ve gone beyond that, and that it was immature to be so prejudiced and believe in all the stereotypes.” ~ Paul McCartney
  38. “I was still 15 when I met John Lennon at a village fete in Woolton, in Liverpool.” ~ Paul McCartney
  39. “My old school in Liverpool is now a performing-arts school, and I kind of teach there – I use the word lightly – but I go there and talk to students.” ~ Paul McCartney
  40. “I did ‘Formula 51’ because I got to run around Liverpool in a kilt, with golf clubs.” ~ Samuel L. Jackson

  41. “We spent last night listening to Liverpool football team on the radio, wanting them to win so badly. Paul supports Liverpool. He was Everton for a while because of his family – but it’s all Liverpool now.” ~ Linda McCartney
  42. “As a performing group, the Beatles began by playing old rock favorites, for dancing, to tough audiences in Liverpool and Hamburg. When they began writing seriously, they discovered that they couldn’t compose in the early American rock tradition.” ~ Jon Landau
  43. “We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  44. “I look at Rafa Benitez in his time at Liverpool, he had difficult periods and the same goes for Brendan Rodgers in the same job now. These difficult periods come and you have to accept that.” ~ Alan Pardew
  45. “It’s a huge honour to wear No 7 at Liverpool. I think about the legends: Dalglish, Keegan and that Australian guy.” ~ Luis Suarez

  46. “I remember being in West Ham’s youth team and seeing Jody Morris play for Chelsea at 17 and you scoring for Liverpool on your debut when you were 18. I was watching it on Soccer Saturday and I was like, “I can’t believe he’s scored!” It’s professional jealousy. It’s best to be honest about it. It gave me real desire. I was thinking “God I want that to be me”.” ~ Frank Lampard
  47. “I am from a city (Glasgow) that is not unlike Liverpool. I am joining the people’s football club. The majority of people you meet on the street are Everton fans. It is a fantastic opportunity, something you dream about. I said ‘yes’ right away as it is such a big club.” ~ David Moyes
  48. “For a player to be good enough to play for Liverpool, he must be prepared
    to run through a brick wall for me then come out fighting on the other side.” ~ Bill Shankly
  49. “I’ve still got Paul Scholes’ shirt at home which I swapped with him once. When I was at Liverpool he was one of the players I liked most. Maybe he’s not valued as much as he should be in England because of the style of football there and because he keeps a low profile. Perhaps he would have been more valued in Spain, where midfielders like him form part of the ‘ideal.’ Fans in Spain rate him very highly and I admire him a huge amount.” ~ Xabi Alonso
  50. “I love Liverpool. The people are wonderful and I feel very much at home there.” ~ Djibril Cisse

  51. “At every point I wished that I was born English. They need to make it colder in here. You could hang meat in this room. But, yeah…I grew up in a very English household. My folks were from Liverpool. I’ve said this before, but there is nothing more English than an Englishman that no longer lives in England.” ~ Mike Myers
  52. “I’d love to be a mole on the wall in the Liverpool dressing room at half-time.” ~ Kevin Keegan
  53. “Both of the Villa scorers were born in Liverpool, as was the Villa manager, who was born in Birkenhead.” ~ David Coleman
  54. “Of course, Steven Gerrard is one of only a few Liverpool players who never get left out by Rafa; and even he doesn’t always get picked.” ~ David Pleat
  55. “There’s a snap about Liverpool that just isn’t there.” ~ Ron Atkinson

  56. “If you pray for things, I am proof that they can happen. I want to repay the manager’s faith in bringing me back.
    (on re-signing for Liverpool)” ~ Robbie Fowler
  57. “I’ve been to Cardiff a few times but I’d love to get to Wembley. My son is six or seven years old and I’d love to take him to Wembley to watch Liverpool.” ~ Jamie Carragher
  58. “I was in the game for the love of football – and I wanted to bring back happiness to the people of Liverpool.” ~ Bill Shankly
  59. “I think we could do with being a little more adventurous in certain areas and push on that little bit more, while a bit of luck also wouldn’t go amiss.” ~ Steven Gerrard
  60. “The problem with you, son, is that all your brains are in your head.

    (to a Liverpool trainee)” ~ Bill Shankly

  61. “I must have just dreamed that about Liverpool playing 3-4-3. What do people think that was, a bit of luck? A British coach playing 3-4-3? A foreign coach doing that would be a tactical genius. I imagine people think I fell into that system through a stroke of luck or something… it took some thought. I didn’t just throw them out there.” ~ Brendan Rodgers
  62. “I used to hate Ian Rush when I was young, because I was a devout Evertonian in those days, and he seemed to score every time Liverpool played against us. It’s strange to think he used to support Everton too when he was a kid. He was brilliant to me at Anfield always giving me good advice.” ~ Robbie Fowler
  63. “I used to stand on the Kop when I was here in 1969. The atmosphere and passion on the pitch as well as the terraces was intoxicating and Liverpool became part of me from that day on.” ~ Gerard Houllier

  64. “There were very few real folk singers you know, though I liked Dominic Behan a bit and there was some good stuff to be heard in Liverpool. Just occasionally you hear very old records on the radio or TV of real workers in Ireland or somewhere singing these songs and the power of them is fantastic.” ~ John Lennon
  65. “Wenger has been Arsenal’s coach for 15 years but he hasn’t won even a Carling Cup for six years. Benitez hasn’t won a league title in six years but they continue to keep him as Liverpool’s coach. This is not the Italian mentality. To stay here I must continue winning and do well.” ~ Jose Mourinho

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