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These little sister quotes will inspire you. Little sister is also a younger sister and most loved one.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging little sister quotes, little sister sayings, and little sister proverbs.

Inspirational Little Sister Quotes

  1. “I, who have no sisters or brothers, look with some degree of innocent envy on those who may be said to be born to friends.” ~ James Boswell
  2. “I have little sister Lola, she is small and very funny.” ~ Lauren Child
  3. “There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother… Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.” ~ Anna Quindlen
  4. “I used to drink from my little sister’s bottle when she was a baby.” ~ Jessica Jung

  5. “I used to belong to a family unit, with a foster mom and dad and my little sister, Bean, but that’s over and I don’t want to talk about what happened, or how unfair it was. Not yet. The less said about that the better, because if there’s one thing I learned from Ryter it’s that you can’t always be looking backward or something will hit you from the front.” ~ Rodman Philbrick
  6. “My little sister told me about the Twilight books and what a big fan she was. She said, “It’s like Harry Potter in love,” which it’s not. So, when the audition came up, I wanted to get the film for her. It was great because I got to take her to the premiere. She got all dolled up and was treated like a princess for the day.” ~ Tinsel Korey
  7. “Kids don’t have a little brother working in the coal mine, they don’t have a little sister coughing her lungs out in the looms of the big mill towns of the Northeast. Why? Because we organized; we broke the back of the sweatshops in this country; we have child labor laws. Those were not benevolent gifts from enlightened management. They were fought for, they were bled for, they were died for by working people, by people like us. Kids ought to know that.” ~ Utah Phillips
  8. “I can’t wait for my little sisters to start dating, because it will really be fun to pick on their boyfriends.” ~ David Gallagher

  9. “It’s hard to be responsible, adult, and sensible all the time. How good it is to have a sister whose heart is as young as your own.” ~ Pam Brown
  10. “Then you’re dead, too, sweet little sister.’ Oh, yes,’ said Valentine. ‘They’ll believe that. “I didn’t know it would kill Andrew. And when he was dead, I didn’t know it will kill Valentine too.” ~ Orson Scott Card
  11. “I got a lion on my back because I’m a Leo, and I also just love lions. But I wish I’d researched the artwork a little more. My little sister saw it and said, “Why do you have the Lion King on your back?”” ~ Stephen Dorff
  12. “Oh yes. Draw your hem back from my mud, little sister.” ~ Philippa Gregory

  13. “There’s very notable dynamics in all of the collaborations I’ve done. It’s hard to say if one is more important than the other, but if I had to think of all situations and point to one band that I enjoyed most it would be when I was eight years old. I had a band with my little sister and the kid across the street. We sat around all day playing music and it was bliss. I didn’t have any expectations or do it for anyone or worry about selling an album. That was really my favorite band. We were called Hot Chocolate.” ~ Steve Vai
  14. “The bathroom door swings open. Emma sees the blood painting my skin and the red rivers carved on my body. Emma sees the wet knife, silver, and bone. The screams of my little sister shatter mirrors.” ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
  15. “I remember thinking, “My little sister is going to be something super special,” because you always seemed to know what you wanted. And I’m just curious, where did that come from?” ~ Beyonce Knowles
  16. “When you kill somebody’s little sister with a missile, he’s going to hate you forever. And the next generation will hate you even more.” ~ Tom Petty

  17. “My favorite mentor brother told me that there were three kinds of people: followers, leaders and scouts. Scouts are capable of leadership, but they could not tolerate the responsibility of it. Disinclined to take orders either, they invariably flouted authority and fomented strife. This is why scouts, he said wryly, were the first to be sent into danger, It was half hoped they would be killed. ‘I fear you are destined to trouble us as a scout, little sister’ he said” ~ Isobelle Carmody
  18. “I was born and brought up in Liverpool with my clever little sister Jemma, who is 14 and wants to be a vet. My mum Jane is an administrator and my dad Peter is a taxi driver.” ~ Jennifer Ellison
  19. “On the road, the WWE is a family. The divas are my sisters, and like any big brother, I don’t want creeps around my little sisters.” ~ CM Punk
  20. “Her little sister will tell you she don’t live here anymore.” ~ Elvis Presley

  21. “My big sister Melissa is such a stud and my little sister Suzanna has always had a perfect body and big blue eyes. We were a force.” ~ Jennifer Garner , Little sister quotes big sister
  22. “And my little sister died when she was 16.” ~ Jeremy London
  23. “When we get to A League Of Their Own, I have to be Geena Davis’ little sister who wants to be like her and wants everything that she has and is jealous and upset and mad. Well, that was easy. I mean, she has an Academy Award. I think I can be upset about that. She’s 99 feet tall and she’s drop-dead gorgeous and she’s all feminine and pretty. I had to pretend I couldn’t run as fast as her. That was hard.” ~ Lori Petty
  24. “I love my little sister to death” ~ Michael Trevino

  25. “This is going to sound strange, but I really feel I know Roland very well. In Wizard and Glass, I got to know the young Roland, and then as I traveled with him from Eluria (found in the story “The Little Sisters of Eluria”) through Tull and the Mohaine Desert (The Gunslinger), and then all the way to the Dark Tower.” ~ Robin Furth
  26. “When called to the Council of the Twelve, October 4, 1963, he said in the Salt Lake Tabernacle: I think of a little sister, a French-Canadian sister, whose life was changed by the missionaries as her spirit was touched. As she said good-bye to me and my wife in Quebec, she said, “President Monson, I may never see the Prophet. I may never hear the Prophet. But President, far better, now that I am a member of this Church, I can obey the Prophet.”” ~ Thomas S. Monson
  27. “Greg Trooper writes great songs, including one of my very favorite songs in the world, Little Sister. On top of all that, there’s his voice – an instrument I have coveted for 15 years.” ~ Steve Earle
  28. “I was a bratty little sister. I was the youngest of three, and I often felt as though I didn’t fit in.” ~ Dorothy Hamill

  29. “A crowned queen was never treated with more reverence than I was by those whole-souled western boys…And for seventeen long years I was just their little sister, sharing both their news of joy and sorrow from home.” ~ Annie Oakley
  30. “Sin in the Second City is a masterful history lesson, a harrowing biography, and – best of all – a superfun read. The Everleigh story closely follows the turns of American history like a little sister. I can’t recommend this book loudly enough.” ~ Darin Strauss
  31. “My parents are both really, really funny, and my little sister is a really good painter, and my other sister is a really good writer.” ~ Michael Cera
  32. “Little sister, don’t you do what your big sister done.” ~ Elvis Presley

  33. “Daniel, my big brother, is eight years older. I’m lucky he didn’t mind hanging out with his little sister and my younger brother.” ~ Samantha Stosur , Little sister quotes big brother
  34. “My mom, my father, my little sisters, and my brother – I don’t got that much family. I’m not really a family person. I just do my own thing. But I’ve just been spending time with my mom, especially since the [September motorcycle] accident happened. I drive all the way down there to Georgia just to check up on her. You just get tired of being that person that you thought you were. I don’t feel no different. I see the music because I made it. I don’t really see the fame.” ~ Fetty Wap
  35. “Sometimes it seems like America is the Christian and Israel is the little Jew they love in this fetishistic way. Like, you’re my little sister and I’ll kick anyone’s ass that messes with you. But when we’re alone and no one’s looking I’ll harass you.” ~ Jill Soloway
  36. “Fear is vulnerability’s ugly little sister.” ~ Jaime Murray

  37. “Like my little sister and brother, I always play them my music because I want people like them to be able to relate to my music. They always know what’s going on; they’re up on what’s new. For me, when they hear my music and they like it, I’m on the right track.” ~ Keke Palmer
  38. “I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with sh*t on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels.” ~ Kesha
  39. “I was the biggest liar for no reason, and then as I got older, I thought, “Why am I lying to everybody?” I would hear other people lie and be like, “You sound so stupid.” So then I would just change my lies. The only person I lie to is my little sister when I steal her clothes.” ~ Kendall Jenner
  40. “Once, my little sister was walking down the street in her thick black glasses, and a homeless man muttered, Talk nerdy to me.” ~ Lena Dunham

  41. “It is only the women whose eyes have been washed clear with tears who get the broad vision that makes them little sisters to all the world.” ~ Dorothy Dix
  42. “I love writing to my little sister. It’s a very nice, easy kind of way I always find inspiration.” ~ Jillian Hervey , Little sister quotes love
  43. “I don’t think I have even achieved fame. Of course, Hemingway says that fame is death’s little sister.” ~ Kinky Friedman
  44. “It comes down to a choice between the Little Sisters and Big Brother, and I’m going with the Sisters.” ~ Jeb Bush

  45. “I don’t know about you, but I’m betting that when it comes to doing the right and good thing, the Little Sisters of the Poor know better than the regulators at the Department of Health and Human Services.” ~ Jeb Bush
  46. “When you grow up and you start having all these problems and your little sister gets pregnant, you’re dealing with all these money problems and bills and the company, you ain’t going to want to talk about that. Or maybe you will, but me personally, I just can’t do that.” ~ Chamillionaire
  47. “When I was nine, I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and was prescribed beta-blockers, which had the side effect of turning my skin green. Looking like Shrek’s little sister at school wasn’t the easiest thing.” ~ Jessie J
  48. “When I was nine, I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat and was prescribed beta-blockers, which had the side effect of turning my skin green. Looking like Shrek’s little sister at school wasn’t the easiest thing.” ~ Jessie J

  49. “If I tried to shout over my older brother, my mother told me keep quiet. If I tried to shout over my little sister, my father told me to shut up. I found the best way to be heard was to lower my voice and actually speak when I had something to say.” ~ Peter Welch
  50. “I remember at the age of six regaling my poor little sister with stories about the planets, and how far away they were and which ones might have life.” ~ Richard Dawkins
  51. “Nobody ever seems to want my advice about serious stuff. People will be like: ‘Who made that sweater?’ Or ‘How did you get your hair so straight?’ They don’t to come to me for the relationship advice or deep stuff. In fact, my little sister actually hides from me.” ~ Lauren Graham
  52. “I’m a single child. I wanted a little brother or a little sister growing up, but when I think about it, I’m happy I’m an only child.” ~ Mae Whitman

  53. “We have two dogs, Mabel and Wolf, and three cats at home, Charlie, George, and Chairman. We have two cats on our farm, Tom and Little Sister, two horses, and two mini horses, Hannah and Tricky. We also have two cows, Holy and Madonna. And those are only the animals we let sleep in our bed.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres
  54. “It comes with being sixteen,” Mom said. “You teenagers, you go into a cocoon when you turn fifteen and don’t come out for years.” “So they become butterflies when they finally come out?” my little sister Christina asked. “No,” Mom said. “They’re still caterpillars, only now they’re big fat caterpillars that smell.” ~ Neal Shusterman
  55. “You don’t trust any man, Ephani. (Danger) And neither should you, little sister. Take a bit of Amazon advice. Ride him into the ground all night long, then slide a blade between his ribs come morning. (Ephani) That’s harsh. (Alexion) So is life. (Ephani)” ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
  56. “You gonna back down so easy, little sister?. Not much wild about you, is there? I bet that cottage doesn’t have a scratch. Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed?” ~ Stephenie Meyer

  57. “Where do you come from?”…This is the number one most-asked question in all of South Carolina. We want to know if you are one of us if your cousin knows our cousin if your little sister went to school with our big brother if you go to the same Baptist church as our ex-boss. We are looking for ways our stories fit together.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd
  58. “The rain is coming. little sister, the night broke. the thunder cracked my brain finally. the rain is coming, I promise you. I didn’t mean to but your tears will bring life back. purple flowers grow, the color blood looks in the veins. they’ll sprout out of my chest. I promise you they’ll crack the ground, grow over the freeways, down the slopes to the sea. I’ll be in their faces. I’ll be in the waves, coming down from the sky. I’ll be inside the one who holds you. and then I won’t be.” ~ Francesca Lia Block
  59. “You’re monopolizing the bride,” Emmett said, coming up behind Edward’s shoulder. “Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush.” ~ Stephenie Meyer
  60. “I was digging for stuff in a used bookstore, and I came upon ‘Little Sister.’ I fell in love with Chandler that night. I fell right down the rabbit hole of crime fiction.” ~ Robert Crais

  61. “I saw a spider, I didn’t scream ‘Cause I can belch the alphabet Just double dog dare me And I chose guitar over ballet
    And I tape these suckers down ‘Cause they just get in my way The way you look at me Is kind of like a little sister
    You high five your goodbyes And it leaves me nothing but blisters So I don’t want to be one of the boys.” ~ Katy Perry
  62. “Lastly, she pictured to herself how this same little sister of hers would, in the after-time, be herself a grown woman; and how she would keep, through all her riper years, the simple and loving heart of her childhood: and how she would gather about her other little children, and make their eyes bright and eager with many a strange tale, perhaps even with the dream of Wonderland of long ago: and how she would feel with all their simple sorrows, and find a pleasure in all their simple joys, remembering her own child-life, and the happy summer days.” ~ Lewis Carroll
  63. “Lina loved her little sister so much that it was like an ache under her ribs.” ~ Jeanne DuPrau

  64. “I have a hundred-year-old aunt who aspires to sainthood, and whose only wish has been to go into the convent, but no congregation, not even the Little Sisters of Charity, could tolerate her for more than a few weeks, so the family has had to look after her. Believe me, there is nothing so insufferable as a saint, I wouldn’t sic one on my worst enemy.” ~ Isabel Allende
  65. “I was the oldest of the children in my family. I had to do a lot of diaper-changing and lunch-making. I was taking my little sister to ballet, picking up my brother, sort of being a super-nanny.” ~ Vin Diesel

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