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These Little League quotes will inspire you. Little League Baseball and Softball (officially, Little League Baseball Inc) is a nonprofit organization based in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States, that organizes local youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging Little League quotes, Little League sayings, and Little League proverbs.

Best Little League Quotes

  1. “Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.” ~ Yogi Berra
  2. “Who in their infinite wisdom decreed that Little League uniforms be white? Certainly not a mother.” ~ Erma Bomb
  3. “I was nicknamed ‘Skeeter’ in Little League because I was small and fast, like a mosquito flying across the outfield.” ~ Skeet Ulrich
  4. “Kids should practice autographing baseballs. This is a skill that’s often overlooked in Little League.” ~ Tug McGraw

  5. “Generally in the Little League, you’re up against a good pitcher who throws like hell. What does the coach say? Get a walk. Isn’t that beautiful way to learn to hit? For four years you stand up there looking for a walk.” ~ Robin Roberts
  6. “I guess that’s what Little League is all about — trying.” ~ Nolan Ryan
  7. “That’s the fun part of it all. You get creative when you’re in Little League. You’re creative when you’re in middle school. You’re creative in high school and college. And then when you get to the league, this position, the more mobile quarterbacks, we have a tendency to want to become traditional and nervous and panicky in how we want to call plays and put guys in position to make plays.” ~ Kordell Stewart
  8. “I wish I could play little league now. I’d be way better than before.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

  9. “You’re playing a game, whether it’s Little League or Game 7 of the World Series. It’s impossible to do well unless you’re having a good time. People talk about pressure. Yeah, there’s pressure. But I just look at it as fun.” ~ Derek Jeter
  10. “I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house.” ~ Yogi Berra
  11. “On My Last-Place Finish in the 50-Yard Dash During Little League Tryouts, “It kinda looked like you were being attacked by a bunch of bees or something. Then when I saw the fat kid with the watch who was timing you start laughing…. Well, I’ll just say it’s never a good sign when a fat kid laughs at you.” ~ Justin Halpern
  12. “I played Little League and in high school. I played more over the years whenever there was a pick-up game… usually softball.” ~ Matthew Modine

  13. “I was playing little league baseball when Bruce Jenner was winning the gold but I don’t think I was really paying attention at that time.” ~ Dan O’Brien
  14. “My parents didn’t know what to do with me. They got me into Little League Baseball, I played out in right field, cause I stunk.” ~ Brian Regan , Little league quotes baseball
  15. “I grew up in a utopia, I did. California when I was a child was a child’s paradise, I was healthy, well-fed, well clothed, well housed. I went to school and there were libraries with all the world in them and after school I played in orange groves and in Little League and in the band and down at the beach and every day was an adventure. . . . I grew up in utopia.” ~ Kim Stanley Robinson
  16. “How do you want to live your life? How do you want to play the game? Do you want to play in the big leagues or in the little leagues, in the majors or the minors? Are you going to play big or play small? It’s your choice.” ~ T. Harv Eker

  17. “Here’s an uplifting story. Congratulations to the Little League team from Huntington Beach, California. Yeah, they beat Japan to win the Little League World Series. That’s pretty good. See, that proves that when math and science aren’t involved, our kids can beat anybody.” ~ Jay Leno
  18. “Initially, it (winning the 1967 American League Pennant) was what you would dream about in Little League. The winning pitcher, being on the mound to win the pennant, every one congratulating me. But a few minutes later, you realize you’re not going where you want to go. I was trying to get back in the dugout. Thank God for the Boston police, they were able to control the crowd. It was delirium.” ~ Jim Lonborg
  19. “My daddy died when I was two years old. My mother raised my two older brothers and me. And we couldn’t have had a better situation. I mean, she was the – ran the concession stand at the Little League, and she was the first woman president of The Touchdown Club, the booster club for the high school football team. And so, I had a wonderful childhood.” ~ Haley Barbour
  20. “My father was a Little League dictator. That really affected me, his control-freakery, his impunity, his arbitrary unreasonable power.” ~ Junot Diaz

  21. “I had great, great times as a Little League coach. People were talking about me quitting acting, and they would say, What about your creative juices? Coaching is creative, because you could take a kid who thought he wasn’t any good and, within four minutes, change his mind. And I didn’t have to wait six months for them to put music to it.” ~ James Caan , Little league quotes coach
  22. “I’m the youngest of five kids, and I wanted attention. And in Santa Barbara, there was lots of theater going on, so for that area, it was a little bit like playing Little League baseball. There were dance classes, theater classes, and I just loved it.” ~ Anthony Edwards
  23. “My life was typical. I played a little Little League baseball. I never wanted for food. I always had shoes. I had a room. There were no great tragedies. There were the typical ups and downs but I wouldn’ t say it was at all sad. We were Jewish and living in the suburbs so there was a slightly neurotic bent to it, but I can’t point to anything where a boy overcame a tragedy to become a comedian. As my grandmother used to say, ‘I can’t complain.” ~ Jon Stewart
  24. “It gets late early out there.” ~ Yogi Berra

  25. “If people don’t want to come out to the ball park, nobody’s gonna stop ’em.” ~ Yogi Berra
  26. “Slump? I ain’t in no slump… I just ain’t hitting.” ~ Yogi Berra
  27. “You don’t need Little League. You don’t even need nine kids. Four is plenty-a pitcher, a batter, and a couple of shaggers. You can play ball all day long. My kids used to try to get me out there, but I’d just say, “Go play with your brothers.” If kids want to do something, they’ll do it. They don’t need adults to do it for them.” ~ Yogi Berra
  28. “We see government’s mission as fostering and enabling the important realms – our businesses, service clubs, Little Leagues, churches – to flourish.” ~ Mitch Daniels

  29. “My real-life athletic career was not very much. I played Little League baseball.” ~ Dennis Quaid
  30. “It’s a Little Leaguers game that major leaguers play extraordinarily well, a game that excites us throughout adulthood. The crack of the bat and the scent of the horsehide on leather bring back our own memories that have been washed away with the sweat and tears of summers long gone…even as the setting sun pushes the shadows past home plate.” ~ Mario Cuomo
  31. “I love when violent, dangerous art is done by people who are not violent and dangerous. I love that when George Romero was making ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ he was coaching his son’s little league team.” ~ Penn Jillette
  32. “When I was growing up, there weren’t any Little Leagues in the city. Parents worked all the time. They didn’t have time to take their kids out to play baseball and football.” ~ Mike Krzyzewski

  33. “When I was 14, I played in a summer league. One night the chief umpire asked me if I would like to try umpiring. There was a Little League tournament coming up and he needed more umpires than he had.” ~ Jim Evans
  34. “My dad is the reason I actually started watching wrestling. My dad was never big into sports; we were all big into sports as kids, and he’d go to our Little League games or whatever and not really know what was going on, because he didn’t know about sports, but he knew about wrestling.” ~ John Cena
  35. “In my time, we had little league and junior league or whatever – before that, there’s the sandlot. Kids played baseball wherever you can make a space. We played tackle football on the street. Now we play basketball in the studio. We have a hoop. But we also have a pitching machine.” ~ Raymond Pettibon
  36. “I bet you don’t know what is the first thing Little Leaguers always ask me, ‘How much money do you make?'” ~ Rocky Bridges

  37. “We have an obligation to spread amateur baseball both at home and abroad. Building up the game at all levels – Little League, Babe Ruth Leagues, the colleges – is in our own self-interest. That’s where the pool of talent is – and also of fans.” ~ A. Bartlett Giamatti
  38. “I don’t know what drives me to succeed. I know I want to always do the best I can.I guess I was maybe in little league baseball as far as I wanted to be good at that. But school, I certainly wasn’t the best at that.” ~ Adam Sandler
  39. “Those eyes, they’ve got a history with mine. They were the first things I saw when I came to, after being hit in the skull with a baseball thrown by Patrick at Little League. They were the fortification I needed at sixteen to ride the chairlift at Sugarloaf, although I am terrified of heights. For almost my whole life, they’ve told me I’m doing all right, during moments when it was not in my own power to answer.” ~ Jodi Picoult
  40. “My husband and Charlie Sheen played Little League together. Theyve always been best friends.” ~ Heather Langenkamp

  41. “Well I loved Little League; so all the memories are pretty fond but I broke my thumb. That wasn’t a lot of fun. I think probably the first time I pitched [I started out as a first baseman] and the first game I pitched in Little League, I struck out 10 batters. I had a curve ball a little early [laughs]. You’re not really supposed to have one when you’re 12, but I did, so I first game I struck out 10 batters. That’s possibly my fondest memory.” ~ Billy Bob Thornton
  42. “Stereotypes fall in the face of humanity. You toodle along, thinking that all gay men wear leather after dark and should never, ever be permitted around a Little League field. And then one day your best friend from college, the one your kids adore, comes out to you.” ~ Anna Quindlen
  43. “I keep trying to tell people that Los Angeles is already the largest Indian city in the U.S., that there are Toltecs playing Little League baseball in Pasadena, Mayans making beds at the Marriott in Westwood, and Chichimecs driving buses in L.A. Los Angeles is a majority-Indian city.” ~ Richard Rodriguez
  44. “I played maybe one and a half games of Little League. The whole atmosphere of anxious parents and more anxious children was just too much for me.” ~ Harrison Ford

  45. “I think sports are very beneficial in the fight against obesity. I remember playing little league – I was the best person on the pitch by a long shot. It was only last weekend actually, I think I have some photos of it if you’re interested.” ~ Zach Braff
  46. “I can only guess that, for guys in their 30s and 40s who watched me play, they understood that the score never mattered and my paycheck never mattered (in relation) to how I played. I played with Little League enthusiasm and professional flair. That’s what fans are really looking for.” ~ Andy Van Slyke
  47. “I fall in love with certain stories. Those stories tend to be connected to my life some way – for instance, with my first book I was writing about the experience of coaching Little League in the Chicago inner city. But the common thread tends to be exploring some kind of mystery. Simple questions that spiral deeper.” ~ Daniel Coyle
  48. “Looking back on those days and little leaguer, the Hall of Fame is not even a blinking star, but through baseball travels and moving up the ladder, that star begins to flicker.” ~ Wade Boggs

  49. “I played Little League for one year. That was it. Then my mother realized I liked books and threatened my father. I owe her forever for that.” ~ Brad Meltzer
  50. “Some of my greatest memories were on a little league field. We didn’t even have any uniforms.” ~ Goose Gossage
  51. “I sponsored every team in the Park Slope Little League for years.I sponsor two soccer teams in England, one of which is called Broadley F.C. A kid wrote to me through Facebook because they started a team in honor of their friend who died of leukemia, and he played in the band of this very obscure team in England.” ~ Adam Richman
  52. “I guess I was maybe in little league baseball as far as I wanted to be good at that. But school, I certainly wasn’t the best at that. But comedy thing and making movies and stuff, I love it so much that I do get driven to push myself as hard as I can.” ~ Adam Sandler

  53. “I played no sports well. Because I was a boy in the United States Of America, I was forced into Little League and played horrible Little League baseball, and played football and basketball in school situations where I was forced to.” ~ Ira Glass
  54. “Most of what I learned about baseball came from great coaches, beginning with my father, then Bob [Buchelle], when I`d made it into the seated row of Little League in [Dorchester], then Dan Burke, [John Balfe], the great Henry Lane.” ~ Donald Trump
  55. “I used to go to my kids’ soccer games and I was the only parent who wasn’t screaming, because I’d have to do a show that night. It was hard. Moms and dads get more emotional at those soccer and Little League games than at a professional game.” ~ Neil Diamond
  56. “As a youngster, I played in Little League, Pony League, and all sorts of amateur baseball programs growing up.” ~ Jim Evans

  57. “The biggest thrill a ballplayer can have is when your son takes after you. That happened when my Bobby was in his championship Little League game. He really showed me something. Struck out three times. Made an error that lost the game. Parents were throwing things at our car and swearing at us as we drove off. Gosh, I was proud.” ~ Bob Uecker
  58. “It was always just trying to move to the next limit. I didn’t think about making the major leagues – every kid has that dream, I had it, but when I was in Little League I just wanted to make the junior high team. When I was in junior high, I wanted to make the Varsity team.” ~ Jim Abbott
  59. “I certainly didn’t think of myself as gifted. The standards for being gifted in my environment were if you were good in Little League or if you were good in football.” ~ James Cameron
  60. “I grew up with baseball; I played in Little League and went to games with my dad. But I, as I grew up, became more of a basketball fanatic than a baseball one.” ~ Jonah Hill

  61. “Youngsters of Little League can survive under coaching a lot better than overcoaching.” ~ Willie Mays
  62. “When they start the game, they don’t yell, “Work ball.” They say, “Play ball.”” ~ Willie Stargell
  63. “A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.” ~ Earl Wilson

  64. “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” ~ Yogi Berra
  65. “I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don’t think about it is when I’m playing it.” ~ Carl Yastrzemski

Little League Baseball encourages local volunteers to organize and operate Little League programs that are annually chartered through Little League International.

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