66 Lily Tomlin Quotes On Success In Life

Mary Jean “Lily” Tomlin is an American actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. Tomlin started her career as a stand-up comedian as well as performing Off-Broadway during the 1960s. Her breakout role was on the variety show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In from 1969 until 1973. She currently stars as Frankie Bergstein on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, which debuted in 2015, and has earned her nominations for four Primetime Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Golden Globe Award. This Lily Tomlin quotes will motivate you.

Best Lily Tomlin Quotes

  1. “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  2. “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  3. “Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  4. “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  5. “Ninety-eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy two percent that gets all the publicity. But then, we elected them.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  6. “Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pocket.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  7. The road to success is always under construction” ~ Lily Tomlin

  8. “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  9. “Maybe if people started to listen, history would stop repeating itself.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  10. “We are all in this together, by ourselves.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  11. “The best mind-altering drug is the truth.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  12. “Wouldn’t it be great if we all grew up to be what we wanted to be? The world would be full of nurses, firemen, and ballerinas.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  13. “Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  14. “If trying harder doesn’t work, try softer.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  15. “I can handle reality in small doses, but as a lifestyle, it’s much too confining.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  16. “Well, if I can be of any help at all, you are in worse trouble than I thought.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  17. “The road to success is always under construction.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  18. “Why is it that when we talk to God we’re said to be praying but when God talks to us we’re schizophrenic?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  19. “Being a New Yorker is never having to say you are sorry.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  20. “You are what you think … geez, that’s frightening.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  21. “For fast-acting relief try slowing down.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  22. “The start to a better world is the belief that it is possible.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  23. “The formula for water is H2O. Is the formula for an ice cube H2O squared?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  24. “Exercise is for people who can’t handle drugs or alcohol.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  25. “Don’t be afraid of missing opportunities. Behind every failure is an opportunity somebody wishes they had missed.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  26. “I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  27. “What goes up must come down. But don’t expect it to come down where you can find it.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  28. “Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  29. “If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  30. “Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  31. “We are people with lives, not consumers with lifestyles.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  32. “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  33. “My politics are just inclined to be empathetic and humanistic. I grew up with so many different kinds of people with different politics, different religion, no religion, no politics, education, no education, and I was infatuated with all of them.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  34. “Sometimes I feel like a figment of my own imagination.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  35. “We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  36. “If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  37. “If you read a lot of books you are considered well-read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you’re not considered well viewed.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  38. “When I am happy I feel like crying, but when I am sad I don’t feel like laughing. I think it is better to be happy; then you get two feelings for the price of one.” ~ Lily Tomlin Quotes
  39. “There’s so much plastic in this culture that vinyl leopard skin is becoming an endangered synthetic.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  40. “If I had known what it would be like to have it all – I might have been willing to settle for less.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  41. “I feel some part of me can wake up and be very existential and the next day wake up and be sort of in love with the universe.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  42. “There will be sex after death, we just won’t be able to feel it.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  43. “Why isn’t there a special name for the tops of your feet?” ~ Lily Tomlin

  44. “Did you know, in the entire universe, we are the only intelligent life forms thought to have a Miss Universe contest?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  45. “After all, in private, we’re all misfits” ~ Lily Tomlin
  46. “There’s nothing sadder than getting to the end of your life and saying, ‘I didn’t do it right’.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  47. “Instead of working for the survival of the fittest, we should be working for the survival of the wittiest – then we can all die laughing.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  48. “Truth is, I’ve always been selling out. The difference is that in the past, I looked like I had integrity because there were no buyers.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  49. “When we speak to God, we call it prayer; when God speaks back, we call it psychosis!” ~ Lily Tomlin

  50. “I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  51. “If beauty is truth, why don’t women go to the library to have their hair done?” ~ Lily Tomlin
  52. “Nobody is here without a reason. I always had a different sensibility. I like a huge range of comedy – from broad and farcical, the most sensitive, the most understated – but I always wanted my comedy to be more embracing of the species rather than debasing of it.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  53. “You can’t expect insights, even the big ones, to make you suddenly understand everything. But I figure: Hey it’s a step in the right direction if they leave you confused in a deeper way.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  54. “If you have a dog or a cat, you know how developed they can be. How sensitive, how aware. They suffer. We all do.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  55. “Creating characters is just another way to express a type and put that type to use.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  56. “Even when I’m being funny, I’m deadly serious.” ~ Lily Tomlin

  57. “Having a real public outlet is how you imprint something for yourself. It’s just a matter of timing. It’s like you’ve marked your territory.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  58. “Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  59. “To me, “sexual freedom” means freedom from having to have sex.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  60. “You know being relevant or coming up with something interesting, funny to say about what’s current is just as hard as it might ever be depending on the serendipity of it all.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  61. “The thing that most distresses me is whenever I see things over sexualized, I worry about young girls. Some of the fall out of the feminist movement is that it made younger and younger girls more sexually available. It’s part of the philosophy, be your own person and be free. But, girls are so over sexualized in this culture.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  62. “The phone company handles 84 billion calls a year-everything from kings, queens, and presidents to the scum of the earth.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  63. “When I’ve had a meltdown, people will say to me, “Well, you failed to keep your sense of humor.”” ~ Lily Tomlin

  64. “I have always felt that humor was a wonderful vehicle to let us become connected with each other and ourselves… I try to portray the similarities and polarities in men and women so that we can acknowledge and embrace our collective consciousness.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  65. “We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company.” ~ Lily Tomlin
  66. “What if it’s boring – or if it’s not boring, it might be too revealing, or worse, it might be too revealing and still be boring.” ~ Lily Tomlin

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