33 King Kong Quotes On Success In Life

These King Kong quotes will inspire you. King Kong is a fictional giant monster resembling a gorilla, who has appeared in various media since 1933.

A collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging King Kong quotes, King Kong sayings, and King Kong proverbs.

Best King Kong Quotes

  1. “If you make things too real, sometimes you bring it down to the mundane.” ~ Ray Harryhausen
  2. “I like things that start depressing and dark and end up romantic, and thats what I really loved about King Kong.” ~ Petra Haden
  3. “The thing about playing percussion is that you can create all these emotions that can be sometimes beautiful, sometimes really ugly, or sometimes sweet, sometimes as big as King Kong and so on. And so there can be a real riot out there, or it can be so refined.” ~ Evelyn Glennie
  4. “No film has captivated my imagination more than ‘King Kong.’ I’m making movies today because I saw this film when I was 9 years old.” ~ Peter Jackson

  5. “We couldn’t understand because we were too far… and could not remember because we were traveling in the night of first ages, those ages that had gone, leaving hardly a sign… and no memories.” ~ Joseph Conrad
  6. “King Kong, Count Dracula, and the Phantom of the Opera are just looking for love, like the rest of us.” ~ Mason Cooley
  7. “If me and King Kong went into an alley, only one of us would come out. And it wouldn’t be the monkey.” ~ Lyle Alzado
  8. “I’ve always loved King Kong. He’s like a modern-day myth, an icon of the cinema.” ~ Tom Hiddleston

  9. “It was just a kiss – ” “Yeah, and King Kong was just a monkey.” ~ Linda Howard
  10. “What I love about films is that you can see “King Kong” and you can be affected by it and then you realize that he was just this little guy when he made that fall.” ~ Peter Jackson
  11. “I mean, of course “King Kong” is a metaphor for the slave trade. I’m not saying the makers of “King Kong” meant it to be that way, but that’s what, that’s the movie that they made – whether they meant to make it or not.” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  12. “Do you not know that King Kong the first was just three foot six inches tall? He only came up to Faye Wray’s belly button! If God could do the tricks that we can do he’d be a happy man!” ~ Peter O’Toole

  13. “The extraordinary gentleness of the adult male with his young dispels all the King Kong mythology.” ~ Dian Fossey
  14. “Injuries happen when your mind is beyond your body, largely when you think you’re King Kong and lift weights heavier than the body can handle.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
  15. “When I first drove my car down Sunset Strip, I nearly crashed my car gazing at the monolithic ads of various celebrities. They are bigger than King Kong, and more frightening.” ~ Rebecca Pidgeon
  16. “I want to make movies just like “King Kong.” You know, dinosaurs, big gorillas – it’s everything that a nine year-old boy would fall in love with.” ~ Peter Jackson

  17. “I know Busta Rhymes for about a year now and we did a song together and we got an album together which is called “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, which is going to be me and Busta. That was really the first time we rocked together on stage.” ~ Bone Crusher
  18. “I made a life-size drawing of King Kong’s head which was about eight feet-by- six feet. I tried to measure the head (scaled to other things in the movie I could estimate the size of) that was in the movie in the early ’30s, and I liked that I was making something “life-size” that was kind of a fictional thing.” ~ Jason Polan
  19. “To me “King Kong” is a metaphor for America’s fear of the black male. And to me that’s obvious. All right? So I mean that was one of the first things I said when I was talking to a friend of mine after he saw Peter Jackson’s version of “King Kong.”” ~ Quentin Tarantino
  20. “There’s a strange quality in stop-motion photography, like in King Kong, that adds to the fantasy. If you make things too real, sometimes you bring it down to the mundane.” ~ Ray Harryhausen

  21. “We’ve never had nannies. We’ve had great grandparents, great support from family, and the kids have been on every set: they’ve seen me play Gollum, King Kong, Captain Haddock, the lot. They totally get it, and they want to go into the business. Ruby, my daughter, is very keen to become an actress.” ~ Andy Serkis
  22. “I’m always keen to use my body in my work, so I’m looking forward to the motion capture for Smaug. Both Gollum and King Kong were primates, whereas I’m playing a serpent, so it’ll be interesting – I’ll have to tie my legs together, possibly, or else they’ll be kind of splayed out to the side as a reptile’s should be.” ~ Benedict Cumberbatch
  23. “When you look at the early-’30s movies, like King Kong, the codes of acting are very similar to those of silent movies. In some of the silent movies – the good ones, the ones done by the best directors – the acting is very, very natural” ~ Michel Hazanavicius
  24. “He’s bad, bad Leroy Brown, baddest dude in the whole damn town, badder than old King Kong, and meaner than a junk yard dog.” ~ Jim Croce

  25. “In between training sessions, I’ll often watch DVDs of King Kong, Godzilla or Frankenstein, just to keep my mind on the task in hand and remind myself of the magnitude of the challenge.” ~ David Haye
  26. “Cities are distinguished by the catastrophic forms they presuppose and which are a vital part of their essential charm. New York is King Kong, or the blackout, or vertical bombardment: Towering Inferno. Los Angeles is the horizontal fault, California breaking off and sliding into the Pacific: Earthquake.” ~ Jean Baudrillard
  27. “You really can’t do a remake. I mean, ‘King Kong’ needed its turn to be remade. It needed an update. But the ‘Bad News Bears,’ or ‘The Shaggy D.A.,’ those are classic movies. I think they did a good job of remaking them, but it’s just not the same thing. Nobody can top Tatum O’Neal. It just isn’t the same.” ~ Carly Schroeder
  28. “A dozen war reporters and TV crew, and the King Kong Elvis sang right on cue.” ~ Tom Robinson

  29. “Happy Birthday to Fay Wray, a wonderful actress. She was, of course, in the movie ‘King Kong’ and would have been 99-years-old today. She was famous because of her love interest with a giant ape, and, wait a minute, that’s Maria Shriver.” ~ David Letterman , King Kong quotes love
  30. “I don’t think I had a script on ‘King Kong.’ But usually, you read a script and then you go and audition for it. It’s rare when there’s no script. I sort of like the latter better, because I’m more successful at it.” ~ Kyle Chandler
  31. “I think there’s a part of all of us that wonders how we would survive on an island untouched by Man. Even better, an island untouched by Man and inhabited by King Kong.” ~ Tom Hiddleston

  32. “Animation had been used only for things like King Kong and the destruction of cities, which was very popular in the 1950s. I got tired of destroying cities. I destroyed New York, I destroyed San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Rome, and Washington. I was looking for a new outlet, and I came across the Sinbad legends.” ~ Ray Harryhausen
  33. “Rather than something like King Kong where I really went after studying gorillas in the wild and captivity. I based Caesar [ from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes] on a real chimpanzee and I worked with Terry [Notary] on a lot of chimpanzee movement.” ~ Andy Serkis

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